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Simplifying and Accelerating Camera-GUI-Display Implementations for Human-Machine-Interfaces

White Cardboard — Automated HMI in a Package! Page 1 of 9 White Cardboard Automated HMI in a Amalgamation Stefan Rank, Business Development Manager, MPU Solutions, Renesas Electronics Corp. October 2018 Abstract Apprenticed by the acute buzz user experience, Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMIs) are continuously demography over the ascendancy of added and added differentiated accessories in industrial, medical, admission control, and home and architectonics automation, as able-bodied as customer segments. With accretion abstruse requirements in these markets, there is additionally a dispatch in complication and bulk of the solutions that can baby to new avant-garde accessories design. While easy-to-use MCUs acutely underperform in these new adult implementations, high-end automated MPUs accompany the inherent complication in accouterments and software, with the closing arch to ample follow-on costs. RZ/A anchored MPUs in aggregate with the new RZ/A Software Amalgamation accommodate the best of two worlds with MPU achievement and MCU- cost. The RZ/A Software Amalgamation is a absolutely chip software package, including real-time operating system, drivers, middleware, and sample applications, targeting the architectonics of camera-GUI-display implementations. The RZ/A Software Amalgamation facilitates a cogent dispatch in avant-garde HMI design, as no software affiliation is appropriate and camera/display adjustments can be configured graphically and arrested in real-time afterwards recompiling. Introduction Renesas has been the common baton in automated and automotive MCUs for a continued time. This is partly based on proprietary architectures, such as RL78 or RX, but also, and added recently, on ARM®-core-based architectures, with the big name actuality actuality Renesas Synergy™. Synergy has ARM Cortex® M-based S1, S3, S5, and S7 MCUs that can be acclimated for HMI designs with ascendance achievement levels. One important point in this bazaar is that MCUs facilitate the fastest time to bazaar and affluence of use. This is absolutely area Synergy MCUs beat the all-embracing MCU market. Figure 1 RZ/A anchored MPUs accommodate MPU achievement and MCU affluence of use For high-end HMIs with the accomplished computational performance, avant-garde 3D rendering, and fastest video encoding and decoding, Renesas offers ARM Cortex A-based RZ/G MPUs to be acclimated with the CIP™ Linux™ Platform. CIP stands for Civil Infrastructure Platform™ and targets all kinds of automated accessories appropriate for the avant-garde society. Once you advancement to the high-end MPU space, affluence of use is about absent as architectures and software environments buck their inherent complexities. But with MCUs acutely assuming achievement limitations, designers aiming to advancement to high-performance will accordingly face the complication challenge. There is alone one barring to this aphorism – Renesas RZ/A anchored MPUs. With a ample on-chip SRAM, a Anamnesis Administration Unit, and a able Cortex A9 core, it is a awful differentiated accessory that still allows designers to accumulate their designs simple. White Cardboard — Automated HMIs in a Amalgamation Page 2 of 9 Furthermore, Renesas has now added the RZ/A Software Amalgamation that enables designers to anon alpha HMI designs for avant-garde applications afterwards the usually appropriate upfront software affiliation task. This certificate will altercate the architectonics ambiance about RZ/A anchored MPUs, including the new RZ/A Software Amalgamation from Renesas, and explain how they advance to avant-garde automated HMIs added quickly, added easily, and with beneath cost. HMI Accessories Overview Avant-garde Animal Machine Interfaces booty in abstracts from the alfresco world, action and assay the data, add abstracts and interoperability, and again allegedly present the aggregate to the animal user. Typically, what the user sees is the Graphical User Interface (GUI), alike admitting an HMI can additionally be based on aural abstracts instead of graphics. This agency a GUI is an HMI, but an HMI isn’t necessarily a GUI. Abounding implementations will additionally add text-to-speech or speech-to-text functionality. In this white paper, we focus on the camera-GUI-display chain, as this is the best broadly acclimated HMI accomplishing in the automated bazaar for RZ/A. Anniversary basic sees accretion achievement requirements and needs to be authentic by chip software on the driver, middleware, and API levels. Figure 2 Automated HMI camera-GUI-display alternation General accouterments requirements for automated HMI accomplishing Computational Architectonics An MPU to be acclimated in an automated HMI should accept aerial computational achievement provided by an avant-garde CPU bulk and an architectonics that supports, as best as possible, the ambition use cases. Requirements accommodate fast computation, fast angel apprehension by a GPU, and possibly video coding capabilities in hardware. Camera inputs The camera interface block is the accouterments block that interfaces with altered angel sensor interfaces and provides a accepted achievement that can be acclimated for consecutive angel processing. A archetypal camera interface would support, at a minimum, a alongside interface; although, today abounding camera interfaces abutment the MIPI CSI interface. Designers continuously move to college resolution angel sensors and low-power interfaces. While 1MP was a acceptable resolution a abbreviate while ago, designers now attending at college resolution multi-megapixel cameras, mainly apprenticed by aegis cameras and bogus intelligence applications. SRAM for absorber operation The SRAM is the abode that food angel information, which comes from the angel sensor that is currently actuality congenital up or that is pushed to the affectation controller. In a archetypal graphical HMI, two absorber images would be stored; i.e., a advanced absorber and aback buffer. Video Affectation Ambassador The video affectation ambassador is the capital basic of the video arresting architect argumentation and is amenable for breeding the timing of video signals such as the accumbent and vertical synchronization signals and the blanking breach signal. General software requirements for HMI accomplishing Software Amalgamation A software amalgamation is an chip apartment of software with an Operating Arrangement (OS), such as an RTOS, that scales with end-product complication and simplifies circuitous system-level services. A software amalgamation for HMI accomplishing should additionally accommodate an appliance framework and pre-integrated middleware for communication, security, USB, GUI, and book system. White Cardboard — Automated HMIs in a Amalgamation Page 3 of 9 Software Accoutrement Brash to advance time to bazaar through accelerated cipher development, software accoutrement facilitate book management, software, and MCU configuration, cipher generation, compilation, debugging, and automatic clear interface design. Chip Development Ambiance An Chip Development Ambiance (IDE) is a software appliance that provides absolute accessories to computer programmers for software development. An IDE commonly consists of a antecedent cipher editor, body automation tools, and a debugger. Best avant-garde IDEs accept able cipher completion. GUI framework for HMIs The ambition of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) framework is to advance and optimize GUI development for anchored applications. With a complete WYSIWYG awning architectonics ambiance for drag-and-drop architectonics of UI screens, the GUI framework automatically generates C cipher that is accordant with the GUI library and accessible to be aggregate and run on the MCUs. GUI applications can be accomplished on a desktop PC aural the GUI development environment, acceptance quick bearing and testing of UI concepts. Once completed, designs are exported as target- accessible C abstracts structures and are accessible to be aggregate and linked. GUI-tools for fast development Acute agreement accoutrement advice designers accomplish selections on annals settings with the advice of graphical accoutrement and ability C cipher abundant faster. One archetype is the Acute Configurator, which helps to initialize the MPU. Renesas RZ/A HMI band-aid In the afterward area of this white paper, we will see how the new Renesas RZ/A Software Amalgamation simplifies and accelerates camera-GUI-display implementations for Animal Machine Interfaces. For anniversary of these capital components; i.e., camera, GUI and display, the RZ/A Software Amalgamation has a pre-integrated software basic that allows quick and accessible architectonics steps. For accessible acclimation of the camera input, there is the “SDK for Camera sample application.” For bearing of an automatic GUI, the “TES Guiliani SDK” (Software Development Kit) provides all the all-important tools, and for quick agreement of the affectation controller, the quick and able “QE for Display” can be applied. With all these accoutrement actuality pre-integrated, the RZ/A Software Amalgamation decidedly reduces architectonics complexity. Figure 3 RZ/A Software Amalgamation removes architectonics complication The RZ/A Software Amalgamation has bristles capital components: • RZ/A abject software, including RTOS, drivers, and middleware, such as filesystem, TCP/IP stack, and USB assemblage • “SDK for camera sample application” for quick camera acclimation • Quick and able “QE for Display” and “QE for Camera” for graphical agreement with real-time acknowledgment • Several sample applications for quick appliance development • Seamless affiliation with TES Guiliani GUI framework White Cardboard — Automated HMIs in a Amalgamation Page 4 of 9 Figure 4 RZ/A Software Amalgamation apparatus and accoutrement The RZ/A Software Amalgamation is currently alone accessible for the STREAM IT! RZ accouterments platform. The RZ/A Software Amalgamation is accessible for the Renesas e2 flat Chip Development and IAR Anchored Workbench tools. Accouterments for RZ/A Software Amalgamation STREAM IT! RZ band-aid kit The STREAM IT! RZ band-aid kit (YSTREAM-IT-RZ-V2) is an out-of-the-box appraisal and development belvedere for alive applications such as IP-based video and radio streams, as able-bodied as aegis applications such as video surveillance- and video/fingerprint-based admission control. STREAM IT! RZ is additionally best ill-fitted for all kinds of web server-based applications in the home, activity and automated automation segments. In acclimation to accredit a fast development ramp, Renesas provides several accompanying application-specific quick alpha guides, complete with sample software and easy-to-follow accoutrement instructions. Figure 5 STREAM IT! RZ is busy with a 400MHz ARM Cortex-A9 based RZ/A1LU The added bearing of the actual accepted STREAM IT! RZ band-aid kit has been bigger in four dimensions. First, STREAM IT! RZ appearance a abundant added feature-rich RZ/A anchored MPU (eMPU) alleged RZ/A1LU. Second, in accession to the camera module, the band-aid kit now comes with a touch-enabled 4.3 inch TFT-LCD (thin-film transistor aqueous clear display). Third, the accompanying software offering, including abounding downloadable antecedent cipher packages, has been awfully extended. And last, but not least, the eMPU capital lath has been accomplished with added functionality. White Cardboard — Automated HMIs in a Amalgamation Page 5 of 9 Figure 6 RZ/A1LU is allotment of a scalable RZ/A1 anchored MPU ancestors Aural the RZ/A1 anchored MPU family, designers accept the advantage to advancement to the college achievement accessible on the RZ/A1M and RZ/A1H MPUs. The 10MB SRAM RZ/A1H can be evaluated on the Affectation it! – HMI RZ (YDISPLAY-IT-RZ). RZ/A1 has the world’s better anchored SRAM The appropriate GUI SRAM body is a action of anatomy calculation and resolution in aggregate with $.25 per pixel, which accede blush abyss and alpha. Figure 7 Appropriate anchored SRAM as a action of anatomy calculation and blush abyss Let’s say you appetite to assassinate a double-buffered HMI with WXGA resolution and 32-bits blush depth. This agency your anamnesis claim is 7.8MBs, and if you appetite to abundance this in anchored SRAM, that automatically elevates you to the RZ/A1H. You don’t accept a added best on the bazaar to accomplish your need. Abduction Agent Unit (CEU) on RZ/A1 MPUs for angel abduction The RZ/A Software Amalgamation supports video ascribe by VDC5 or the Abduction Agent Unit (CEU). The CEU is a abduction bore that fetches angel abstracts evidently and transfers it to the memory. The CEU is affiliated to the arrangement bus via bus arch modules and can accomplish the afterward functions: • Angel abstracts back (captures an angel achievement from an alien bore and writes YCbCr abstracts to memory), • Filter processing (performs scale-down and abatement of high-frequency components), • Architectonics about-face (converts angel abstracts ascribe in the YCbCr422 architectonics into the YCbCr420 format). RZ/A architectonics with its 5x AXI bus and bristles SRAM pages calmly removes abstracts bottlenecks in HMI applications. White Cardboard — Automated HMIs in a Amalgamation Page 6 of 9 Figure 8 Angel abduction with CEU and abstracts advance to SRAM and VDC Video Affectation Ambassador 5 (VDC5) on RZ/A1 MPUs Members of the RZ/A1 anchored MPU ancestors absorb the actual able VDC5 Video Affectation Controller. The RZ/A1LU anchored MPU, which is busy on the STREAM IT! RZ, has one VDC5 channel; the RZ/A1M and RZ/A1H accept two VDC5 channels. The VDC5 consists of the afterward six blocks: 1. Ascribe controller: Ascribe video angel selection, accompany arresting adjustment, accumbent babble reduction, and accuracy adjustment, accretion adjustment, and YCbCr to GBR about-face appliance a blush cast 2. Scaler: Calibration up, calibration down, and circling of ascribe video images appliance the anatomy buffer, and again recording of the defined cardinal of fields in the anatomy absorber 3. Angel affection improver: Black stretch, LTI/sharpness, and YCbCr to GBR about-face appliance a blush cast 4. Angel synthesizer: Synthesis of one alike of video angel additional two cartoon planes, or three cartoon planes 5. Achievement controller: Brightness/contrast adjustment, gamma correction, dither processing, achievement architectonics conversion, and ascendancy arresting achievement for TFT-LCD console 6. Arrangement controller: Interrupt control, console alarm control, and CLUT table baddest arresting cachet banderole output. Figure 9 Video and angel subsystem of RZ/A1 MPUs White Cardboard — Automated HMIs in a Amalgamation Page 7 of 9 Interestingly, VDC5, which is the RZ/A1’s affectation controller, cannot alone accomplish video affectation functions, but additionally video ascribe functions, including angel adjustment, angel ascent and rotation, and more. RZ/A Software Package: “SDK for Camera Sample Application” and “QE for Display” “SDK for Camera Sample Application”, “QE for Display/Camera”, and VDC5 assignment in aggregate to advance camera and affectation optimization. The “SDK for Camera” is a sample appliance affairs for cameras that supports functionality to abduction an angel from the camera, acclimatize the image, and affectation the adapted image. Afterwards angel abstracts is adjusted, the appliance software can access the abstracts which can be subjected to angel processing by software (such as acceptance processing and JPEG compression). QE for Affectation “QE for Display” can be launched anon from e2 studio’s IDE. The aloft mentioned image-adjustment options are accessible anon afterwards barrage from the QE tool. The account beneath shows the VDC5 block diagram and how the user can clue the angel abstracts breeze amid camera ascribe and affectation output. Also, the user can chase the positional accord of assorted angel alteration procedures. Figure 10 VDC5-based angel adjustments with QE Apparatus With “QE for Display”, angel adjustments for brightness, contrast, rotation, gamma correction, and dither are actually alone one abrasion bang abroad and arresting in real-time on the affectation afterwards recompiling. Also, with “QE for Display”, achievement timing settings can be calmly adapted over the GUI-based agreement apparatus and stored in a attack file. Sample Applications In accession to the RZ/A Software Package, Renesas offers a account of sample applications for RZ/A designers. With these sample applications, RZ/A designers acquire the quickest alpha as they can baddest a accessible activity that is aing to their ambition use case. Accessible sample applications accommodate the Guiliani demo, , “SDK for Camera Sample Application”, and GUI, blow panel, web server, USB host, USB function, ADC, and complete samples. TES Guiliani GUI framework TES’ Guiliani is a platform-independent HMI framework brash to accommodated today’s user expectations for smartphone- like HMIs on awful cost-driven anchored systems. Guiliani allows the able parallelization of appropriate assignment types, such as aesthetic design, alternation design, and application-logic programming. Guiliani is delivered with a customizable and adaptable set of avant-garde widgets and appearance such as carousels, wheels, gauges, animations, alteration effects, multi-language support, and skinning. Per default, applying avant-garde graphics-processing appearance like sub-pixel authentic rendering, anti-aliasing, scaling, filtering, and aggregate in aggregate with acute alter and caching mechanisms leads to an clear and high-performance beheld experience. The Guiliani Alive Editor, “GSE”, a WYSIWYG PC editor and architect with chip simulator, supports accelerated HMI architectonics and prototyping, consistent in fast development cycles. White Cardboard — Automated HMIs in a Amalgamation Page 8 of 9 Figure 11TES Guiliani GUI framework (available chargeless of allegation for RZ/A designers) Based on its abstraction and architecture, able software apprehension engine, and ability administration capabilities, Guiliani is an ideal bout with the Renesas RZ/A MPU family. With the V2.2 update, added specific BLIT operations accept been included that are optimized for committed HMI use-cases. Chip Development Ambiance e2 flat is an Eclipse-based development ambiance with a absolute set of accoutrement and constituent appearance such as automatic configuration, absurdity and architectonics checking, and cipher bearing to advance development. Figure 12 e2 flat Chip Development Ambiance by Renesas The added Chip Development Ambiance that can be acclimated with the RZ/A Software Amalgamation is the IAR Anchored Workbench, which includes an optimized compiler, cipher assay accoutrement such as C-STAT® and C-RUN®, and abysmal RTOS-aware debugging. Conclusion Speed up development with Renesas RZ/A HMI Architectonics Accoutrement Alive with the RZ/A Software Package, you actually jumpstart your automated HMI development. First, you save time by alive with the STREAM IT! RZ accouterments development platform, which has all you allegation from a accouterments angle – a able MPU with 3MB of anchored SRAM, a 4.3inch blow TFT display, and a affiliated camera. The RZ/A Software Amalgamation is absolutely chip and chargeless of charge. It comes with several sample applications that acquiesce a actual quick access to innovation, and it is absolutely chip with the awful differentiated TES Guiliani GUI framework. With the TES Guiliani-Lite PREPAID program, this amalgamation is additionally chargeless of charge, alike in production. White Cardboard — Automated HMIs in a Amalgamation Page 9 of 9 Figure 13/14 RZ/A Software Amalgamation speeds up development of HMIs (left: Conventional; right: RZ/A SW Package) In a accepted development cycle, designers alpha by account beefy accouterments manuals, which may accept bags of pages. Accouterments for HMI implementations tend to accept a fair bulk of complexity. As an example, the VDC5 video affectation ambassador has over 2,000 registers. Subsequently, the artist would acclimatize the antecedent code, recompile the code, download the program, and affirm the result. And this absolute aeon would booty abode abounding times until the ambition aftereffect is reached. With “Camera SDK Sample Application” and “QE for Display”, camera and affectation adjustments are configured graphically, and the aftereffect is monitored in absolute time afterwards any antecedent cipher changes or recompilations. © 2018 Renesas Electronics America Inc. (REA). All rights reserved. All trademarks and barter names are those of their corresponding owners. REA believes the advice herein was authentic back accustomed but assumes no accident as to its affection or use. All advice is provided as-is afterwards warranties of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory, or arising from advance of dealing, usage, or barter practice, including afterwards limitation as to merchantability, fettle for a accurate purpose, or non-infringement. REA shall not be accountable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or added amercement whatsoever, arising from use of or assurance on the advice herein, alike if brash of the achievability of such damages. REA affluence the right, afterwards notice, to abandon articles or accomplish changes to the architectonics or blueprint of its articles or added advice herein. All capacity are adequate by U.S. and all-embracing absorb laws. Except as accurately acceptable herein, no allocation of this actual may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, afterwards above-mentioned accounting permission from Renesas Electronics America Inc. Visitors or users are not acceptable to modify, distribute, publish, address or actualize acquired works of any of this actual for any accessible or bartering purposes.

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