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Marine Cat 12 Parts Diagram - Data Wiring Diagrams • - cat pumps parts diagrams

Marine Cat 12 Parts Diagram – Data Wiring Diagrams • – cat pumps parts diagrams | cat pumps parts diagrams

C. R. dela Cruz


The designations active and the presentation of actual in this advertisement do not betoken the announcement of any assessment whatsoever on the allotment of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations apropos the acknowledged cachet of any country, territory, burghal or breadth or of its authorities, or apropos the bonds of its frontiers or boundaries.


The absorb in this advertisement is vested in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This advertisement may not be reproduced in accomplished or in part, by any adjustment or process, after accounting permission from the absorb holder. Application for such permission with a account of the purpose and admeasurement of the reproduction desired, should be fabricated through and addressed to the Programme Leader, South China Sea Fisheries Development and Coordinating Programme, P.O. Box 1184, M.C.C., Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines.

A bounded Consultation/Seminar on Littoral Fishpond Engineering was captivated in Surabaya, Indonesia, 4–12 August 1982. A accumulation of specialists on this accountable alternate in the Seminar with the objectives to accumulate available information, analyze gaps in ability and constraints to development, and codify accessible approaching programmes in this field. The Seminar was sponsored by the FAO/UNDP South China Sea Fisheries Development and Coordinating Programme (SCSP) and was hosted accordingly by the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (AARD) and the Directorate General of Fisheries (DGF) of Indonesia.

The Consultation/Seminar underscored the importance of engineering to the rapidly developing littoral fishpond industry in the Southeast Asian Region. It acerb recommended the alertness of a Chiral on Littoral Fishpond Engineering for the region. In acquiescence with this recommendation, the afterward Chiral has been drafted through an author’s adjustment with Dr. Catalino R. dela Cruz Aquaculture Engineer and aloft Dean, College of Inland Fisheries and accordingly Director, Freshwater Aquaculture Center, Axial Luzon State University, Munoz, Nueva Ecija province, Philippines.

The accessible advice on the accountable is actual limited. The columnist depended mainly on the affidavit contributed in the Seminar, on the discussions by the participants, and on ahead appear papers. He additionally fabricated use of two recent country manuals, one on Fishpond Engineering by the FAO/UNDP/BFAR Brackishwater Aquaculture Development and Training Project in the Philippines, and the other on Fishpond Architecture by Wit Tarnchalanukit of the Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University in Thailand. From this compilation, a chiral of a bounded attributes is presented. The set of illustrations which is based on practices in the altered countries of the arena should be awful useful.

The opinions bidding by the columnist of this chiral are those of his own and not necessarily of the Organization. It is hoped that the chiral will serve as a dispatch bean upon which the ability of aquaculture engineering can build aloft in the future.

The columnist is beholden to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for accouterment him the befalling to address this Manual. He is decidedly indebted to Mr. Arthur G. Woodland, aloft Programme Leader and Mr. Erling O. Oswald, the bounden Senior Small-Scale Fishery Specialist (Officer-in-Charge) of the FAO/UNDP South China Sea Fisheries Development and Coordinating Programme, for their connected abutment which brought this Chiral to a acknowledged completion.

His abysmal acknowledgment and acknowledgment additionally goes to:

Dr. Herminio R. Rabanal and Mr. Vincentius Soesanto of the Programme, for their agog interests, 18-carat concern, and for alteration and giving suggestions which accept been gratefully advised in this Manual; Ms. Leticia S. Perello of the Programme, for patiently accounting the final abstract and Mr. Antonio Gonzales for accomplishing the illustrations.

Messrs. Ruben C. Sevilleja, Tereso A. Abella and Zaldy Bartolome of the Axial Luzon State University for their affair and abetment in some portions of the Manual; and Misses Norlyn Andres and Corazon Remocal for accounting some of the basic drafts; and for all those who in one way or added helped in the authoritative of this manual.

Hyperlinks to non-FAO Internet sites do not betoken any official endorsement of or albatross for the opinions, ideas, abstracts or articles presented at these locations, or agreement the authority of the advice provided. The sole purpose of links to non-FAO sites is to announce added advice accessible on accompanying topics.

This cyberbanking certificate has been scanned application optical appearance acceptance (OCR) software. FAO declines all albatross for any discrepancies that may abide amid the present certificate and its aboriginal printed version.





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Scag STC12V-12FX (Tiger Cat) (S/N H1200001-H1299999) Parts Diagram .. | cat pumps parts diagrams

1.1 Status1.2 Potentials1.3 Major engineering problems of littoral fishponds

1.3.1 Problems due to altitude and hydrology1.3.2 Ecology influences1.3.3 Engineering specific problems



2.1 Criteria used

2.1.1 Baptize supply2.1.2 Flat ambit and arena elevation2.1.3 Adobe characteristics2.1.4 Topography of the site2.1.5 Blazon and body of vegetation2.1.6 Climatic and watershed altitude about the site2.1.7 Added criteria

2.2 Authoritative the decision

2.2.1 Adjustment of evaluation2.2.2 Illustration of the point system



3.1 Engineering analysis equipment3.2 Altitude of distances

3.2.1 Pacing3.2.2 Taping3.2.3 The stadia method

3.3 Altitude of angles and directions

3.3.1 Methods of cogent angles and directions3.3.2 Methods of free angles and directions

3.4 Laying out erect and alongside lines

3.4.1 Laying out erect lines3.4.2 Laying out alongside lines

3.5 Altitude of areas3.6 Topographic survey

3.6.1 Levelling3.6.2 Differential levelling3.6.3 Ambit levelling3.6.4 Ambit mapping3.6.5 Topographic analysis by sounding

3.7 Ecological (environmental) survey

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Cat Pumps Parts Diagrams Cat Pump 122 Seal Kit Part 12 – Youtube .. | cat pumps parts diagrams

3.7.1 Baptize quality3.7.2 Salinity in rivers and canals3.7.3 Flat range, currents and prevailing directions3.7.4 Biological



4.1 Apparatus of a angle farm4.2 Types of pond compartments

4.2.1 Fry acclimatization pond4.2.2 Nursery pond4.2.3 Alteration pond4.2.4 Production or appearance pond4.2.5 Communicable pond4.2.6 Food growing pond

4.3 Blueprint of pond system

4.3.1 Adequacy of blueprint for able species4.3.2 Blueprint adapted for assigned administration method

4.4 Location of gates and baptize supply/drainage canals4.5 Added facilities/features in pond system

4.5.1 Peripheral, axial or askew ditch4.5.2 Analysis pond4.5.3 Reservoir pond4.5.4 Sedimentation basin4.5.5 Chilling tank4.5.6 Road system4.5.7 Housing site



5.1 Architecture course ambit and acclivity of pond bottom5.2 Design, blueprint and apparatus of capital baptize ascendancy gate

5.2.1 Apparatus of baptize ascendancy gates5.2.2 Capital gate

5.3 Architecture of accessory and tertiary gates and added baptize ascendancy structures

5.3.1 Accessory and tertiary gates5.3.2 Culverts or pipes

5.4 Architecture and blueprint of capital or ambit dike

5.4.1 Location of ambit dike5.4.2 Array of capital dike5.4.3 Leakage and seepage

5.5 Array of accessory and tertiary dikes

5.5.1 Assurance of height5.5.2 Ancillary slope, acme and base

Cat 12 Injection Pump Diagram - Data Schema • - cat pumps parts diagrams

Cat 12 Injection Pump Diagram – Data Schema • – cat pumps parts diagrams | cat pumps parts diagrams

5.6 Architecture of assorted types of ponds and pond bottom

5.7 Architecture of baptize canals or channels

5.7.1 Kinds of baptize channel5.7.2 Array of aqueduct bed5.7.3 Architecture velocity5.7.4 Architecture claim for assorted use



6.1 Pre-construction activities

6.1.1 Programming of action and staffing of the project6.1.2 Procurement/stockpiling of materials6.1.3 Armpit clearing

6.2 Architecture equipment

6.2.1 Accessories for chiral construction6.2.2 Abundant accessories for construction

6.3 Architecture methods

6.3.1 Architecture of able accurate or alveolate block capital and accessory gates6.3.2 Architecture of capital accessory and tertiary lath gates and pipes6.3.3 Architecture of ambit or capital dike6.3.4 Architecture of accessory and tertiary dikes6.3.5 Architecture of baptize canals6.3.6 Pond levelling


7.1 Accessories for aliment and repairs

7.1.1 Digging tools7.1.2 Levelling tools7.1.3 Desilting equipment

7.2 Nets and traps

7.2.1 Fingerling seine7.2.2 Fingerling abeyance net7.2.3 Gillnet seine7.2.4 Screens on baptize ascendancy structures7.2.5 Harvesting bagnet on gates7.2.6 Casting net7.2.7 Bamboo awning trap

7.3 Accessories for ecology and aliment of baptize quality

7.3.1 Baptize apportionment and aeration7.3.2 Analysis kit

7.4 Added facilities

Cat Pumps Parts Diagrams Cat Pump 12 Unloader, Blue Spring - Ets ..

Cat Pumps Parts Diagrams Cat Pump 12 Unloader, Blue Spring – Ets .. | cat pumps parts diagrams



8.1 Terminology acclimated in pumps8.2 Types of pumps for aquaculture

8.2.1 Centrifugal pump8.2.2 Deep-well agent pump8.2.3 Ballista pump8.2.4 Special types of pumps

8.3 Selection of pump8.4 Apparatus of a pumping plant8.5 Architecture of assimilation pump8.6 Power requirement8.7 Selection of prime mover8.8 Accessories and added devices8.9 Pump installations in assertive conditions8.10 Economics of pump use



9.1 Cost of land9.2 Feasibility, planning and designing cost

9.2.1 Pre-construction appraisal work9.2.2 Costs

9.3 Architecture cost

9.3.1 Land allowance and grubbing9.3.2 Earthwork9.3.3 Cost of baptize ascendancy gates and added structures/facilities9.3.4 Added costs

9.4 Estimating development cost



Appendix A – Supplemental advice about course and uses of course dataB – Detailed procedures in free able amplitude of douse gateC – Acerbic sulfate soilsD – Barometer areas of -to-be angle acreage sitesE – Elimination breeze through dike


Table 1.1 Cachet and abeyant of brackishwater (coastal) pond aquaculture in Southeast Asia

2.1 Flat characteristics and suitabilities for aquaculture in some areas of the South China Sea region2.2 Adjustment and textural name of the three capital types of soil2.3 Relationship of adobe classes and adequacy for barricade material2.4 Definition of adobe for assorted textural classification2.5 Physical and actinic characteristics of adobe in affiliation to blazon of frondescence found2.6 Characteristics and credibility becoming by four sites2.7 Appraisal of adequacy for fishpond development of assorted swampland sites surveyed in West Malaysia

3.1 Differential akin agenda for Figure 3.183.2 The ambit akin agenda for Figure 3.203.3 Format for the akin agenda for laying-out-square method3.4 Format for the akin addendum for random-shot method3.5 Sample acreage abstracts on analysis by soundings

CAT PUMPS 122DX122G12I Pump Replacement Parts | APW Distributing - cat pumps parts diagrams

CAT PUMPS 122DX122G12I Pump Replacement Parts | APW Distributing – cat pumps parts diagrams | cat pumps parts diagrams

4.1 Comparison of assorted layouts of milkfish ponds

5.1 Elimination breeze through dikes with three able widths5.2 Relationship amid the top width, basal amplitude and acme of barricade with accustomed ancillary slopes5.3 Cross-sectional area. A of trapezoidal earthen aqueduct at accustomed ancillary slope, Z: l; baptize depth, d; and bottom width, b5.4 Velocity of baptize (m sec) in trapezoidal earthen aqueduct in adobe adobe at accustomed ancillary slope; acerbity coefficient, n=0.025; depth, d; and basal width, b

8.1 Characteristics of altered types of ballista pumps8.2 Some abstracts on advance pump accession in Thailand8.3 Friction accident of water, in anxiety per 100 ft of apple-pie wrought-iron or animate pipe8.4 Length of animate pipe, in feet, agnate to accessories and values

9.1 Archetype of appraisal of actual and labour claim for baptize ascendancy gates

B.1 Ethics acclimated in course ambit and estimates of baptize akin in the pond of archetype problem

C.1 Lime requirements in kg/ha of calcium carbonate (neutralizing amount of 100) to access absolute hardness and absolute alkalinity of pond baptize aloft 20 mg/I


Figure 1.1 Areas in Southeast Asia breadth littoral angle agriculture is practiced

2.1 Adequacy of proposed fishpond armpit based on flat ranges and arena acclivity beneath Philippine action with course ambit of (-)0.6 to 2.2 m or 2.8 m2.2 Flat characteristics of Ban Merbok estuary, Kedah State, Malaysia in affiliation to absolute ground acclivity of an area2.3 Adjustment triangle assuming the percentages of sand, alluvium and adobe in the textural classes2.4 Appearance of samples of rolling, description and adjustment of adobe by blow and feel2.5 Adapted textural triangle for free adobe adjustment by the feel method2.6 A archetypal adobe auger2.7 The four zones in archetypal swamps as apparent sites for fishpond

3.1 Accessories for barometer accumbent and vertical distances3.2 Illustration of stadia method3.3 Account of archetype address of line3.4 Illustration of arctic and south azimuth of a line3.5 Definition account of angle angles3.6 Angles to right3.7 Illustration of autogenous angles3.8 Angle altitude by taping3.9 Angle by taping, appropriate triangle method3.10 Altitude of band bearing3.11 Altitude of azimuth3.12 Altitude of angle angle3.13 The 3-4-5 adjustment in laying out erect lines3.14 Intersection method3.15 Laying out alongside lines3.16 Akin instruments3.17 Case of two credibility arresting from the instrument3.18 Levelling action back cold credibility are not arresting in distinct apparatus set-up3.19 An archetype of levelling circuit3.20 Illustration of ambit levelling procedure3.21 Ambit of centerline of accumulation canal3.22 Laying-out aboveboard method3.23 Illustration of apparatus stations aural an breadth and the accidental shots for anniversary angle3.24 A ambit map3.25 Illustration of topographic analysis by soundings

4.1 Wind administration in Southeast Asia4.2 Blueprint of pond compartments aggressive to the prevailing wind direction4.3 A accepted pond adjustment with communicable pond (CP), nursery pond (NP), alteration pond (TP), augment pond (FP) and appearance pond (RP)4.4 Radiating blazon blueprint assuming alteration pond (TP) and appearance pond (RP)4.5 Radiating blueprint of Taman and Porong types of milkfish acreage with analysis pond (D); appearance ponds (A, B, & C); fry pond (E) and canals4.6 A modular pond adjustment in the Philippines assuming appearance pond stages (RPS) with adjustment of 1:24 and 1:3:94.7 Blueprint of a acreage by assorted stock/harvest adjustment assuming angle captivation aqueduct (FHC) as added feature4.8 Blueprint of the acceptable shrimp pond in Thailand4.9 Blueprint of a adapted acceptable shrimp pond; N, nursery and gates (inlet, G1 and outlet, G2)4.10 Blueprint of an accelerated shrimp pond with nursery pens (N), basin aboideau (G1), and aperture aboideau (G2)4.11 Blueprint of an accelerated shrimp pond with 3-ha consisting of three appearance ponds (R), and and three nursery ponds (N), and provided with abstracted assimilation and acquittal gates (G)4.12 Indicative blueprint for a 5-ha shrimp monoculture project4.13 Indicative blueprint for a 5-ha shrimp monoculture project4.14 Indicative blueprint for a 5-ha shrimp monoculture project4.15 Indicative blueprint for a 10-ha milkfish/shrimp polyculture angle farm4.16 Blueprint of Jakarta and Kamal types of milkfish nursery with analysis pond (dp); fry pond (fp); alteration pond (tp); and aqueduct (c)4.17 Indicative blueprint for a 10-ha milkfish monoculture grow-out project4.18 Indicative blueprint for a 10-ha milkfish monoculture grow-out project

5.1 Affiliation of course curves to architecture elevations of a angle acreage at the Sungai Merbok estuary, Malaysia5.2 Affiliation of course curves to the altered pond elevations5.3 Representative course ambit (Mean High Baptize Spring) referred at Tanjong Dawai, Accessory Port, Ban Merbok estuary, Malaysia5.4 Parts of a capital aboideau (double-opening) fabricated of able concrete5.5 Detail of a capital aboideau with pump sump5.6 Capital accurate gate, single-opening5.7 Capital accurate gate, double-opening5.8 Sample of a triple-opening accurate capital gate5.9 Foundation abutment and axle adjustment (Philippines)5.10 Foundation abutment plan and axle adjustment (Malaysia)5.11 Foundation and acclivity plan of accurate capital aboideau (single-opening)5.12 Detail of a single-opening accessory accurate gate5.13 Details of accessory gates with double-opening5.14 Accurate alveolate blocks douse aboideau (single-opening — Indonesia)5.15 Lath douse aboideau — with accession bank in two ends ancillary braces and cat walk5.16 Lath capital douse aboideau (Top view) — with average anti-seep lath and accession bank in pond side5.17 Accessory lath aboideau (No accession wall)5.18 Detail of lath tertiary aboideau for nursery/rearing ponds5.19 Cut-out diagram of accurate aqueduct as accessory aboideau (With accession wall)5.20 Accurate aqueduct (No accession wall)5.21 Architecture of a aboveboard aqueduct gate5.22 Lath aboveboard culvert5.23 Sample designs of ambit barricade aural the ability of littoral waves5.24 Sample designs of ambit barricade amid forth river or adequate area5.25 Steepness of ancillary of barricade for altered ethics of ancillary slope5.26 Architecture of altered dikes5.27 Array of ambit (main) barricade and base for free height5.28 Simple pond dike5.29 Archetypal array of accessory barricade assuming arena elevation, baptize levels and base for assurance of height5.30 Archetypal array of tertiary barricade assuming arena and baptize levels and base for free height5.31 Borderline aqueduct or aqueduct in basal of shrimp pond5.32 A axial aqueduct in accession to borderline aqueduct in shrimp pond5.33 A flow-through blazon of pond basal architecture for shrimp pond5.34 Dike-canal blazon pond5.35 Architecture of altered canals

6.1 Account assuming how to use a winch and a caster block for chiral destumping6.2 A automated timberline puller6.3 Types of ballast for chiral destumping6.4 Types of digging accouterments for fishpond construction6.5 Additional digging accoutrement in Indonesia for fishpond architecture and repairs6.6 Bamboo bulk for alteration adobe blocks in diking6.7 Flatboat for alteration adobe blocks6.8 Two means of auction flatboat6.9 Ambit diagram and banned of assignment of annoyance band as authentic for the architecture of the ambit dike6.10 Some abundant accessories for angle acreage construction6.11 Lath aboideau architecture (No average anti-seep board)6.12 Lath aboideau aboveboard view, no accession bank but with anti-seep board6.13 Lath aboideau construction, finer preservative-treated copse and nut or galvanized adamant nails6.14 Closing of river or creek6.15 Five workers alive in accumulation in pond with water6.16 The sliding lath adjustment of affective adobe blocks6.17 Able way of axle adobe blocks for dike6.18 Adjustment of adobe blocks and able anatomy of barricade in chiral adjustment of construction6.19 Ancillary abruptness archetypal fabricated for barricade abruptness of 1:16.20 One-man-one floatboat operation6.21 Illustration of action in free abyss of adobe aloft O flat accomplishment application baptize level, agents barometer and abyss gauge6.22 Agents barometer as benchmark6.23 Stripping adjustment of levelling (Cut and fill)6.24 A simple abyss gauge

7.1 A lath mud rake7.2 Pond mud basal levelling lath acclimated in Indonesia7.3 Fingerling angle (A) and operational appearance (B)7.4 Sample of fingerling abeyance net7.5 Allotment of a gillnet for fractional harvesting7.6 Soil-sealed gates with screens7.7 Netting screens in baptize gates and pipes7.8 Harvest net with apathetic band arrows announce baptize flow7.9 A casting net for sampling or fractional harvest7.10 Traps for use in shrimp ponds7.11 The Thai-made paddlewheel aerator towed by tractor7.12 Aeration by abetment of cease slabs7.13 Altitude of abyss of afterimage by Secchi disc7.14 Hydrometer and refractometer for altitude of salinity7.15 An improvised salinometer7.16 Chilling catchbasin for anew harvested milkfish7.17 Fertilizer platform7.18 Devices acclimated to get rid of pests7.19 Bird alarming device7.20 Bamboo allurement for mound-building mud lobster

8.1 Accumbent centrifugal pump cantankerous section8.2 Self-priming ball pumps8.3 Deep-well agent pump8.4 Agent pump installation8.5 Radial breeze ballista pumps8.6 Mixed breeze ballista pump8.7 Axial breeze ballista pumps8.8 Dragon caster pump run by agent and windmill8.9 Advance pump and installation8.10 Combination pump8.11 Achievement curves for ballista pumps8.12 Pump appropriate achievement curves for a deep-well agent pump8.13 Correct and incorrect sump designs for minimum entrained air into assimilation line8.14 Section sump architecture assuming able spacing8.15 Minimum assimilation aqueduct submergence for assorted aqueduct breeze velocity8.16 Baffle adjustment for amphitheater prevention8.17 Floor and bank clearances amid sump and assimilation bell8.18 Illustration of the action of a accessory drive8.19 Cantankerous collective and shaft assembly8.20 High acquittal hydraulic apprenticed pump8.21 Types of ballista pump installations8.22 Set-up for bushing and clarification pond baptize irrespective of flat level8.23 Aboideau valve adjustment for bushing and clarification fishpond behindhand of course level


Figure A.1 Types of tidesA.2 Course phenomenon-solar and lunar systemA.3 Course almanac for 15 daysA.4 Illustration of the altitude of the archetype problemA.5 Approximate account of the predicted course at Tayabas River EntranceA.6 Relating aught accomplishment to bank groundA.7 Acme of course at any time by graphical method

B.1 Change on pond baptize akin with time as advised adjoin the course ambit for a given amplitude of douse gateB.2 A articulation of ascent course level, H. during any one-hour breach and its difference with pond baptize level, hB.3 The falling articulation of course curve

C.1 Formation of acerbic sulfate soils

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Cat Pumps Parts Diagrams Blog – Page 12 Of 12 – Ets Company Pressure .. | cat pumps parts diagrams

D.1 Breadth by trapezoidal ruleD.2 Case back ho and hn are zeroD.3 Altitude of breadth by adding into approved geometric figures

E.1 Elimination breeze in barricade of constant actual placed on bank absorbent foundationE.2 The elimination band fatigued in barricade with constant actual placed on closed foundation

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Cat Pumps – 12CP12121 Pump Replacement Parts | APW Distributing – cat pumps parts diagrams | cat pumps parts diagrams

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Cat Pumps Parts Diagram 12 – Auto Electrical Wiring Diagram • – cat pumps parts diagrams | cat pumps parts diagrams

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ETS Company12 Valve Repair Kit from CAT Pumps – ETS Company .. | cat pumps parts diagrams

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Cat Pressure Washer Pump Diagram – Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • – cat pumps parts diagrams | cat pumps parts diagrams

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Cat Pumps Parts Diagrams Homelite Ct12 Gasoline Pressure Washer .. | cat pumps parts diagrams

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