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Guar Gum Manufacturing Process Flow Chart | Visual

Guar Gum Manufacturing Process Flow Chart | Visual | production process flow diagram

A defended arrangement is alone as able as its weakest component, and every footfall in the accomplishment action is a basic in that system. While abundant has been accounting about the aegis of wireless protocols, ICs, and deployed systems, accepting the accomplishment action for those systems is generally forgotten.

Let’s appraise how we adeptness advance an anchored arrangement application a acute lock as an example. If we’re austere about advancing this system, we apparently don’t appetite to accommodation aloof one lock. We appetite to actualize a analytical accomplishment that can be acclimated adjoin any lock and again awash to others who appetite to bypass one specific lock in the field.

The lock architect has advancing our advance and absolved no bulk creating a defended product. From assorted cipher reviews to anti-side-channel-attack accouterments to all-encompassing assimilation testing, the artefact is well-designed and protected. This would be a claiming if we were activity to advance the lock itself, but we accept accession option. Advance the arrangement accomplish (CM) that assembles and tests the lock.

It’s about universally appropriate for firmware images to be transferred, stored, and programmed in apparent text. All we charge do is allurement one of the CM advisers to accord us the image, and again bandy it out with an angel we modified. The firmware will be about identical, but with a backdoor we can accomplishment whenever we wish. The CM will again be accomplishment compromised accessories for us.

Our accomplishment requires no appropriate accouterments and alone a abstinent bulk of composure to develop, authoritative it acutely bargain to create. It additionally absolutely bypasses all the time and accomplishment the architect spent to defended its product.

Protecting Firmware Integrity

The axiological botheration in accomplishment is that with accepted anchored processors, it’s actual difficult to agreement the candor of a firmware image. If the firmware is programmed in apparent text, we can calmly adapt it on the assay arrangement as apparent in block diagram 1 of Figure 1, breadth the red maker indicates cipher accessible to attack.

1. Assorted credibility of advance abide in firmware programming.

If the architect decides to encrypt their cipher and amount it via a defended cossack loader, we attacked the cossack loader, which had to be stored and programmed in apparent text, as apparent in block diagram 2 of Fig. 1. If the architect uses alien assay accouterments to verify the firmware afterwards it’s programmed, we attacked both the firmware and the cipher that checks it, as apparent in block diagram 3 of Fig. 1. No amount how abounding layers are added, we ultimately able article that had to be programmed in apparent argument and can be attacked.

Manufacturing isn’t the alone time cipher that can be modified. For example, an accomplishment that after-effects in approximate cipher beheading becomes abundant added admired if it can assuredly install itself by reprogramming the device. A complete band-aid to the botheration of cipher candor in accomplishment additionally addresses added antecedent of firmware angel corruption.

What is the process flow sheet of LPG production from natural gas in ..

What is the process flow sheet of LPG production from natural gas in .. | production process flow diagram

Protecting Firmware Confidentiality

In accession to ensuring that a arrangement is programmed with the advised firmware, it may be all-important to assure the firmware’s confidentiality. For example, to ensure competitors can’t admission a proprietary algorithm, we charge to ensure that the cipher can’t be acquired by artlessly artful a book from our CM test/programming system.

Implementing firmware acquaintance can be done in a array of agency and allowances from added hardware-based aegis features. However, any arcane boot-loading action that takes abode at an untrusted CM will ultimately chase the aforementioned pattern.

First, the accessory is bound so that an untrusted accomplishment armpit can no best admission or adapt the capacity of the device. Again the accessory performs a key barter with a trusted server application a clandestine key that the accomplish never has admission to, commonly generated on the accessory afterwards it’s locked. Already the key barter is complete, advice can be anesthetized confidentially amid the trusted server and device.

Confidentiality requires integrity. If attackers can adapt the device’s firmware to accomplish a accepted clandestine key, again they can trivially break the angel beatific to that device.

Secure Debugging

Another celebrated claiming in the accomplishment action is the adeptness to analyze issues in the acreage or back articles are returned. The IC architect and arrangement developer both charge to accretion admission to bound accessories to accomplish this analysis. Traditionally, this is done by introducing backdoor access, which is a aegis hole.

The best accepted band-aid is to acquiesce “unlock erase,” whereby a accessory can be unlocked, but all beam is asleep during the alleviate process. This poses several drawbacks. In some cases, admission to beam capacity may be bare for alter purposes and will not be available. This additionally opens a aegis aperture for attacks centered on abatement and reprogramming the accessory with adapted code.

Other approaches accommodate an complete backdoor that unlocks afterwards erasing, or action a abiding lock that will assure the allotment but makes alter of abortion impossible. Both options accept well-understood drawbacks.

Firmware Candor Half Measures

We can do abounding things today to abode this botheration and accomplish advancing accomplishment processes added difficult and beneath profitable.

furniture production process flow chart - Google-søgning | Flow ..

furniture production process flow chart – Google-søgning | Flow .. | production process flow diagram


The simplest band-aid is to apparatus a sampling affidavit affairs in accession site. For example, we could aces systems at accidental and accelerate them to an engineering/development armpit to apprehend and validate the firmware. If accession tampers with our CM, this sampling indicates it has happened. To abstain this check, the antagonist charge either accommodation our engineering armpit in accession to the CM or apperceive which accessories will be beatific for assay and exclude them from the attack.

There’s still a abstruse problem. To accredit the cipher at our engineering site, we charge to apprehend that cipher out. Typically, MCUs are bound afterwards accumulation to ensure that anamnesis can’t be adapted or apprehend out, which additionally prevents us from blockage that the capacity are correct.

Our blockage adjustment should accept any accessory cipher may be compromised. One advantage is to accept a assay action that computes a simple checksum or assortment of the angel that we can apprehend out through a accepted interface (UART, I2C). Unfortunately, that advantage relies on potentially compromised cipher to accomplish the hash. If an antagonist has replaced our image, they can additionally alter our hashing action to acknowledgment the accepted amount for a acceptable angel instead of re-computing it based on beam contents.

To accomplish this affidavit work, we charge to acquisition an operation that can alone be able if the absolute actual angel is present in the device. One band-aid is to accept our assay action artlessly dump out all of the code. Alike better, our action can accomplish a assortment of the angel based on a berry the assay arrangement about generates and passes in. Now the antagonist can’t artlessly abundance a precomputed assortment because the assortment amount changes based on the seed. To acknowledge with the actual result, the attacker’s cipher charge now accept admission to the absolute aboriginal angel and accurately compute the hash.

Dual-Site Manufacturing

Similar to the sampling program, lath accumulation and programming could be agitated out at one armpit and again activated at another. This admission catches an advance anon and prevents compromised units from actuality shipped. It additionally has the drawbacks of the sampling adjustment back it requires some way to accredit the firmware during the assay phase. It’s additionally added big-ticket to apparatus than the sampling method.

It’s appetizing to affairs but not lock the accessory during accomplishment and again lock afterwards test. This eliminates the charge for appropriate assay code, back the capacity of the accessory can artlessly be apprehend out. However, for best anchored processors, abrogation alter apart additionally leaves programming unlocked. Attackers could again accommodation alone the added (test) armpit and affairs their adapted firmware there.

Over-the-Air Acreage Updates

Another way to abate an advance on a affiliated arrangement is to apparatus and use over-the-air (OTA) updates or some added alternate appearance of firmware update. In best OTA systems, accomplishment time modifications will be apparent or overwritten with the aing OTA update. Systems that consistently cycle out updates abundantly abate the amount of a branch accommodation if it’s alone accessible for that abbreviate time.

A Full Band-aid for Firmware Integrity

Flow diagram of the styrene production process obtained by CHEMCAD ..

Flow diagram of the styrene production process obtained by CHEMCAD .. | production process flow diagram

The absolutely defended band-aid relies on accouterments absolute a hard-coded accessible affidavit key and hard-coded instructions to use it. For this purpose, ROM is an accomplished solution. Though ROM is awfully accessible to apprehend through concrete analysis, it’s difficult to adapt in a controlled, non-destructive way. 

Firmware loaded into the accessory charge again be signed. Out of reset, the CPU begins beheading of ROM and can validate that the beam capacity are appropriately active application the accessible affidavit key, which is additionally stored in ROM. If an antagonist attempts to amount a adapted adaptation of the firmware, affidavit will fail, and the allotment will not boot. To get a adapted angel to boot, the antagonist charge accommodate a accurate signature for their adapted firmware, which can alone be generated application a well-protected clandestine key.

With a absolute IC, aegis measures are added circuitous to abutment abundant use cases and to abstain aegis holes. The hard-coded accessible key (manufacturer accessible key) will be the aforementioned for all accessories back it is not modifiable. This makes it abundantly valuable, accouterment the base of assurance for all devices. The associated clandestine key (manufacturer clandestine key) charge be carefully attentive by the IC architect and never provided to users to assurance their own code.

When booted, the architect accessible key will be acclimated to validate any cipher provided by the IC architect that resides in flash. This ensures the cipher or added advice provided by the architect isn’t tampered with as apparent in footfall 1 of Figure 2.

2. Accessible keys are implemented and accurate in the secure-boot process.

Device users will charge their own key brace (user clandestine key and user accessible key) for signing and acceptance firmware images. To articulation the user accessible key into the base of trust, the IC architect charge assurance the user accessible key with the architect clandestine key, creating a user certificate. A affidavit is artlessly a accessible key and some associated active metadata. Back booted, the allotment authenticates the user affidavit application the architect accessible key, as apparent in in footfall 2 of Fig. 2. The user firmware can be accurate with the user accessible key in the known-valid user certificate, as apparent in footfall 3 of Fig. 2.

An added footfall is appropriate to lock a accessory to a specific user. The arrangement declared in accomplish 1-3 can alone ensure that the user affidavit was active by the IC manufacturer. While this prevents a accidental actuality from reprogramming the part, accession accepted chump could abode their cipher and their accurately active affidavit assimilate the part, and it would boot. This finer agency that if an antagonist can argue the IC architect they are a accepted chump and is able to accomplish a active user certificate, they can get the accessory to cossack their code.

To lock a allotment to a specific end user, the user affidavit charge accommodate the user accessible key and a user ID so that alteration either the key or the ID invalidates the certificate. The IC architect will affairs the user ID into the architect cipher breadth area it’s adequate by the architect accessible key. At cossack time, the cossack action verifies the user affidavit signature and compares the user ID in the affidavit adjoin the one in the architect code, as apparent in footfall 4 of Fig. 2.

Here’s what happens back accession attempts to adapt anniversary allotment of the system.

We now accept a arrangement that will alone cossack firmware appropriately active by the chump who ordered the allotment from the IC manufacturer. The absolute arrangement relies on alone two secrets: the architect clandestine key and the user clandestine key, both of which are alone accessed to assurance new images and are well-protected due to the absence of that process.

Butter Production Process - production process flow diagram

Butter Production Process – production process flow diagram | production process flow diagram

Additional Mitigations

Even in this system, actual architecture of the affidavit arrangement is required. The architect clandestine key is acutely admired as it applies to every accessory congenital by the IC manufacturer. It’s additionally accessed too frequently—it’s consistently actuality acclimated to assurance user certificates.

This can be addressed by creating a altered architect public/private key brace for anniversary die so that compromising one key alone exposes that die. Similarly, instead of anon signing user certificates with the architect clandestine key, a bureaucracy of sub-keys can be developed and acclimated for that operation whereby the sub-key can be revoked by a architect cipher amend if compromised.

Provide Defended Unlock

Providing defended alter alleviate is a simple task. Anniversary arrangement developer generates a key brace for alter admission and programs the accessible alter key assimilate the device. The key’s candor can be accustomed in the aforementioned abode as the user’s firmware, preventing anyone from analytical with the accessible alter key, as apparent in footfall 5 of Figure 3. Anniversary accessory additionally receives a different ID, which is about universally accessible on MCUs today.

3. Proving defended alter alleviate is a simple, multi-step task.

To alleviate the part, its different ID is apprehend out (1) and active with the clandestine alter key (2), creating an alleviate certificate, which is again fed into the accessory for affidavit adjoin the accessible alter key (3). If it authenticates, the allotment is unlocked. This ensures alone those with admission to the clandestine alter key may accomplish an alleviate certificate, and alone those with an alleviate affidavit may alleviate the part.

The clandestine alter key can be stored and well-protected on a defended server. Back the accessory ID doesn’t change, the action of breeding an alleviate affidavit happens alone once, and that affidavit may be acclimated to alleviate the allotment as continued as required. A account of this adjustment is that it generates alleviate certificates on a per-device basis. That agency it’s accessible to admission alleviate privileges to acreage account cadre or the IC architect alone on the accessory to be diagnosed.

A check to this adjustment is that already a accurate alleviate affidavit is created, anyone with admission to that affidavit may alleviate the device. To abate this risk, a adverse can be added to the end of the different ID so that afterwards an alleviate affidavit is no best needed, it can be revoked by incrementing the adverse via a debugger command. This will account a new ID to be generated, and the old affidavit will no best be valid.

The added accessories a clandestine key gives admission to, the added admired it becomes. As a result, arrangement developers should change alter alleviate keys periodically to absolute the cardinal of accessories afflicted in case a clandestine alleviate key is compromised.

production process flow chart template - Keni.candlecomfortzone

production process flow chart template – Keni.candlecomfortzone | production process flow diagram

Other Accomplishment Considerations

Test-Based Aegis Holes

It’s acutely accepted for accomplishment requirements to aftereffect in the advised or accidental addition of aegis holes. For example, a arrangement architect may balloon to attenuate the alter interface as allotment of their lath assay and ships units with a wide-open alter port. Advised aegis holes are alike added common. A developer, for instance, may appetite to accommodate a way to reopen alter admission afterwards locking and put in a abstruse command or pin accompaniment to alleviate the part. If discovered, this gives any antagonist the aforementioned alleviate adequacy in the field. Developers should consistently booty affliction to apparatus accomplishment and assay processes in a defended way. This includes alienated advised aegis holes and administering reviews to t accidental ones.

The Offshore Process

Servers and assay programs are additionally allotment of the accomplishment breeze and may be accessible to attack. Having a defended arrangement and defended accomplishment action won’t advice if files are transferred to the CM through an FTP or email server that hasn’t been patched in years. Every abode files are stored should be advised allotment of the arrangement and secured.

Product Development

Just as artefact accomplishment is generally a accessory consideration, artefact development tends to be overlooked. The measures we’ve advised will not be accessible if an antagonist can accomplish disregarded changes to the antecedent cipher repository. Sometimes this takes the anatomy of an alien assimilation (electronically or physically walking into the building) or by compromising an employee.

Standard IT arrangement aegis practices and accepted coding practices comedy a huge role in preventing this blazon of attack. These practices accommodate ensuring all PCs automatically lock back not in use, acute user logins to admission cipher repositories, assuming cipher reviews on all athenaeum commits, and assuming assay regressions on absolution candidates.


Security is added important in anchored systems. Articles that were already standalone are now allotment of a network, accretion both their vulnerability and value. While abundant has been appear in contempo years about accepting IoT devices, bereft absorption has been paid to ensuring aegis throughout the architecture and accomplishment processes.

We’ve approved how actual accomplishment processes can be calmly compromised, and we’ve explored simple accomplish to booty today in architecture and accomplishment to accomplish advancing a CM or engineering armpit added difficult and beneath profitable. We’ve additionally presented accouterments improvements that can ensure firmware candor and accommodate defended admission for abortion assay and acreage debugging.

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Process flowchart of paper carton manufacturing | Download .. | production process flow diagram

Effective aegis requires everyone, from silicon vendors to architecture firms to OEMs, to assignment calm to ensure that accumulation alternation aegis receives the time and absorption it deserves. The acceptable account is that new accouterments appearance are actuality developed to abode these issues, and arrangement developers can alpha implementing simple measures today to actualize a added defended accomplishment environment.

Josh Norem is Assistant Staff Systems Engineer at Silicon Labs.

Is Production Process Flow Diagram Any Good? 12 Ways You Can Be Certain | Production Process Flow Diagram – production process flow diagram
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