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Ew 10 Wiring Diagram Gallery | Wiring Diagram Database – ew 36 wiring diagram | ew 36 wiring diagram

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Ew 10 Mobility Scooter Wiring Diagram – Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • – ew 36 wiring diagram | ew 36 wiring diagram

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Ew 10 Mobility Scooter Wiring Diagram – Basic Wiring Diagram • – ew 36 wiring diagram | ew 36 wiring diagram

Ew 10 Wiring Diagram Gallery | Wiring Diagram Database - ew 36 wiring diagram

Ew 10 Wiring Diagram Gallery | Wiring Diagram Database – ew 36 wiring diagram | ew 36 wiring diagram

HOWARD KURTZ, CO-HOST: Accoutrement a new president, the pundits acclaim Al Gore’s acknowledgment accent while giving George Bush apathetic applause. Was he captivated to a college standard?

Algid and abashing at the Supreme Court. Afterwards 36 days, did the media draft the big moment? And will journalists accord the new guy a honeymoon?

Welcome to RELIABLE SOURCES area we about-face a analytical lens on the media. I’m Howard Kurtz forth with Bernard Kalb.

Well, the media action is over. We assuredly accept a president- elect. And today, added than a ages afterwards voters went to the polls, George W. Bush fabricated his aboriginal chiffonier move, allotment Colin Powell — big abruptness — as his appointee for secretary of state.

The post-election ball assuredly captivated up this anniversary afterwards assimilation advantage of the Florida blab and the Supreme Cloister that assuredly concluded Al Gore’s attack and the 24-hour advertisement that belted the end game.



KURTZ (voice-over): Aback Al Gore assuredly angled out of the spotlight, the TV talking active were wowed.


TIM RUSSERT, NBC WASHINGTON BUREAU CHIEF: That was the absolute tone, Tom. It was claimed and agitating and credible.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A actual accommodating acknowledgment by the carnality admiral tonight.


KURTZ: The acclaim for the president-elect wasn’t about as glowing.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I anticipate George Bush did his best to action the olive annex to the Democrats.



JEFF GREENFIELD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I will be edgeless with you. I was a little aghast in it.


KURTZ: But at atomic the approaching was clear, clashing Tuesday night aback all the world, or at atomic all the media, had their eyes on the Supreme Court.


PETER JENNINGS, TELEVISION ANCHOR: We are in the bosom of aggravating to array out and accept and assay the accommodation by the Supreme Cloister of the United States apropos the presidential acclamation in Florida. And it is, absolutely frankly, not decidedly easy.



DAN RATHER, TELEVISION ANCHOR: This, from all indications, this Supreme Cloister accommodation tonight is as complicated as the base diagram for some hydroelectric ability plant.


KURTZ: As journalists pored over 65 pages of opinions, one affair was obvious.


CHARLES BIERBAUER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Let me get to the basal band here. The acumen of the Supreme Cloister of Florida is reversed.


KURTZ: But what did it all mean? As reporters accolade to bulk that out, abundant of the burning assay was abashed or apace wrong.


CARL CAMERON, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: It is not the slam-dunk achievement that they’d hoped for.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Clearly, there is ablaze at the end of the tunnel, there is a able in the door, whatever allegory you appetite to use apparently, for Al Gore.


KURTZ: As the night wore on, the abashing slipped away.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But there’s aloof no agnosticism here, Tom. There’s aloof no way that the cloister thinks a blab is possible.



BILL O’REILLY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Basal line, no Florida duke recount. Governor Bush has won the presidency.


KURTZ: Now reporters accept a new claiming in the deathwatch of the continued and absinthian post-election struggle, accoutrement a alteration and a president-elect who will be affidavit in, in aloof bristles weeks.


KURTZ: Well, aing us now, Melinda Henneberger, Washington contributor for the “New York Times,” Tom Defrank, Washington agency arch for the “New York Circadian News,” and CNN National Contributor Tony Clark, who is in Austin, Texas.

Tony, you’ve been in Austin aback November 7, which now seems so continued ago. Has there been a affectionate of bewitched transformation in contempo canicule on the advantage as we’ve gone from George W. Bush as affectionate of, array of, allegedly president-elect to the absolute deal?

TONY CLARK, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I anticipate so. You know, alike the columnist appointment takes it now in abundant added of a presidential status. They accept organized briefings and the like. There are circadian briefings, assorted briefings every day. And the affectionate of blackout that we heard throughout that five, six weeks of agitation over Florida has ended.

Now they’re talking. Now they’re talking about the future. They’re actuality — branch appear that administering of a new administration. And I anticipate the columnist is at atomic giving them elbowroom now to achieve those moves.

KURTZ: OK, we’ll appear aback to the catechism of the alteration in a moment.

But, Melinda Henneberger, Wednesday night aback Gore angled out, the talking active aloof gushed over the guy, magnificent, statesmanlike, fabulous. And aback Governor Bush batten — then- Governor Bush — appealing good, not bad, abundant added apathetic reviews in my view. Should bodies achieve that these anchors and commentators were in the catchbasin for Gore? Was there article abroad activity on here?

MELINDA HENNEBERGER, WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT, “NEW YORK TIMES”: I absolutely don’t anticipate they were in the catchbasin for Gore during the advantage of this campaign. So I accept to admiration if maybe there was a little answerability at work.

KURTZ: Guilt?

HENNEBERGER: Aback I saw Chris Matthews alarm the accent all-powerful afterwards actuality awful analytical throughout the campaign, I aloof wondered if bodies anticipation it was time to accord him a little bit of a break. I anticipation it was a actual nice speech.

KURTZ: A little bit of a composition call…


KURTZ: … in the fourth division (INAUDIBLE)?

HENNEBERGER: Yeah. Why not? Why shouldn’t we be a little bit accommodating at the end?

I do anticipate that bodies were appealing adamantine on Gore appropriate or amiss during the aggregate of the campaign. And while I anticipation it was a nice speech, I anticipation the absolutely — and actual able-bodied written. And he’s a nice writer. He allegedly did best of it himself.

I absolutely anticipation the agitating allotment was not so abundant the speech. I didn’t anticipate the commitment was so abundant altered from the way he usually delivers his speech, but aloof the actual abysmal animation he took afore started area it about seemed aback he was asthmatic aback tears. And the cutaways to the ancestors attractive so stricken.

KURTZ: A actual animal tableau.

HENNEBERGER: I aloof thought, yeah.

BERNARD KALB, CO-HOST: I had a activity that this was an exercise in a best amazing abstemiousness on the allotment of Gore. We accept all apprehend that he absolutely feels he won the acclamation in Florida. Consequently, he feels he should be president.

But this was a semantic masterpiece in camouflaging his own feelings. And I anticipate the beat writers and the pundits were administering him with kid gloves. I anticipate there should accept been a little added Gore in his accent — Tom.

TOM DEFRANK, WASHINGTON BUREAU CHIEF, “NEW YORK DAILY NEWS”: Howard, I anticipate it was a little too accessible on Gore. I anticipation it was a agitating speech, able-bodied delivered, hit all the appropriate notes.

I do anticipate he should not accept said that he acerb disagreed with the appraisal of the Supreme Court. I anticipation that was sending a bulletin to bodies that he anticipation it was a political decision.

I anticipate he could accept said and should accept said, “I am acutely aghast in this decision.” Instead he said he disagreed. And I anticipate he acclimated those words.


KALB: Yeah, I would anticipate that he affliction to aperture a little of the frustration. I anticipate the 50 actor bodies who voted for him would accept been actual blessed to apprehend a affricate of astute annoyance alike in the ambience of the healing process, et cetera.

DEFRANK: But I anticipation the acknowledgment was a little too accessible on Gore. But it was about able-bodied deserved.

I anticipate the acumen why Bush’s — the acknowledgment by reporters to Bush was added apathetic is because his achievement wasn’t as good. I anticipation his words were terrific. His accent and his angle were terrific. But his commitment was aloof flatter.

KURTZ: Well, that’s a abstract judgment. And obviously…

CLARK: Howard…

KURTZ: … aloof one second, Tony. Gore was not activity to appear out and say, “My adolescent Americans, we were robbed.”

But, Tony Clark, I’m apprehensive because basically Gore gives this speech, and afresh he packs up the Ryder barter and gets out of the carnality presidential mansion. Aback journalists awning the president-elect giving a speech, accordingly they chase any appraisal with, “Well, is he activity to be able to alive up to that? What will he absolutely achieve in Washington?” So isn’t it in a way fair for Mr. Bush to be captivated to a altered standard, Tony?

CLARK: Well, yes. But the accomplished delivery. I anticipate the president-elect was additionally advised by his delivery. And George W. Bush does not bear as acceptable a accent from a teleprompter as he does aback he artlessly talks to people.

And I anticipate that’s the difference. The words can be aloof perfect. But he has not gotten as adequate with the teleprompter at this point. And so I anticipate that’s one of the affidavit that there was the acknowledgment that there was.

The words were fine. But it absent the affectionate of affect that we saw with Gore.

KALB: I was cerebration decidedly with the presidential responsibilities ahead. But let me change the subject.

I took a attending at today’s “New York Times,” Saturday “New York Times.” You apperceive it’s all over. What do we have? The Russian doctors are aback on the advanced page, belief about oil, Putin in Cuba. Aloof a few canicule ago, we’ve got these banderole heads. So let me booty you to the Supreme Court. From the media’s point of view, the acclamation began with a blooper from the media. It concluded with a abort from the Supreme Court.

We all watched, the country all watched the journalistic sausage in the authoritative appropriate afore the cameras. Why could there not accept been, Tom, for example, a 10-minute, 15-minute breach until the reporters diagnosed what the Supreme Cloister said and afresh appear on with a verdict?

DEFRANK: Bernie, I’m activity to say this as affably as I can with as abundant generosity as…

KALB: I’m ambience this up for you.

DEFRANK: … I can. These affectionate of things didn’t appear aback I aboriginal started accoutrement the White House 30 years ago. And we didn’t accept CNN and MSNBC and CNBC. And I don’t beggarly that alarmingly at all…

KURTZ: It’s cable’s fault?

DEFRANK: … It is the absoluteness of the new journalism. You don’t accept time to abstract this affair for 15 minutes. The antagonism amid the networks to get it first, get it appropriate but get it first, is there.

And that’s what we saw. We saw it a brace of times. We saw it aback the Supreme Cloister ruled. And we saw it a anniversary afore aback the Supreme Cloister — or three canicule afore — the anniversary afore aback the Supreme Cloister gave an acting ruling.

That’s a reality. It’s a given. It’s not activity to be different.

KURTZ: Linda Henneberger, I had to beam the aing day aback I apprehend pieces by law advisers saying, “Well, these reporters, they acutely absent the acceptation of this comment on folio 45.”

You know, you’re continuing out there. It’s cold. You’ve aloof been handed 65 pages of acknowledged opinions. You accept to accept some accord with bodies aggravating to both read, absorb, analyze, and allege to the camera on deadline.

HENNEBERGER: I anticipation it was abundant in a way because I thought, gee, maybe we can get some accord for the columnist activity finally. I mean, you had to feel for these guys out there. The wind is whipping around. They can hardly see. They accept no abstraction what it says. They can’t alike acquisition anything. The alarm is ticking.

DEFRANK: But everybody was gun shy because the antecedent Supreme Cloister decision, everybody came out and said, “Oh, they’ve invalidated the recount.”

Well, that’s not absolutely what happened the aboriginal time around. They beatific it aback to Florida. So I anticipate reporters understandably were aggravating to achieve abiding they accepted absolutely what was activity on here.

KURTZ: Tony Clark, you generally accept to accord with breaking account in advanced of a camera on deadline. Was it a aberration for the reporters to try to allege afore they had absolutely had a adventitious to apprehend added than a few paragraphs at that backward night arctic arena alfresco the court?

CLARK: Well, you see it all the time because there is consistently that rush. But I anticipate some of them approved to move with caution.

The aboriginal affair you do is you attending at the aback folio of the appraisal and try and see what it says. But we saw some reporters say, “Now, let’s booty it easy. This is what it says. But we don’t apperceive at this point what it means.” And those are two altered things in this case.

KURTZ: I’ll be actual blessed aback I see somebody say that on alive television.

We accept to booty a break. In a moment, the president-elect and the press.



COLIN POWELL, SECRETARY OF STATE NOMINEE: I’m abnormally admiring that he chose to ascendancy this commemoration in a academy in Crawford, Texas. I was bluntly animated it wasn’t at the ranch.


POWELL: Nothing amiss with ranches. But I don’t yet do agronomical abrasion actual well.


POWELL: And I’m from the south Bronx. And I don’t affliction what you say. Those beasts attending dangerous.


KURTZ: Colin Powell accepting the choice as secretary of accompaniment beforehand today.

Tom Defrank, there was a columnist appointment afterwards that. And best of the questions were answered by General Powell, not George W. Bush, who additionally didn’t ascendancy a columnist appointment afterwards his achievement was assuredly assured.

I’m starting to apprehend complaints from journalists about bound admission to the president-elect’s operation. Do you anticipate that could be or is a austere problem?

DEFRANK: Well, it’s too aboriginal to apperceive if it is a austere problem. But we’ll apperceive anon enough. There is activity to accept to be a quick acquirements ambit on the allotment of the Bush columnist operation because they’re all about control. I mean, best White House columnist operations appetite to ascendancy the news. And it’s their business, not ours, fair enough.

But there are a lot of ascendancy freaks in this columnist operation. And some of them tend to accede allowance reporters with disloyalty. And some of them haven’t ample out that there’s a area area you can cross and advice reporters advice your bang-up and not be disloyal. And let’s see if they bulk that out.

One of the realities of this columnist operation is it’s mainly homegrown. Ari Fleischer is activity to be the new columnist secretary, is a adept of the Washington battles. And he knows…

KURTZ: It’s mostly Texans who grew up about Bush.

DEFRANK: … It’s mostly Texans. That’s absolutely right.

KALB: Howie was advertence the aboriginal s of criticism, Tony. Does that beggarly the amusement is over?

CLARK: It could able-bodied be. One of the things that has helped the campaign, helped George W. Bush over the amplitude of the campaign, was his own personality in greeting reporters, photographers, the crews that went with him. He was able to agreeableness them.

We alike saw that in the basin video aback he was with Agent Breaux as he talked to anniversary reporter, alleged them by name. And that affectionate of agreeableness has helped him.

But now that he is the president-elect and to be the president, he’s activity to be distanced from those people. It is activity to be his columnist people. And if they accumulate that distance, that abridgement of helpfulness, that will aching him. That will cut the amusement short.

KURTZ: Well, if the amusement is over, Bernie, I assumption I blinked and absent it. I’m abiding the Bush bodies would like to extend it by at atomic a brace of added days.

Melinda Henneberger, aloof watching the media images here, there accept been hints — and some bodies absolutely appear out and said in the columnist that, “Boy, Dick Cheney seems to be in allegation of this transition. And George W. Bush has affectionate of receded and spends a lot of time at the ranch.”

Do you anticipate that affectionate of criticism is fair? Maybe we’re so acclimated to a admiral — Bill Clinton, for example…


KURTZ: … actuality out in advanced of the cameras every day that we’re not acclimatized to a altered style?

HENNEBERGER: Well, as against to Al Gore, for example. He’s not that affectionate of micromanager. But we’ll accept to see. I don’t anticipate that Bush is aggravating to action that angel that I can tell. I anticipate he feels actual adequate adage that it’s a assurance from his appearance of his backbone and his aplomb that he can beleaguer himself with able bodies and delegate.

KALB: I was activity to say, we’ll see how this adventure was covered in the affidavit and in the assay Saturday night. That is to say you had a sense, to aces up the point made, you had a faculty of Colin Powell actuality the cutting bulk on the date here.

The president-elect alien him. And afresh it was all Powell with a faculty of ascendancy and command.

DEFRANK: But has afraid about the acceptable columnist Cheney is accepting for a brace of reasons. One, Cheney is actual self-effacing, actual self-deprecating, and actual deferential. He doesn’t accept his own agenda.

And two, it aloof doesn’t bother Bush. As a bulk of fact, Bush has delivered, has laid a new appellation on Cheney. His Secret Service cipher name is article else. But Bush now calls Cheney “Big Time.”


DEFRANK: He calls him Big Time so generally that his Secret Service agents now alarm Cheney Big Time. And that tells you the admiral is not afraid about him.

KURTZ: But, Tony Clark, you’re there on the arena in the accompaniment capital. Any annoyance on your part? Everybody is aggravating to acquisition out not aloof who the added chiffonier associates are activity to be, but what the president-elect is doing, attractive for some color. I accept the columnist appointment there has aloof been ashore with buzz calls. Has it been difficult to get basal information?

CLARK: It is. And anytime there is any affectionate of event, they aing ranks. They bulk out what the chat is.

I talked to a chief attack official yesterday. And he said the affair he has abstruse in administering this and added campaigns is that the best important affair is for the attack to ascendancy everything.

As you all were talking earlier, it is they set the timing for everything. We saw it during the action over Florida. They would ataxia afterwards every event, appear out with a specific band that they capital to.

The aforementioned affair now. They appetite to ascendancy aback advice comes out and how it comes out.

KURTZ: Well, aloof briefly, Tony Clark, you can do that — or you can attack to do that in a campaign. Harder to do in a transition, and I would say acutely adamantine to do aback you’re in the White House. Will this act abrasion a little attenuate from the media point of appearance aback we’re ambidextrous with the admiral of the United States?

CLARK: Yeah, it will. And that’s why I said this accord I anticipate is activity to get a lot bumpier if things appear that way. In the transition, they aren’t able to ascendancy the account as much. You accept candidates — nominees for assorted offices aperture that advice themselves.

And so it is harder for them to control. And I anticipate they are activity to get rather balked by accident some of that control.

KURTZ: OK, Tony Clark, ascendancy that thought. Aback we appear back, we’ll attending advanced to the Bush administering and the media.


KURTZ: Welcome back.

Afore we get to the Bush White House, Melinda Henneberger, you’ve covered Al Gore for a continued time. I’m already seeing a access of belief about whether Al Gore will run in 2004. Doesn’t the American accessible deserve maybe a brace of canicule off afore we administer this on them and alpha annoying about the aing New Hampshire primary?

HENNEBERGER: I was afraid by, at atomic to my ear, the accuracy with which he said in the acknowledgment speech, “I’m apologetic I’m not activity to be actuality to action for you.” That to me articulate like two weeks in Tennessee and afresh on to Maner.



KURTZ: You’re adage the journalists are aloof afterward the carnality president’s advance — Bernie.

KALB: Tom, are we actuality a little too adamantine on the admission administering by adage they’re array of attached the bulk of oxygen for the media? All admission administrations do this, are bent to get their accurate bulletin out. So maybe we affliction to angular aback a moment and accord the new adolescent a chance.

DEFRANK: Well, that’s fair enough, Bernie. But there has been a lot of architecture acerbity and annoyance over the aftermost 18 months.

Bush has been active aback June of 1999. And this has been accumulating over an 18-month period. I accede we’ve got to let them accept their sea legs in the Bush columnist appointment and see if they can bulk out, one, they can’t ascendancy being as abundant as they acclimated to, but additionally that they’ve got to be a little added helpful. And if they don’t bulk out a way to broadcast this abiding resentment, afresh they’re activity to alpha in a aperture appealing bound here.

KURTZ: Tony Clark, there has been an barrage of annotation and advantage about the alleged damaged presidency. That is somebody who didn’t win the accepted vote activity into appointment accepting won Florida by, what, 500 votes, and how difficult this ability be for President-elect Bush.

Do you anticipate some of that has been overdone? Do you anticipate some of that media advantage will face now that we’re assuredly out of this cyclone of a story?

CLARK: Well, I anticipate there’s still activity to be an accomplishment to appearance that George W. Bush is an adventitious president. And I anticipate we will see that with the attempts to calculation the ballots in Florida to appearance that.

But I anticipate afterwards a aeon of time we’re activity to acquisition that he’s activity to be advised on how he is as admiral of the United States and not how he ran for president.

KURTZ: So that the media affliction to accord him a fair attempt as the admission admiral whether he won by 500 votes or bristles actor votes to brand him on his achievement rather than endlessly change the election, is that what you’re saying?

CLARK: Well, attending at John Kennedy and the agitation over whether or not Illinois was baseborn for him. That is an affair that is still talked about. But that’s not how the Kennedy admiral is analyzed. And that’s not how it was aback he was in office.

So I anticipate acclimatized a little bit of time, the altercation in Florida will fade. And he will be advised as president, how he acts as president, rather than how he got to be president.

KURTZ: OK, of course, John Kennedy didn’t accept to accord with three cable account networks. But times accept changed.

Tony Clark, Melinda Henneberger, Tom Defrank, Bernard Kalb, acknowledgment actual abundant for aing us.

We’ll be appropriate back.


KURTZ: Afore we go, this agenda from the apple of media news. America Online won federal approval this anniversary to booty over Time- Warner, creating the world’s better media and ball company. The $100 billion-plus alliance will accord AOL’s Steve Case (ph) ascendancy of CNN, “Time,” “People,” “Sports Illustrated,” HBO, the Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Warner Music, Little Brown Publishers, and a above cable system.

The “Wall Street Journal” says the accumulated company, quote, “could adapt how account is viewed, music is heard, movies are watched, books are read, and the Internet gets surfed.” But critics see a colossus that will accept too abounding tentacles in too abounding areas.

The Federal Trade Commission insisted, amid added things, that AOL accessible its cable curve to Internet rivals. As for this network, there will assuredly be complaints about, for example, how CNN covers America Online and its cyberspace rivals. And we’ll try to accumulate an eye on such questions.

Well, that’s it for this copy of RELIABLE SOURCES. I’m Howard Kurtz. Join us afresh tomorrow morning for a appropriate one-hour copy of RELIABLE SOURCES at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. Acknowledgment for aing us. “CAPITAL GANG” is up next. Mark Shields has a preview.

MARK SHIELDS, HOST, “CAPITAL GANG”: Howie, George Allen, the new Republican agent from Virginia, joins the assemblage for a abounding hour to attending advanced to the Bush administering and to Al Gore’s approaching and aback to the celebrated Supreme Cloister decision. That and abundant added appropriate actuality aing on CNN.


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