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In antecedent parts, we acquire covered the basics to set up our serverless project, use a development ambiance application appetite software, and a accepted multi-tier architectonics for our project. In this part, I’ll present and apparatus architectonics patterns to advance a serverless architectonics afterward a Action as a Microservice (FaaM) style.

java - Architecture review - case study (Spring MVC) - Software ..

java – Architecture review – case study (Spring MVC) – Software .. | spring mvc architecture diagram

In the mid-90s, the web was starting a actual anarchy and common systems bare a way to accommodate with anniversary other. During the 70s, we saw some abstruse solutions to accommodate alien systems and in the 80s some of them were implemented. However, accepted solutions such as Alien Procedure Calls (RPC), CORBA and Distributed Computing Ambiance (DCE) were not accessible for a all-around calibration change and, best of the time, their implementations were not doubter abundant to assignment in a amalgam environment. Then the apple met a new way to accommodate their systems: Annual Oriented Architectonics (SOA).

From its apprehensive ancestry in 1996 to a complete anarchy application SOAP in the 2000s, SOA became the software architectonics and accomplishing that afflicted the tech mural forever. Evolving into a new mindset during the 2010s with REST, Accident Driven Architectures (EDA) and Microservices, the catechism that any developer, artist and administrator asks is: How big should a annual be?

The archetypal SOA presented two capital concepts: Chapped (CA) and Aerial (FA). In the past, a CA was authentic as a annual with a ample business scope, while FA was advised a annual that focused on a attenuated scope. However, while a huge CA may aftermath a monster with a lot of business capabilities, a FA annual risks to actualize hundreds or bags of mini problems. In the end, both extremes can abate the modifiability, scalability and aegis of the solution.

For that reason, I like the granularity assumption that the Service-Oriented Framework (SOMF) provides. In this framework, a annual can be disconnected into three altered kinds: Cluster, Blended and Atomic, which can be authentic as:

But, how can we administer those concepts to our serverless project? Let’s aboriginal acquire how Serverless Framework AWS Lambda accommodate some agnate concepts.

When we’re alive with Serverless Framework AWS Lambda we charge to booty into annual three capital concepts for any project:

According to Serverless Framework, we should actualize an AWS lambda action per distinct CRUD operation. Meaning that an commodity User will become a annual with 4 AWS lambda functions. However, if we chase this practice, aloof accepting 10 entities will aftereffect in 40 functions! So now you charge to administer 40 lambda functions, one for every distinct event. Also, let’s bethink that our access point is activity to be the AWS API Aperture and back application services, it creates a altered API Aperture for anniversary service. In approach this makes sense, but the abstraction of accepting a Aperture is to accomplish the backend casework cellophane from the final applicant and there’s no way of creating an chart band amid assorted gateways in AWS (like a aperture that redirects to added gateways). According to Serverless Framework, that’s a limitation that they’re alive on:

For that reason, I like to bout the framework concepts with the ones authentic by SOMF. With that in mind, I adduce a abstraction alleged Action as a Microservice (FaaM) that I authentic as:

Using this arrangement instead of accepting a action to “add a new city”, we acquire a geolocation action that knows how to CRUD countries, cities and regions. These baby microservice functions shouldn’t administer added than 7± 2 entities (following Miller’s Law), contrarily you’re activity to acquire a huge brace in a function. Note: Accumulate in apperception that this arrangement assumes that every distinct action is amenable for its own abstracts antecedent too.

But how can we apparatus a FaaM application AWS Lambda? Well, the acknowledgment is application acceptable acquisition patterns!


SPRING 100 MVC FRAMEWORK INTRODUCTION | SPRING 100 MVC SESSION 10 .. | spring mvc architecture diagram

In AWS every distinct Action should acquire a altered abettor to dness the admission events. Application the Serverless Framework we can ascertain the abettor book that anniversary action is activity to use. By default, Serverless creates a Handler.kt book like this:

Instead of artful and pasting the aforementioned logic, we can consistently reclaim the all-encompassing and abstruse cipher (essentially it’s consistently the aforementioned thing). We aloof charge to apperceive how to avenue to altered argumentation depending on the accident type. For those cases, we can use a Client-Dispatcher-Server Pattern.

In our specific case, this acquisition will depend on the URI that a applicant uses to accomplish a request. Meaning that if we accomplish an HTTP appeal to /movie, we should be able to avenue that appeal to a specific Kotlin action based on its appeal URI. The aing archetype presents a acquisition anatomy application the aforementioned handler:

But application the aforementioned handler, how can we avenue properly? Well, I created a altered yaml book that application regex knows how to avenue to a specific chic and action depending on the URI. In the assets binder I created a routes.yml book like this:

If we booty a attending to the User Microservice, the aboriginal aspect of the account agency that back there’s a URI that satisfies the regex ^/login(/)?$ it will assassinate the action login in the chic UserController of the amalgamation com.myblockbuster.users.controllers. Note: If you acquire formed with frameworks like Django or Ruby on Rails you should be accustomed with this routing.

Nevertheless, this is aloof the changeless way that we appetite to route. Now we charge to apparatus the allotment of cipher for that.

Gradle file

Include the aing dependencies to your project:

Data models

I created the aing models.kt book to abutment all the entities that my new architectonics requires.

mvc architecture diagram – educationinformation

mvc architecture diagram – educationinformation | spring mvc architecture diagram


As usual, it’s consistently a acceptable convenance to administer your own exceptions. In my case, I’m additionally defining the HTTP cipher that a specific barring should raise. The exceptions.kt book looks like:


The aing interface presents the basal capabilities that any Bagman should provide. Even back we are aloof activity to acquire one bagman in this project, it is consistently a acceptable convenance to abstract implementations from the anatomic contracts.

Based on the antecedent interface we can acquire the aing RequestDispatcher implementation.

This bagman accomplishing executes a Kotlin action and allotment the aftereffect commodity to our client. To accomplish that, I’m application the absence Kotlin absorption methods, so you charge to be alert back application it. After active some tests, this acceptance of absorption is not affecting achievement too abundant because I’m application the complete Classpath. But if you try added activating code, achievement can change from milliseconds to seconds.


By default, Serverless creates a Response chic that I afflicted into an interface. Aloof like with the Dispatcher, the capital acumen for that it’s aloof to accumulate accomplishing and anatomic affairs abandoned from anniversary other. Note: After this, you can additionally annul the HelloResponse class.

interface Response


Java Development Blog - spring mvc architecture diagram

Java Development Blog – spring mvc architecture diagram | spring mvc architecture diagram

Similar to the chic Response, Serverless additionally creates an ApiGatewayResponse class. To acquire the new changes for the Client-Dispatcher-Server, let’s use the aing allotment of code:

New Handler

Now we can actualize the reusable abettor that assorted functions will use for their routing. The Handler.kt book looks like:


Finally, let’s actualize a band with our business logic. Afterward the aforementioned assumption of an MVC app, we can actualize some controllers with the all-important logic.

The functions of this Interface/Mixin are some basal capabilities that you may charge to action a request. However, best of the time the processing of our appeal will be absolutely repetitive. For that reason, I absitively to actualize a Micro-HTTP router that based on the HTTP adjustment it routes to a specific Kotlin function.

To actualize the Micro-Router we can actualize a all-encompassing Annual interface that defines a basal CRUD for an object. But first, let’s ascertain some added models that we need.



This interface defines the basal CRUD capabilities that any commodity should provide. This arrangement is based on frameworks like Loopback, Django RF, RoR and Spring. The Service.kt looks commodity like:

Introduction to Spring Controllers | Java Development Journal - spring mvc architecture diagram

Introduction to Spring Controllers | Java Development Journal – spring mvc architecture diagram | spring mvc architecture diagram

In this Annual I’m d that we’ll accept a User to validate permissions to assassinate that function. We can use an AnonymousUser chic to ascertain a user who hasn’t logged into the system. The aing models.kt book exposes an archetype of that.

User Models

HTTP Router

The easiest and best reusable way that I begin to advance the router, was application the Ambassador interface/mixin that we already defined. You can consistently actualize addition interface alleged HttpRouter and apparatus it in the Ambassador interface if needed.

The antecedent cipher bits appearance how to avenue to a specific adjustment according to the HTTP adjustment accustomed as a parameter. With this allotment of code, you aloof charge to apparatus anniversary CRUD adjustment or bandy a MyException commodity with the cipher 405 (method not allowed).

The ambassador can be authentic according to your needs, that’s why the mixin doesn’t acquire any arrangement to chase (the alone coercion is that anniversary action needs to accept a Appeal commodity as argument). The aing cipher bits are examples that you can reclaim for your own project.

Movies Exceptions

Movies Models

Movie Annual Accomplishing (mock after Aegis and Chain layer)

Movie Ambassador Implementation

Spring MVC Architecture - DashZin - spring mvc architecture diagram

Spring MVC Architecture – DashZin – spring mvc architecture diagram | spring mvc architecture diagram

Now aloof gradle arrange and analysis it! You should be able to “CRUD” a movie!

If you don’t like awful accompanying relationships, application a branch architectonics arrangement to collaborate with your casework is a acceptable choice. As I already mentioned, the use of reflection, Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) or any cipher bang can affect the achievement of your Lambda function. So application the basal and acclaimed patterns is consistently the appropriate way to go.

Service Factory

We can ascertain an interface and it’s accomplishing for the Annual Factory. In this specific case, the annual is actuality alternate based on the archetypal we appetite to CRUD.

Movie Ambassador Accomplishing with Annual Factory

If you appetite to see the complete example, the antecedent cipher is accessible at this Github repo.

This commodity presented an accomplishing of a Client-Dispatcher-Server arrangement to use in your Kotlin Lambda Functions as Microservices and an HTTP Micro-router for your CRUD requests. This is a quick archetype of a library/framework that I’m developing to bedrock approaching projects. A framework that pretends to aish all the boilerplate cipher for archetypal Kotlin Serverless APIs projects.

The aing accessories will explain in detail how to actualize some acceptable assemblage tests for Kotlin in AWS Lambda, add a relational chain band and assuredly how to accommodate aegis requirements that we may need.

See you anon and don’t balloon to applause & subscribe.

Part 5: Testing your cipher (COMING SOON)

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