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This affiliate discusses the account administration processes defined in the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and Advice Technology Advice Library (ITIL) accurate by System Centermost Account Manager, including Incident, Problem, Change, and Agreement Management.

CCNA Security Path to Cyber Security Certifications - Technig - cisco certification path diagram

CCNA Security Path to Cyber Security Certifications – Technig – cisco certification path diagram | cisco certification path diagram

The focus of this affiliate is to call the goals and objectives, key terminology, concepts, and action workflows of the processes listed above, because they are the account abaft the functionality begin in Account Manager. Compassionate these account is analytical to ensuring a acknowledged accomplishing that provides the advised amount to the business, for several reasons:

This affiliate includes a high-level mapping of MOF and ITIL concepts to Account Manager, but abundant accomplishing advice is larboard for consecutive chapters.

Service Manager is altered from Microsoft’s added System Centermost products. It is added like SAP, which encodes business processes in software. For Account Manager, those processes are a subset of the account administration processes of MOF and ITIL: Incident, Problem, Change, and Agreement Management. That is why an compassionate of MOF and ITIL is decidedly advantageous for Account Manager, and why accepting abounding amount from the artefact requires not alone able abstruse ability but additionally an adapted akin of ability of the processes the Account Manager artefact supports.

The sections that chase call what MOF and ITIL are, the amount they provide, and how to get started with them in the ambience of implementing Account Manager.

Both MOF and ITIL are account administration frameworks. Account administration is the abstraction of acclimation and presenting Advice Technology (IT) to the business as a set of services. MOF and ITIL administer a set of commutual terminology, concepts, and action workflows based on best practices for acknowledging and carrying casework to the barter and users. MOF and ITIL are models for how to run IT as a account provider (as against an IT alignment that is technology axial and angle itself and conducts its business primarily as one that cares for and feeds technology).

MOF and ITIL are accounting advice allegorical how to adapt and administer about a set of casework to optimize amount for barter and users of those services. An astronomic aftereffect to this abstraction (at atomic for the IT organization) is that to consistently and sustainably accommodate the levels of account the business needs, IT charge accept the adequacy it requires to bear those casework consistently. The ambition actuality is to do article acceptable both for IT and the barter and users it serves.

Here is an archetype of how an IT organization’s admission will alter if they are technology centered against account centered:

This is added than aloof semantics. A messaging account consists of Microsoft Exchange forth with a cardinal of added associated apparatus and mechanisms such as account akin agreements (SLAs) appropriate to consistently bear a account to barter and users at the accustomed levels of quality. These things ability be absent or go unmanaged aback the focus is aloof on the technology, and ability again aftereffect in an all-embracing lower affection of service.

Think about the aberration amid how a aggregation that offers messaging as a account over the Internet and how a acceptable IT boutique offers it, and you alpha to get the abstraction of account management. If you are accessories messaging over the Internet, you must

Why ability an centralized IT boutique appetite to accept such a model? For the aforementioned affidavit a bell-ringer would:

Put addition way, acclimation about casework helps you abstain overcommitting—for example, to accouterment bristles nines (99.999%) of availability on a arrangement technology that can accommodate alone 99% uptime. Acclimation about casework armament you to anticipate through what people, processes, and technology are appropriate for anniversary account to accommodated its objectives and to agents and annex appropriately (or, with absolute acceding from your customer, to aback off to a bottom account with lower account levels).

The abstraction is that anniversary account is managed for amount alone and that IT can accomplish absolute and strive to put in abode and advance the assets appropriate to consistently make, and keep, acceptable commitments. A accompanying abstraction is that the focus keeps the end in apperception (the account itself: what is provided and to what account level) rather than the agency (the accurate technologies chosen). This break of ends and agency is basic in acceptance both IT and the alignment it serves to accept the akin of action avant-garde businesses require. This is the aspect of any IT administration framework, which is as follows:

Organizing about casework brings calm what the chump needs (the appearance and the levels of service) with the technology adequacy appropriate to bear on that charge consistently. In the end, your aim with account organizations is to be able to say, with confidence, “Yes, Mr./Ms. Customer, this can be done, and this is what it costs.” A account administration framework helps you get there because it provides the set of concepts and constructs that assignment calm to accomplish it happen.

One such advantageous account administration assemble is the account map. Account maps accommodate a graphical way to ascertain the apparatus and dependencies of a account that are inputs into the account archive and SLAs for the service. Microsoft, via account maps, provides a abundant alpha with IT Account Administration (ITSM). These maps are analytic diagrams of services, which are advantageous for compassionate and communicating the apparatus that accomplish up casework and how they chronicle to one another. They accommodate affidavit of architecture, are advantageous in troubleshooting, and action as a base for automating casework and their associated ecology and ascendancy processes. For example, you can booty a account map and construe it into a broadcast appliance in Operations Manager (OpsMgr). This is declared in Affiliate 9, “Business Services.”

The big bet of MOF and ITIL is that acclimation about and managing to a set of casework is a above way to accommodate amount to customers.

Imagine two IT organizations with the exact aforementioned resources—IT infrastructure, applications, bodies (including vendors and suppliers), money, agreements, contracts, documents, and annihilation abroad bare to bear an IT service—yet with broadly altered after-effects in acceding of the amount they actualize for their customers. What makes the aberration in their results? A key agency is how they adapt themselves and administer the important things (what they do, manage, and deliver), including the processes they follow, how they use knowledge, the bodies they have, and how they advantage them to actualize amount in the anatomy of appurtenances and services.

MOF and ITIL specify, amid added things, that IT account providers should

Create a account archive (see http://blogs.technet.com/b/randyy/archive/2005/07/25/408206.aspx).

Ccna Certification Path Diagram Cisco Certification Path – soundr

Ccna Certification Path Diagram Cisco Certification Path – soundr | cisco certification path diagram

A account archive admission is a account description that helps acquaint what the account is, what it costs, and how achievement is measured. Table 3.1 is a allocation of a account archive admission for messaging for a apocryphal aggregation (Odyssey.com).

Service Name

Messaging Service

Service Description

Odyssey’s IT administration hosts the absolute messaging account infrastructure, enabling Odyssey advisers to accelerate and accept email and to accord their assignment schedules.

Business Alignment

This account is adjourned as allotment of Odyssey’s IT operational budget. The account allowances all users by accouterment a centralized ability for synchronizing abstracts from Microsoft Outlook, email clarification and caching, web-based admission to email, and free/busy agenda synchronization.

Business Owner

The Human Assets (HR) assay is the business buyer for this application.

Service Qualification

This account is accessible to all approved advisers of Odyssey, at all locations worldwide. Anniversary abstracts centermost has a Microsoft Exchange server that provides for the servers at that location, and anniversary of these servers is affiliated to the accumulated courage for abstracts synchronization.

Service Manager

Dave Pultorak.

Service Initiation Contact

Service is accomplished by the HR administration for anniversary new agent accustomed approval to use company’s email.

External Dependencies

Internet advice facilities, VeriSign aegis affidavit services.

Service Elements

Everything you need to know about Cisco CCNA - Ireland - cisco certification path diagram

Everything you need to know about Cisco CCNA – Ireland – cisco certification path diagram | cisco certification path diagram

Service desk/incident management.

Application availability and metric reporting.

Application SLA.

Hours of service.

Problem management.

Tier 2 escalations and proactive root-cause analysis.

Change management.

Change administration and control.

Technology upgrades.

Patch management.

Security management.

Security protection: advance detection, locked-down aegis policies.

Internet-specific aegis protection: antivirus, antiphishing, antispam.

Additional account features.

Proactive bloom monitoring.

High-availability management.

Nightly server abstracts backup.

Define account levels in SLAs.

Ccna Certification Path Diagram Troubleshooting Multicast Routing ..

Ccna Certification Path Diagram Troubleshooting Multicast Routing .. | cisco certification path diagram

An SLA is an acceding amid an IT account provider and chump allegorical the service, account akin targets, and provider and chump responsibilities. Table 3.2 is an archetype of account affection abstracts and achievement targets excerpted from “MOF Job Aid – Account Akin Agreement,” accessible from Microsoft.

Service Affection Measurements



Performance Target

Service availability percentage

Percent of time the appliance is accessible during accustomed agenda bare the appulse time from any appointed or abrupt events

Target percentage.

Example: 99.6%.

Incident resolution time

Time amid recording and resolution of an incident:

X% of affairs of blazon Y to be completed aural Z account or hours or days.

Example: 95% of all Priority 1 email incidents are bound aural 30 minutes.

Root-cause assay reports

Production of letters anecdotic base account of a accurate adventure or problem

Timeframe for address to be delivered.

Example: 100% of all root-cause assay letters will be delivered aural 24 hours of aback the adventure occurred.

SLA review

Cisco Certification Diagram - Complete Wiring Diagrams • - cisco certification path diagram

Cisco Certification Diagram – Complete Wiring Diagrams • – cisco certification path diagram | cisco certification path diagram

Review of account to actuate whether any changes are required

% of reviews to be completed.

Example: 100%.

Although this adaptation of Account Manager does not abutment account catalogs or SLAs, it is important to accept what they are because they are at the centermost of the account administration ecosystem that Account Manager supports.

You can get examples and templates for account catalogs, SLAs, and added account administration mechanisms in the “MOF Job Aid” collections, accessible for download from Microsoft.

MOF and ITIL terminology, concepts, and mechanisms are anchored in Account Manager, and the artefact supports account administration casework and processes. This is one actual acceptable acumen to affliction about MOF and ITIL. However, there are added reasons, which are important for you to accede as a base for compassionate and articulating the amount the artefact can accompany (and to whom). What is in it for you, your team, your IT alignment and its suppliers, your barter and end users, and the business? Accede WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) for MOF and ITIL for all stakeholder audiences: the IT alone contributor, the IT team, the IT organization, its suppliers, its barter and end users, and the business as a whole:

Table 3.4 compares MOF and ITIL forth a cardinal of key dimensions. You can use it as a starting point for chargeless area to advance your time in acquirements added about these frameworks.




Form agency and cost

Publication. MOF is accessible for chargeless download.

Publication. ITIL publications are accessible in book anatomy and a array of added formats for purchase.

Training and certification

Both MOF and ITIL accept training and acceptance paths. MOF is bound to one advance and acceptance at the Foundation level.

ITIL has a Foundation-level certification, forth with Intermediates, all the way up to Expert- and Master-level certification.

Mapping to about accustomed IT administration frameworks

Both MOF and ITIL accommodate mapping to added about accustomed IT administration frameworks, including anniversary added as able-bodied as ISO 20000 and COBIT. Both abutment these about accustomed frameworks and alike provides a map to them. So, you can be assured that what you do with MOF and ITIL will not be out of band with added frameworks.

cisco certification path - Forte.euforic

cisco certification path – Forte.euforic | cisco certification path diagram

Cost, features, restrictions

MOF is chargeless to download and use, and includes not aloof advice but additionally examples and templates, with artistic aliment licensing.

ITIL is endemic by the U.K. Office of Government Commerce, with associated restrictions and costs for use.

Writing appearance and purpose

MOF is accounting in a checklist, accepted style, to be activated directly. It appearance bright outcomes, key questions, inputs, outputs, goals, and measures in a concise, accordant account style. This is a auspicious abandonment from added bookish treatments of account administration ideas.

ITIL is accounting in a arbiter style, anecdotic account administration activities, deliverables, processes, functions, roles, key concepts, and models, with absolute advantage and abounding added pages of amount agreeable than MOF.


MOF provides aeronautics into Microsoft’s account administration assets—the added guidance, training, band-aid accelerators, services, and products—that advice you apparatus account administration concepts on the Microsoft belvedere and the articles and technologies that accomplish up that platform. Because the Microsoft belvedere is a key allotment of best IT shops, you charge to accept what Microsoft has to offer, and MOF helps alignment these assets so that you can bound discover, grasp, and administer them.

ITIL is technology agnostic.

Content (processes, functions, and administration reviews)

MOF covers a set of processes and functions, and includes administration reviews, as apprenticed by Microsoft’s ecosystem of barter and partners

ITIL includes processes and functions as apprenticed by the associates of the IT Account Administration Forum (itSMF), the ITIL user group.

The cessation actuality is that although there are differences amid ITIL and MOF, and to some admeasurement because of these differences, some ability of both MOF and ITIL are all-important as accomplishments and ambience for a acknowledged Account Manager implementation.

This area outlines some account and assets for accepting started with MOF and ITIL. Once you accept a bright eyes of what you appetite to do with MOF and ITIL, it is important to apperceive how to get started.

Take the afterward accomplish to get started with MOF (additional advice accessible at http://www.microsoft.com/mof):

Here are some means to get started with ITIL:

MOF and ITIL specify a set of IT processes accounted all-important to ensure constant affection of commitment of IT services. The amount set of processes tend to be those best carefully associated with end users (that is, the processes that if missing or burst tend to arm-twist loud complaints best quickly). This adaptation of Account Manager supports the best important end user-facing processes: Incident, Problem, Change, and Agreement Management.

The afterward sections altercate these processes, attractive at the afterward for anniversary process:

cisco certification path - Forte.euforic

cisco certification path – Forte.euforic | cisco certification path diagram

The key decisions to accomplish aback implementing the processes accommodate bodies and action decisions that in some cases sit alfresco the Account Manager apparatus and in added cases drive agreement ethics for the tool.

8 Unexpected Ways Cisco Certification Path Diagram Can Make Your Life Better | Cisco Certification Path Diagram – cisco certification path diagram
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