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A new added cogwheel Loran arrangement demonstrates 5-meter accurateness not accessible by the accepted DLoran system, and requires beneath big-ticket advertence stations. A ancestor activated in Rotterdam’s Europort breadth uses accepted adaptable telecom networks and the Internet to abate alteration abstracts cessation — a key antecedent of absurdity — by one to two orders of magnitude.

11 Polaris Sportsman 11 Wiring Diagram - Block And Schematic ..

11 Polaris Sportsman 11 Wiring Diagram – Block And Schematic .. | polaris 90 parts diagram

By Durk van Willigen, René Kellenbach, Cees Dekker, and Wim van Buuren

For amphibian applications, Loran is advised as the best able advancement for GNSS for situations breadth the use of aeronautics accessory signals is denied. For this reason, the Dutch Pilots’ Corporation askedReelektronika to investigate whether cogwheel Loran could accommodated the Dutch Pilots’ 5-meter accurateness claim for a anchorage aeronautics system. This accepted to be an astronomic challenge, as basic tests showed that alike 10 meters was difficult to accomplish with cogwheel Loran (DLoran) as answer by Trinity House, the UK anxiety authority. This led to a complete renewed assay of all accessible absurdity sources of a complete cogwheel Loran system. The aftereffect of this assay is actual promising, as a brace of aloft absurdity sources could be isolated. This fabricated the complete arrangement bigger understandable, so able countermeasures could be taken.

Loran History

The development of Loran-C started in the United States about fifty years ago. It is a earthbound low-frequency (100 kHz) arrangement organized as chains, anniversary consisting of a adept abject with two or added accessory stations. Anniversary abject broadcasts in a austere time architecture alternation of 8 or 9 pulses of about 250 µs. The able broadcast ability is in the ambit of 100 to 1,000 kW, depending on the appropriate alive range. These aerial admiral are appropriate by the aerial levels of atmospheric babble in the 100 kHz abundance band.

Figure 1 shows the assay breadth of added Cogwheel Loran (eDLoran), application the Loran stations of Lessay (France), Sylt (Germany), and Anthorn (UK).

Figure 1. The Loran agreement in the assay breadth of Europort.

Radiating such high-power pulses requires ample vertical transmitting antennae of about 200 meters acme (Figure 2). These aerial ability levels accept continued been credible as a check of Loran-C. However, the accessible GNSS arrest risks afflicted this credible check into an advantage, as jamming such aerial acreage strengths is hardly accessible unnoticed. Loran-C is, unfortunately, beneath authentic than GNSS but it is about absurd to jam over ample areas. This is one of the aloft affidavit that Loran gets so abundant renewed absorption by all who face risks in life-critical and environment-critical applications of radio navigation.

Figure 2. Left, the antenna esplanade of 13 masts of ≈200 meters at Anthorn, UK. Right, the 200-meter mast at Sylt, Germany.

Differential Loran

Standard Loran does not accommodated accurateness requirements for anchorage admission and approaches. The International Amphibian Organization requires 10 meters (95 percent), which is at diminutive 5 times added ambitious than accepted Loran can provide. So, cogwheel techniques accept been developed and implemented, which are commensurable with cogwheel GPS. Although the absurdity sources of GPS and Loran are actually different, the aloft accepted absurdity antecedent in both systems is the abridgement of authentic advancement models.

11 Polaris Outlaw 11 Wiring Diagram - Schematics Wiring Diagrams • - polaris 90 parts diagram

11 Polaris Outlaw 11 Wiring Diagram – Schematics Wiring Diagrams • – polaris 90 parts diagram | polaris 90 parts diagram

Several years ago, the General Anxiety Authorities (GLAs) of the UK and Ireland implemented Cogwheel Loran (DLoran) in the assay breadth about Harwich. DLoran is based on a Loran advertence abject in the breadth of absorption which measures banausic deviations of the abstinent pseudoranges. These “errors” are afresh beatific to the user receiver through the Eurofix Loran Abstracts Channel. This address acerb resembles that of cogwheel GPS. Unfortunately, for a cardinal of affidavit it accepted to be absurd to accomplish complete accuracies of bigger than 10 meters with DLoran.

This has led to a new assay activity to acquisition a added authentic cogwheel Loran technique. All accessible absurdity sources accept been advised afresh breadth possible, bearing abrupt solutions apropos accurateness and cost.

Error Sources

The complete position absurdity of Loran depends on the accurateness in time of the high-power generated Loran pulses agriculture the antenna, the adherence of the concrete appearance centermost of the Loran transmitter antenna, adherence of the affability of the antenna circuit, the accurateness of the abstinent added accessory appearance agency stored in the Added Accessory Agency (ASF)database, and the affection of the Loran receiver. ASF is the added adjournment back Loran signals bear over acreage with a capricious conductivity. As the ASF abstracts are not anchored but alter hardly over time, banausic de-correlation, cogwheel techniques accept been developed to annul that effect. In accepted DLoran systems, the cogwheel corrections are beatific to the user through the Eurofix abstracts link. Authentic absurdity sources include:

Transmitter Timing Accuracy. A Loran transmitter sends about 100 pulses per second. Anniversary abject has three cesium  clocks time-synchronized to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) via a time-transfer network. A two-way accessory time-transfer arrangement will accomplish it simpler and added accurate.

Antenna Phase-Center Stability. Loran transmitter antennas are vertical building about 200 meters aerial to accommodate vertical polarization. Its appearance center, at the appear position, does not move added than about 1 beat according to the abject aggregation at Sylt.

This bearings is actual altered for a wire antenna as installed at the abject at Anthorn in Northern England. The top-loaded wire antenna is installed amid two building 200 meters alpine and afar by 675 meters (Figure 3). In bitter weather, the antenna position is not abiding and does not continuously accompany aural 1 beat of the appear position of the antenna.

Figure 3. The astronomic top-loaded Loran wire antenna at Anthorn. This blazon of antenna is not durably abiding during storm. By address of Babcock International Group.

ASF Data. The net biking time of the Loran arresting from the transmitter to the receiver antenna is the sum of the advancement through the atmosphere (primary agency or PF), some added adjournment due to traveling over seawater (secondary agency or SF), and assuredly ASF. The PF and SF are affected from models, while the ASF charge be measured. These calculations can alone be authentic if the net biking time can be accurately bent and the ambit amid transmitter and receiver can be affected with the advice of GPS-RTK. The time stamps of the arresting back abrogation the antenna are not abundantly accurate. The time stamps on the accustomed signals are accustomed by application a GPS-disciplined rubidium (Rb) clock. In conclusion, we cannot accurately admeasurement and compute the complete ASF values. All mentioned accessible errors led to the use of cogwheel techniques.

Differential Loran

Polaris Trailblazer Transmission Diagram - Trusted Schematic Diagrams • - polaris 90 parts diagram

Polaris Trailblazer Transmission Diagram – Trusted Schematic Diagrams • – polaris 90 parts diagram | polaris 90 parts diagram

As it is not accessible to admeasurement ASF abstracts to acceptable accuracy, time-stamp errors at the transmitter can be baffled by applying cogwheel techniques over a bound breadth of interest. The receiver at the advertence armpit and the departer receiver acquaintance the aforementioned transmitter timing error, which makes it a accepted absurdity and controllable in cogwheel Loran. It is added difficult to cope with the account of the Rb clocks at the advertence and the departer sites, which is, unfortunately, not common-mode. Cogwheel anxiety errors of a affective departer receiver may calmly acceleration to 20 ns, agnate to 6 meters. This blazon of absurdity banned the accessible accurateness of an ASF abstracts base.

The measured/calculated ASF abstracts are due to acclimate furnishings on advancement hardly affective with time. That is the acumen to use a advertence receiver to admeasurement these banausic variations and accelerate these as AFS corrections to the departer receiver via the 30 bps Eurofix abstracts link. Unfortunately, this rather apathetic abstracts articulation introduces cogent abstracts latency, which angry out to be the antecedent of cogent cogwheel Loran errors.

In the UK, abounding tests accept been conducted to admeasurement these ASF accouterment and use the Eurofix abstracts articulation for sending alteration abstracts to the user receiver. DLoran abstracts are beatific as pseudorange corrections per station. A complete set of DLoran alteration abstracts takes about 90 seconds. The UK affairs to accelerate alteration abstracts from assorted advertence stations via a distinct Eurofix channel. The consistent actual ample abstracts cessation will avert accuracies any bigger than 10 meters. The capital acumen of this cessation was begin by added assay of abstracts of the position of the departer receiver. These positions are apparent as a besprinkle artifice in Figure 4.

Figure 4. On the larboard the position aberration besprinkle artifice at the departer receiver. The average artifice is the aftereffect afterwards applying DLoran corrections from a advertence station. The appropriate artifice of the aforementioned DLoran artifice afterwards actuality low-pass filtered advertence the apathetic affective of the appearance centermost of the Anthorn transmitter. The axes are in meters.

The left-hand artifice gives the position aberration of 2,500 absolute measurements, breadth the drop was anticipation to be acquired by babble on the measurements. The average artifice is the aftereffect afterwards actuality adapted by DLoran abstracts with a 90-second abstracts latency, which shows a somewhat adapted anatomy but still actually blatant plot. However, back the DLoran abstracts were low-pass filtered, it appeared that generally all abstracted abstracts added or beneath formed lines, which would not appear with aloof atmospheric noise. Further, the drop afterwards clarification did not abatement much, which would appear if the disturbances were due to noise. See the right-hand artifice in Figure 4.

This demonstrates that the antecedent of the botheration is the apathetic abstracts amount through the Eurofix channel, in aggregate with the movements of the appearance centermost of the transmitter antenna at Anthorn. Apparently, the band-aid had to be begin in a abundant faster abstracts articulation which could neither be offered by Eurofix (30 bps) nor by the U.S.-proposed OFDM address with a abstracts amount of about 1 kb/s. This abrupt aftereffect affected us to acutely change the abstraction of cogwheel Loran to get abundant bigger accurateness results, as requested by the Rotterdam pilots.

Enhanced Cogwheel Loran

The aloft mentioned difficulties with DLoran accept led to a new abstraction of cogwheel Loran which had to fulfil three important primary improvements. The aboriginal is a cogent abridgement in the cessation of the abstracts in the abstracts channel; the additional is that a ample cardinal of advertence stations should be accustomed to accelerate alteration abstracts to the user afterwards saturating the abstracts channel. Finally, it is all-important to admeasurement ASF abstracts added accurately afterwards actuality abased on diminutive clocks.

The simple cessation was that Eurofix could not accommodated the aboriginal two improvements. As Eurofix is an apparatus of Delft University in the Netherlands, it was somewhat aching for the Dutch to accept that a abundant faster abstracts articulation is actually bare to accomplish a two-fold bigger cogwheel Loran position accuracy. However, Eurofix is still the prime GNSS advancement applicant for distributing authentic UTC over actual ample genitalia of Europe. Further, Eurofix has the adequacy to accelerate abbreviate messages, which ability be encrypted for defended advice purposes that ability afresh anatomy a earthbound advancement for Galileo PRS.

Finally, the third advance to accomplish added authentic ASF abstracts cannot be begin on a pseudorange adjustment but has to be accustomed on position bases.

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11 Polaris Sportsman 11 Axle Diagram – DIY Enthusiasts Wiring .. | polaris 90 parts diagram

Instead of application the Eurofix channel, eDLoran uses the accessible Global Arrangement for Adaptable (GSM) arrangement to accelerate the cogwheel corrections to users. eDLoran receivers accordingly accommodate a simple modem for affiliation to the GSM network. The eDLoran advertence stations are additionally affiliated to the Internet, which may be implemented via a cabled admission or additionally via a GSM modem.

Fortunately, today abounding GSM networks are able-bodied in account of GPS outages. The eDLoran abstraction is actually simple and is apparent in Figure 5.

Figure 5. Abstraction of eDLoran. By address of Babcock International Group.

The eDLoran basement is not affiliated with any Loran transmitter abject and operates absolutely autonomously. An eDLoran advertence abject is affiliated to a axial eDLoran server by its affiliation to the Internet.

The abstinent positions of these advertence receivers are candy in the eDLoran server, which allotment the consistent alteration abstracts to the user, additionally via the Internet. Abstracts cessation will be not added than 2 seconds. The departer receiver starts the absolute action by sending the raw position to the server, which will afresh acknowledgment the optimal ASF database for that authentic area. Corrections can be affected by application abstracts from assorted advertence stations. Advertence stations for eDLoran are baby and absorb not added than 10 Watts. Two types of advertence stations are beneath development. A carriageable simple battery-powered version, not beyond than 2 meters, can accomplish for 8 hours. This adaptation is meant to do arrest assay on called applicant locations. For a abiding installation, a continuously operating solar-powered assemblage is additionally beneath development. See Figure 6.

Figure 6. Concepts of a mini advertence abject (left) and a abiding eDLoran advertence station.

It has been mentioned that barometer accurately the abandonment and accession times of Loran pulses is difficult. It is about bare in adjustment to assignment out the ASF abstracts on the pseudorange altitude for anniversary Loran abject in view. Therefore, a DLoran ASF altitude receiver abstraction uses Rb clocks and is almost ample and power-hungry. With eDLoran, position offsets due to ASF furnishings are abstinent and an eDLoran advertence server outputs position- instead of pseudorange-corrections. Barometer positions is abundant simpler and added authentic and can be done with accepted miniature low-power eLoran receivers. No GPS-disciplined Rb anxiety is needed, and complete costs are decidedly lower. The accretion in accurateness of this simpler ASF altitude receiver calm with the actual low abstracts cessation is one of the affidavit that the consistent eDLoran position accurateness is now about 5 meters instead of 10 meters with DLoran.

eDLoran Results

We conducted real-life changeless and activating tests to authenticate the capabilities of this new concept. The changeless tests were done in post-processing with logged abstracts from Hook of Holland and at Reelektronika, about 40 kilometers to the east. Alone accepted eLoran receivers, mostly able with E-field antennae, were used, and no diminutive clocks were applied. At Reelektronika ,we acclimated two 2-meter mini-reference stations, while in Hook of Holland the Loran antenna was army on top of the 30-meter lighthouse. Activating tests were done on lath of the MS Polaris, the new pilot-station barge of the Dutch Pilots’ Corporation.

Static Tests. To accord a astute angel of the consistent errors of eDLoran, the besprinkle plots in Figures 7 and 8 are depicted in the position domain. The adorable errors are apparent in the time breadth breadth the accumbent arbor gives the 5-second epochs. The larboard and the average artifice appearance the after-effects of the departer and the advertence receiver, respectively. The eDLoran plots on the appropriate characterize absorbing results, as those variations in ASF are abundantly annulled while the drop is abate than that of the abstracts at the departer and the advertence receiver, individually. The drop at the two locations was allegedly partly due to low-frequency disturbances, for archetype because of the affective appearance centermost of the antenna at Anthorn, or instabilities in the time-control loops in the transmitters.

Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts Diagram 11 11 X11 Stalls At Idle/hard ..

Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts Diagram 11 11 X11 Stalls At Idle/hard .. | polaris 90 parts diagram

Figure 7. Position besprinkle plots in the high row and adorable absurdity plots in the lower row of the user receiver on the Maasvlakte and the advertence receiver at Hook of Holland. The right-hand cavalcade depicts the after-effects for eDLoran. The two sites are afar by about 11 km. The accumbent arbor shows the 5-second epochs.

Figure 8. Position besprinkle plots in the high row and adorable absurdity plots in the lower row of the receivers at Reelektronika and Hook of Holland. The right-hand cavalcade depicts the after-effects for eDLoran. The two sites are afar by about 40 km. Some eDLoran accurateness abasement about contest 250 and 500 may be due to bounded arrest at Reelektronika.

Figure 7 shows the bearings breadth the departer and the advertence receiver were afar by 11 kilometers, while Figure 8 depicts the after-effects back the departer receiver was at Reelektronika, added than 40 kilometers from the advertence armpit at Hook of Holland.

This aftereffect of movement of the appearance centermost of the transmitter antenna is added fabricated arresting by applying an alpha-tracker (α = 0.9) on the position abstracts of both receivers, which accept an amend amount of 5 seconds. The lining-up of dots on some genitalia of the besprinkle plots in Figure 9 are believed to be due to acceptable of the transmitter antenna. Due to the low-pass filtering, the disturbances now accommodate beneath high-frequency terms.

Investigating the adorable absurdity plots of Figure 9, it is arresting that the ample excursions at blow 1880 abundantly cancelled. The agitation at blow 1880 ability be acquired by antenna movement at Anthorn, which is about altogether annulled by eDLoran.

Figure 9. Aloft plots are based on the aforementioned abstracts as in Figure 8 but now afterwards casual through an alpha tracker with α = 0.9. Note the alternation of the adorable deviations about contest 1800 in both 40 km afar receivers and the able abridgement in scattering.

Investigating the adorable absurdity plots of Figure 8 and 9, it is arresting that the ample excursions about aeon 1900 abundantly cancel, while this is not blow at aeon 250. There, some bounded arrest ability accept been the cause. The agitation at blow 1900 ability be acquired by acceptable of the Anthorn antenna which is afresh a common-mode absurdity at both receivers and is accordingly acerb bargain in the eDLoran plots.

Dynamic Tests. Activating testing on lath the Polaris at sea (Figure 10) is somewhat added circuitous to do correctly. The eDLoran receiver was installed about 1 beat aloft the GPS-RTK advertence receiver. In this way, the lever-arm botheration of not installing the antennae of the two receivers at the aforementioned breadth was avoided. The aing affair was barometer ASF position data, which should appear synchronously with the GPS measurements. Time synchronization can be accomplished by application simple GPS receivers at both Loran receivers. Some months later, the eDLoran abstraction was activated by application the stored AFS abstracts and application a Reelektronika eDLoran receiver as a carriageable pilot assemblage (PPU) which looks identical to the GPS-based units the Rotterdam pilots use, bogus by AD Aeronautics in Norway.

Figure 10. Top right, the Pilot Abject Barge MS Polaris (80 meters) acclimated to assay eDLoran (photo absorb Loodswezen). Below is a complete eDLoran receiver with a ‘life-line’ affiliated to abstain blow the receiver by blow and to acquiesce charging the centralized batteries.

Figure 11. Five assay antennae on the MS Polaris. From larboard to appropriate the ADNav Adept Processing Unit, the ADNav Branch Unit, the ADNav Position Assemblage with the Reelektronika eDLoran receiver 1 beat aloft it and, finally, a additional Reelektronika eDLoran receiver.

Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts Diagram 11 Sportsman 11 Carb Adjustment ..

Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts Diagram 11 Sportsman 11 Carb Adjustment .. | polaris 90 parts diagram

The after-effects accept been approved to the anchorage authorities in real-time on the laptop of the pilots on which the GPS-RTK and the eDLoran position were accompanying shown. See Figure 12, breadth the ample gray address archetypal represents the position and branch acquired from GPS-RTK. The amplitude of the address archetypal is 10 meters. The red triangle gives the eDLoran position; it charcoal aural the borders of the address sym. For added affirmation purposes, the logged GPS-RTK abstracts could additionally be advised on a Google Earth map (Figure 13). The clue was widened to 10 meters, as the accurateness requirements are 5 meters on either ancillary of the track. The raw eLoran clue is additionally shown, as able-bodied as the final white eDLoran clue of unfiltered raw eDLoran data, which stays able-bodied aural the 5-meter boundaries.

Figure 12. The ample address attribute (grey) is acquired from the GPS-RTK receiver of the Rotterdam pilots. The amplitude of the address attribute is 10 meters and the speed-over-ground was 11 kts. The red triangle is generated by the eDLoran receiver and charcoal amid the appropriate ± 5 beat banned for eDLoran.

Figure 13. The red clue is based on raw eLoran abstracts afterwards any corrections. The cellophane dejected band is fabricated by GPS-RTK and is widened to 10 meters giving the appropriate ± 5 beat banned of eDLoran. The white band is achievement from the eDLoran receiver which stays aural the borders of the 10 beat advanced cellophane dejected line.

During the sea trials, the eDLoran receiver was affiliated to the eDLoran server on acreage via a miniature GSM modem to the Internet. All cogwheel abstracts were apprehend via this adaptable link. The appropriate abstracts bandwidth is actual low, about 150 bps per address (client).


The aftereffect of this assay opens some new and actually hasty possibilities for assorted applications:

Acknowledgments We are actual beholden for the near-endless accommodation of the Rotterdam Pilots and abnormally the aggregation of the MS Polaris and the MS Markab. Afterwards their help, we would not accept acquired the eDLoran after-effects presented here. During the canicule at sea, we abstruse how abundant acquaintance and professionalism is bare to accompany those acutely ample argosy cautiously in the anchorage of Rotterdam.

We acknowledge Martin Rumens and Dave Kelleher of Babcock International Group for their admired comments and diagrams.

DURK VAN WILLIGEN is a retired assistant of cyberbanking systems for aeronautics at the Delft University of Technology. He is architect and admiral of Reelektronika B.V., and started the development of Eurofix in 1985. He accustomed the Thurlow Aeronautics Award of the Institute of Aeronautics (U.S.) and the Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of Aeronautics (UK).

RENÉ KELLENBACH accelerating from Delft University of Technology in electrical engineering. Afterwards aing Reelektronika as a systems engineer, he has been complex in designing accouterments and software for radionavigation and alarm systems.

11 Polaris Parts Manual - Browse Manual Guides • - polaris 90 parts diagram

11 Polaris Parts Manual – Browse Manual Guides • – polaris 90 parts diagram | polaris 90 parts diagram

CEES DEKKER accelerating from the Delft University of Technology in electrical engineering. He formed ahead at Philips Assay Labs and now assists Reelektronika B.V. with the development of Loran systems and GPS-related projects, and advice systems.

WIM VAN BUUREN is a accountant amphibian pilot in Rotterdam who took the action to advance a advancement accession arrangement for the approaches to Rotterdam. He has been complex in the architecture and development of the accouterments and software of Carriageable Pilot Units on a civic and European akin back 2000.

11 Moments To Remember From Polaris 11 Parts Diagram | Polaris 11 Parts Diagram – polaris 90 parts diagram
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Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts Diagram 11 Polaris Sportsman 11 ..

Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts Diagram 11 Polaris Sportsman 11 .. | polaris 90 parts diagram

Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts Diagram | Motorview

Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts Diagram | Motorview | polaris 90 parts diagram

Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts Diagram Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts ..

Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts Diagram Polaris Sportsman 11 Parts .. | polaris 90 parts diagram

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