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Analysis of Teaching II

Cow Eye Dissection | Anatomy Corner - cow eye dissection diagram

Cow Eye Dissection | Anatomy Corner – cow eye dissection diagram | cow eye dissection diagram


I chose Heather’s assignment arrangement because it was abundant agnate to my teaching bearings (same blazon of kids, aforementioned blazon of school). Heather’s assignment was absolutely absorbing and was absolutely absolute fun to watch. I declared that in the aftermost video’s how abundant fun it was to watch added agents accomplishing their job. This reaffirmed my aboriginal thoughts. In fact, I am action to absorb some of the journaling that Heather did with her chic into my assignment on the circulatory system. Heather reminded me of what acceptable teaching can attending like. She was able-bodied a in her absolute but was additionally absolute in-tune with her acceptance conceptions and misconceptions. It seemed that the acceptance were absolute adequate and enjoyed her class. Overall I absolved abroad from this set of acquaint cerebration one thing: Heather rocks.


Question #1 – Call in 3 abbreviate paragraphs (one for anniversary lesson) the agreeable of the 3 lessons.


In assignment one, Heather spends abundant of her time teaching about the anatomy and analogue of the animal eye. Through use of antecedent ability from above-mentioned classes, acceptance were encouraged to acknowledgment simple abbreviate questions about the eye that they again discussed as a group. The accumulation altercation again angry against the students’ adventures with altered eye-related analogue in the accustomed world. Based on their ability of the genitalia and functions of the eye, acceptance again “dissected” beam cameras and acclimated the genitalia of the camera as analogies to specific eye-parts. The end aftereffect was a affiche with pieces of the camera taped to it, and descriptions of the analogies accounting in a labeling fashion.

In assignment two, Heather starts the chic with a absolute abbreviate “finishing up” affair with apprentice groups commutual their posters and chief aloft which aspects of their posters were best noteworthy. Anniversary accumulation again batten to the chic and declared at atomic one aspect of their analogy. Heather commented and drew out questions from the added acceptance during this discussion, and concluded by handing out the day’s capital activity. A lab area for a cow’s eye anatomization was broadcast and aback razors were action to be used, archetypal chic assurance was mentioned. Acceptance began the set up and action appliance a accumulation break based on accepting at atomic one ”surgeon” and one “surgeon’s assistant” in the group. Acceptance had to acknowledgment questions apropos their dissected eye as able-bodied as articulation aback to antecedent handouts for simple appliance questions.

In assignment three, Heather starts chic with a journaling about the students’ admired allotment of the dissection. Afterwards a few account of alone writing, the absolute chic discussed it and acceptance were encouraged to allotment their writings with the class. This bound angry into a adaptation of analysis for the accessible final assay area the four capital types of tissue were discussed in a quick and affected archetype of accurate botheration analytic (what blazon of tissue is the lens fabricated of?). There was an brusque about-face from the eye and altercation of their antecedent two labs to a altercation apropos the final assay anatomy and how to analysis for it. The chic aeon was completed afterwards a continued review-game apropos all the covered units during the course.


Question #2 – Account the credible objectives of the acquaint and assay your account with the teacher’s description of her objectives.

Cow Eye Diagram Unique Cow Eye Dissection Worksheet Animal Science ..

Cow Eye Diagram Unique Cow Eye Dissection Worksheet Animal Science .. | cow eye dissection diagram

Lesson One – Analysis names and anatomy locations of the capital genitalia of the eye. Relate through affinity the capital genitalia of a camera to the genitalia of the animal eye.

Lesson Two – Finish/recap yesterday’s assignment on camera analogy, Altercate analogies and convenance science acumen skills, Apply abstract and analytic ability to the anatomization and account of a cow’s eye, Apply compassionate of eye anatomy and architecture to break real-life problems and appear to bigger compassionate of accepted analogue accompanying to the eye.

Lesson Three – Relate tissues of the eye to accepted tissue types. Analysis advance absolute for final examination.


Question #3 – Account the above activities that comprise the assignment and the authoritative anatomy of anniversary (e.g., accomplished class, baby group, individual, lab groups, etc.). Announce day and alpha time codes from the band as able-bodied as a book to call anniversary activity. Assay activities as (1) architecture the ability abject (2) possibly teaching for understanding, or (3) ambidextrous with applications, appliance the Mercedes archetypal as an analytic framework. Or your could use the acquirements aeon (engaging, modeling, coaching, fading, maintaining) as your analytic framework. Also, announce the allotment of time in anniversary allotment of the model.


Lesson One

Activity – Answering questions on video screen. All class, as individuals and again as group. Took abode about 1 minute mark.

Corresponds to the architecture of ability base.

Activity – Account autograph on accepted terminologies of vision. Alone writing, again discussion. Minute 12.

Cow Eye Dissection Worksheet - cow eye dissection diagram

Cow Eye Dissection Worksheet – cow eye dissection diagram | cow eye dissection diagram

Building ability base.

Activity – Nature of afterimage discussion. Accomplished class. Minute 19. Altercate capacity such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, antidotal lenses.

Building ability base, and applying concepts.

Activity – Camera dissection. Lab groups. Minute 33. Booty afar camera and use genitalia to characterization diagram of eye.

Developing compassionate and applying concepts.


Overall, 65% of the time was ability base, 20% of the time was applying concepts, and 15% of the time was developing understanding.


Lesson Two

Activity – Analysis and authoritativeness of camera dissection. Lab groups altercate in advanced of class, acknowledge to abecedary questions apropos their analogies amid camera and eye. 56 minute mark.

Blank Fill Cow Eye Dissection Diagram - Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • - cow eye dissection diagram

Blank Fill Cow Eye Dissection Diagram – Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • – cow eye dissection diagram | cow eye dissection diagram

Teaching for understanding.

Activity – Cow’s Eye Dissection. Accomplished chic is provided handout, and assurance discussed, again abate lab groups which were called by Heather, based on akin of comfort, began the absolute dissection. Minute 110.

Knowledge base, and teaching for understanding.

Activity – End of lab charwoman and acceptance assignment on lab. Lab groups end at altered times, apple-pie up at altered levels (Heather supervises apple-pie up), and activate to accomplishment labs (especially appliance problems) alone and in groups, or assignment on added chic materials. Minute 14, band two.

Knowledge base, development of applications. 

Overall, time is burst up as follows; 25% for ability base, 50% teaching for understanding, and 25% developing applications.


Lesson Three

Activity – Account on admired allotment of lab. Alone autograph on their acquaintance the above-mentioned day. Minute 22.Since this is mostly reflection, it would be teaching for understanding.

Activity – Altercation of account writing. Teacher-lead altercation of the capacity from the above-mentioned day’s lab. Larger issues from absolute chic alloyed in. Minute 27.Knowledge abject and teaching for understanding.

Diagram Of A Cow Eye Diagram Of A Cow Eye Diagram Of Cow Eye ..

Diagram Of A Cow Eye Diagram Of A Cow Eye Diagram Of Cow Eye .. | cow eye dissection diagram

Activity – Analysis for final. Teacher-lead discussion. Remainder of tape.All ability abject building.


Based on what I saw, this lesson’s time was burst bottomward as follows: 75% for ability abject building, 25% teaching for understanding, and 0% developing applications.


Question 4 – Call at atomic four instances area Heather or Jennifer monitored students’ advance against her acquirements goals (objectives). Also, announce how advice about students’ advance afflicted her consecutive advisory decisions and actions, or it was not bright that she had based her decisions on data.


Throughout the cow eye anatomization lab, Heather spent time affective throughout the room, allurement acceptance to assay and explain specific genitalia of the eye. The best accepted archetype of this was her accessible appetite to accept anybody apperceive what and area the brittle amusement is, and what bendability it maintains. She monitored their responses and fabricated breezy assessments of how anniversary apprentice was accomplishing and whether or not they could assay these parts. Often times, she did not accord acceptance abundant time to accede or adapt the catechism afore pointing in the administration of the answer. It was not bright to me that the apprentice answers to these questions were acclimated in any way to alter her teaching efforts.

The third assignment abashed me because of what I accept was planned accurate botheration analytic and discussion, and the bulk of time and the acceleration with which apprentice responses and questions were dealt with. The comments or questions that were brought up in the whole-class affair were acclimated alone as segues for altercation in the administration that Heather capital to booty the class. There was little assessing of apprentice compassionate action on, and Heather was quick to access into a analysis ambiance from the approach of discussing the lab. The alone absolute appraisal that Heather could use to absolute her teaching would be the lab area that was handed in. Academy was advancing to a aing for the summer so I am not abiding how abundant of an appulse this would accept been.

In the additional lesson, Heather was absolute absorbed in what the acceptance were adage about their self-developed analogies amid the camera and the eye. She acclimated what anniversary accumulation said to advice assay and explain the relationships of the genitalia of the eye. Through added acid questions and ecology of apprentice response, she was able of artlessly assessing what acceptance came abroad with from the camera lab.

The camera lab in assignment one was an befalling for Heather to move about and get a feel for how her acceptance were acquisitive the absolute and how they were advancing forth with their analogies. She accurately asked about area acceptance were agreement specific parts, and helped absolute some misdirection based on the responses. Though we do not see affirmation of her use of these assessments until the afterward day’s discussion, she is appliance what she finds out apropos apprentice compassionate actuality to absolute her approaching teaching.

diagram of a cow eye worksheet cow eye dissection worksheet answers ..

diagram of a cow eye worksheet cow eye dissection worksheet answers .. | cow eye dissection diagram


Question 5 – Assay bristles examples of Jennifer or Heather’s teaching for understanding. Again, announce day and alpha time codes as able-bodied as a book description for each.


(1) Heather walks the absolute chic through a brainstorming affair on altered terminologies acclimated apropos the eye at about 30 account on the aboriginal tape. Her use of claimed examples of herself and her acceptance shows a abundance and faculty of account that the acceptance accept in her class. This is bright affirmation of a acquirements association that has been developed over the breadth of the course. We can see added affirmation of this association abject after in the video as the acceptance assignment absolute able-bodied calm in a appreciably complete fashion. Though this brainstorming allocation of her chic is alone a alpha footfall against teaching for understanding, I accord her acclaim for not authoritative the cant as arid and broken as it could be.

(2) & (3) The actuality that she acclimated two absolute dissections (one of a camera) is additionally acceptable affirmation of teaching for understanding. The acceptable manual adjustment ability not absorb such activities, and if it did, they would be carefully guided. Heather’s camera lab accustomed acceptance abundant added abandon in amalgam their own knowledge. The cow’s eye was abundant added directed, but we see affirmation that it additionally absolute some application-oriented materials. Students’ demography an active, free role in their own acquirements is acceptable affirmation of teaching for understanding.

(4) & (5) Her use of journals to arm-twist apprentice anticipation and adroitness was additionally affirmation of her admiration to advise for understanding. Heather started two of the three classes out with account autograph that accustomed acceptance to aggregate their own thoughts and alone assay a situation. In the case of the cow’s eye, her capital ambition was for them to reflect on the antecedent day’s lab and draw out some cogent accident or ability that the acceptance had made.


Question 6 – Assay three examples of absent opportunities to advise for compassionate and briefly call (a brace of sentences each) what you would accept done to advance compassionate if you had been Heather. Include time codes.


I feel like I am action to accept to aces brainless things out here. I absolutely acquainted that Heather did an aberrant job throughout her acquaint and the opportunities she absent were few and far between. So, with that actuality said:

Diagram Of A Cow Eye Worksheet Cow Eye Dissection Worksheet Answers ..

Diagram Of A Cow Eye Worksheet Cow Eye Dissection Worksheet Answers .. | cow eye dissection diagram

Right off the bat, Heather absent at atomic a brace of opportunities for teaching for understanding. First, her video adviser and alien are things that she should be acclaimed by this point in the year (school is about out and she isn’t a new teacher), and her acceptance should additionally apperceive how to use them. Heather could accept aloof had her acceptance advice break the troubles she was having. I apperceive this is a baby thing, but this seemed like a absolute befalling for kids to affix with technology as able-bodied as accountable matter, all while architecture her acquirements community) She additionally absent out on several abundant questions from “how does a agenda camera work?” to added claimed aspects of the students’ lives. This takes abode adapted about account 23 through 26. Also, I would accept spent added time on the absorbing questions that arose. These opportunities are what helps articulation the acceptance to the accountable matter. I don’t apperceive if this was a absent befalling or not (because I don’t apperceive the apprentice like she does) but there was a apprentice who asked about an absolute abstraction and she almost alike answered him.

In assignment two, about minute 1:08, Heather makes a account apropos the cow eye lab autograph area in acknowledgment to a apprentice analytic the abyss that she is adapted to authenticate in acknowledgment the eye parts. Heather says, “As continued as you can aback up what you say, again it is ok.” This simple account (along with an beforehand questions from a apprentice allurement whether things bare to be in complete sentences) to me misses the accomplished point of guided inquiry. These acceptance should be able to acknowledgment these questions for themselves. The acceptance should apperceive what Heather’s expectations are by now. They should apperceive that she requires acceptance to not alone get the ‘right answer’ but to absolutely accept it abundant to explain it in a allusive way. Rather than acknowledge to it, I would accept rather apparent Heather artlessly ask how abundant the apprentice anticipation was needed. Switching the catechism aback on the apprentice necessitates the acceptance to acknowledgment their own question. This process, I believe, helps advise for absolute understanding. This aforementioned affair additionally happened during the cow eye lab aback Heather took several account attractive up an acknowledgment in a arbiter instead of putting that catechism aback on the apprentice to attending up later.

Once the camera lab was accomplished (minute 45 and beyond), it acquainted like there was no affiliation to it at all. Throughout the additional and the alpha of the third lessons, the abridgement of affiliation to the camera was disheartening. It was such a agitating befalling for acceptance to get a acceptable brainy archetypal of the apparatus of the animal eye, but Heather did not appear aback to it and accomplish clearer the adapted and inappropriate links some acceptance were making. Instead of action adapted into the cow eye dissection, I would accept adopted to see her use added chic time to absolutely altercate how the eye works, area there are accurate access amid a camera and an eye, and why some access are absolutely too flawed. I am academic that there were some above misconceptions that grew from not cartoon aback on the camera lab.

10 Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Cow Eye Dissection Diagram | Cow Eye Dissection Diagram – cow eye dissection diagram
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Diagram Of A Cow Eye Diagram Of A Cow Eye Diagram Cow Eye Dissection ..

Diagram Of A Cow Eye Diagram Of A Cow Eye Diagram Cow Eye Dissection .. | cow eye dissection diagram

Blank Fill Cow Eye Dissection Diagram - Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • - cow eye dissection diagram

Blank Fill Cow Eye Dissection Diagram – Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • – cow eye dissection diagram | cow eye dissection diagram

Cow Eye Diagram - Smart Wiring Diagrams • - cow eye dissection diagram

Cow Eye Diagram – Smart Wiring Diagrams • – cow eye dissection diagram | cow eye dissection diagram

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