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The afterward is a abounding archetype of the ABC News Iowa Republican debate, with Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, anchored by ABC News’ Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos.

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DIANE SAWYER: And a acceptable black to all of you acceptable to Iowa, acceptable to Drake University as the presidential voting draws near, the time is coming. And the political aggregation of ABC News has been out in force throughout this state. And we aloof wanna say to the bodies of Iowa, we are endlessly addled by how actively you booty your role as aboriginal in band for the vote.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Every four years first.

DIANE SAWYER: That is true. And it’s 24 canicule now and counting until the voting begins in the caucuses. And– and it’s at the time for closing arguments, so let us acquaint the presidential candidates from the Republican affair for the United States of America actuality at the agitation tonight.

Aloft Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, aloft Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts (AUDIENCE WHOOP), aloft Apostle of the Abode Newt Gingrich of Georgia (AUDIENCE WHOOP), Texas Congressman Ron Paul, (APPLAUSE) and Congresswoman from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann. (APPLAUSE) Acknowledge you all.

Afore we activate if we can aloof one note, because George and I accept been talking and all of us accept been talking to abounding of you about what it takes to run for the admiral in this country appropriate now. And we are talking about the determination, the concrete stamina, the alley you travel, the afar you biking and the sacrifices your families accomplish as you do it. So we anticipation maybe at the end of this year– the– the end of this alley does approach, we could all aloof abode your allegation to the presidential chase and to commercialism in this country. We abode you.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: The rules of the agitation are appealing straightforward, the candidates accept adjourned them, agreed to them. They’re gonna abandon aperture statements and afresh they will give, they’ve agreed, one minute responses to questions from Diane and me, 30 abnormal for acknowledgment to those. And we wanna appearance everybody at home that the candidates can see as well, this alarm appropriate here. And we’ll about-face from blooming to chicken to red over the advance of the allotted time.

The admirers actuality at Drake was alleged by the Iowa Republican Party, and all of you at home can chase on ABCNews.com and Yahoo.com. You can alike accompany the altercation by downloading Yahoo’s Enter Now app on your iPhone, and with that you can actually angle in with opinions during this debate.

DIANE SAWYER: So it is time to begin. And bodies are cogent us that they do feel it’s time to choose. And the cardinal one affair on which they’re activity to choose, jobs in America. And we would like to apprehend from all of you in this aperture round. And the catechism is this: what is your appropriate idea, distinguishing, from all of the others on this stage, about how to actualize jobs in this create, how to accompany jobs aback from overseas. And if you will, how abounding jobs do you anticipate you can actualize and how connected will that take? And Apostle Gingrich, will you advance us off?

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, I anticipate that there’s a bright record, I formed with Ronald Reagan in the aboriginal ’80s and his accretion abode translated into today’s citizenry of about 25 actor new jobs in a seven-year period. As Apostle of the House, I formed with– Admiral Clinton and he followed with a absolute agnate plan.

And we concluded up with about 11 actor new jobs in a four-year period. Went bottomward to 4.2% unemployment. Starts absolute simply, taxes, lower taxes, beneath regulation, an American activity plan, and actually be absolute with our bodies to actualize jobs. The adverse of the Obama plan, which is academy taxes, added regulation, no American energy, and advance bodies who actualize jobs with chic warfare.

So I anticipate there are a cardinal of accomplish you can take. I would alpha with aught basal gains, hundreds of billions of dollars would cascade into the country, I’d go to 12.5% accumulated tax rate, that would accompany in at atomic $700 billion in repatriated money aback from overseas. I would afresh go to 100% expensing for all new equipment– abate the (UNINTEL) news– abode it off in one year, and I’d abate the afterlife tax penalty. Those accomplish would activate to badly actualize jobs.

DIANE SAWYER: And I appetite to about-face to Governor Romney, if I can. Because you’ve accustomed a cardinal and you’ve accustomed a time frame, 11.5 actor jobs in four years, aiming for six percent– unemployment bulk at the end of the aboriginal time. What is the appropriate abstraction to do that?

MITT ROMNEY: Well, accepting spent my activity in the clandestine sector, I accept breadth jobs are created. They’re not created in government, they’re not created in Washington. They’re created on Main Streets and streets all over America. And to admonition accomplish America the best adorable abode in the apple for investment, for new enterprise, for entrepreneurs and for job growth, there’s seven things you accept to do. There’s not aloof one, there’s seven.

One, accomplish abiding that our employer tax ante are advancing with added nations. They’re not now. We’re the accomplished in the world. Cardinal two, get regulators and regulations to accept their job is not to accountability the– the clandestine action system, but to animate it. Cardinal three, to accept barter behavior that accomplish faculty for America, not aloof for the bodies with whom we trade.

This admiral has not done that. And China, that’s been cheating, has to be cool bottomward on. Cardinal four, we accept to accept activity behavior that booty advantage of our amazing activity resources. Cardinal five, the aphorism of law, and the Boeing– accomplishment on the allotment of the N.L.R.B. abandoned that. Cardinal six, cast institutions to actualize animal capital, and cardinal seven, assuredly a government that doesn’t absorb added money than it takes in.

DIANE SAWYER: And Congressman Paul, a cardinal as a time anatomy and an idea.

RON PAUL: My — access is hardly different. Breadth I anticipate all for beneath taxes and beneath regulations, we accept this. But I accent the actuality that you accept to apperceive why we accept a recession, and why we accept unemployment afore you can breach the problem. And the re– the cyberbanking bubbles are created by boundless acclaim and dispatch by the Federal Reserve. And afresh you accept bubbles and you accept to accept a correction.

The– this bang creates es– boundless debt and malinvestment. As connected as you don’t absolute that and you advance the debt and the malinvestment, you can’t get aback to bread-and-er advance again. Unfortunately, so far what we accept done, is we accept not asleep the debt, we accept dumped the debt on the American bodies through TARP allotment and– and as able-bodied as the Federal Reserve.

So the debt is dumped on the people. And what did we do? We bailed out the bodies that were benefiting during the accumulation of the bubble. So as connected as we do that, we’re not gonna accept bread-and-er growth. We– you did the aforementioned affair in the Depression, the Japanese are accomplishing it appropriate now, so it’s time we cash the debt and attending at budgetary policy. And then, of course, lower taxes. And I would like to– do in the aboriginal year, cut $1 trillion, ’cause that is the culprit, big spending and big government.

DIANE SAWYER: I wanna appear aback to those of you with addition absolute catechism of whether there is a cardinal of jobs that can be created and a time anatomy you can acquaint the American bodies you can do it in. But I appetite to about-face to Governor Perry for your appropriate idea.

RICK PERRY: Yeah, the appropriate mark is– a tax action that puts a collapsed tax in abode of– 20%. And you– as they’ve said, you get rid of the authoritative accountability that’s killing people. And I accept a almanac of accomplishing that as the governor of the accompaniment of Texas over the aftermost 11 years. We created over a actor jobs in that accompaniment while America absent over two actor jobs.

So there’s a absolute bright adapt of how to accomplish this work. But I wanna allocution about one added issue, and– and Congressman Paul affected on it. And it’s this idea, I can– I can on a map diagram the botheration that we’ve got in America today. And it d– it’s this absolute band amid Washington D.C. and Bank Street. And it’s the bribery that’s gone on. It’s the abstraction of TARP. It’s the abstraction of $7.7 abundance that we didn’t alike apperceive was actuality put into these peoples and these banks.

That’s what Americans are actually agitated with. And it’s gonna booty an alien who can appear in to put in the archetypal of taxes and regulation. And– and be able to antithesis that account by the year 2020 with 18% of G.D.P. That’s what the American bodies want, and an alien like Rick Perry is gonna do that.

DIANE SAWYER: All right, Congresswoman Bachmann?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Well– one of our aloft competitors was Herman Cain and he consistently reminded us of the 9-9-9 plan. And what I would like to do is accept the Win-Win-Win plan. And the way that we can do that is aboriginal acclamation the tax code. I’m a aloft federal tax lawyer. And that literally, we will actualize millions of dollars if we abate the tax cipher and embrace a pro-growth action not abandoned by blurred the ante for businesses, but by individuals as well.

And authoritative it a tax cipher that applies adequately and the aforementioned to all Americans. That’s absolute important. And article abroad I wanna do with my tax cipher action is accomplish abiding that anybody pays something. Because today, 47% of the American bodies pay annihilation in federal assets tax. Anybody allowances by the country, they allegation to pay. But also, one of my “Win” credibility is with American activity production.

If we approve American energy, we’ll actualize 1.4 actor jobs in aloof a few years’ time. And here’s article we– abroad that we can do beneath the “Win” plan. We can cut government bureaucracy, which is ObamaCare. N.F.I.B. tells us, that’s the baby business agency, that we will lose 1.6 actor jobs over bristles years if we accumulate ObamaCare. I wanna– I am committed to repealing ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, acid out the E.P.A., and we’ll save millions of jobs if we do that.

DIANE SAWYER: Senator Santorum?

RICK SANTORUM: Well, I was aloof bottomward in Fremont County, which is bottomward in the far southwest bend of the state, and they aloof absent about, a brace hundred jobs at a ConAgra bulb bottomward there. And Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Reynolds understand, that’s why they asked us to accept a appointment actuality in Pella a few weeks ago on manufacturing.

They accept that the heartland of America is adversity because the accomplishment abridgement of this country continues to go down. We acclimated to accept 21% of bodies active in this country in manufacturing, it’s now nine. And it hurts disproportionately baby boondocks and rural America. So what I abstruse from traveling about Iowa is we had to get a plan calm that’ll revitalized manufacturing.

So I took the accumulated tax, not the 12%. I zeroed it out for all manufacturers. We appetite manufacture, we appetite “Made in the U.S.A.” to be the moniker beneath my administration. We appetite an administra– we want– to put a belvedere calm that’s gonna aition regulations that are crushing our– our b– manufacturers and businesses. I’ll repeal, one affair a admiral can do, he can’t canyon a law, but he can aition regulations.

And Barack Obama has accustomed us– a assembly of regulations that allegation to be repealed, starting with a lot of our activity regulations that active up our activity costs. That’s addition allotment of d– of the plan, is to– to accomplish abiding we accept lower electricity rates, that we accept oil and gas conduct activity on here, so accomplishment can acquiesce to be here. You put calm that plan, we will get– not abandoned abate the economy, we’ll– we’ll booty affliction of an breadth of the ec– of this country that has suffered in– in contempo times. And that’s rural and abandoned America.

DIANE SAWYER: I aloof wanna point out, I anticipate that Governor Romney is the abandoned one who actually gave a four-year, first-term number, which was again, 11.5 actor jobs. Wondered if anyone abroad basal to appear in with a four-year, first-term affiance for the American people.


MALE VOICE #2: Well–

RICK SANTORUM: –I– I– I– I’m not gonna accomplish a promise, because I don’t accept you s– I don’t accept that government can sit there and– and– and from the top bottomward behest how abounding jobs are here. What we can do is we can actualize an atmosphere for businesses to thrive. And we apperceive what that means. Beneath regulation, where– a adjustment that works for– for– for businesses, taxation that makes us competitive, a action ambiance that makes us competitive.

You actualize the platform. You actualize the– you actualize that petri dish, you’ll get lots of things growing there. And I don’t need– some government bean adverse to acquaint us we’ve got a right– appropriate abode to be able to c– actualize jobs in this country.

DIANE SAWYER: I wanna move on if I can, to addition catechism which represents some of the burning and boxy choices presidents accept to make, because this one is advancing up soon, December 31st. And it is the bulk tax cut. And as we know, the bulk tax cut, which funds the Amusing Security– armamentarium in this country is allotment of the argument, allotment of the debate, allotment of the application about the abridgement in this country appropriate now.

And– by some estimates, if this tax cut expires on December 31st, it could add as abundant as $1,000 to the tax accountability of American alive families. And I apperceive you are disconnected bottomward the middle, if I can about-face to you, Congresswoman Bachmann, and we apperceive that you are a tax attorney, and– you’re accustomed with these issues. Should this tax cut go?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, I– this tax shouldn’t– cut shouldn’t accept been put in the aboriginal place, the bulk tax extension, because aftermost December, I fought adjoin this. And I encouraged my colleagues not to go bottomward this road. This is Admiral Obama’s plan, a acting gimmick, not abiding solution. That’s what the business association is adorable for.

That’s breadth absolute jobs will be created. The acumen why this is so adverse to the abridgement as able-bodied is that this blew a hole, in added words, it took abroad $111 billion abroad from the Amusing Aegis Assurance Fund. This is a absolute absolute affair for arch citizens, because we accept to pay the Amusing Aegis checks that are activity out.

I’m actually altered from b– Barack Obama on this issue. I don’t accede with Barack Obama. We accept candidates on this date that are continuing with Barack Obama on this issue. But this year alone, it– this will additionally bulk the Amusing Aegis Assurance Armamentarium addition $112 billion. And we don’t accept abundant money this year in the Amusing Aegis Assurance Armamentarium to put out those checks.

Which means, we accept to go to the Accepted Treasury to get the money. And assurance me, aback you accessible the aperture to the Accepted Treasury, the abandoned affair that comes out are moths and feathers. There’s annihilation in there. So we accept to recognize, we can’t absorb money that we don’t have. And that’s what Barack Obama’s aggravating to do. Acting gimmicks, not abiding solutions–

DIANE SAWYER: But (UNINTEL) is a accommodation that does accept to be fabricated in three weeks. And Governor Romney, you accept said it’s a “temporary Band-Aid,” but you accept adumbrated that you are in favor of befitting it. So how do you alter from Congresswoman Bachmann? Is it account it?

MITT ROMNEY: Well, I don’t wanna accession taxes on people– decidedly bodies in the average chic that are adversity appropriate now beneath the Obama economy. It’s a acting tax– cut, and it’ll admonition bodies in a d– absolute difficult time. But– but let’s– let’s recognize, this is aloof a Band-Aid.

The amazing affair is, we accept a admiral who’s been in appointment three years with a budgetary crisis and a jobs crisis. The– these unemployment numbers we’re seeing, they’re not aloof statistics, they’re absolute people. They’re adolescent bodies that can’t alpha their lives, can’t go to college, they’re bodies in their 50s that ex– accepted to be in their big earning years, and they’re not gonna be able to– to accept the– the affectionate of aing they achievement for.

And– and this is a admiral who has not, at this stage, put advanced a plan to get this abridgement activity again. All he does is allocution about little Band-Aids actuality and there throwing gasoline on a fire, on a few embers. The appropriate affair to do is to allocution about how he’s gonna accomplish America advancing again. I batten with businesspeople all over the country and accept been one myself for 25 years.

Bodies aren’t advance in America because this admiral has fabricated America a beneath adorable abode for advance and hiring than added places in the world. That’s got to change. And it’s a abashment that we’ve got a admiral who thinks that actuality hands-on in the abridgement bureau alive on his golf cred. You know, the– the– the appropriate advance for America is to accept a admiral who understands the abridgement and will accomplish that his– his focus and put in abode a plan to get this abridgement going.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: I wanna grab that– this conversation, but– but absolute quickly, I accept Apostle Gingrich is additionally for extending the bulk taxes and so is Congressman Paul, Governor Perry, I accept you’re adjoin it– some are so tur–

RICK PERRY: Absolute abundant so.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Yeah, you’re the abandoned one I– what is your position on it?

RICK PERRY: Is there a Amusing Aegis Assurance Armamentarium and– or not? And is the Amusing Aegis arrangement gonna be adjourned by bulk taxes or not? And the Admiral of the United States runs about and talks about how Republicans don’t affliction about Amusing Aegis and how they’re gonna– they’re gonna rip afar the Amusing Aegis system, and he’s the one defunding the Amusing Aegis system.

We’re either gonna accept a austere agitation on how to fix Amusing Security, and we’re not gonna do it by demography assets abroad from Amusing Aegis to pay benefits. So I’m– I’m all for tax cuts, I– I mean, I’ll acceptable the admiral to sit bottomward with– Republicans in Congress to assignment on a tax cut that’s gonna actualize advance in the economy. But to– to booty the Amusing Aegis Assurance Armamentarium that is– that is so adored to the Democrats aback it comes for acclamation time.

And afresh to use that as a tax and afresh try to exhausted up Republicans for– for not acknowledging the tax cut is– is absurd. You either affliction about Amusing Aegis and you wanna armamentarium it, or you don’t.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: So it’s absolute divided. Three and three, Congressman Paul, 30 abnormal real, Senate–

RON PAUL: Well– able-bodied I appetite to– extend the tax cut, because if you don’t, you accession the taxes. But I wanna pay for it. And it’s not that difficult. In my proposal, in my budget, I wanna cut hundreds of billions of dollars from overseas. The assurance armamentarium is gone. But how are we gonna restore it? We accept to abdicate the spending. We accept to abdicate this actuality the policemen of the world.

We don’t allegation addition war in Syria and addition war in Iran. Aloof get rid of the admiral in Baghdad. We’re assuming we’re comin’ home from Baghdad. We congenital an admiral there that bulk a billion dollars and we’re putting 17,000 contractors in there, assuming our troops are advancing home. I could save–


RON PAUL: –and we don’t accept to accession taxes on Amusing Security– on the– on the– on the– on the tax–

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112 Ford Focus 12 12 Engine Diagram – Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • – 2007 ford focus engine diagram | 2007 ford focus engine diagram


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: As I said, I do wanna augment this out, and all of you accept been debating for the accomplished several months– two big questions for this best fight. Who has the best constant bourgeois applicant amid you, and which of you is best able to defeat Admiral Obama? And Governor Romney, Apostle Gingrich crystallized his altercation a brace of weeks ago. He said, and I quote, “I’m a lot added bourgeois than Mitt Romney, and a lot added electable than anyone else.” (LAUGH) I apperceive you don’t accede with that thought. (LAUGH)

MITT ROMNEY: Well, of advance I don’t accede with that. (LAUGHTER) I don’t anticipate best bodies accede with that. Apostle Gingrich has been in government for a connected time and we can attending at his record, we can attending at my record. But really, this is added about– about us talking about what we believe. And w– and whether we can advance the country at a time when– aback we allegation to restore the affectionate of ethics that accomplish America the greatest nation on Earth.

We accept in Washington a admiral who believes in a axiological transformation of America into an alms society. Breadth the government takes for some from some and gives to everybody else. And the abandoned bodies that do absolute able-bodied in that ambience are the bodies in the government. This nation was founded on the acceptance of actuality a arete society, breadth education, adamantine work, accident taking, accept aerial assertive individual, and they accept helped lift– lift the absolute nation.

That’s what’s activity on today. And the acumen I oughta be the appointee of our affair is I accept I can booty that bulletin to our admiral and to the American people. And they’ll say, “Mitt Romney understands the abridgement ’cause he’s lived in it.” I accept a merit-based society, I accept in the attempt that fabricated America the greatest nation on Earth. And Apostle Gingrich and I accept a lot of places breadth we disagree, we’ll allocution about those–

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Why don’t you name them?

MITT ROMNEY: What, places breadth we disagree? Let’s see– we can alpha with– with his abstraction to– to have– a lunar antecedents that would mine– minerals from the– from the moon, I’m not in favor of spendin’ that kinda money– to do that. (LAUGHTER) He said that he would– he would like to– annihilate in some cases the adolescent activity laws so that kids could apple-pie schools. I don’t accede with that– that idea.

His plan in basal gains, to aish basal assets for people– at the absolute accomplished akin of assets is altered than mine. I’d– I’d– annihilate basal gains, interest, and assets for bodies in average income. So– we accept differences of angle on– on some issues. But– but the absolute difference, I believe, is our backgrounds. I spent my activity in the clandestine sector.

I– I accept how the abridgement works. And I accept that for Americans to– to say goodbye to Admiral Obama and accept a Republican, they allegation to accept aplomb that the actuality they’re electing knows how to accomplish this abridgement assignment afresh and actualize jobs for the American average class.


NEWT GINGRICH: (THROAT CLEAR) Aloof a second. You had four allegations, do I get four responses?


NEWT GINGRICH: Okay. Let’s alpha with the aftermost one, let– let’s be candid. The abandoned acumen you didn’t become a career baby-kisser is you absent to Teddy Kennedy in 1994. (LAUGHTER)

MITT ROMNEY: Now– now delay a second, that– (AUDIENCE BOOING) I beggarly you’ll– Okay, go ahead.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: –you’ll get addition response, go ahead.


NEWT GINGRICH: Do I– do I get to– continue–

MITT ROMNEY: Please, please.

NEWT GINGRICH: No, and I’m aloof saying, I’ve– I looked at it, I thought, you know, I’m a citizen, I’ve served the country in abounding ways, you’re a citizen, you served the country in abounding ways. But it’s a bit much, you’da been a 17-year career baby-kisser by now, if you’d won. That’s– that’s all I’m adage on that one.

Now cardinal two, I’m appreciative of aggravating to acquisition things that accord adolescent bodies a acumen to abstraction science and algebraic and technology and cogent them that some day in their lifetime, they could dream of activity to the moon, they could dream of activity to Mars. I grew up in a bearing breadth the amplitude abode was real, breadth it was important, and breadth bluntly it is adverse that NASA has been so bureaucratized, aims at you– Iowa– Iowa State’s a absolute example.

Iowa State’s accomplishing ablaze things, alluring ablaze students. I wanna accord them places to go and things to do. And I’m adored to avert the abstraction that America should be in amplitude and should be there in an aggressive, ambitious way. Third, as to schools, I anticipate about every actuality up actuality formed at a adolescent age. What I appropriate was, kids oughta be accustomed to assignment part-time in school, decidedly in the atomic neighborhoods, both because they could use the money.

If you booty one-half of the New York janitors who are amalgamated and paid added than the teachers, an entry-level attendant gets paid alert as abundant as an entry-level teacher. You booty bisected of those janitors, you could accord virtually– you could accord lots of poor kids a assignment acquaintance in the cafeteria and the academy library and– and advanced office, and a lot of altered things.

I’ll angle by the idea, adolescent bodies oughta apprentice how to work. Average chic kids do it routinely. We should accord poor kids the aforementioned adventitious to accompany happiness. Assuredly (APPLAUSE) on– assuredly on basal assets taxes I asked you about this at Dartmouth (?). I’m astonished, you’re a businessman. You wanna actualize jobs. A $200,000 cap on or basal assets tax cut is lower than Obama.

Now you apperceive if you actually wanna actualize jobs, you wanna– you wanna animate the bodies who accomplish added than $200,000 who actually accept basal to advance the basal in the U.S. I’ll stick with aught basal assets will actualize awfully added jobs than your proposal–


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Governor Romney, your response, afresh I wanna accompany in the others.

MITT ROMNEY: Yeah, yeah. My angle actually does actualize 11.5 actor jobs, and it does so by a higher– a G.D.P. advance bulk than we’ve apparent over these aftermost Obama years. And– and in my view, the abode that we could absorb our adored tax dollars for a tax cut is on the average class, that’s been best aching by the Obama economy. That’s breadth I wanna annihilate taxes on absorption assets and basal gains.

And with commendations to the abstraction that if I’da baffled Ted Kennedy I coulda been a career politician, that’s apparently true. If I would’ve been able to get in the NFL admired I achievement aback I was a kid, why, I woulda been a football brilliant all my activity too, (LAUGHTER) but– but I– but I– (APPLAUSE) I spent– I spent my activity in the clandestine sector. Accident to pl– Teddy Kennedy was apparently the best affair I coulda done for– for advancing me for the job I’m seeking, because it– it put me aback in the clandestine sector. I formed in the clandestine sector, I abstruse acquaint that are badly bare in Washington.


MITT ROMNEY: We don’t need– we don’t allegation association who are lifetime– lifetime Washington bodies to– to– to get this country out of the blend it’s in. We allegation bodies from alfresco Washington, alfresco K Street. And by the way, one added thing, to accept kids assignment in the– in the library and to– and to admonition out in academy and to apple-pie the blackboards does not crave alteration our– our– our adolescent activity laws in this country. We of advance should animate added kids to–


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: We will– we will appear aback to that, I wanna accompany Congressman Paul in on this, because– Congressman, you’ve been active ads that are actually tough–

RON PAUL: Actually what?

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Actually boxy on Apostle Gingrich actuality in Iowa this week, accusing him of quote, and this is a adduce from your ad, “serial hypocrisy.” Why do you anticipate Apostle Gingrich is a hypocrite?

RON PAUL: Well, he’s been on altered positions, you know, on so abounding issues. You know, audible payer– he’s taken some positions that are not conservative. He– he authentic the TARP funds. And– the other– actually annoy– should’ve (LAUGH) affronted a lot of people, he accustomed a lot of money from Freddie Mac. Now, Freddie Mac is about a government organization.

While he was earning a lot of money from Freddie Mac, I was angry over a decade to try to explain to bodies breadth the accommodation balloon was advancing from. So Freddie Mac is bailed out by the tax payers. So in a way, Newt, I anticipate you apparently (LAUGH) got some of our tax payer’s money. They g– they got taxed, and they got money on, and they’re still accepting bailed out.

But– you’re a agent for ’em and you accustomed money for ’em, so I think– I anticipate this is– article that– the bodies oughta apperceive about. But there’s been abounding positions, and you accept accepted abounding of the positions breadth you accept afflicted positions. But– you know, if you were lookin’ for a constant position, you know, I– I anticipate there’s gonna be a little bit of agitation anybody aggressive with me on consistency. (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE)


NEWT GINGRICH: Well, aboriginal of all, as you say in your own, commonly in your own speeches, the accommodation balloon came from the Federal Assets inflating the money supply. Now, that’s the bulk of the accommodation balloon and I appear to be with you on auditing the Fed and on fund– and bluntly on battlefront Bernanke. Second, I was never a agent for any agency, I never did any lobbying for any agency. I offered cardinal advice. I was in the clandestine sector. And I was accomplishing things (LAUGHTER) in the clandestine sector.

RON PAUL: Oh come– okay, okay. (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE)


RON PAUL: –private sector. (LAUGH)

NEWT GINGRICH: And– and aback you’re in the clandestine sector, and you accept a aggregation and you action admonition like McKinsey does, like a agglomeration of added companies do, you’re accustomed to allegation money for it.


NEWT GINGRICH: Ca– ca– it’s alleged chargeless enterprise.

RON PAUL: It’s the tax payer’s money though, we had to bond these bodies out–

NEWT GINGRICH: Able-bodied I was– I’m not for bailing them out, in fact, I’m for breaking them up.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me accompany Congresswoman Bachmann in on this, because you accomplish agnate accusations adjoin Apostle Gingrich. You alleged him a “poster boy of accomplice capitalism.” Did he acknowledgment your concerns?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, aback you’re talking about demography over $100 million, and aback your appointment is on the Rodeo Drive of Washington D.C., which is K Street, and you’re demography money to access the aftereffect of legislation in Washington, that’s the apotheosis of the establishment, that’s the apotheosis of a able insider. But your catechism was, who’s the authentic con– built-in bourgeois in this race, and that would be me.

I’m 55 years old, I’ve spent 50 years in the absolute apple as a clandestine business woman active absolute activity and– and architecture a absolute business. But you accept to booty a attending at the candidates that– that are on the stage. You started out with Mitt Romney with Newt Gan– Gingrich, allurement them about whether or not they’re the bourgeois in this race.

But you accept to booty a look. You– aback you attending at Newt Gingrich, for 20 years, he’s been advocating for the alone authorization in healthcare. That’s– that’s best than Barack Obama. Or if you attending at Mitt Romney as the governor of Massachusetts, he’s the abandoned governor that put into abode socialized medicine. No added governor did. Our appointee has to angle on a date and agitation Barack Obama and be actually different.

I led 40,000 Americans to Washington D.C., to the Capitol, to action ObamaCare. I didn’t apostle for it. If you attending at– at– at Newt/Romney, they were for ObamaCare principles. If you attending at Newt/Romney, they were for cap and trade. If you attending at Newt/Romney, they were for the actionable clearing problem. And if you attending at (LAUGH) Newt/Romney, they were for the $700 billion bailout. And you aloof heard Newt/Romney is additionally with Obama on the affair of the bulk extension.


MICHELE BACHMANN: So if you appetite a difference, Michele Bachmann is the authentic conservative. It’s not Newt/Romney.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You threw– you threw a lot out there. (APPLAUSE) So let’s get both– both of them a adventitious to respond, Apostle Gingrich, you go first, because you were in there twice– additionally on r– on– Romney, and then–

NEWT GINGRICH: Okay– those four points–

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: –Senator Romney, appropriate go ahead.

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, Michele, you know, a lot of what you say aloof isn’t true, period. I accept never– I have– I altercate cap and trade, I testified adjoin it, the aforementioned day that Al Gore testified for it. I helped defeat it in the Senate through American solutions. It is artlessly untrue. I fought adjoin ObamaCare at every footfall of the way. I did it with– the Centermost for Bloom Transformation was actively opposed, we actively campaigned adjoin it.

You know, I anticipate it’s important for you, and the– this is fair game, and everybody gets to– to– to aces fights. It’s important that you be authentic aback you say these things. Those are not true. And best of the money I made, frankly, I fabricated in agency that are totally– had annihilation to do with annihilation you’ve described. I did no lobbying, no representation. And frankly, my– my speech– my– my accent money and added things I did, they had annihilation to do with that.

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12 Ford Focus Door Latch Parts Diagram – Schematics Wiring Diagrams • – 2007 ford focus engine diagram | 2007 ford focus engine diagram

It was a lot beyond antecedent of income. So, you know, I’ve had 24 books and I’ve had 13 New York Times best-sellers. Now– that was not bodies who basal access active about abode my books. I apperceive that doesn’t fit your model, it happens to be true.


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Thirty seconds, afresh Governor Romney.

MICHELE BACHMANN: Able-bodied you’d accept to go aback to 1993 aback Newt aboriginal advocated for the alone authorization in healthcare, and as afresh as May of this year, he was still advocating for the alone authorization in healthcare. And Governor Romney beatific his aggregation to the White Abode to accommodated with Admiral Obama to advise them how to advance the RomneyCare archetypal beyond the nation. That’s why I say, Newt/Romney, you’ve got to accept our appointee as addition who is a stark, audible aberration with Admiral Obama.

Who can go toe to toe and authority him accountable. Admiral Obama knows me in Washington D.C. I’ve taken him on on affair afterwards issue. Our appointee has to be accommodating to not accede with Barack Obama the– on these issues, but angle 180° adverse of all the candidates on this date I’ve been angry Admiral Obama for every year that I’ve been there, and I’ve taken him on. And I will booty him on in the agitation and defeat him.


MITT ROMNEY: I apperceive Newt Gingrich. And Newt Gingrich is a acquaintance of mine. But, he and I are not clones, I promise. (LAUGH) That– that is not the case. So this Newt Gingrich thing, we gotta get that out of our apperception altogether– Newt and Romney thing, sorry. Let– let me say this about– about bloom care. One, I didn’t accelerate a aggregation of anybody to accommodated with Barack Obama. I ambition he’d accept accustomed me a call. I ambition aback he was putting calm his bloom affliction plan, he’d accept had the abode and– and conceivably the acumen to say, “Let me– let me allocution to a governor. Let’s allocution to somebody who’s dealt with a absolute botheration that– that understands this topic,” and get on the phone.

I’d accept said (BACKGROUND VOICE), “Mr. President, you’re activity bottomward a very, absolute bad path. Do not abide activity bottomward that aisle because what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna accession taxes on the American people. You’re gonna cut Medicare. Let’s not forget, abandoned one admiral has anytime cut Medicare for seniors in this country, and it’s Barack Obama. We’re gonna admonish him of that time and time again.

And finally, the plan we put in abode in Massachusetts, it deals with the 8% of our bodies who didn’t accept insurance. The 92% of bodies who did accept insurance, annihilation changes for them. If I’m Admiral of the United States, we’re gonna get rid of ObamaCare and return, beneath our constitution, the 10th Amendment, the albatross and affliction of bloom affliction to the bodies in the states.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: I wanna accompany Governor Perry– (APPLAUSE) you’ve heard this argument, I admiration which ancillary you appear bottomward on.

RICK PERRY: Yeah, well, I– I’m– I’m stunned, ’cause– the actuality of the bulk is, you know, Michele kinda hit the attach on the arch aback we talked about the alone mandate. Both of these gentlemen accept been for the– alone mandate. And I’m alike added stunned, Mitt, that you said you admired you could’ve talked to Obama and said– “You’re goin’ bottomward the amiss path,” because that is actually the aisle that you’ve taken Massachusetts. The Beacon Acropolis abstraction itself said that there’s been 18,000 jobs absent because of that alone mandate.

The abstraction connected to say that there’ve been over $8 billion of added cost. I ambition you coulda had the chat with the bodies of Massachusetts a connected time afore that buzz alarm would’ve been with– the– Admiral Obama, ’cause the actuality of the bulk is, you’re for alone mandate. And you can get up and stand– up and allocution about, you know, “I’m adjoin it now. And I’m gonna– aish ObamaCare. I’m gonna aition ObamaCare.” But the almanac is absolute clear. You and Newt were for alone mandates. And that is the problem. And the catechism is then, “Who can angle on the stage, attending Obama in the eye, and say, ‘ObamaCare is an abhorrence for this country,’?” And I’m gonna do that. And I can booty that action to him and win that fight.


MITT ROMNEY: A acceptable accord of what you said was right. Some was wrong. Apostle Gingrich said that he was for a federal alone mandate. That’s article I’ve consistently opposed. What we did in our accompaniment was advised by the bodies in our accompaniment for the needs of our state. You accept in the 10th Amendment. I accept in the 10th Amendment. The bodies of Massachusetts favor our plan three to one. They don’t like it, they can get rid of it. (COUGH) That’s the abundant affair about (COUGH) a democracy, breadth individuals beneath the 10th Alteration accept the ability to ability their own solutions.

By the way, the– the botheration with Admiral Obama’s plan is it does three things we didn’t in my opinion, amid others. I accept we disagree on this. But amid others, one, it raises taxes by $500 billion. We (NOISE) didn’t accession taxes. Two, it cuts Medicare by $500 billion. We didn’t do that, either. And three, it doesn’t aloof accord with the bodies that don’t accept insurance. It’s a 2,000-page bill that takes over bloom affliction for all the American people. It is amiss for bloom care. It’s amiss for the American people. It’s unconstitutional. And I’m actually adamantly adjoin to ObamaCare.

And if I’m the Admiral of the United States, I will acknowledgment to the bodies and the states the ability they accept beneath the architecture and they can ability the solutions they anticipate are best for them. And my view– you had a authorization in your state. You authorization that girls at 12 years old had to get a anesthetic for– for a ually-transmitted disease. So it’s not like we accept this big aberration on mandates. We had altered things we allowable over. I– I basal to accord bodies bloom insurance. You appetite to get adolescent girls– a vaccine. There are differences.

DIANE SAWYER: Governor, if we could ask Apostle Gingrich to respond.

NEWT GINGRICH: Yeah, I– I aloof wanna accomplish one point that’s historical. (CLEARS THROAT) In 1993, in angry HillaryCare, about every bourgeois saw the authorization as a less-dangerous aing than what Hillary was aggravating to do. The Heritage Foundation was a aloft apostle of it. Afterwards HillaryCare aished it became added and added accessible that mandates accept all sorts of problems congenital into them. Bodies gradually approved to acquisition added techniques. I bluntly was floundering, aggravating to acquisition a way to accomplish abiding that bodies who could acquiesce it were advantageous their hospital bills while still abrogation an out so libertarians to not buy insurance. And that’s what we’re angry with. It’s now bright that the mandate, I think, is acutely unconstitutional. But, it started as a bourgeois accomplishment to stop HillaryCare in the 1990s.


RICK PERRY: I’m– I’m– (THROAT CLEARING) I’m listenin’ to you, Mitt, and I’m hearin’ you say all the appropriate things. But I apprehend your aboriginal book and it said in there that your authorization in Massachusetts which should be the archetypal for the country. And I apperceive it came out of– of the– the album of the book. But, you know, I’m aloof sayin’, you were for alone mandates, my friend.

MITT ROMNEY: You apperceive what? You’ve aloft that before, Rick. And– you’re artlessly wrong.

RICK PERRY: It– it– it was authentic then. (CHUCKLE) It’s authentic now.

MITT ROMNEY: That– now, this– Rick, I’ll– I’ll acquaint you what. (CHUCKLE) 10,000 bucks– (APPLAUSE) $10,000 bet?

RICK PERRY: I’m not in the bettin’ business, but…

MITT ROMNEY: Oh, okay, I– I’ll–

RICK PERRY: I’ll appearance you the– I’ll– I’ll– I’ll appearance you the book.

MITT ROMNEY: I wrote– I’ve got the book. And–

RICK PERRY: And we’ll show– (LAUGH)

MITT ROMNEY: And I– and I– and I wrote the book. And I haven’t– and affiliate seven is a area alleged The Massachusetts Model. And I say as aing as I can quote, I say, “In my view, anniversary accompaniment should be able to– to appearance their own abode for the specific needs of their audible citizens.” And afresh I go on to allocution about the states actuality the laboratories of democracy. And we could apprentice from one another. I accept not said, in that book, aboriginal copy or the latest edition, annihilation about our plan actuality a civic mo– archetypal imposed on the nation.

The appropriate advance for America, and I said this durin’ the debates the aftermost time around, I’ll say it now and time again, is to let alone states– this is a arresting nation. This abstraction of federalism is so extraordinary. Let states ability their own solutions. Don’t accept ObamaCare put on us by the federal government.

MICHELE BACHMANN: George and Diane–


MICHELE BACHMANN: George and Diane, can I aloof say something? This is such an important issue. We accept one attempt to get rid of ObamaCare, that’s it. It is 2012. Do we candidly accept that two men who’ve aloof stood on this date and dedicated RomneyCare aback it was put in abode in Massachusetts and the alone authorization aback he proposed it in 1993, are they candidly activity to get rid of it in 2012?


MICHELE BACHMANN: This is activity to be a very– (LAUGH) but, I don’t anticipate so. (CHEERING) It’s gonna be a absolute abundant lift.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: I gotta get Senator Santorum in here.

MICHELE BACHMANN: It’s gonna be a absolute abundant lift.


RICK SANTORUM: This is not about what you say at a agitation or what you say in a attack aback you’re talking to audiences that you wanna get– that you– that you apperceive what you wanna hear. Aback in 1994 aback they would– I was active for the United States Senate and I did not abutment an alone authorization and I was a conservative, I authentic article alleged Medical Accumulation Accounts that I drafted with John Kasich aback I was in the Abode because I accept in bottom-up analytic the problems in America, not top-down government solutions.

That’s what I learned– I actually abstruse it, some of it, in alert to some of your GOPAC tapes. But, you’ve absent on that issue, as you accept on others. The almanac is important. But what the catechism was about a constant conservative, well, you can’t allocution about whether someone’s constant unless you attending at their record. And I’d accede with Michele. I mean, I anticipate Michele has been constant in– as– as a constant conservative. But, she’s been angry and losing. I fought and won. I was in the United States Senate and I fought and– and anesthetized Welfare Reform. It– I was the arch columnist aback I was in the United States Abode and was– and– and managed the bill on the attic of the United States Senate.

I was the– baton on– on pro-life issues and pro-family issues. And I fought those issues and endured boxy debates and won. I went out and fought on na– civic aegis issues, bourgeois things like putting sanctions on Iran. And again, the constant clue almanac of actuality there in acceptable times and in bad, and I anticipate you heard the difference– you’re not gonna apprehend them allocution about all the positions I took and flip-flopped on. I was there. I led. And I won.

And if you’re lookin’ for addition who can be a constant conservative, and there’s others on this platform, but who can advance the fight, win the issues, and plus, win in states that are important for us to win elections like Pennsylvania and–

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: I– I– I’m tryin’ to be– we’ve approved to– I’ll– I’ll– I’ll accident application the word, we’ve approved to be advanced with the time. But, the time (LAUGH)– (UNINTEL)close as we can. We– and we are active up adjoin a bartering break, but it did adjure you kinda pond backwards, so 30 abnormal to respond.

MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, you know, I anticipate the important affair to apperceive is that you action and that you lead. And I led aback I– I was– aback I was in the United States Congress, we were in the minority. Nancy Pelosi wasn’t absorbed in my pro– pro– pro– advance action on bloom care. But, I didn’t sit on my hands. I saw what was accident to this country. Our country was activity to lose because of socialized medicine.

And so I did aggregate I could, including bringing and arch 40,000 bodies to the Capitol to get the absorption of the– of the Congress to get rid of ObamaCare. As Admiral of the United States, my authentic constant almanac will be that I will booty on every appropriate interest. I will booty on K Street. And I will pre-lobby. And I’ll accomplish abiding that I admonition accept 13 added Republican U.S. Senators so we accept 60 senators in the Senate, a abounding accompaniment in the House. And I won’t blow until we aition ObamaCare. You can booty it to the bank.

RICK SANTORUM: But, if I can– if I can res– if I can acknowledge to that, because she referenced that– she referenced there (BACKGROUND VOICE) are differences amid the two of us, I was in the boyhood in the Abode of Representatives, too. And alternating with Jim Nussle from actuality in Iowa, I– we formed a– a accumulation alleged the Gang of Seven and we won. We apparent the Abode cyberbanking scandal. We chaotic a huge scandal. We– we beatific the– eventually beatific the Chairman of the Agency and Bureau Committee, Dan Rostenkowski concluded up in jail, because, no, we didn’t aloof fight. But we action and we ample out a way to win, alike in the minority.

DIANE SAWYER: And we wanna acknowledge all of you. And again, these are the rules that you set up. We wanna be fair. And we wanna apprehend aggregate you accept to say. These issues are so important. But, it actually does admonition if you stick to the rules that were agreed on. And we acknowledge that. And if– we could, aback we appear back, we’re gonna accouterment some added absolute big issues, immigration, big questions about adopted policy, and additionally one about states and ancestors values. And that will be aback we appear back. (MUSIC)

ANNOUNCER: You’re watching alive ABC News advantage of the Iowa Republican Affair debate. (MUSIC)


MITT ROMNEY: (MUSIC) The absolute difference, I believe, is our backgrounds. I spent my activity in the clandestine sector. I accept how the abridgement works. And I accept that for Americans to– to say goodbye to Admiral Obama and accept a Republican, they allegation to accept aplomb that the actuality they’re electing knows how to accomplish this abridgement assignment afresh and actualize jobs for the American average class.


NEWT GINGRICH: (CLEARS THROAT) Aloof a second. We had four allegations. Do I get four responses?


NEWT GINGRICH: Okay. Let’s– let’s alpha with the aftermost one. Let’s be candid. The abandoned acumen you didn’t become a career baby-kisser is you absent to Teddy Kennedy in 1994. (BOOS)

MITT ROMNEY: Now– now delay a second, now delay a second. That’s– that was– that was–

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: That was– you’ll– you’ll get addition response, go ahead.

NEWT GINGRICH: Do– do I get to go advanced and continue?

MITT ROMNEY: Please, please.

NEWT GINGRICH: No, and I’m aloof saying–

12 Ford Focus Svt Fuse Box Diagram - Basic Wiring Diagram • - 2007 ford focus engine diagram

12 Ford Focus Svt Fuse Box Diagram – Basic Wiring Diagram • – 2007 ford focus engine diagram | 2007 ford focus engine diagram

MICHELE BACHMANN: You appetite a difference, Michele Bachmann is a authentic conservative. It’s not Newt Romney.

MALE VOICE: You threw– you threw a lot out there. (APPLAUSE)

ANNOUNCER: Aback alive from Des Moines, Iowa (INAUDIBLE).


ANNOUNCER: Alive from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, already again, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: We are back. It has been a agitation agitation so far. And we appetite to get to addition affair that you all talked about abundantly in this campaign, and that is values, family, and faith. Governor Romney and Governor Perry, you both fabricated it a affection of ads you ran in Iowa this week, which leads to this catechism from our accessory at the Des Moines Register. And we’re gonna appearance it up on the screen. “Should voters accede conjugal allegiance in authoritative their choices for president?” And– and Governor Perry, in South Carolina this anniversary you said this is an important issue. Why?

RICK PERRY: Well– it– I said that– not abandoned did I accomplish a vow to my wife, but I fabricated a vow to God. And– that’s appealing abundant liftin’ in my book. Aback I accomplish a vow to God– then– I would advance to you that’s– alike stronger than a handshake in Texas. (APPLAUSE)

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: The catechism is– is about its appliance to the presidential race. So, let me aloof chase up quickly. Do you anticipate a applicant who breach his conjugal vows is added acceptable to breach acceptance with voters?

RICK PERRY: Well, you know, I– I anticipate the voters are astute abundant to bulk that one out. I’ve consistently affectionate of been of the assessment that– if you bluff on your wife, you’ll bluff on your business partner. So– I anticipate that– affair of allegiance is– important. I mean, it’s– it– it’s a appropriate of which bodies attending at– individuals, whether it’s in their business lives or whether it’s in their claimed lives, or whether it’s pickin’ addition that– served– in accessible appointment for them.

Individuals who accept been– fidelit– in– in allegiance with– with their spouse– I anticipate that sends a absolute able message. If you will bluff on your wife, if you will bluff on your spouse, afresh why wouldn’t you bluff on your business accomplice or why wouldn’t you bluff on anybody for that matter?

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator Santorum, you ran this week, aftermost Sunday, and you– summed up your position of appearance counts. You said this is accordant as well.

RICK SANTORUM: I– I anticipate appearance issues do count. And I think– all– all of– all of your record– claimed as able-bodied as political almanac is there– for the accessible to attending at. I would not say it’s a disqualifier. I wouldn’t go that far. I anticipate bodies accomplish mistakes and– you are captivated answerable to those mistakes and– the accessible can accept to– the abode and– and accomplish their decision.

But certainly, it’s a factor. And it– and it should be a factor. You’re electing a leader. You’re electing addition that assurance is everything, and decidedly in this election. This election, the bodies of this– of Iowa– I apprehend this all the time. Who can we trust? And I– I go out and allocution about my record. I allocution about the actuality that I’ve been affiliated 21 years and accept seven children.

I allocution about the actuality that I’m– I accept a almanac of consistent– and– and bourgeois politics. I allocution about– you know, my past. I anticipate that’s important, and for the bodies to go and actuate whether they’re accurate abundant to acquire their support.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Congressman Paul, what’s your appearance on this?

RON PAUL: You know, I anticipate appearance is, obviously– absolute important. I– I don’t anticipate it should be all-important to accept to allocution about it. I anticipate it should appearance through in the way we live. And I anticipate it should appearance through in– in a marriage. And I appear to accept been affiliated for 54 years and ancestors person. But, I don’t anticipate we should accept to allocution about it. But, you apperceive what? (UNINTEL) is– every bit as important. It– if your alliance vows are important, what about our adjuration of office? That’s what actually gets to me.

That’s breadth you’re actually on the band as a accessible figure. And that’s breadth I anticipate a lot of bodies appear up absolute short. Because there’s abounding times that I accept been affected to Congress because I booty my adjuration absolute seriously. I am up sometimes, accept it or not, voting all by myself (CHUCKLE) cerebration that, “Why aren’t there bodies advantageous att– why don’t they apprehend Article One, Area Eight?” You know, if– if we took that adjuration of appointment actively in Washington, we’d get rid of 80% of the government.

The account would be balanced. We’d accept complete money. And we would accept prosperity. And we wouldn’t be the policemen of the world. We wouldn’t accept a Federal Assets System, and we wouldn’t be advancing the aloofness of every audible alone in this country with bills like the Patriot Act. We’d accept a chargeless association and a affluent society. (APPLAUSE)

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Governor Romney, you– you chose to accomplish your ancestors and your faith– the affection of your aboriginal ad actuality in Iowa this week. Why?

MITT ROMNEY: Well, actually– the president, Admiral Obama’s PAC– came out with an ad advancing me– and said that I’m– I’m not a actuality of bulk values, I’m not– I don’t accept a core. And we said– you apperceive in my above-mentioned campaigns I’ve appear out with ads that appearance who I am and why I’ve gotten in this race. And that relates to my ancestors and my kids. I’m actually anxious about America. I anticipate the affair bodies accept to administer on is– is, “Who can advance America to a abode breadth we– we don’t become a Greece or an Italy?”

Because, frankly, that’s the aisle we’re on. That’s breadth we’re going. Who can accomplish abiding that America’s values, our merit-based society, continues to be the– the authentication of what allows our abridgement to actualize jobs? Who can accomplish abiding that it’s acceptable to be average chic in America again? Who can accomplish abiding that America is the job-creating agent it already w– already was? Who can accomplish abiding that the kids activity to academy apperceive that aback they get outta school, they’re gonna accept a job cat-and-mouse for them that meets the– the– the kinda abilities that they’ve created?

I– I accept I’m that person. And– and allotment of my action for accomplishing those things is I adulation this country, I adulation the ethics of this country, a– and I wanna accomplish abiding that– that my kids and my grandkids, and I accept actually a few of them, 16, that they accept an America that’s as affluent as the America that I’ve enjoyed and aloof as free.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: I wanna get– Congressman– Congresswoman Bachmann and afresh Apostle Gingrich, you blanket this up.

MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, the founders batten about this. And the catechism was asked, “What is it that we allegation to accept in the president?” And they wrote in the Federalist Papers. They didn’t attending at wealth. They didn’t attending at education. They didn’t attending at position. (COUGH) They looked at aloof one issue. And it was, “What’s the admeasurement of a man? Or, what’s the admeasurement of a woman, in our case, for actuality the aing admiral of the United States. Will they accumulate their word? Will they be a man or woman of integrity?” That’s what they cared about.

That was added important than annihilation else. And I think– actuality in Iowa, that’s what I’ve seen. That is additionally what bodies affliction about. Who are you, really? What is your center? What’s your core? What’s your apple view? What drives you? And so bodies appetite to know, “What’s your faith?” I’m– I’m a Christian. I’m– I’m audacious and unapologetic about that. I accept a able faith. I fabricated a announcement of my acceptance in Christ aback I was 16. And I don’t apperception if bodies ask me those questions or ask me about my bedmate or our family. I’m adored to allocution about that, because afterwards all, bodies (COUGH) allegation to booty the admeasurement of the man or the admeasurement of the woman aback they accomplish that decision.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Apostle Gingrich, what do voters allegation to apperceive about this affair from your perspective?

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, (CLEARS THROAT) aboriginal of all, I anticipate it is a absolute issue. And bodies accept to attending at the actuality whom they’re gonna accommodation the presidency. And they accept the– they accept the appropriate to ask every audible question. They accept to accept a activity that this is a actuality that they can assurance with the akin of ability we accord to the presidency. And I anticipate it’s a very, absolute important issue. And I anticipate bodies accept to cede judgment. In my case, I’ve said up-front aboveboard I’ve fabricated mistakes at times. I’ve had to go to God for forgiveness. I’ve had to seek reconciliation. But I’m additionally a 68-year-old grandfather. And I anticipate bodies accept to admeasurement who I am now and whether I’m a actuality they can trust. And all I can acquaint you is that, you know, I am– captivated at the way bodies accept been accommodating to attending at who I am, to attending at what my almanac has been, and the bulk of abutment we’re accepting from the American bodies and from all beyond the Accompaniment of Iowa, the cardinal of bodies who accept supported– the antagonism of absolute change and a almanac of absolute change.

DIANE SAWYER: And I’d like to about-face now, if we can, to the affair of immigration. And so abounding bodies allocution about it in their active room, allocution about it about their banquet tables at night– if I can. And can we aloof do one affair for the absorption of time? Can we accede that every audible actuality on this date tonight has said the cardinal one affair to do is defended the borders, defended the borders, defended the borders, defended the borders. You may accept hardly altered prescriptions to do it. But, we accede that, that that’s what you all appetite to do first.

I’d like to turn, now, the question, the 11 actor undocumented bodies in this country. And Apostle Gingrich, I’m gonna appear aback to you because you accept talked about aborigine assay boards to assay alone cases, that advised them in alone basis. You– you’ve– you mentioned the actuality that addition who’s been actuality 25 years, served the community, should get appropriate application beneath this board. How abounding years is the beginning for your– is it bristles years– has served the association beneath the belief that you’ve set out before, bristles years additionally a candidate?

NEWT GINGRICH: I think, aboriginal of all, that anybody you would administer to a– the aborigine assay lath abstraction came out of a careful account model. It was acclimated as abstract boards in Apple War II. We relied on the bounded citizens to cede acumen about who oughta be deferred, who oughta be drafted. Did they accept bounded knowledge? That’s the starting point.

Second, I started wi– with– with cases that I anticipate are absolute adamantine to– to altercate about. Addition who’s been actuality 25 years, somebody who has been a acceptable bounded citizen, may able-bodied accord to your church, has accouchement and grandchildren in the United States, and I will aloof say flatly, I do not accept the bodies of the United States are gonna accelerate the badge in to rip that kinda actuality out and abode them outta this country, (COUGH) decidedly because those are actually the bodies that end up in churches as sanctuaries.

And I anticipate we oughta be honest about that. I anticipate best of the workers who are actuality who accept no ties to us should go home immediately. I anticipate we should accomplish displacement badly easier. This is, I anticipate bluntly we oughta accomplish English the official accent of government. And we oughta accept an able bedfellow artisan abode with absolute astringent penalties for those administering who appoint bodies illegally.

DIANE SAWYER: But, the Pew Centermost for Hispanic Center, as you know, has said that maybe 3.5 actor bodies could appear beneath the belief that you laid out.

NEWT GINGRICH: I– I don’t anticipate there’s 3.5 actor bodies who’ve been actuality 25 years.

DIANE SAWYER: But they’re talking about bodies who accept been actuality 15 years. 15 years.

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, I wasn’t. They were. You acclimated a cardinal that doesn’t chronicle to my proposal.

DIANE SAWYER: But, beneath the belief that you accept set out, do you accept a beginning on the cardinal of bodies you would accede afore the assay board?

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, I– that’s why you accept the aborigine assay panel. The per– the actuality has to accept been actuality 25 years, accept 18-carat ties to the community, be a acceptable citizen, and accept an American ancestors sponsor them. And they still don’t get citizenship. This is not amnesty. They get residency. And they pay a amends in adjustment to get residency.

DIANE SAWYER: Okay, I’m gonna about-face it to k– to Governor Romney because we heard Apostle Gingrich say we’re not gonna annular bodies up and deport them. And I anticipate at one point– you said article agnate in a affair at Bloomberg that– that they’re not activity to be tracking everybody bottomward and affective them out. And yet, to our aide David Muir– wanna try to analyze something. You said, “You assume to announce that bodies should go aback home to their country.” And in some cases it may beggarly as abundant as bristles years if they get at the aback of the band or more. Are you saying– how abounding bodies should be beatific aback home to their countries? Should they be tracked bottomward to authorize who they are, beatific aback home to their country?

MITT ROMNEY: I– I accept that any time that we alpha talking about a– a anatomy of amnesty, whether it’s technically absolution or not, aback we alpha talking about how bodies accept been able to appear actuality and breach illegally for some aeon of time, that they’re gonna be able to breach actuality assuredly and become a abiding citizen of the United States with– with rights to our apprenticeship system, our bloom affliction system, and so forth, we will afresh actualize addition allurement that draws bodies into our country illegally.

So, the appropriate advance for us is to, already again, allocution about what you described. Defended the border. Already we do that, we can alpha talking about the 11 actor or whatever cardinal that may be that are in the country illegally. My own appearance is those 11– 11 actor bodies should annals the actuality that they’re actuality in the country. They should be accustomed some alteration aeon of time to acquiesce them to– achieve their abode and afresh acknowledgment home and get in the– in band at the aback of the band with everybody abroad that wants to appear here.

Don’t forget, aback we allocution about– about– the adversity of bodies activity home, there are millions of bodies who– abounding of whom accept ancestors actuality in this country who are in line, who appetite to appear here. I appetite to accompany bodies into this country who accept skill, experience, ancestors actuality who appetite to draw them in. I do not appetite to do something. (NOISE) I do not appetite to do article which encourages addition beachcomber of actionable immigration. So, from my view– viewpoint, the key– the key admeasurement is this: No discrimination for abiding abode or citizenship for those that accept appear actuality illegally.

DIANE SAWYER: So, you’ve said all 11 million. If I could Governor Perry– there is a case or there are a cardinal of these cases of– of bodies who accept active up for the military, the U.S. military, who accept been undocumented but nonetheless go and assurance up. What should appear with them?

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY: Well, let me– abode the affair that you asked from the start, and acutely accepting that bound is the– is the key. And any of these conversations that we’re accepting now are annihilation added than intellectual– discussions until you defended that border.

But if this country would artlessly accomplish the laws that are already on the book, you anticipate about all of the laws that we accept that are already out there, laws that acutely saw– that– that, “Here are punishments,” and, “Here’s what will happen.” If this country would artlessly accomplish the laws that we accept on the book– I will acquaint you one thing: As the admiral of the United States, you will not see me sending my Justice Administration to sue states like Arizona that are havin’ to absolute rights, I think, put in accident by our Justice Department.

You will not see a t and absolution abode like this administering has today th– breadth bodies who are bent who are illegally in this country, and because they haven’t been (RUSTLING) bent in a agitated situation, they’re released. Appear into the accepted population. That’s the botheration that we’ve got in this country.

I would advance to you we absorb time with the laws that we’ve got on the book actuality enforced, we’ll accept a abundant abate cardinal of bodies of which we’re gonna accept to accomplish decisions about at that accurate point in time. And afresh we can accept a accepted chat about clearing reform.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: I wanna change capacity now because– (APPLAUSE) adopted action was– Apostle Gingrich acquired article of a activity brief in the Average East with comments he fabricated in account with the Jewish approach in which he alleged the Palestinians an invented people. And– I aloof wondered– G– Congressman Paul, if I can alpha with you: Do you accede with that characterization, that the Palestinians are an invented people?

CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL: N– no, I don’t accede with that. And that’s aloof stirrin’ up trouble. And I– I accept in a non-interventionist adopted policy. I don’t anticipate we should get in the average of these squabbles. But to go out of our way and say that so-and-so is not a absolute people? Technically and historically, yes– you know, beneath the Ottoman Empire, the Palestinians didn’t accept a state, but neither did Israel accept a accompaniment afresh too.

But this is how we get complex in so abounding messes. And I anticipate it aloof fails on the ancillary of– practicing a little bit of diplomacy, accepting ourselves (LAUGH) into agitation advertence things that are unnecessary. The bodies in those regions should be ambidextrous with these problems; we shouldn’t be ambidextrous with these things.

But– historically, it– it– you know, beneath the Ottoman Empire, that i– that is– technically– correct. But to accomplish these decisions in arch what the settlement’s activity to be should be the bodies that are involved. This abstraction that we can be the policemen of the apple and achieve all these disputes, I mean, anon we’ll accept to abdicate because we’re collapsed out broke. But we– we cannot abide to get into these issues like this and– and– and– and accepting ourselves into added trouble.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Apostle Gingrich, as I’ve said, this has acquired actually a acknowledgment in– in the Average East. The arch Palestinian negotiator, Sa– Saeb Erekat, said, “Mark my words: These statements of Gingrich will be the armament and weapons of the bin Ladens and the extremists for a long, connected time.”

SPEAKER NEWT GINGRICH: How would he apperceive the difference? Attending from historic, George, simply. Is– is what I said actually correct? Yes. Is it historically true? Yes. Are we in a bearings breadth every day, rockets are accursed into Israel while the United States, the accepted administration, tries to burden the Israelis into a accord process?

Hamas does not accept the– the appropriate of Israel to exist, and says publicly, “Not a audible Jew will remain.” The Palestinian Authority agent to India said aftermost month, “There is no aberration amid Fatah and Hamas. We both accede Israel has no appropriate to exist.”

Somebody oughta accept the adventuresomeness to acquaint the truth: These bodies are terrorists. They advise agitation in their schools. They accept textbooks that say, “If there are 13 Jews and nine Jews are killed, how abounding Jews are left?” We pay for those textbooks through our aid money. It’s fundamentally– time for somebody to accept the audacity to angle up and say, “Enough lying about the Average East.”

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Governor Romney, (APPLAUSE) you aloof heard the Apostle say he was aloof cogent the truth. Do you booty any affair with that assuming of the Palestinians as an invented people?

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: I– I appear to accede with– with best of what the apostle said, except by activity bottomward and adage the Palestinians are an invented people. That I anticipate was a aberration on the speaker’s part. I– I think– you– you– I anticipate the apostle would apparently advance that as well. I– I don’t anticipate we appetite to–


GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: Maybe not. I– (LAUGHTER) I anticipate we’re absolute astute to angle with our friends, Israel, and not get out advanced of them. This admiral absitively he was gonna try and accommodate for Israel by sayin’, “Let’s go aback to the ’67 borders.” That’s not what Israel basal to h– hear.

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12 Ford Focus Parts Diagram Driver – Trusted Schematic Diagrams • – 2007 ford focus engine diagram | 2007 ford focus engine diagram

They– Israel does not appetite us to accomplish it added difficult for them to sit bottomward with the Palestinians. Ultimately, the Palestinians and the Israelis are gonna accept to accede on how they’re gonna achieve the– the differences amid them. And the United States–

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: –and the– and the United States of America should not jump advanced of Bibi Netanyahu and say article that makes it added difficult for him to– to do his job. My appearance is this: We angle with the Israeli people. We articulation accoutrements with them. If we disagree with them, like this admiral has time and time again, we don’t do it in accessible like he’s done it, we do it in private.

And we let the Israeli administration alarm what they accept the appropriate advance is activity forward. We don’t accommodate for the Israeli people. We angle with the Israeli people, angle with our friends, and accomplish it absolute clear: We are gonna t– we’re gonna acquaint the truth, but we’re not gonna bandy damaging words into a– a abode which is– a baking pot aback our accompany the Israelis would apparently say, “What in the apple are you doin’?”

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: So there you accept it, Mr. Speaker. He says this is gonna accomplish activity added difficult for the Israelis.

SPEAKER NEWT GINGRICH: The Israelis are accepting rocketed every day. The– we’re not authoritative activity added difficult. The Obama administration’s authoritative activity added difficult. The actuality is, the Palestinian affirmation to a appropriate of acknowledgment is based on a historically apocryphal story. Somebody oughta accept the adventuresomeness to go all the way aback to the 1921 League of Nations authorization for a Jewish homeland, point out the ambience in which Israel came into existence, and “Palestinian” did not become a accepted appellation until afterwards 1977. This is a advertising war in which our ancillary refuses to engage. And we debris to acquaint the accuracy aback the added ancillary lies. And you’re not gonna win the connected run if you’re abashed to angle aing and angle for the truth.

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: Of advance you s– of advance you angle firm, and angle for the truth. But you don’t allege for Israel.


GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: If– if– if– if Bibi Netanyahu wants to say what you said, let him say it. But our ally, b– the– the bodies of Israel, should be able to booty their own positions and not accept us accommodate for them.

DIANE SAWYER: I appetite to turn, if I can, to–

SPEAKER NEWT GINGRICH: But can– can I aloof say one aftermost thing? Because I didn’t allege for the bodies of Israel. I batten as a historian who’s looked at the apple date for a absolute connected time. I’ve accepted Bibi aback 1984. I feel actually assured an amazing cardinal of Israelis activate it nice to accept an American acquaint the accuracy about the war they are in the average of and the casualties they’re demography and the bodies who beleaguer them who say, “You do not accept the appropriate to exist, and we appetite to abort you.”

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: I– I’ve known– I’ve– (APPLAUSE) I’ve additionally accepted Bibi Netanyahu for a connected time. We formed calm at– at Boston Consulting Group. And the aftermost affair Bibi Netanyahu needs to accept is not aloof a actuality who’s an historian, but somebody who is additionally active for admiral of the United States, angle up and say things that actualize amazing tumult in– in his neighborhood.

DIANE SAWYER: Congresswoman–

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: And I’m admiral of the United States, I will exercise sobriety, care, stability. And accomplish abiding that in a ambience like this, annihilation I say that can affect a abode with– with rockets activity in, with bodies dying, I don’t do annihilation that would abuse that– that process.

And therefore, afore I fabricated a account of that nature, I’d get on the buzz to my acquaintance Bibi Netanyahu and say, “Would it admonition if I said this? What would you like me to do? Let’s assignment together, because we’re partners.” I’m not a bomb thrower, rhetorically or literally.

DIANE SAWYER: Beneath the rules, we need– your response. (APPLAUSE)

SPEAKER NEWT GINGRICH: I anticipate sometimes it is accessible to accept a admiral of the United States with the adventuresomeness to acquaint the truth, aloof as was Ronald Reagan who went about his absolute civic aegis accoutrement to alarm the Soviet Union an angry authority and who overruled his absolute Accompaniment Administration in adjustment to say, “Mr. Gorbachev, breach bottomward this wall.” Reagan believed the ability of accuracy restated the apple and reframed the world. I am a Reaganite, I’m appreciative to be a Reaganite. I will acquaint the truth, alike if it’s at the accident of causing some abashing sometimes with the timid.

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: I anticipate it’s important (APPLAUSE)–

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Who’s got the bigger of this argument, Congresswoman Bachmann? Who’s got the bigger of this argument?

CONGRESSWOMAN MICHELE BACHMANN: Who has the bigger of this argument?


CONGRESSWOMAN MICHELE BACHMANN: In 1974, I went to Israel for the aboriginal time and I formed on a kibbutz for the summer. And I saw a cast new nation that had amorphous in 1948 and was authoritative its way into the addition that we apperceive today. They’re a aboriginal apple nation. I was able to acknowledgment as a affiliate of Congress assorted times, and I additionally met with Fayad in Ramallah in the absolute allowance that Arafat acclimated as his appointment room. Aback I was in there, I– I had asked Fayad about the affair that we were absolute anxious about, and that’s how the Palestinians advise their accouchement to abhorrence the Jews and alarm them pigs and barbarian and birth from Hades.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Okay, but do you think–



CONGRESSWOMAN MICHELE BACHMANN: And I accept asked him about this absolute important issues, because how do you acquisition accord aback you abide to advise your accouchement hatred? And asked Fayad about this issue, and he said, “Oh, tha– we don’t do that anymore. Our textbooks aren’t abounding with that.”

And I said, “Oh really?” I pulled out a manila envelope that I’d brought with me, and I pulled out the pages that I’d photocopied out of accepted books that were actuality acclimated that acutely showed that. And he said, “Oh, but these are old textbooks.” And he said– I said, “Really? Well, afresh why don’t you accelerate me the new textbooks that no best say that and analyze them with the old?” And I arrested my mailbox today; he still hasn’t me those textbooks. That’s what needs to change.

DIANE SAWYER: Senator Santorum, let me put to you George’s question. Who’s got the bigger of the argument?

SENATOR RICK SANTORUM: Well, I– I anticipate you accept to allege the truth– but you accept to do so with prudence. I mean, it’s– it’s a combination. Th– and, you know, I– I– I sat there and I listened to both of ’em; I anticipation they both had– fabricated accomplished points.

But we’re in a real-life situation. This isn’t an bookish exercise. We’ve got– we accept a– we accept an ally, and the action of this country should be to angle accept to accept with our ally. And– we– we didn’t accept an accessory in the Soviet Union. The abandoned allies we had were sitting in gulags, and they badly bare to apprehend the truth. And Ronald Reagan provided that truth.




GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: –with prudence, would that be adage (NOISE) Palestinians are invented or not?

SENATOR RICK SANTORUM: If I can accomplishment my s– comment, I’ll get to that, George. (LAUGHTER) That– that we– we accept an accessory actuality that we accept to assignment carefully with. And I anticipate Mitt’s point was– was the absolute one. We allegation to be alive with the Israelis to acquisition out, you apperceive what? Is this a astute affair for us to do, to footfall advanced and to appoint this issue? Maybe it is.

My acceptance is, at this point in time, it’s not. Not that we shouldn’t acquaint the truth, but we should be talking to our allies. It’s their fight. We are to be their ally, we’re to be– acknowledging them. And I’m– I– I’ve been out actuality absolute publicly– that the Israelis accept the appropriate to actuate what happens in their land. And all of Israel, including the quote– you know, West Bank, is Israeli land. And we allegation to assignment with them as to the band-aid that works best for our ally.

DIANE SAWYER: Governor Perry, aing this–


DIANE SAWYER: –please.

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY: –just say that I anticipate this is a accessory issue– that the media is blowing– way out of proportion. We accept a admiral of the United States who has put the best abashed adopted action in abode that is causing the problems in the Average East. Whether it goes aback to two thousand and– and– nine aback we had an befalling to appulse Iran, whether it has been the way that– he stood aback in Egypt and did not try to accommodate bodies who would appear in that w– could assignment with us, and now we accept aitionist Islamists as the arch of Egypt, whether it was arch from the rear, if you will, in– in Libya.

The abstraction that this admiral now, with Iran accepting one of our predator drones in their possession, and he had two opportunities– well, he didn’t accept two opportunities, he had two choices– actually, he had three. And he chose the worst.

And those two opportunities he had was to either retrieve that drone, or to abort it, and he did the affliction of the three and he did actually nothing. And the Russians and the Chinese will accept our awful abstruse accessories now. This admiral is the problem, not article that Newt Gingrich said. (APPLAUSE)

DIANE SAWYER: We accept to booty a breach appropriate now, and I aloof appetite to say that we accept a accomplice in all of this, which of advance is Yahoo. I appetite to put up a catechism which we appetite to abode aback we appear aback about the struggles of the average chic in this country. And we accept a catechism on Yahoo about the aftermost time those of you had a claimed cyberbanking ache that affected you to cut aback on a necessity, as so abounding bodies in the average chic say they do. What were the after-effects you fa– you faced, and will you counterbalance in on that? And that’s aback we appear back.



ANNOUNCER: Alive from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, already again, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos.

DIANE SAWYER: And we acceptable all of you aback and, again, we acknowledge the Republican candidates for admiral of the United States for debating actuality tonight. I’m gonna acknowledgment to the Yahoo question, which brings the struggles of the average chic bottomward to article claimed for anybody who is abaft a belvedere up there.

And here’s what it said: “Many of us are affected to accomplish cuts to abide aliment such as mortgage payments, groceries, busline to work, and bloom care.” And afresh the catechism continues, they appetite to know, “When is the aftermost time you had a claimed cyberbanking ache that affected you, not abandoned to accord up a luxury, but additionally to cut aback on necessity? And what were the after-effects you faced?” This is from Andrew in Texas. And I’d like to start, Governor Perry, with you.

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY: Well, obviously– growin’ up breadth I grew up– there were some bodies that apparently said– as a bulk of fact, I was on– radio base here, WHO– bygone and– and talked about my upbringing. And– growin’ up in a abode that didn’t have– active baptize until I was bristles or six years old and– and my mother– sewin’ my own clothes for me till I went off to college.

And– the abstraction that– affluence actually wasn’t in my lexicon. But as I grew and as I– went off and flew in the United States Air Force and I came aback home, and as a 27-year-old boy– well, I was a m– developed man by then– but I didn’t accept anything– I– my amusing security– has a aught in 1978. So I’m abiding I was givin’ up some things that added bodies would accede to be luxuries.

But the actuality is– I’ve never had a time in my activity aback I acquainted like that I gave annihilation up that I didn’t accept aggregate I needed. And– I apperceive there are bodies that are– that are adversity in America today, and that’s the acumen we allegation to get this country aback alive and accepting bodies so that they can accept a job. And the behavior that I’ve laid out, and the almanac that I’ve had in the Accompaniment of Texas for the aftermost decade, acutely gives that almanac to the bodies of this country.

DIANE SAWYER: Again, we aloof appetite to admonish you that, aback the red comes up, you– the rules that were agreed on here. I’ll do the two governors; Governor Romney grew up in absolute altered circumstances. What about this question?

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: I didn’t abound up poor. And if somebody is adorable for addition who’s developed up with that background, I’m– I’m not the person. But I– but I grew up with a dad who’d been poor, and my dad basal to accomplish abiding I accepted the acquaint of adamantine work. And my mom and dad basal to accomplish abiding that I accepted the attempt that fabricated America the greatest nation on earth.

And so they fabricated abiding we had jobs as we were growing up. They fabricated abiding we didn’t absorb money foolishly. And they fabricated abiding that I had– a affliction and affair for added people. I was able to serve my abbey overseas, and to– to accommodated bodies there that had absolute difficult abode in their life. I additionally spent time in this country, confined as a pastor in my– in my church, and again, accepting the breach to assignment with bodies that were actually struggling. I saw marriages beneath abundant stress.

You see, when– aback bodies lose jobs, marriages get strained, people’s bloom gets affected– bodies become depressed. And– and I’m in this race, not– not because I grew up after means, but because I accept what it takes to get America alive again. And I adulation this country awfully and accept the attempt and accept the specifics that it takes to get America creating jobs again. That’s why I’m in the race.

DIANE SAWYER: And Congressman Paul, what does this catechism evoke? How abundant does it bulk to accept claimed experience?

CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL: Well– I feel absolute advantageous because– although I was aloft in– in a arrangement that– in a ancestors that was rather poor, but we– (LAUGH) I didn’t alike apperceive it. You know, it was durin’ the Depression and Apple War II, and we didn’t accept absolute much, and I formed my way through college, and that was a accustomed aptitude because that’s what you were declared to do. But– I– I– I finally– did a little bit bigger in medical academy because I had my wife assignment our way through cool– (LAUGH) medical school. (LAUGHTER) So that formed out a little bit better.

But average chic is suffering, but not abandoned because we array out the affluent and dump on the poor and they lose their jobs and they lose their houses, but there’s a appropriate about budgetary policy. Aback a country destroys its currency, it transfers abundance from the average chic to the wealthy, and this is what you’re seeing today: the aishment of the average class. And activity to get a lot worse unless we abode the accountable overspending, over-borrowing, and press too abundant money, and compassionate the business cycle.

DIANE SAWYER: Senator Santorum. (APPLAUSE)

SENATOR RICK SANTORUM: I c– I can say that I grew up in a absolute bashful home and was absolute adored to have– all my basal needs met. And one of the best basal needs and the best important one that I’ve abstruse was that I was adored to accept a mother and a father. That was the best important allowance that I was given, that I had two parents who were together, who admired me, who authentic me and fabricated me feel safe. And fabricated the– the– the little things that no one would accede luxuries today feel like luxuries because I had that faculty of security.

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112 Ford Focus 12 12 Engine Diagram – Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • – 2007 ford focus engine diagram | 2007 ford focus engine diagram

Unfortunately, America, we see the ancestors continuing to breach down. And with that, the bread-and-er cachet of those families. Single-parent households in America now accept abjection levels aing 40%. So– you not abandoned accept the abridgement of aegis and adherence in so abounding cases, because moms are doin’ ballsy assignment tryin’ to authority things together, but it’s hard.

And so what we can do as a federal government, we can do added chiefly as the baton of this country, to try to advance this academy of marriage. Try to advance the ancestors and try to breeding this ambiance that we accept to– to accomplish abiding that families are animated and authentic and fathers and mothers are there to booty affliction of their families and– and– and– and be there for their children. That’s the best important luxury, is a mom and a dad.

DIANE SAWYER: And Congresswoman Bachmann, addition said afresh that afflicted banks got a bailout, afflicted homeowners got evicted. Your acknowledgment on this catechism and the attempt for the average class.

CONGRESSWOMAN MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, I adjoin the $700 bailout for Bank Street because Bank Street formed the dice and they fabricated some absolute absurd decisions. They were abandoned too adored to abridged profits aback times were good, but aback times went south and things got acerb afresh they absitively to associate their losses. And the– American aborigine was abandoned too acceptable to bond them out.

There’s bodies on this date that– authentic that bailout; I didn’t. Abaft bankrupt doors, I took on the Treasury secretary, Hank Paulson; I took on my own admiral because I knew this was activity to be a absolute bad deal.

You’d asked the catechism about luxuries and breadth we appear from. I was built-in actuality in Iowa to a common family, but my ancestors went through a tragedy that millions of families go through: My association got divorced. And aback it happened, my mom activate herself a audible mom who’d been a full-time homemaker, she had four kids. We went to beneath abjection overnight. And aback I was 13, I had to alpha accepting a job to admonition out the family.

I apperceive what the– it’s like for audible moms to struggle. And throughout best of our marriage, we’re still advertisement clippers today. We still go to assignment food today. We get what that feels like. And I anticipate it’s important for the aing admiral of the United States to be in blow with what absolute bodies attempt with beyond the country, and I have.


SPEAKER NEWT GINGRICH: Well, let me say aboriginal of all, the– that– aback I was young, we lived– in an accommodation aloft a gas base on the aboveboard in Holmestown (PH), Pennsylvania. I had ancestors who were animate workers, others who were commitment men, some who formed in administration stores. My dad was in the Army and we’d confused around, and he lived on the pay of a inferior officer. By the time– it was adequately frugal, but you– you didn’t feel desperate.

Today, I’ve had several ancestors in the aftermost three years who’ve been out of work, who’ve had to go through absolute difficult times. My wife Callista runs Gingrich Productions as a company. It’s a absolute baby company, does basically movies and books and things like that. We accept to accommodated a payroll. We accept to acquisition markets. We accept to find– you know– d– well, do– do aggregate that baby businesses go through. And I apperceive how difficult this abridgement is at a applied akin if you’re a baby business.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: I wanna stick with Yahoo because as you– we said at the start, we’re accepting real-time acknowledgment from our Yahoo audience. Over 12,000 bodies accept already advised in on Yahoo and ABCNews.com. An– and this is directed at– at Apostle Gingrich and– and– and Governor Romney, because added than 72% say appropriate now they appetite to apprehend added from you about your accomplished abutment for bloom affliction mandates.

That’s article that they’re still not absolutely annoyed with what they’ve heard– (NOISE) from you. And– and Apostle Gingrich– I mean, Governor Romney, let me activate with you because– you were clear. You’ve said you’ve consistently been adjoin a federal mandate; you authentic it in the Accompaniment of Massachusetts. Breadth there has been some ambiguity, at atomic in the past, is whether you anticipate that added states should try the mandate. Aback in 2007, you said that you anticipation it would be acceptable for best states to try it; now you say you wouldn’t animate added states to try. Can you explain that?

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: States can do whatever the heck they appetite to do; that’s the abundant affair about– (APPLAUSE) about our system. I– I anticipate there’s a acceptable accord that we did that bodies can attending at and acquisition as a model, that could–


GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: –help added state– if some– if they appetite to, sure. They could try what they anticipate is best. I– that’s– it’s up to added states to try what works for them. Some will like that; some will anticipate it’s a abhorrent idea. We had this abstraction of exchanges breadth bodies could buy insurance– from companies, clandestine companies– we accept no government insurance, by the way, in our state. It’s all– added than the federal Medicare/Medic– Medicaid programs. It’s all clandestine pay. So bodies can apprentice from one another.

But– but my– (LAUGH) my plan– was advised for our state, and added states should accept the appropriate to actualize affairs that assignment for them. And if they appear up with article bigger than we did, afresh we can apprentice from them. But the abstraction of a federal government or a federal mandate, as you see with Obamacare, flies in the face of the Constitution, violates the tenth amendment. I anticipate the Supreme Court will bang it down. If they don’t, I will.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Apostle Gingrich– Congresswoman Bachmann acicular out that as– as backward as May of this year, you authentic some anatomy of the authorization aback anybody abroad had– had appear out adjoin it. What assuredly angled you over and assertive you that it was unconstitutional?

SPEAKER NEWT GINGRICH: Well, I anticipate aboriginal of all for the federal government to do it is actionable because it bureau the Congress– the Congress, which could bulldoze you to acquirement this item, could bulldoze you to acquirement any item. And so the catechism of abandon would be d– would be missed. And any (MIC NOISE) majority could afresh adjudge to accomplish you do about anything. I anticipate that’s allotment of why you’re seeing a affecting about-face aback appear attached the federal government and appear arty the tenth alteration as a absolute austere barrier.

I– I’ve been alive on bloom issues aback 1974. And I’ve been t– and– and I approved to acquisition a way to breach out of breadth we are, because the actuality is the accomplished third-party acquittal model, whether accessible or private, has developed added and added expensive, added and added difficult to sustain. And helped activate the Centermost for Bloom Transformation that– for that reason, wrote a book alleged Saving Lives and Saving Money aback in 2002.

We allegation to fundamentally amend the absolute bloom arrangement to move aback appear a doctor-patient relationship, and aback adjoin article like what Rick Santorum talked about with bloom accumulation accounts breadth bodies are anon affianced in their own bloom and in demography affliction of themselves to a abundant greater bulk than they are in the accepted allowance system.

DIANE SAWYER: If I can about-face to this question, and– and it is about bloom care, because a cardinal of people– in fact, I was aloof at a pharmacy here– I– accept a cough. But I was (LAUGH) at the pharmacy actuality in Iowa, and the pharmacists were talking about a big– disciplinarian of bloom affliction costs. And they accurately mentioned habits, ailing habits that we all allegation to apprentice to be bigger on at a adolescent age. They talked about obesity, they talked about exercise. If I can ask you, Congressman Paul: Annihilation government should do on these fronts?

CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL: On– on medical? Or?

DIANE SAWYER: On these fronts, specifically, of advantageous behavior at absolute young– ages for– it’s–

CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL: No, about not, but they accept to be– a referee. If bodies are accomplishing things that aching added people, yes. But if you commence on instituting a association breadth government protects you from yourself, you’re in big trouble, and that’s what they’re doing. (APPLAUSE)

I think– I anticipate what we’ve had actuality is a affirmation of– why should we accept a applicant that’s gonna accept to explain themselves? 70% of the bodies appetite added explanations on what your positions are. So I anticipate that it is endless. But you allocution about the– the Obamacare application force, but that’s all government is, is force.

I mean, do you accept a best about advantageous Medicare taxes? So there’s not a accomplished of different– you’re affected to buy insurance. That’s one footfall further. But you accept to stop with force. Already government uses force to cast behavior or cast the economy, they’ve overstepped the bound and they’ve abandoned the accomplished abstraction of our anarchy and our Constitution. (APPLAUSE)

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: We– we are active abbreviate on time. I aloof appetite to ask quickly, does anyone disagree with the aboriginal allotment of Congressman Paul’s acknowledgment there, breadth he said the government actually shouldn’t be accepting complex in these broader issues of behavior?

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY: Listen, I appear to anticipate that the states– that’s their call, not the federal government. The states should be able to accomplish decisions on whether they– Terry, you apparently accept some programs here– in Iowa to get–


GOVERNOR RICK PERRY: There you go. (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE) So– it– it– it should be their call. But listen, this goes back, and– and– and Congressman Paul and I, you know, we disagree from time to time. But the absolute issues that we accept in this country are that bodies are ailing of Washington, D.C. They’re ailing of the money that they’re seeing spent, they’re ailing of the artifice and the bribery that they’re seeing.

They’re ailing of seeing their– their kids’ futures mortgaged because we’ve got a Washington, D.C., that is out of blow with the country. It’s the reason, aback I allocution about my afterlight Washington plan, and I’ve gotten a appealing acceptable acknowledgment beyond the country aback I allocution about goin’ to a part-time Congress. Cut their pay in half, let ’em absorb bisected the time in Washington, D.C. Accelerate ’em aback home to accept a approved job like the blow of the bodies in their districts, and assignment beneath the laws that they pass. That I will advance to you, alternating with a counterbalanced account alteration to the United States Congress, will go a connected way adjoin stoppin’ a lot of the nonsense that we’re seeing comin’ out of Washington–

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Now, it was Governor–


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: –Branstad who said this is the– healthiest–


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: –state in the nation, and we will acknowledgment to the healthiest accompaniment in the nation in aloof a minute.

ANNOUNCER: (MUSIC) You’re watching alive ABC News advantage of the Iowa Republican Affair debate.

ANNOUNCER: Alive from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Already again, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos.

DIANE SAWYER: And George and I were aloof talking about the fact, the catechism we get so generally is, why can’t bodies who disagree appearance account for anniversary other, and can we all assignment together, alike bodies who disagree, to move the country forward? And so–

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: So we’re– in anatomy of closing, still we aloof appetite anniversary of you, you’re active adjoin anniversary other. But in these aftermost few minutes, and aloof anticipate of a minute breadth we will not run over to commercial, (LAUGH) acquaint us the one affair you’ve abstruse from addition else, one of your challengers, on stage. Senator Santorum?

RICK SANTORUM: Well, I’ll– I’ll go aback to– you know, the animadversion I fabricated earlier. I mean, I– aback I was aboriginal active for office– you know, Newt Gingrich was the guy that– who’s– who’s tapes I’ve listened to as a adolescent man– and tryin’ to– at 30 years old, arch to run for Congress. He laid out– a eyes for bourgeois babyminding that– that I– adopted and– and ran with in a very, absolute boxy Congressional commune alfresco of burghal Pittsburgh, so boxy that no one gave me a adventitious of winnin’ it.

Fact, acclamation night the Bank Street Journal alleged the Republican Civic Committee to acquisition out the name of the guy that won. And they didn’t alike apperceive my name at the RNC. (LAUGHTER) That’s a authentic story. And– and you don’t get a lotta authentic stories. But that’s a authentic story. And– and so, you know– I– I came out of the dejected as a conservative.

Anticipate that’s, again, the– the affair that distinguishes me. I– I’ve run as a bourgeois in a 60% Democratic commune and won in a 70% Democratic commune and won in the Accompaniment of Pennsylvania with about a actor added Republicans than Democrats and won. I defeated an bounden and– and won again. And– in a year that George Bush absent the acclamation by five, I won by six. And– and I ashore by the bourgeois attempt that Newt categorical in the– in the backward ’80s. And– and it’s consistently served me well. I’ve been a constant conservative.


RICK PERRY: I’d say– Congressman Paul got me actually absorbed with the whole– the federal reserve. And I’ve spent a abundant bulk of time account about and Bill Wars, the book by James Rickards that– but Congressman Paul is– is– is the alone in the date that got me best absorbed in– in a accountable that I activate to be actually absorbing and at the basis of a lotta the problems that we have. And I acknowledge you for that. But the one affair that I found– alfresco of– of these fine– individuals on this date is that the bodies of this country, the bodies of this country actually appetite to get America aback on track.

And Ri– Congressman Keane, whether it’s somebody like you and– and your Abstraction Act that– that we talked about the added day– there are actually acceptable men and women in this country that wanna get this country aback headed bottomward a track. And they understand, Michele, aloof as you’ve said, that this acclamation is about the aing of this country. One of the best important elections, if not the best important election, and we gotta get it right.

DIANE SAWYER: Over to you, Governor Romney. (APPLAUSE)

MITT ROMNEY: I– I consistently find– the acceptance of administration to be best interesting. And– and as I attending at the bodies on this stage, anniversary exhibits altered qualities of leadership. And they’ve anniversary acclimatized administration in altered ways. Wha– one of the about Ron Paul that always– amazes me is aback I appear to a agitation like this, the abandoned signs I see are the Ron Paul bodies out there– (LAUGHTER) in freezing. (APPLAUSE)

In freezing temperatures, they’re consistently there. He ignites an activity with a cardinal of people. That’s absolute agitative to watch. In allotment a president, it– it’s the qualities of administration that are gonna accomplish the difference. Because our positions on issues are– are– are important, of course.

And I appear to anticipate I’ve got the appropriate positions on issues, of course. Or I wouldn’t accept ’em. But– but fundamentally– we apperceive that bottomward the alley what’s gonna de– actuate who is a abundant admiral or not is– is their qualities of administration in accepting America aback on track. And– and– and I believe– appropriate now– and aloof as– as Governor Perry aloof said, this is the time for absolute administration because this country is activity in a absolute alarming direction. This is a time breadth America has got to acknowledgment to attempt that will accumulate us the achievement of the apple and– and the animated burghal on the hill. That ablaze from that animated burghal has dimmed over the aftermost three years. And I will admonition restore it. (APPLAUSE)


NEWT GINGRICH: Well, I– I wanna say two people, one on the date and one not. Governor Terry Branstad is my role model. Get outta backroom for a while doin’ article else, be complex in bloom care, (LAUGHTER) appear aback aback you’re acutely too old, too experienced, too angry to the past, win the governorship decisively, do a abundant job. (CHEERS) (APPLAUSE)

And the– the other– I aloof wanna say two added bodies absolute briefly. Rick Perry got me affianced about three years ago on this accomplished tenth alteration in a big, austere way. And I anticipate that he is– he h– he has helped burn a blaze that is gonna change America. And Rick Santorum’s bendability and adventuresomeness on Iran has been a authentication of why, if we do survive, it will be in allotment because of bodies like Rick who’ve had the adventuresomeness to te– acquaint the accuracy about the Iranians for a connected time. (APPLAUSE)

RON PAUL: Well, I accept abstruse that you should never accord up on your opposition. Because if you’re persistent, (LAUGH) and you present your case, they will appear your way. So Rick, I acknowledge it. (LAUGHTER) Rick, I acknowledge it. (UNINTEL) acknowledge it. You’re accessible to the federal reserve. That’s wonderful. But I– I assignment from the acceptance that abandon brings bodies together.

And if you accept freedom, it’s based on altruism and nonviolence. So if it’s tolerance, it should be bringing all kinds of bodies calm and that’s afterward our Constitution. And we shouldn’t be angry amid ourselves. Because we shouldn’t be angry in Washington if we all booty the aforementioned adjuration of office. Breadth does the action appear from? Somebody is messin’ up somewhere. (LAUGHTER) So– so I say that with persistence, I anticipate that we can all abound and appear up with the appropriate answers. (APPLAUSE)


MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, I would accede with aggregate that’s been said actuality tonight. But I would additionally add again, addition that I mentioned a little bit beforehand and that was Herman Cain. Herman Cain, I anticipate aback he brought up the 999 plan, and that you can’t accept a agitation after adage “999” in the debate, I anticipate one affair that he showed us is the ability of actuality absolute apparent spoken.

And additionally abbreviation article to a absolute simple akin so bodies get it. And bodies were absolute aflame about that plan. Because they could accept what that meant. And I anticipate that’s a claiming for every one of us; ’cause a lotta times, you can end up aural and talking like a big ambassador in Washington. Bodies don’t appetite that. They don’t appetite Washington. They appetite alfresco of Washington. And appropriately so. That’s why I anticipate in this race, I’m– I’m the authentic constant bourgeois and I’m gonna go with win-win-win rather than 999.

DIANE SAWYER: Able-bodied again, we are at the end of the (APPLAUSE) time agreed aloft by all of you, the candidates. And we acknowledge you so abundant and we acknowledge the bodies of Iowa, 24 canicule the voting begins.

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GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s the time for us. We’re gonna be aback with our political aggregation for their absolute analysis. We’re audition lots of opinions on Yahoo and Twitter and Facebook. We’ll get to that in aloof a minute. (MUSIC)

ANNOUNCER: Abundant added to appear as ABC’s alive advantage of the Iowa Republican Affair Agitation continues. (APPLAUSE)

(Editor’s note: Due to a archetype error, the antecedent adaptation of this agitation archetype misstated Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s acknowledgment to Mitt Romney’s catechism about action $10,000 over Romney’s Massachusetts bloom affliction plan. Gov. Perry’s absolute adduce was: “I’m not in the bettin’ business, but…”)

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