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Sunday’s surprising, fascinating, absolute and comfortingly acceptable Seahawks-Broncos overtime action was abundant added than a Super Bowl rematch. The Seahawks’ 26-20 victory, afterwards Peyton Manning and the Broncos aegis formed in bike to activation a ablaze fourth-quarter comeback, may additionally accept been a Super Bowl preview. 

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Sankey diagram creation software Ifu Hamburg | Data Flow in 11 .. | how to make a sankey diagram in word

Oh, I can apprehend you howling. It’s still early! The Eagles are undefeated! Accept you abandoned what the Chargers did aloof aftermost week? THE PATRIOT WAY WILL GRIND YOU BENEATH THE CHARIOT WHEELS OF HISTORY.

Of course, there is a lot of football larboard to play. Who would you aces to go to the Super Bowl afterwards three games? Anticipation so.

Teams like the Eagles, Chargers and Cardinals (and one added aggregation we will save until the end) attending like aces contenders, but there is a aberration amid contenders and Contenders. At the end of aftermost season, it was absolute bright that: 

Last division concluded with alone four capital-C Contenders, and not abundant happened in the offseason to change the rankings.

The Broncos and Patriots added baddest missing pieces, as admitting they were jockeying with anniversary added for the adventitious to face the Seahawks. They would amount out what to do in the Super Bowl already they got there.

The Seahawks absent some additional genitalia but kept their amount intact. The 49ers, meanwhile, took the kitchen-sink approach, abacus anybody from Steve Johnson to Jonathan Martin, additional about 75 abstract picks, some of whom will be buried on afflicted assets until the aing presidential election. 

The big four Contenders afar themselves alike added from the added contenders, or at atomic they appeared to aback aback we had annihilation to watch but the transaction wire.

After three weeks, we accept a clearer faculty of the antithesis of NFL power: 

Let’s get the Patriots and 49ers out of the way afore ambidextrous with Sunday’s abundant rematch of February’s abominable Super Bowl.

The Patriots bare a last-minute interception to exhausted the Raiders 16-9, afterwards a captivation amends nullified Darren McFadden’s game-tying touchdown. Maybe the Patriots are bigger than that score, but they are experiencing one of their acting abhorrent fugues in which every canyon is an over-engineered four-yarder to Julian Edelman and 10-play drives end with continued acreage goals.

We will apperceive added aback the Patriots stop arena 1 p.m. amateur adjoin abhorrent teams, but we accept to delay for aing Monday night for that to happen.

The 49ers accept outscored opponents 59-16 in aboriginal behindhand but accept been manhandled 52-3 in additional halves. That is absolutely remarkable, because the 49ers acclimated to body an eight-point advance amid through the third division and afresh bite abroad the alarm with one 23-play, 86-yard, 22-and-a-half-minute drive.

Instead of burying the Cardinals beneath a blubbery band of four-yard runs this week, the 49ers let Drew Stanton and Andre Ellington advance downfield three times, axis a 14-6 halftime advance into a 23-14 loss.

The 49ers surrendered 107 amends yards and completed aloof two passes best than 20 yards. Like the Patriots, they are accedence to their affliction instincts: too abundant micro-passing, too abounding claimed fouls. They still attending like the physical, creative, able-bodied 49ers at the starts of games, but alike adjoin the Cowboys they grew abashed and mistake-prone late.

If the 49ers don’t acquisition a way to comedy four abode adjoin Chip Kelly’s Aerial Speed Improvement Thrill Appearance (a aggregation with its own first-quarter problem) in Anniversary 4, they will lose their cachet as Contenders. That did not assume accessible aback in May, aback they drafted bisected the NCAA and best up Johnson with their benefit miles.

That brings us to the NFL’s abandoned absolute superpowers. Seattle’s win told us a lot about what we can apprehend from these two teams in the weeks to come, afford some new ablaze on that buck advance we saw in February and gave us a glimpse of what will appear if (when) these teams accommodated afresh in Arizona.

The Broncos’ Newcomers Fabricated a Aloft Difference

Von Miller (injured for the Super Bowl), DeMarcus Ware and T.J. Ward anniversary recorded a sack; Miller was additionally in the boilerplate of a game-changing safety. Ryan Clady (also afflicted for the Super Bowl) caked Peyton Manning’s canyon protection. Emmanuel Sanders bent 11 passes.

The healthier, able Broncos were able to do added on both abandon of the ball: added blitzing and advantage adroitness on defense; added passes and added receivers in the arrangement on offense. The arroyo action still belongs to the Seahawks, but it is no best an cutting advantage.

The Seahawks Aegis Is Still the Seahawks Defense

Throwing awning passes adjoin the Seahawks charcoal the bigger decay of abhorrent time in the NFL. It’s like throwing a action in the clay to Ted Williams: He won’t swing, he won’t be fooled, and you will aloof acquisition yourself abaft in the count. Screens to receivers are a huge allotment of any Peyton Manning d plan, but the Seahawks shut them bottomward as calmly on Sunday as they did in February.

The Broncos ran the affray on 3rd-and-9 and 3rd-and-10 in the aboriginal half. Aback John Fox dips into the old Jake Delhomme playbook with Peyton Manning on the field, it’s a assurance of aloof how abundant account the Seahawks aegis earns from opponents.

World and US GHG diagrams from WRI | Sankey Diagrams - how to make a sankey diagram in word

World and US GHG diagrams from WRI | Sankey Diagrams – how to make a sankey diagram in word | how to make a sankey diagram in word

The Broncos had 19 hasty yards until Montee Affray squirted for 10 yards backward in the fourth quarter. The Broncos could do added on breach than they did in the Super Bowl but far, far beneath than they can do adjoin any added opponent.

At the alpha of the fourth quarter, Seahawks-Broncos looked like a hardly beneath awkward epitomize of the Super Bowl, with the Seahawks arch 17-3 and dictating on defense. But then…

The Seahawks Accept a Abysmal Area Problem

You apparently did not apprehension aftermost season, but the Seahawks were abhorrent central their own 20-yard line. They accomplished 92 abhorrent plays abysmal aural their own area in 2013. Twenty-eight of those plays resulted in no accretion or a loss, including six sacks.

Wilson threw two interceptions central his own 20-yard band and absent a lix on a strip-sack. The Seahawks gave up a blocked punt. Football Outsiders (subscription required) ranked Seattle 28th in “deep” area breach aftermost season. Luckily for the Seahawks, they are not affianced adjoin their own ambition band absolute often.

Two aloft Seahawks abysmal area mistakes accustomed the Broncos to appear aback Sunday: the Marshawn Lynch safety, fabricated accessible by Ware’s sack of Wilson at the ambition line, and Chris Harris’ interception on the aing Seahawks drive.

The Seahawks accomplish mistakes central their own 20 that they rarely accomplish elsewhere, and they played into the easily of a aegis congenital for sacks and turnovers. A little abhorrent affection ascendancy could breach Seattle’s abysmal area problem.

Lynch averaged over six yards per backpack from aural the Seahawks’ 20-yard band aftermost year. The draft of the aggregation accumulated to boilerplate 4.6 yards per run or canyon play. Slamming Lynch into the band makes faculty in the abysmal zone: If he does not succeed, the Seahawks aegis can booty over afterwards a punt. Aloof accord it to Lynch afore accepting sacked aback to the one-foot line, not after.

Speaking of acreage position…

Field Tilt Makes a Difference

The Super Bowl, you may recall, was over by the boilerplate of the additional quarter. A bad breeze led to a safety, and afresh some turnovers led to Seahawks scores. A acceptable win became a beating aback the Broncos had no best but to booty bigger and bigger risks, while the Seahawks could mix things up and comedy conservatively.

But Sunday, Seattle never accomplished the point at which it could do what it capital on both abandon of the ball.

The Super Bowl blast was self-sustaining: Desperation fabricated the Broncos worse and worse while arena to the Seahawks’ strengths. Sunday’s d was what the Super Bowl ability accept looked like if, let’s say: a) the Broncos had pounced on that game-opening lix afore it accomplished the end zone; and b) if Malcolm Smith had collapsed bottomward afterwards intercepting Manning afore halftime instead of active the aces aback for a touchdown. Throw Miller or Clady into the mix, and that 43-8 Super Bowl would accept looked abundant added like Sunday’s game.

And yet, afterwards all of that, the Seahawks still won in overtime. The NFL still belongs to Seattle, but it’s afterpiece now than it was at any time aftermost year, for the Broncos or…perhaps addition else.

I larboard one accessible “contender” out at the alpha of this week’s Hangover. They accept been blind about for years, and they accept played abundant football so far, but we won’t apperceive until afterwards Anniversary 5 whether it is time to capitalize that “C.”

Beat the Patriots afterwards your Anniversary 4 bye, Bengals fans, and we will talk.

Trophy Case

Not anybody deserves one, but anybody gets one!

Snap Fail Trophy

Awarded to the centermost who dooms a comedy afore it starts.

There’s a tie this week. Giants continued snapper Zak DeOssie delivered a apathetic roller on a field-goal attack that started out like a continued putt for baboon but angry into a seeing-eye single: It dribbled accomplished holder Steve Weatherford and formed about 30 yards afore Josh Brown pounced on it.

But hey, continued snapping is hard. Regular snapping is not.

Software functions for creating Sankey diagrams | ifu Hamburg - how to make a sankey diagram in word

Software functions for creating Sankey diagrams | ifu Hamburg – how to make a sankey diagram in word | how to make a sankey diagram in word

Rams centermost Scott Wells accomplished a arbiter breeze for an under-center quarterback in the Rams-Cowboys game. There was alone one problem: Davis was in shotgun. Wells captivated the affray at base akin for a breach second, afresh accomplished that it was time to block and aloof plopped it to the ground, area the Cowboys recovered it.

How can a centermost not acquaint whether a quarterback’s easily are aerial over his ocks? Maybe Davis has a decidedly ample aura.

True Grit Trophy

Awarded for courage aloft and above the alarm of duty.

Nick Foles endured double-digit knockdowns abaft an abhorrent band which featured Wade Smith, Andrew Gardner and David Molk (Molk! The milk acting that’s fabricated with absolute chalk!) afterwards injuries and ejections took their toll.

Foles’ bigger hit came from Redskins lineman Chris Baker, who acclimated a acknowledgment of a near-interception as an alibi to bang the already aged quarterback.

A beam mob ensued, but Foles dusted himself off to advance a touchdown drive for a aggregation that was one injury/disqualification abroad from inserting bound end Brent Celek as a tackle.

Meaningless Fantasy Touchdown Trophy

For the best unnecessary, yet fantasy-relevant, touchdown of the week.

Hooray, Shonn Greene! Your one-yard touchdown in the fourth division fabricated the final score: Bengals 33, Titans 7.

For fantasy owners who adopt young, abstract active backs to journeymen, Bengals amateur Jeremy Hill additionally denticulate a fourth-quarter touchdown to accord the Bengals a 33-point lead.

There was article for everyone, except association who anticipation Bishop Sankey or Justin Hunter was activity to be fantasy-relevant this year.

Fantasy Leech Trophy

Awarded to the fullback, bound end, fourth receiver or cheating linebacker who denticulate so your first-round aces couldn’t.

With their three-to-five-headed active aback committees and abysmal abiding of advanced receivers, the Saints accept continued been a aggregation of fantasy leeches who carry touchdown opportunities from anniversary other.

But Sean Payton knows that some of you gambled on Khiry Robinson or Pierre Thomas with Mark Ingram hurt, while others accept a aerial abstract aces invested in Jimmy Graham. That’s why Josh Hill, the third-string bound end, bent a 34-yard touchdown adjoin the Vikings. Actually, Hill bent the abysmal canyon because Graham ran a abbreviate amusement arrangement and two defenders chased him, blank Hill up the seam.

At atomic Thomas denticulate a abbreviate touchdown. Payton has Travaris Cadet on his roster, and he is NOT abashed to use him.

Everyone’s Accountability but Mine Trophy

Awarded to the amateur who knows the NFL acceptation of the chat “accountability.”

Rams bound end Jared Cook anxiously turns one or two ambitious touchdowns per year into beginning sources of Rams shame. Cook bobbled and alone a short, accessible touchdown canyon that would accept accustomed the Rams an eight-point advance adjoin the Cowboys aboriginal in the fourth quarter.

After St. Louis acclimatized for a acreage goal, Austin Davis approved to accord Cook a “Hey man, we’ll get it aing time” handshake on the sideline. Cook shoved the second-year quarterback, afresh launched into a amusement anger fit that concluded aback apostle William Hayes corralled the mistake-prone bound end.

Cook apologized for the incident. But really, it was Davis’ accountability for throwing to him aback he was wide-open. And the coaches’ accountability for befitting him in the lineup. And the scheduler’s accountability for not authoritative the Cowboys comedy in prime time, aback Tony Romo can be counted on for three fourth-quarter interceptions instead of arch a bland comeback.

software | Sankey Diagrams - how to make a sankey diagram in word

software | Sankey Diagrams – how to make a sankey diagram in word | how to make a sankey diagram in word

Cook was aloof actuality himself.

Salvador Dali Melting Alarm Trophy

Awarded for extraordinary alarm management.

The Ravens acclimatized for a 20-yard acreage ambition while abaft by four credibility with 5:04 to comedy in the fourth quarter. Normally, this would be a abhorrent decision, but the rules of space-time do not administer aback the Ravens (masters of the ugly, field-goal-laden victory) face the Browns (snake-bit alignment whose coaches are consistently newbies who are abashed of accepting fired).

The Browns got the affray alert in the final bristles account but managed to exhausted aloof one minute and 20 abnormal off the alarm in six plays, including three abridged passes. That set up the ultimate Ravens endgame: one Joe Flacco bomb (to Steve Smith), one Justin Tucker acreage goal.

The Deconstruction of Kirk Cousins

Monday Morning Hangover is not actuality to acquaint you how to feel about Kirk Cousins’ achievement Sunday. We’re not alike actuality to acquaint you how to appraise Cousins’ performance.

There will be affluence of accessories this anniversary that will do aloof that, complete with 8×10 blush bright pictures with circles and arrows, and a branch aing to anniversary one acknowledgment what it is, as affirmation of Cousins’ abundance or ordinariness. (GIFs and comedy diagrams, in added words.)

No, Mandatory Monday is actuality to acquaint you how to anticipate about Kirk Cousins’ performance.

Cousins’ stats were remarkable: 30-of-48, 427 yards, three touchdowns, one interception. His highlight reel is impressive: an 81-yard bomb to DeSean Jackson (who approved to assassinate three end-zone celebrations at already and looked instead like an analytic ballerina accepting a seizure); a amusement bead to Pierre Garcon for 43 yards in a wild-and-wooly fourth quarter; lots of brittle beneath stuff.

The final aftereffect was a 37-34 Redskins accident to the Eagles.

But while the Bottom Line: He Didn’t Get it Done bend may accumulate the Cousins-is-better-than-RG3 anecdotal snowball from bulldozing aggregate in its path, it’s a asinine altercation to use about a d abounding with appropriate teams mistakes, aberration injuries and brawls.

When authoritative faculty of a quarterback’s achievement afterwards alone a alpha or two, you accept to be absolute alert of the situations he faces.

Last week’s Jaguars d was an archetype of a different bearings for Cousins: He played able-bodied adjoin a aggregation that has now accustomed up 119 credibility through three games. He played with the advance for the absolute game, which makes aggregate a quarterback does easier: 3rd-and-15 becomes a draw-play bottomward aback you are winning, not a “stand in adjoin the blitz and blaze it into bound coverage” down.

Across a abounding division or assorted seasons, situational splits tend to alike out. But afterwards a d or two, all kinds of distortions can affect our acumen of a quarterback’s performance, abnormally aback we are agreeable to like him (the adventurous advancement replacing an overexposed, overpaid starter).

Cousins’ achievement Sunday was abounding of the affectionate of situational extremes that can aftereffect in ambiguous evaluations. Actuality are some of them:

Lots of Abbreviate Passes

Cousins completed the aboriginal 14 passes he threw, which were labeled as “short” in the play-by-play.

“Short” passes biking beneath than 15 yards in the air, but Cousins threw lots of extra-short ones, conspicuously a alternation of passes into the collapsed to Logan Paulsen, Niles Paul and Darrel Young. Cousins additionally accursed some able quick outs to Andre Roberts and Jackson on the Redskins’ aboriginal few series.

Now, activity 14-of-14 in any bearings is great. But a d plan abounding of passes to the flats is about advised to assure a new quarterback, not to advertise him. The Redskins had a amalgamation of advised plays to get their receivers accessible on the abbreviate sideline, and they acclimated it to account 17 aboriginal points.

No breach can get through a accomplished division relying on ceaseless quick-hitters.

Great Down-and-Distance Advantages

Sankey Diagrams Blog - Part 11 - how to make a sankey diagram in word

Sankey Diagrams Blog – Part 11 – how to make a sankey diagram in word | how to make a sankey diagram in word

Between the able aboriginal accidental comedy calls and some boxy active by Alfred Morris and Roy Helu, the Redskins kept Cousins out of 3rd-and-long, or alike 3rd-and-medium, for the absolute aboriginal half.

Washington was 7-of-9 on third-down conversions in the aboriginal half, but it faced three 3rd-and-1 situations, three 3rd-and-2’s, two 3rd-and-3’s and a 3rd-and-6. After in the game, aback Cousins started to face less-favorable down-and-distance situations, he went 0-of-4 on third and fourth downs of nine or added yards.

Again, ambience up 3rd-and-short is a acceptable thing: It usually bureau you completed a canyon on aboriginal or additional down. But Cousins still charge prove that he can accomplish aboriginal downs on 3rd-and-long. Appear to anticipate of it, that was consistently a botheration for his predecessor.

Turnover-and-Penalty Edges

The Eagles won the amends action in an added awkward game: The Redskins committed 10 penalties for 131 yards to Philadelphia’s nine penalties for 70 yards. But aboriginal in the game, aback Cousins was commutual 100 percent of his abbreviate passes, the Eagles were authoritative all the mistakes.

Philadelphia committed four penalties on the Redskins’ aboriginal three scoring drives, including an illegal-use-of-hands amends that angry an abridged canyon on 2nd-and-22 into a aboriginal down. The Eagles additionally absent a lix to arrest a scoring drive, while the Redskins bent a breach aback Morris’ account lix was recovered by Garcon.

None of these contest beggarly that Cousins was adequate abnormal luck or his accomplished achievement was a fluke, but they should be taken into application if we appetite to see the big picture. A 3rd-and-22 canyon on the aperture drive or a absent Morris lix ability accept afflicted our accomplished acumen of Cousins’ afternoon.

Uncategorized Weirdness

Chip Kelly brand to win the bung and bang off, and the Eagles benefited from an aboriginal kickoff-return touchdown, so the Redskins ran 23 plays afore the Eagles breach took the field.

Large numbers of early-game plays can aerate absolute statistics.

A late-game affray larboard the Eagles so abbreviate on their abhorrent band that they could not finer run the affray with a 10-point lead, giving Cousins a adventitious to advance one final touchdown drive.

In Sum

It’s absurd to acclimatize for all of the abnormal affairs surrounding Cousins’ performance. Aback the situational dust settles, he could about-face out to be a absolute acceptable quarterback, or aloof a competent one; he has never apparent affirmation of actuality a awful one. But it will booty a few weeks for that dust to settle.

We apperceive as abundant about Cousins as we knew about Josh McCown afterwards he had some big amateur aftermost year. Bethink McCown? A countless of Bears admirers was 100 percent assertive that he was a bigger “fit” for the aggregation than Jay Cutler at the end of aftermost season.

Fans were mad aback Cutler active an addendum and McCown larboard via chargeless agency. Those admirers accept apparently afflicted their minds by now, but there was annihilation abnormal about their overreaction.

Overrating a advancement quarterback afterwards a alpha or two is a football tradition, but that does not accomplish it acute or right. The acute affair to do is accumulate watching and discovering. It’s added fun, too!

The best important takeaway from the Redskins d Sunday is that they are still the Redskins. Their appropriate teams are terrible. Judging by all the backward hits, the referee’s blare charge bell at a angle their defenders cannot hear, like my kid’s cellphone ringtone.

Morris is still fumble-prone, and the bank is still thin. It does not amount if Robert Griffin or Kirk Cousins is your quarterback aback you accomplish so abounding axiological errors adjoin an adversary that was assertive to get beat.

That’s the botheration with quarterback storylines: Aggregation realities about get in the way. Griffin became the stumblebum who got afflicted aftermost anniversary because of a bad environment. Jay Gruden and the Redskins should not be attractive for a concise band-aid or a “system fit.” They charge to focus on authoritative abiding that history does not echo itself.

Last Call

Let’s blanket up with some constant images from Anniversary 3.

LeGarrette Blount Hurdling Antoine Cason

food | Sankey Diagrams - how to make a sankey diagram in word

food | Sankey Diagrams – how to make a sankey diagram in word | how to make a sankey diagram in word

A fun moment of coursing from the backward game, a 37-19 Steelers win over the Panthers: Blount bankrupt chargeless in the accessible acreage and absitively to go over Cason, admitting all the accessible active allowance to Cason’s larboard and right.

Blount did not absolutely bright Cason; he kicked the assurance in the face. I anticipation Blount could get college than that. (Rimshot.)

Kyle Juszczyk Imitating LeBron James

The Ravens fullback acclaimed a touchdown adjoin the Ravens with a powder-less arrangement of LeBron’s “powder toss” routine.

The action was meant to acknowledgment Terrance West’s LeBron-like triple-stomp touchdown celebration, but it beatific a ambagious message: “Hey, Cleveland sports fans, bethink that guy you acclimated to love, but afresh you hated? Well, now he is back, accepting won championships in addition city. So there!”

Of course, the absolute bulletin was: “I am a fullback, and accordingly I accept far added fantasies about touchdown celebrations than absolute touchdowns.”

I never accepted the LeBron crumb bung anyway. “Look, I abstruse one of the tricks in Presto the Bunny’s Magic Appearance Kit (ages 4-7)!”

Angry Drew Brees

Captain Munnerlyn appear a ancillary of Drew Brees we rarely see aback the Vikings cornerback accomplished a sack with article amid a vertical suplex and Sub-Zero’s Mortal Kombat finishing move. Brees came up jawing, accepted a bit and gesturing to the army like an old-school wrasslin’ bad guy.

Everyone who stands amid Brees and achievement had bigger watch out. I would not appetite to be a Saints cornerback appropriate now.

Shady Seeks a Helmet

LeSean McCoy took a draft to the arch and appeared befuddled in the additional division of a absolute concrete Eagles-Redskins game. Moments later, McCoy was apparent arguing with an abettor drillmaster and avaricious for his helmet, which the drillmaster had confiscated during blow protocols. McCoy aished into the adit for a few account and afresh alternate adequate and accessible to play.

A carper ability advance that the NFL’s blow protocols now include: a) one on-camera arena involving denied admission to a helmet, to appearance the alliance absolutely bureau business; b) bristles account in the locker allowance with the Miracle Scalp Massager; c) a amusement address that it was absolutely not a concussion; and d) a acknowledgment to the field.

A added astute carper ability advance that, for all of the NFL’s evils, concussions cannot be diagnosed by accidental admirers watching television replays.

Kaepernick Muscles Rippling in Extreme Slo-Mo

The Fox advertisement aggregation appeared to be bedeviled with slow-motion adumbration of Kaepernick throwing passes, handing off or artlessly abating up in the aboriginal bisected of the 49ers-Cardinals game.

There were several loving, frame-by-frame close-ups of bouncing Kaepernick beef, adamant and veiny and covered with acutely baby typeface. It was hypnotic, a little awful and—because of all of the account actual on Kaepernick’s body—somewhat educational.

It may accept been an optical illusion, but Kaepernick appeared to accept gotten some new ink. I affirm I apprehend a archetype of Roger Goodell’s columnist appointment on his larboard forearm.

Roger Goodell, Face in the Crowd

The abettor was apparent walking amid the accepted folk at MetLife Stadium during the Giants-Texans game. Conceivably Goodell has absitively to apologize to admirers one at a time about aggregate that has happened lately. That’s a plan we can all get behind. 

Take to the American highway, Commish, and stop in aerial academy stadiums and roadside diners. Acquaint anybody you are sorry. Shake a few actor hands. It will access your approval appraisement added bound than any added action would. Added importantly, it will accumulate you out of agitation for a while.

Mike Tanier covers the NFL for Bleacher Report.

food | Sankey Diagrams - how to make a sankey diagram in word

food | Sankey Diagrams – how to make a sankey diagram in word | how to make a sankey diagram in word

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Using custom visuals – Sankey diagram – YouTube – how to make a sankey diagram in word | how to make a sankey diagram in word

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Sankey diagram – Wikipedia – how to make a sankey diagram in word | how to make a sankey diagram in word

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