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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella vs. The Miz and Maryse


Steve Cook: It seems like Miz’s claims that Bryan’s acknowledgment has been a disappointment acquire been accurate during genitalia of this feud. I don’t apprehend him to win actuality either, as Bryan’s big win should appear afterwards in the program.

WINNER: Miz & Maryse

Rob Stewart: This is one of the harder-to-call matches of the night, and it could absolutely go either way with the ladies involved. I apperceive Brie and Maryse aren’t absolutely dynamos in the ring, but they both acquire a atom in their personality and can advice this be a nice quasi-interlude in the purer Miz/Bryan feud. Due to that, I doubtable Daniel and Brie booty it actuality with Brie pinning Maryse to accumulate things affluence changing amid the two macho superstars while accompanying not acceptance Miz to go up 2-0.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Justin Watry: This altercation has added abstract to it. The face punching caricature is activity to acquire to delay addition month. Aback we now apperceive Daniel Bryan is blockage (like it was in doubt), WWE can annoyance this out. The women actuality added prolongs the activity afterwards giving abroad too much. I’m accomplished with it.

WINNER: Maryse pins Brie

Ken Hill: IT’S PAYYY-PERRR-PREVIEW…View…view…(view) time! I’m not afraid that the Total Wives would acquisition their way into one of the better, absinthian claimed rivalries WWE has had to activity a from Gargano-Ciampa, but if this accomplished Tuesday’s “main event” is any indicator, this aftereffect to SummerSlam is not one I’m readily attractive advanced to. Hopefully we get beneath of “Botch Mode” and the “French Mizzus” and added assiduity with Bryan and Miz. I will say, though, that Bryan needs the win to accumulate this altercation activity along, so Brie will acceptable get the pin or tapout win over Maryse. Maryse is added a aide than any affinity of a competitor, so her demography the accident won’t aching Miz.

WINNER: Daniel and Brie

Mike Chin: I get why we’re seeing this match, to prolong Daniel Bryan-Miz diplomacy afterwards giving abroad addition one on one match, not to acknowledgment confined absoluteness TV masters. Nonetheless, Brie Bella and Maryse acquire looked abhorrent in the arena and this feels added like a bender to get through than one that absolutely enriches the program. I’m acrimonious Bryan and Bella to win to get some avengement as this animosity goes on.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Raw Tag Aggregation Championship Match: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

WINNER: Undeserving champions

Steve Cook: The Shield wants all the gold. It’s aperitive to anticipate that they’ll get it afterwards abundant of a fuss, but I feel like Dolph & Drew aren’t activity to let it happen. Afterwards all, you wouldn’t let them end the administration of the B- Aggregation if you didn’t acquire big diplomacy for them.

WINNER: Dolph & Drew

Rob Stewart: With the Shield alliance in abounding effect, all the rumors of a Dean Ambrose heel about-face acquire been put on the aback burner… and the ablaze over the stove has been angry off. Gotta accord WWE acclaim on that front: they took article EVERYONE anticipation was advancing in the approaching approaching and took a adamantine larboard with it in a way that is as acceptable as it was unforeseen. Still, Drew and Dolph didn’t aloof win the titles to anon lose them. They will absorb somehow here, alike if by DQ finish, and accustomed that they acquire a six-man tag bender at Super Appearance and afresh at Survivor Series they will allegedly be adverse the SmackDown tag champs… they may not avert on a alive appropriate afresh until December. Wow.

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WINNER: Drew & Dolph retain

Justin Watry: The acceptance is one abiding will airing abroad with all the gold. I disagree. The Shield won’t win all the titles nor will the Kings Of The Jungle. Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler cheep by because Roman Reigns is my anticipation afterwards on in the evening.

WINNER: Champs retain

Ken Hill: Does anyone abroad feel like the absolute losers in this altercation acquire been the WWE writers the aftermost two weeks? The Shield accepting due activity on LABOR DAY (with a BS duke beachcomber by Graves), the leash allegedly hijacking a badge van, Corbin declared falsifying badge letters and acid off a sheriff while actuality apprehend his Miranda rights and the sheriff not finishing like he’s declared to, not to acknowledgment Rollins accepting extorted a tag aggregation appellation befalling from an ascendancy amount (Again, who are they aggravating to accomplish the heels here)? Maybe I’m aloof bitching about affected crap, but if you’re activity to be Triple H or Stephanie Bobbitt-McMahon apropos to the accepted time aeon in WWE as a added “realistic” era, absolute issues that us commonalty acquire a atom of, like how arrests absolutely assignment for example, crave a little added abyss and account instead of aloof a tweeted reconsideration hand-waving the accomplished thing. Otherwise, stick to lightning-shooting Deadmen, bewitched teleportation and the ambulance-lifting super-strong Strowman.

Anyway, this is a acceptable change from B-Team’s apish impaired luck air-conditioned as RAW tag champs. It’s a solid way to abide the Rollins-Ziggler animosity afterwards resorting to yet addition singles bender and has the abeyant to be a absolute show-stealer at HITC. With that in mind, I’m for DolphIntyre application here, as they aloof accomplished the above champs and this is their aboriginal PPV appellation defense, additional accepting McIntyre activity over Rollins would set him up as a abeyant amateur for the IC Title.

WINNER: Ziggler & McIntyre

Mike Chin: There altered means this could go down, but in the end I’m pegging WWE to move Drew McIntyre up into hte Universal appellation account eventually than later, conceivably with a detour into a Shield as masters of the cosmos bend with them captivation all of Raw’s gold simultaneously. The best account actuality is that anybody complex can go, and the Raw tag titles absolutely acquire like they amount again.

WINNER: Ambrose and Rollins

Smackdown Tag Aggregation Championship Match: New Day vs. Rusev Day

WINNER: Not the jobbers

Steve Cook: If anytime there was a time for Rusev & Aiden English to win championships, this would be the time. That’s why I’m acrimonious New Day. I don’t anticipate they acquire diplomacy for Rusev Day to be annihilation added than they are appropriate now.


Rob Stewart: Awe-inspiring accompaniment that aback Summerslam, both tag titles acquire afflicted calmly on account television episodes. New Day is absolutely MORE acceptable to aloof about-face about and bead the belts in return, but that would absolutely feel like a waste. Still, maybe this is the blossom on the AJ Styles curse. Nakamura couldn’t get the WWE Appellation off of him, but afresh won the US Title. Rusev couldn’t get the WWE Appellation off of him… does he afresh win the Tag Titles? It would be interesting. I anticipate New Day retains here, admitting aback they so afresh defeated the ascendant champs afore them.

WINNER: The New Day

JUSTIN WATRY: This DAY will not end.

WINNER: Nobody

Ken Hill:

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O Rusev Day, O Rusev DayHow admirable is BulgariaO Rusev Day, O Rusev DayMachka Kicks account agitation

Rusev’s roars and Aiden’s rhymeAre so crushing yet so sublimeO Rusev Day, O Rusev DaySay “Lana ISN’T #1”, I cartel ya!

HAPPY RUSEV DAY, EVERYBODY! It appears as if either WWE had a change of affection about axis English on Rusev or it’s alone a breach of beheading for the “Rusev Day” tag aggregation as they activity for the SD tag titles adjoin New Day at HIAC. I’m blessed to see the Rusev -English bond advancing aback calm and get what feels like their aboriginal absolute one-on-one befalling at the tag aggregation titles. However, aback New Day aloof won the tag titles and acquire never absolutely been accepted to be cardboard champions, I agnosticism we’ll see a change actuality as it’s their aboriginal aegis as five-time…Five-time…FIve-time…FIVe-time…FIVE-TIME champs.

WINNER: The New Day

Mike Chin: I like Rusev and the Rusev Day gimmick as abundant as anyone, but this feels like the actual analogue of a accompaniment bender as the SmackDown tag arena regains its bearings afterwards accident The Bludgeon Brothers mid-monster push, and prolongs New Day’s administration for the account of some stability.


Raw Women’s Championship Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey

WINNER: Poor Rousey, I achievement she’s not watching either

Steve Cook: Do I charge to explain this pick? I didn’t anticipate so. Nobody’s assault Ronda, absolutely not Miss Bliss.

WINNER: Ronda Rousey

Rob Stewart: This is aloof the binding rematch affair, but it’s ambrosial straight-forward: Alexa will fair a bit bigger and be added well-prepared, but ultimately, this is Ronda’s run. This is the bender area Ronda faces added affliction than she did the aboriginal go ’round, but proves she has the animation to adjust. Basic storytelling, but it works.

WINNER: Ronda Rousey

@JustinWatry: For the record, my adherent thinks Alexa Bliss will win on Sunday night AND at Evolution adjoin Trish Stratus. Me, I…um do not anticipate Bliss wins at Heck on a Deck. Maybe Evolution. Maybe. Tweeted Tuesday that Rousey is SOOOO GOOD appropriate now. So acceptable she makes herself attending like a actor bucks but additionally her opponent. Absolute talent.

WINNER: Ronda Rousey

Ken Hill: This is a rematch area little has afflicted a from the champion-challenger book and the actuality that Bliss did some accident to Ronda’s ribs to abate the best up. The focus actuality isn’t the ribs themselves (Ronda’s still activity to abrade Little Miss Bliss regardless) but how able-bodied Ronda sells the damage; while Ronda’s concrete attendance in the arena is superb, one of her aboriginal flaws has been her abridgement of appropriately diplomacy an abrasion or a aching anatomy part. I acquire the key to Ronda’s countdown administration as RAW Women’s Best isn’t artlessly testing her concrete animation adjoin a arrangement of WWE’s top changeable performers, but appraisal altered qualities that a WWE wrestler possesses, such as selling, presence, and mic skills. Rousey absolutely has a brace of those accoutrement from her time in UFC, but as we’ve apparent afresh still requires some fine-tuning afore acceptable a fully-realized aerialist in WWE.

WINNER: Ronda Rousey

Mike Chin: There’s no adventitious of Ronda Rousey accident yet, and absolutely in a bender adjoin addition she’s already dominated. Barring a blue DQ for blame too abundant ass, Rousey wins handily.

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WINNER: Ronda Rousey

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

WINNER: Ctrl C, Ctrl V

Steve Cook: Becky acceptable the appellation actuality & Charlotte acceptable it aback at Evolution to become the almanac holder for WWE women’s appellation reigns makes too abundant faculty via WWE logic. Enjoy Becky’s run.

WINNER: Becky Lynch

Rob Stewart: I am able-bodied accomplished the point area few things acerb me on a appearance faster than yet addition Charlotte Flair win in a appellation match. Becky has to win this strap–she HAS TO–otherwise her heel about-face is absurd (unlike Nakamura, there’s not alike a accessory appellation she can go afterwards if Charlotte thwarts her). It’s accessible they authority off on a Becky appellation win for Evolution, and if they do, I’m acquire with it (otherwise that appearance is acceptable to acquire no women’s titles change calmly aback Rousey ain’t losing, and it’s absurd Becky would win aloof to lose the belt in a month). But boy… I’d absolutely like to see her win here. She absolutely deserves it. But no… I’m calling a Charlotte win on Sunday so Becky can go over at Evolution.

WINNER: Charlotte

Justin Watry: Argumentation says this is the DQ/count out accomplishment of the show. That is the acceptable option. Personally, I’m putting my money and my affection abaft Becky. Whether it’s a accurate heel about-face or not, who cares? Seriously, why does it alike matter? Do the about-face now and accord Charlotte an absolute cardinal of rematches.

WINNER: Becky Lynch

Ken Hill: I’m actual abundant afraid that neither this altercation nor Styles-Joe concluded up central the Cell, as I’ve been rather determined that claimed rivalries advancing to a abscess should be acclimatized central the Cell, like Edge-Taker, HHH-HBK, and alike DX vs. The McMahons. The added activity has been the face-heel dichotomy; the army has been about 100% abaft Becky aback she airtight and angry on Charlotte at SummerSlam, and no one’s been activity bad for the Flair with the Gold aback she was the one to adenoids in on Becky’s befalling to activate with. WWE has seemed determined on Becky actuality a heel, though, with her balustrade adjoin the admirers (failed), assaulting Charlotte from abaft (got a pop) and camouflage herself as a fan to get in a bargain attempt canicule afore their bender (got a BIGGER pop), but hey WWE Creative, you tried…

If WWE is absolutely absorbed on accepting Becky over as a heel, afresh she needs an base achievement either actuality or about bottomward the band over her above acquaintance to accost her long-lost championship, contrarily it ends up acceptable a abortive about-face in appearance for Becky and she artlessly becomes a catty, changeable agnate of Nakamura.

WINNER: Becky Lynch

Mike Chin: Here’s area things get absorbing as Charlotte Flair is the aureate babe of WWE, but Becky Lynch has been over huge lately, abnormally aback her heel turn. I’m pegging Lynch to booty the appellation actuality to set up the rematch–and acceptable as not Flair’s big achievement to booty the appellation back–at Evolution.

WINNER: Becky Lynch

Hell In a Corpuscle Match: Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

WINNER: Emoetry in a Cell

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Steve Cook: I acquire no abstraction why this is SmackDown’s Hell in a Corpuscle match. Joe vs Styles & Bryan vs Miz calmly acquire added heat. I can alone acquire that Jeff wants to do article brainless involving the Corpuscle afore his career ends.

WINNER: Randy Orton

Rob Stewart: Of all the diplomacy on this appearance that SHOULD be central the Cell… and this one is instead? We all apperceive it’s aloof so Jeff can do article impaired off of article tall, but still… meh. I’m not attractive advanced to this one–I never attending advanced to annihilation heel Randy Orton does because his matches as a villain are slug-paced–and there’s absolutely annihilation at stake. Randy will win to absolve his new role.

WINNER: Randy Orton

Justin Watry: No complaints with this one. Jeff Hardy assuredly gets to access the corpuscle and do article unique. While Randy Orton gets a able achievement with his new persona…

WINNER: Randy Orton

Ken Hill: I’ve absolutely enjoyed the artlessness abaft this storyline; Randy Orton, as the blah adept anesthetized over time and afresh for “flavors of the month” like Hardy, Roode and Balor, looks to apple-pie them from the face of WWE and reestablish himself as the standard-bearer, admitting Jeff refuses to be fabricated an example/victim of Orton’s rediscovered crime and has fought aback adjoin Randy, diving off those actual stages and turnbuckles that Orton lambasted him for jumping off of and carrying abrasive Swanton afterwards Swanton. Now this claimed animosity has accomplished a arch and I acquisition it actual ambrosial that these two veterans are activity to war central the Cell. Orton is at his best abandoned aback accustomed a No-DQ ambiance to assignment with, and the bender becomes all the added aperitive aback we apprehend that Jeff himself has never entered HIAC in his ENTIRE career. That camp bend opens up a aggregation of possibilities, as we don’t apperceive what arrangement of high-risk escapade will get up to central the Cell…or possibly on top of it, and I acquire that closing achievability is what will be the accident for Hardy. He goes for bankrupt (hopefully not literally) with a Swanton off the Cell, alone for Orton to contrivance at the actual aftermost second, acceptance Orton to aces up the win and Hardy to possibly cap off his charlatan career with one added big show-stealing highlight.

WINNER: Randy Orton

Mike Chin: This altercation happened over ten years ago, culminating at Royal Rumble 2008. It’s not the affliction activity to revisit, an Orton has been good, absolutely on the mic, in this latest heel run. Aloof the aforementioned this doesn’t feel annihilation like a dream bender and it’s an odd fit for Hell in a Corpuscle accustomed how absolutely mid-card it is. I acquire to acquire Jeff Hardy is demography a huge bump, conceivably as a apogee to his career of big bumps, and acceptable as not to rationalize him assuredly demography his long-rumored time off to alleviate up from acrimonious injuries. Here’s acquisitive for a air-conditioned moment and that this win doesn’t ballista Orton aback into the capital accident picture.

WINNER: Randy Orton

WWE Championship Match: Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

WINNER: Whichever one is the doctor

Steve Cook: It feels like AJ’s canicule are numbered, doesn’t it? There is the accomplished 2K19 awning thing, but it aloof seems like it’s Joe’s time. I aces adjoin AJ best of the time so I absolutely apprehend to be wrong.

WINNER: Samoa Joe

Rob Stewart: With Bryan angry up in a altercation with Miz, a lot of the “Next Amateur Up” guys on Smackdown are heels. Orton and Almas bounce to mind, for instance. That doesn’t augur absolutely able-bodied for Joe’s affairs of ultimately affective on with the championship. It’s awe-inspiring how few top-level singles babyfaces Smackdown has now that I anticipate about it. Conceivably Joe could win, abide in a altercation with AJ for the aing few months to bulwark off rematches, and by afresh maybe either Bryan will be chargeless from his bend or addition like Big E moves up the agenda to be aing on Joe’s list. But I anticipate WWE has become appreciative of themselves for how continued they acquire kept the belt on AJ, and they may abide on with it. This is the bender I’m best acceptable amiss on, but… I anticipate AJ keeps the belt.

WINNER: AJ Styles retains.

@JustinWatry: I acquire absitively that I am not acrimonious adjoin AJ Styles until he loses the WWE Championship. Aforementioned with the CM Punk 2012. Afterwards a while, I aloof came to the cessation he wasn’t losing. Until The Rock came alternating that is. Appropriate now, there is no Rocky advancing about the corner…sorry Samoa Joe.

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Ken Hill: Admitting the Universal Appellation bender suffers from a blow of overbooking with Foley in the appropriate ref spot, this bender suffers from actuality underbooked admitting the accomplished accretion amid Styles and Joe. Why? It’s been appointed as addition singles match, admitting abounding of us were assured such a grueling, claimed animosity to be set central the Cell. There’s no agnosticism that Styles and Joe can put on a abundant match, as we saw with their SummerSlam efforts. I aloof feel like the Corpuscle would’ve been a bigger environment, area we could see Joe’s atrocity absolutely be put on affectation and AJ’s application be put to the test. While I feel like there would be added artifice with a Joe appellation win (and he does deserve it with the accomplished appearance assignment put alternating here), the WWE 2K19 affiche boy’s administration hasn’t apoplectic yet and afterwards Joe verbally anarchic AJ and his family, it seems that a blessed catastrophe is in the wings for The Phenomenal Family.


Mike Chin: The alone account I can acquire for this bender not activity bottomward in the Corpuscle is that there’s a accomplishment planned that requires arrest or at atomic activity alfresco the ring. I could see this activity activity either way, and afterwards the certitude of the Corpuscle there’s a achievability the animosity will artlessly go on from here, authoritative it anybody’s match. I’m activity to cycle the dice on WWE actuality astute to Styles growing dried in this atom and Joe admirable a adventitious to run with the ball. Thus, I’m calling the appellation change.

WINNER: Samoa Joe

WWE Universal Championship Hell In a Corpuscle Match: Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns (Money in the Bank cash-in, Mick Foley as appropriate referee)

WINNER Roman Reigns

Steve Cook: The address that Braun was angry heel so not acceptable his banknote in bender wouldn’t aching his cachet makes sense. I anticipate the heel about-face in accepted has aching his status, but we all apperceive that Roman’s cachet is what affairs anyway. And it’s too anon for him to lose the strap.

WINNER Roman Reigns

Rob Stewart: Hahaha, they absolutely angry Braun heel again. So friggin’ weird. Is he activity to acquire one of those Big Appearance careers by the time it’s all said and done area he has switched abandon an boilerplate of already per year? I apperceive he has alone had one run as a babyface and a diffuse heel amplitude above-mentioned to that, but his about-face as a acceptable guy aloof feels so bantam now. I’m ambrosial abiding I predicted every distinct best to absorb activity into the capital accident here, and aloof how generally do we get apple-pie sweeps? I apperceive the rumors acquire been circulating a accomplished “Get accessible for a continued Reigns reign!”, but that feels like the reddest of herrings to me. No, I anticipate Braun takes the appellation here… he may accord it aback to Roman by the end of 2018, but I aloof don’t anticipate he fails in this one.

WINNER: Braun Strowman

justin watry: Actuality comes The Big Dog! Heck will be had central that accouter on Sunday night. If this was a few months into Roman’s reign, I ability feel differently. Aback we aloof got here, no. Mr. Braun Strowmam can get his calmly on somebody else. Mick Foley or The Shield – annihilation changes the outcome.

WINNER Roman Reigns

Ken Hill: I’m not absolutely abiding I get the point of Foley actuality in the Corpuscle added than it aloof actuality a “thank you” accolade for his dive 20 years ago. Foley, as far as I know, hasn’t been austere to booty bumps, and alike if he was, I don’t apperceive if he’d be absent to booty a beating from Strowman. Overall, I anticipate Foley’s role is actuality overplayed actuality and he won’t be about as big a agency as he declared will be. Strowman and Reigns do acquire an accomplished allure with one addition and acquire agitated anniversary added to a abundant arrangement of animosity matches throughout 2017, from an Ambulance bender to a cage bender to Aftermost Man Standing, and I don’t agnosticism that this one will be addition fun, barbarous display. While the Corpuscle has been promised to accumulate both The Shield and Strowman’s backpack at bay, Braun’s annihilative tendencies (i.e. Him disturbing bottomward a cage wall) advance me to acquire that a six-man war will acceptable breach out during the match, with Reigns somehow application his appellation amidst all the anarchy and fervor, and advice to body up to their six-man tag at the SuperShow in Australia.

The absolute question, in my mind, goes aback to that odd acrimonious little articulation with Strowman authoritative a appearance of handing the MITB to Acting GM Corbin with absolute instructions to not banknote it in until the night of HIAC. Who’s to say Corbin didn’t artlessly accomplish the bender amid Reigns and Strowman and abstain the MITB arrangement as a way to avenge his awkward accident from aftermost year? That would be absolutely EVIL…

WINNER: Roman Reigns…maybe Baron Corbin?

Mike Chin: These two acquire allure and a hot storyline activity into this match. Admitting the Cell, the adventure actuality told seems congenital for Ambrose, Rollins, Ziggler, and McIntyre to get involved, and it charcoal to be apparent what Mick Foley ability accord besides name value–all of these alien factors will allegedly accord to attention whoever looses, though, in this affray amid WWE’s two best adequate full-time commodities. In the end, I get the faculty WWE wants Reigns to assuredly acquire his continued apple appellation reign, and as such he’s not bottomward the belt aloof yet.

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WINNER: Roman Reigns

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