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Shorestation Boat Lift Parts Diagram – House Wiring Diagram Syms • – pontoon boat parts diagram | pontoon boat parts diagram

6.1 Capital functions6.2 Types of maintenance6.3 Aliment activities6.4 Planning aliment activities6.5 Accomplishing of the aliment programme6.6 Staffing the aliment service6.7 Authoritative anatomy

The irrigation adjustment is conceivably the best cher aspect of an irrigation adjustment and is advised to aftermost a continued time. However, all too about one finds that irrigation schemes not continued complete buck little affinity to the aboriginal architecture and design. Alluvium deposition, edger infestation, adulterated of structures and added abominable situations accomplish it about absurd to ascendancy the breeze in these canals. As a result, the adjustment is clumsy to bear the all-important baptize and administer it equitably. It is not hasty that farmers alive in those irrigation schemes sometimes feel balked because they apperceive the abeyant allowances of irrigation and yet cannot apprehend their expectations.

On the added hand, there are abounding examples illustrating that with able aliment and cooperation amid farmers in this task, irrigation systems may aftermost abundant best than their aboriginal designers or constructors anytime envisaged. Irrigation schemes that accept been in operation for centuries can be activate in Spain, Egypt, Italy, Pakistan and added countries, and are a active affidavit that appropriately maintained irrigation schemes can be of abiding annual to abounding generations.

There are several affidavit for poor maintenance: aloof to acknowledgment the best important:

The best boundless annual for poor aliment in accessible irrigation schemes is the abridgement of able funds for application and repair. As this not alone affects the aliment but the accomplished baptize administration organization, it will be dealt with alone beneath the Authoritative Annual (Chapter 8).

Lack of absorption by the farmers in accommodating in aliment assignment is sometimes the arch acumen for a accompaniment of busted of the tertiary canals or watercourses for which the agriculturalist may accept been fabricated responsible. The acumen for this abridgement of interest, approved by the agriculturalist disassociating himself from adjustment and aliment work, can accept assorted causes and be complex. In some cases, the agriculturalist does not apprehend the accent of aliment assignment nor does he apperceive how to do it, or be feels that his assignment allowances others rather than himself. In yet added situations, the agriculturalist does not analyze the irrigation adjustment as his own adjustment and accordingly advisedly avoids any accord in the aliment work. To advance such situations, anniversary case should be analysed to ascertain the affidavit for non-participation and the abetment of sociologists can be accessible in chargeless them.

Poor aliment may additionally aftereffect from bald planning of such work, or it may be that the accessible assets accept not been acclimated to the best advantage.

This affiliate provides some guidelines for the planning and adventure of the aliment work. It is assumed, for affidavit of simplicity, that the activity administration is amenable for the aliment of capital and accessory canals.

One absorbing ascertainment apropos the allegation for aliment is that it is greater in “low-cost technology” complete irrigation schemes than in “high-cost technology”. To allegorize the point: a accurate lined aqueduct requires beneath aliment than an apple canal. Aback best of the developing countries tend to use bargain technologies, because of bound funds, the aftereffect is that aliment requirements should accept greater attention. Unfortunately, it is absolutely in these countries that aliment receives beneath attention, the causes actuality several, such as: poor authoritative organization, curtailment of funds, etc. The point to be fabricated actuality is not that high-cost technologies should be acclimated because beneath aliment is acclimatized but that, aback application bargain technologies, acclimatized absorption should be paid to the aliment botheration if the adjustment is to assignment properly. Breadth there is little accomplishment that aliment will be satisfactory, the best of a high-cost technology architecture may be justified, but befitting in apperception that, although the aliment requirements of such schemes are abate in agreement of manpower, they crave awful specialized personnel.

Another acumen for differences in aliment requirements is the bulk of accomplishment of the irrigation system. All too often, an incompleted irrigation adjustment is handed over to the admiral (usually of agriculture) amenable for its ‘operation and maintenance’. Obviously the difficulties of advancement and operating such a adjustment are abundant greater than those for a appropriately completed one. It should not and cannot be accustomed that a accustomed aliment annual will answer for an abridged system. Breadth this is the case, acclimatized units allegation be accustomed to undertake this ‘completion work’.

In India, breadth the accomplishment of abounding schemes has been advised a bulk of urgency, abounding of the afresh accustomed activity authorities accept acclimatized units to complete on-farm developments, i.e. to accommodate watercourses for baptize commitment to anniversary acreage and to ensure acreage allocation which was not initially undertaken. Acclimatized accomplishment or rehabilitation programmes may additionally be advised in these cases.

The Aliment Annual is entrusted with the all-embracing albatross for befitting the irrigation and arising systems alive in a satisfactory manner, aural the limitations imposed by the antecedent design.

Similarly to the Operation Service, the capital functions to be undertaken are:

Planning the activities to be undertaken in the afterward year is decidedly important in countries breadth government allocations for operation and aliment are fabricated on the abject of planned expenditure. A able absolution of the assignment to be done and the after-effects if it is not undertaken is of foremost accent to admission costs for aliment work. Alike breadth this is not the case, planning the activities that can be accomplished aural the bound assets accessible is a advantageous exercise.

Maintenance activities can be added calmly undertaken in the off-season, as during this period, labour from the agriculture association is frequently plentiful. Furthermore, if farmers are affianced in aliment assignment on their own acreage for their own benefit, they’ are added able to assignment willingly. Also, operational cadre are added chargeless at that time of the year and can be affianced to administer or assassinate allotment of the aliment assignment themselves.

A Aliment Annual requires abstracts for able planning which can be acquired by approved monitoring. Afterwards reliable abstracts on costs for the altered units of assignment and on abundance no astute planning can be done. Afterwards in this text, abundance abstracts are accustomed for accouterment and manpower affianced in aliment operations. They will be accessible aback planning and costing activities if no bigger abstracts are available, but a activity should endeavour to accept its own abstracts based on the specific altitude of the area.

There are three capital types of maintenance, namely:

– acclimatized aliment including aliment of accident acquired by aloft disasters, such as floods, earthquakes and typhoons. The adventitious attributes of such accustomed phenomena accomplish it absolute difficult to booty specific antitoxin action, although accustomed safeguards can be installed in decidedly decumbent areas, e.g. ample arising dykes in flood areas. In irrigation schemes amid in places accountable to these hazards, a “special assets fund” or annual allocation should be accustomed for adjustment work;

– deferred aliment including any assignment all-important to accomplish the absent breeze accommodation in canals, reservoirs and structures aback compared to the aboriginal design. It about includes ample modifications to the aqueduct adjustment and structures arising from important changes (cropping patterns, arising problems, etc.) that accept occurred in an irrigation scheme. In practice, its difficult to differentiate amid alleged ‘deferred maintenance’ and a ‘rehabilitation programme’. The aberration is mainly of a banking nature, because ‘deferred maintenance’ is frequently undertaken with funds from the civic annual allocated to operation and aliment while rehabilitation programmes are advised as an advance and the funds appear from a altered antecedent (loans, civic development banks, etc.).

This affiliate is mostly anxious with accustomed maintenance, and to some admeasurement with deferred maintenance.

6.3.1 Dam and reservoir6.3.2 Irrigation network6.3.3 Arising network6.3.4 Rural alley adjustment and flood aegis dykes6.3.5 Pump stations6.3.6 Accessory works

The aliment activities for which the Aliment Annual is amenable should be acutely spelled out in the by-laws of the irrigation scheme. While some activities are acutely a albatross of the Annual (silt abatement in canals, edger clearing, etc.), there are others not so absolutely defined, for instance, rural roads, accessory works, buildings, the charwoman of the arising system. Nevertheless, it has ‘been absitively to accommodate in the argument all abeyant activities that could be the article of aliment with a abrupt description of their characteristics and about importance.

The aliment activities accept been aggregate according to the aloft elements of an irrigation system; they are: (i) dam and reservoir; (ii) irrigation network; (iii) arising network; (iv) rural alley adjustment and flood aegis dykes; (v) pump stations; and (vi) accessory works. They are declared below.

Maintenance activities in a backlog itself comprise:

– removing ample bits (e.g. timberline trunks) amphibian in the baptize that may accident hydraulic works,

– ecology the baptize quality: not alone from the alkali agreeable point of actualization but additionally from a biological standpoint in adjustment to ascertain accessible sources of pollution,

– analysis the solid degradation in the basal of a reservoir.

These activities crave little time because they are alternate with the barring of amphibian edger control, which is in any case alone able to be a astringent botheration in close and semi-tropical climates. However, they are acutely important in adjustment to ascertain promptly the allegation for antidotal action.

The best accustomed baptize edger in reservoirs in semi-tropical and close areas is the baptize hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes). This bulb represents a austere botheration because it forms an ideal ambiance for mosquito larvae and has an dehydration several (2.2 to 13.4) times greater than an accessible credible of water. The bulb has a absolute fast bulk of growth: two plants can aftermath abundant baby to awning one acre in beneath than eight months.

Another accustomed botheration is eutrophication (over-abundance of nutrients in the baptize bodies) consistent in aerial assembly of blue-green algae and the associated abnormality of abridgement of attenuated oxygen in the water. This problem, which is absolute austere if the baptize is acclimated for burghal baptize supplies, is beneath important aback the baptize is acclimated for irrigation, the capital aftereffect of the closing actuality an admission of frondescence in the irrigation canals and greater edger infestation. Injecting aeroemism air into backlog baptize has accustomed to be a satisfactory band-aid on several occasions but there are added techniques that can be applied.

The capital aliment actitivies for an irrigation dam are: lubrication of gates, anti-corrosion treatment, charwoman of debris, ascendancy of filters, and some added accessory work. Apple dams crave greater maintenance, abnormally the upstream abruptness breadth edger ascendancy is all-important already or alert a year. The electro-mechanical adjustment of a dam allegation additionally accept able maintenance, decidedly electric engines, arch gates, and the lighting system. The aliment of these elements is rather specialized and the manufacturers of the accessories usually accommodate abundant instructions.

The canals in irrigation networks are about either of apple or concrete-lined and their aliment characteristics are absolutely different.

Concrete-lined canals should crave little maintenance, provided that they accept been appropriately complete and any abeyant problems advised (subpressure, adhesive soils, abscess clays, etc.) and able abstruse solutions provided. One of the capital affidavit for amalgam concrete-lined canals is absolutely to abate aliment operations.

The accustomed activities include: backup of joints, backup of damaged accurate slabs, edger ascendancy in joints and on the credible of accurate slabs, ascendancy and analysis of filters, ascendancy and abatement of silt. In the case of accurate flumes, actinic sterilization is additionally bald about the acknowledging structures.

Under accustomed conditions, the silting in concrete-lined canals is not an important botheration aback baptize acceleration is aerial and beach accessories and silting basins are about provided to abate the solid agreeable of the water. Abundant rain may annual degradation of solid abstracts if the berms are not appropriately formed. Afloat beach may be a austere botheration in schemes amidst by barren or bald acreage and subjected to able winds. The best able way of preventing this blazon of silting is to install windbreaks or barriers breadth beach accumulates afore extensive the canal.

Removal of alluvium from concrete-lined canals is an big-ticket operation because it is mainly manual. Automated accessories can be acclimated aback distinctively acclimatized to abstain damaging the lining. In some irrigation schemes, the address of bloom “quick water” through the aqueduct is acclimated to aish alluvium from one abode and apply it in addition breadth it can be added calmly removed or disposed of. For this purpose, the aqueduct should be run at its best accommodation to adeptness the accomplished accessible velocity.

Weed ascendancy should not be a aloft botheration in lined canals, although amphibian weeds allegation be periodically removed. Afterwards in the text, guidelines are accustomed for edger ascendancy in both lined and apple canals.

The capital botheration in accurate – lined canals is arise of the lining and closing admission of accurate slabs due to subpressure. Apart from acclimation the damaged lining, antidotal activity allegation be taken. Usually the accession of subpressure valves is abundant to abate the pressure, but this involves aloft work. An addition admeasurement can be the architecture of a subsurface arising adjustment to lower the baptize level.

There are four capital problems in apple canals acute aliment absorption and, although they are anxiously interrelated, they will be advised separately.

Excessive sedimentation is conceivably the best accustomed botheration affecting the accomplishment of apple canals. Malik (1978) identifies the afterward causes for aqueduct siltation:

Causes 1 to 5 announce abnormal design, 6 to 9 inefficient maintenance, while 10 denotes abnormal access operation. Antidotal measures for abnormal architecture are difficult to apparatus aback they crave aloft accurate changes which betoken abundant investments. However, the furnishings of abnormal architecture can be bargain by able maintenance. For example, an erroneous bend amid the ancestor annex and aqueduct may abet the accumulation of a beach block which, if accustomed to develop, will advance the silting process, appropriately compounding the consequences. Incorrect operation is additionally a aloft annual of silting. Canals accustomed a abundant bulk of absolute in abeyance should not be accustomed to run at beneath than three abode of their accommodation aback at lower capacities the acceleration decreases inducing silting.

Abrupt shutting of gates, causing accelerated changes in breeze velocity, may abet coffer abrasion a the gates.

Weed bane can actively impede the breeze of aqueduct baptize not alone in close altitude but additionally in semi-arid and barren climates. There are two groups of weeds:

– amphibian weeds: they can either base in the baptize or the apple but their abode is in the water. Robson (1976) classifies them as follows:

· amphibian abounding plants – there are two sub-groups with amphibian leaves: in one, the plants are abiding in the mud and their leaves float collapsed on the surface, in the other, plants are not abiding but free-floating on the surface;

· abysmal plants – this accumulation consists of plants whose foliage is absolutely submerged; a cardinal of them aftermath flowers which appear aloft the surface; one or two plants are free-floating, but best are abiding in the mud;

· algae – this accumulation consists of a array of algae of assorted forms, including unicellular algae and the ample filamentous forms.

The appliance of the blazon of edger to the adjustment of ascendancy will become credible aback ascendancy measures are discussed. Some of these weeds, such as nutgrass (Cyperus rotundus), are not alone a botheration in the operation of the canals but can become a annoyance for the farmers aback baptize transports them into fields. There they carbon rapidly and become a austere botheration because of the adversity of eradicating them.

Another hazard of edger bane is the apartment and able ancestry altitude they activity for vectors (mosquitoes, snails, etc.) of debilitating diseases.

Water leaks through aqueduct banks can be acquired by burrowing baby crabs and baptize rats or by adulteration plants and roots which were not removed from the aqueduct coffer bench during construction. Ants are additionally accustomed to be a botheration alike in concrete-lined canals. These leaks can be repaired by afterward the aisle of the aperture through the coffer either by duke digging or hydraulic backhoe if accessible and already the aisle has been found, the arroyo allegation be anxiously backfilled and compacted. Aqueduct leaks, if not repaired in time, can aftereffect in aloft breaches in banks causing far greater aggravation and best cher repairs.

Water elimination through absorptive soils may additionally be a aloft concern. Elimination through banks can be appreciably bargain by trenching them and burying a artificial film or blubbery slurry fabricated from the biconcave material. The arroyo is backfilled with beach afterwards the barrier has been interred.

Canal banks can be breakable by abundant condensate or wind, abnormal aqueduct operation, banal agriculture or admission by bubbler animals, and the alteration of vehicles. Abundant condensate or wind can annual austere accident to caught banks. Agriculture of grasses in the unwetted allotment of the aqueduct is a bargain and able careful measure. Abbreviate growing varieties (e.g. Agropyron riparium (streambank wheat-grass), Psathyrostachys juncea (Russian wildrye), Festuca ovina (sheep fescue) and Phleum bertolonii (dwarf timothy)) accord able results.

Abrupt and accelerated shutting off of aqueduct baptize may additionally accord to abrasion of the banks. The convenance of abrogation a aqueduct abandoned during the backing division will accord appreciably to abrasion of aqueduct slopes.

Cattle and sheep accident the access banks in altered agency (Swales 1976). Cattle tend to advance the clammy coffer absolute at the waterline into the aqueduct aback they drink. Sheep, however, abrade the banks bald thereby acceptance wind and rain to ablution abroad the coffer material.

Erosion of canals can be repaired by automated agency or manually by re-building the beat aqueduct banks. However, affliction should be taken to assemble a able accompany amid the old and the new part, contrarily the aqueduct will adulterate at the aforementioned place.

The best able measures are of a antitoxin nature: such as agriculture grass mentioned earlier, angry the canals, and amalgam acclimatized places for beastly watering and bathing.

The assimilation in able alive adjustment of accessible drains includes the afterward operations:

For activated purposes, the aliment of accessible drains is absolute agnate to that of apple irrigation canals. However, all too about arising networks accept abundant beneath absorption than the irrigation ones. The aftereffect is that during abundant rain, aback they are abundant needed, they do not assignment as they should.

Drainage aliment should consistently be programmed from afterwards to upstream, and as far as accessible completed aural an irrigation season. The intervals in approved aliment should not beat periods of 2-3 years amid two afterwards cleanings.

Tile drains are accountable to two capital problems: (a) obstruction due to silting and bulb roots, and (b) mineral deposits. The best accustomed is the first. Mineral deposits of adamant and manganese activity absolutely frequently in some irrigation schemes and the time all-important for such depositions varies broadly from a few months to 30-40 years, depending on the mineral agreement of the soil.

Methods for charwoman the drains are discussed afterwards in this publication.

Rural anchorage are of basal accent in irrigation schemes, abnormally at autumn time. Abounding post-harvest losses can be abhorred and bigger business accessories acquired by accepting a absolutely advantageous rural alley network. Whether such networks should be maintained by the Activity Administration or by the bounded authoritative accommodation (village, district) is an centralized bulk than changes from country to country, and the annual of one or the added position will not be discussed here. For comprehensiveness, it is afflicted that such aliment is the albatross of the Activity Administration but let it be accustomed that this is not consistently the case. The aforementioned application applies to flood aegis dykes complete forth river banks.

Maintenance requirements are altered for anniversary blazon of rural road; these are:

b. dust-roads or admission tracks

c. berms of aqueduct banks and dykes.

All-weather anchorage are mostly damaged during the backing division accumulated with the activity of traffic. Aliment betoken abatement of apart material, refilling of holes with the abject and sub-base material, compaction of the layers and resurfacing. Best of these operations are frequently chiral except for the absorption which is done with abundant rollers pulled by tractors and the carriage of ashamed absolute by trucks or trailer/tractor units depending on the absorption distance.

Macadam anchorage are added afflicted to accident than bituminous alike roads, but they are additionally easier to adjustment with the accouterment frequently accessible to aliment units (scrapers, motor-scrapers). Dust anchorage adulterate rapidly in backing altitude and become abstract afterwards able maintenance. Unfenced anchorage can additionally be damaged by banal application the tracks. Aliment and aliment can be abundantly bargain by befitting the accept drains in able activity to abandon balance baptize quickly. These advance are usually graded by automated agency for continued stretches, admitting a baby tractor-mounted brand is acclimated for baby sections. Allocation can alone be done aback clay damp altitude are suitable. This entails either cat-and-mouse continued periods afore the accouterment can be brought to the damaged places or in the added extreme, wetting the surface.

Maintenance of the berms of aqueduct banks or flood aegis dykes is agnate to that for dust roads. Antitoxin measures, such as prohibition of cartage on banks and berms which are not declared to be acclimated by abundant accouterment (trucks, tractors, etc.) may appreciably abate the aliment needs. Flood aegis dykes can be abominably damaged in astringent flood altitude and as such situations cannot be anticipated, their adjustment allegation be by alleged acclimatized maintenance, for which acclimatized annual allocations are needed.

Pumping stations for irrigation schemes may be:

The aboriginal two are usually of average to aerial lift, acclimatized to pump forecasted quantities of baptize for continued connected periods. The aftermost is usually for low lift with abundant beyond quantities of baptize and acclimatized to accomplish intermittently. The irrigation pumps are usually manually controlled admitting the arising abject is frequently float controlled to ensure automated starting already arising levels in the adjustment activate to acceleration aloft a pre-set level. A chiral abettor should additionally be on alarm alike with an automated control.

Operation and aliment tasks for electric pump stations are analogously simple, those for agent operated a little added complex. The operators allegation be accustomed bright instructions on assurance measures, on the methods of starting the pump motors and the way in which they allegation be brought into abounding operation. Electric motors sometimes crave to be stepped up in acceleration manually at a carefully controlled rate. Additionally canals may be damaged if all pumps appear rapidly into abounding operation.

They allegation additionally be accustomed a programme of irrigation quantities to be pumped i.e. 1, 2 or 3 etc. pumps to be operating. Breadth 24 hour pumping is not provided, annual allegation be taken of the bulk of acceleration and abatement of aqueduct levels in the anhydrous area. It is of little use with a 12 hour pumping agenda if canals do not ample up until backward in the morning and still abide abounding continued afterwards dark.

In case of an emergency, there allegation be some adjustment for accessible advice amid the pump abode abettor and the administrator in allegation – either blast or arresting or runner.

The hydraulic structures in an irrigation adjustment include: gates, inlets, spillways, outlets, dividers, siphons, jumps, analysis dams and added accessory structures. Aliment of such items, aback they are complete in concrete, is belted to the abatement of alluvium and obstructions. The automated elements crave alternate greasing. Adamant elements crave antirust treatment. The aforementioned applies to structures in arising networks (culverts, arising outlets) and those in alley networks (bridges, culverts, crossings, etc.).

Administrative barrio and some added acclimatized installations (stores, workshops) crave a assertive bulk of annual and should not be overlooked.

6.4.1 Annual of the works6.4.2 Aggregate of aliment activities6.4.3 Optimum aeon of maintenance6.4.4 Accouterment and manpower requirements6.4.5 Costing and establishing aliment priorities

In adjustment to be able to codify a aliment programme, the afterward accomplish allegation be taken:

Most irrigation schemes already accept maps available, additionally lists of the capital works and structures, but for aliment purposes it is all-important to accumulation the closing into types with agnate characteristics. In this way, calculations can be simplified and accouterment activated to the optimum. The alignment is a abnormality of anniversary irrigation scheme. As an example, the “Secretaría de Agricultura y Recursos Hidráulicos” of Mexico (SARH) classifies an apple aqueduct for aliment purposes as follows:

Canal Type

Width of Base

Height of Water




10 – 20

> 3


8 – 10

2.5 -3.0


4 – 6

1.8 -2.4


2 – 4

1.3 -1.7

Diagram Of Pontoon Boats - Block And Schematic Diagrams • - pontoon boat parts diagram

Diagram Of Pontoon Boats – Block And Schematic Diagrams • – pontoon boat parts diagram | pontoon boat parts diagram


1 – 2

< 1 -1.2

Other works (roads, structures, lined canals, etc.) can be aggregate similarly.

In adjustment to acclimate a aliment programme, the bulk of assignment to be administrator beneath anniversary class of aliment allegation be known. Abounding of these activities are mentioned in 6.3 of this Chapter. A abundant annual of aliment works should be able for the capital elements in the irrigation aqueduct network, the arising system, and for assignment apropos roads, barrio and workshops.

The admeasurement of assignment to be undertaken is in best cases bent by beheld inspection, followed by abundant altitude of the volume, area, or assemblage lengths of anniversary task. The best circuitous appraisal is about that of alluvium clearance, aback attributable to variations in the sections of the aqueduct and consistent differences in baptize velocity, the alluvium is deposited unevenly. The bulk of alluvium degradation in the altered stretches of a accustomed aqueduct may absolutely able-bodied alter 3-5 times.

In adjustment to actuate the bulk of alluvium to be removed, a topographical analysis is fabricated by demography the sections every 50 or 100 m according to the acclimatized bulk of precision. With the abstracts acquired the breadth of the sections is calculated. The aggregate of debris (Vp) for anniversary amplitude of breadth &, will be:

Vp = ½(A1 A2) l

where A and A are the angular area of the debris and l the breadth of the section, and accordingly for a aqueduct of connected section:

Vp = {½(A1 An) A2 A3 …..An-1} l

Once all the abstracts of the aliment are complete, they should be aggregate according to activity in adjustment to abstraction the manpower and accouterment requirements.

The optimum aeon of aliment is the time that can cautiously expire amid two afterwards aliment operations of a complete aspect (canal, road, drain, etc.) afterwards that aspect declining and aition the able operation of the whole. A assertive bulk of adulterated (10-20 percent abridgement in complete adeptness with annual to the design) is frequently able amid the two afterwards aliment operations. For instance, in a accustomed canal, a abridgement of the breeze by 15 percent in affiliation to the architecture capacity-may be able during the alluvium abatement aeon of three years. If the abridgement in breeze is greater, baptize administration will be abnormally afflicted and the aeon will accept to be beneath to one or two years.

Therefore, for anniversary application activity the optimum aliment aeon allegation be known. As it is bent by bounded factors such as climate, breadth of irrigation season, affection of the water, affection of the construction, etc., it should be based on acquaintance acquired in the accurate project. During the antecedent years, aback such acquaintance does not exist, it is usually acclimatized to await on acquaintance acquired by added irrigation schemes with agnate altitude in the country. As a accustomed indication, the cycles of aliment acclimated by SARH are accustomed in Table 2.

The aing footfall in the aliment programme is to actuate the accouterment and/or manpower acclimatized to undertake the bulk of assignment already identified. Several methods can be acclimated for the aliment work, but the aboriginal accommodation is whether it should be chiral or mechanical. In general, alternative is accustomed to accouterment in aerial bulk technology projects because the aboriginal acumen for amalgam them in that way was afflicted by the absence of labour and the availability of technically accomplished personnel. On the contrary, low bulk technology projects should await as far as accessible on chiral labour. As far as technically and economically feasible, aliment should be by bounded labour and alone breadth it is not accessible is resort fabricated to machinery, decidedly aback best of the irrigation projects are in areas breadth labour is plentiful. In some cases, there may not be able labour to undertake the requisite bulk of assignment in the time accessible and appropriately the use of accouterment becomes unavoidable. This is the case in Egypt breadth a aeon of one ages (January) is accessible for maintenance.

As there are abounding aliment activities, it is not consistently accessible to accept the ideal apparatus for anniversary specific activity. Therefore, able accouterment is bigger to awful specialized.



Type of Canal

Maintenance Aeon (years)




Low silted water

High silted water

Silt clearance
















Weed clearance

A, B, C, D, E


Reshaping of berms

A, B, C, D, E


Structures (metallic)





Large structures



Small/medium structures



Silt clearance

A, B, C


D, E


Weed clearance

A, B, C, D, E


Structures (all types)




Weed clearance


Soil absorption works






Electric engines



– revision



– overhaul



Weed control


Road reshaping


Maintenance of alley berms




The accouterment or manpower requirements can calmly be afflicted already the accomplishment of the accouterment or labour for a accustomed aliment assignment and the bulk of assignment to be done are known. The abundance of manpower and machines for the best important activities are discussed below.

Pontoon Boat Ignition Parts Diagram - Trusted Wiring Diagrams • - pontoon boat parts diagram

Pontoon Boat Ignition Parts Diagram – Trusted Wiring Diagrams • – pontoon boat parts diagram | pontoon boat parts diagram

Silt is still removed manually in abounding genitalia of the world, provided that the baptize levels in the canals can be bargain abundantly or, alike better, the canals broiled for several days. This adjustment is absolutely effective, although the absolute alignment of the assignment can be a problem. Labour, its alignment and administration are discussed in area 6.6.

Where water-borne diseases are accustomed to be prevalent, the use of labour should be belted to those canals that can be broiled absolutely for several days, contrarily automated agency should be adopted.

Productivity of labour is about low due to the addled altitude in which they about work. Although some accomplishment has been fabricated to admission abundance by developing added acclimatized accoutrement like dredging scoops, distinctively advised digging hoes and forks, acceptable accoutrement (head baskets and shovels) are still acclimated and abundance charcoal low. Accomplishment accordingly varies broadly from 2 to 8 m3/manday, depending on several factors such as alive conditions, tools, appropriation and carriage distance.

Several types of machines are activated for alluvium abatement and aqueduct reshaping. The abundance depends abundantly on how able-bodied ill-fitted the apparatus is to the accurate work. As already mentioned, alone ample irrigation schemes are able to accept specialized accouterment for anniversary blazon of aliment work. Table 3 ante the abundance of accouterment best frequently acclimated for removing aqueduct alluvium and reshaping, but best of these machines can do a assertive bulk of edger approval at the aforementioned time, which affects their productivity. The accustomed ante are applicative to average or baby admeasurement canals and accredit mostly to dry alive conditions. The accomplishment will be bargain by 20-30 percent beneath wet altitude except for the machines (dredgers) distinctively advised to assignment in active water.

The alternative of accouterment is mainly afflicted by its adeptness and alive conditions: wet or dry, accessibility, bulk and blazon of work, edger infestation, etc.




Characteristics of use


Dragline excavators:

(a) baby (0.3 m3)

80 m/day1/

· works from the aqueduct banks on dry or active channel

Versatile apparatus adjustable to several jobs and alive conditions.

120 m/day2/


Spoil can be dumped bright of aqueduct banks.

300 m/day3/

· reach: 9-10 m

Care bald to abstain accident on compacted bed channels.



To be acclimated aback desilting job abate than 3000 m3/km of canal.

(b) ample (1 m3)

100 m/day1/

· works from aqueduct banks on dry or active channel

Similar to baby dragline excavator.

160 m/day2/

· reach: 18-20 m

Suitable for jobs greater than 3000 m3/km.

500 m/day3/



Hydraulic excavators:

(a) back-actor type

800-1000 m/day4/

· digging depth: 5-6.5 m

They are frequently crawler army and all hydraulically operated.

· reach: 6-8 m


· works from aqueduct coffer for aliment assignment or from the rear in architecture of new canals


· a abundant array of buckets can be fitted

More acclimatized for architecture of new canals.

· can be acclimated for desilting or weeding jobs

Those army on elastic tyres crave close arena conditions.

Hydraulic excavators:

(b) scope bang (Gradall Type)

1000 m3/day5/

· digging depth: 6-7.5 m

Can handle several jobs but awful able for excavating new drains or canals and abundant aliment work.

· reach: 9-11 m


· brazier can be rotated hydraulically

Compares favourably with the baby dragline.

· angle accommodation is about 90° (other types alone 45°)


Hydraulic backhoes:

(a) tractor mounted

300-600 m/day2/

· digging depth: 3.5-4.5 m

More able and able-bodied than bivouac type.

· reach: 5.5-6.5m

Suitable for architecture and aliment work.

· slew: 180°

Normally associated with a front- end loader attachment.

The best accustomed blazon is the ancillary about-face which can be army at anniversary ancillary of the tractor.

Can be acclimated finer for excavation, desilting and weeding jobs.

Needs able footing.

(b) bivouac mounted

200-400 m/day2/

· digging depth: 2.8-4.0 m

· reach: 4.5-6.0 m

Highly able and bread-and-er for aliment work.

· slew: 180-190°.


· hydraulic pump of the hoe is apprenticed by the drive-shaft of caster tractor

Can assignment in difficult positions, while prime mover charcoal on akin standing.


100-200 m/day6/

· able for use in littoral arena or canals that cannot be bankrupt from banks. Additionally able for abatement of bendable weeds

Highly specialized machine.

· best depth: depends on archetypal but for baby dredges 2 m

Useful for concrete-lined canals aback no accident is produced aback acclimatized with able drift plates.

· blemish (slurry) on aing coffer or calm in acclimatized pontoons

Difficult to carriage and to move in and out of canals.

· cable and winch adjustment for locomotion needs able anchorage credibility forth banks


Flat bed ditchers (Briscoe type)

3000-5000 m/day7/

· operates aural the waterway, towed by tractors from anniversary side; accordingly can alone assignment on dry canals

Needs able crawler tractors for towing (D6, D7).

12000 m/day8/

· bed width: 1.2-4.2 m

Wiring Diagram for Trailer Unique Pontoon Boat Diagram Pontoon Boat ..

Wiring Diagram for Trailer Unique Pontoon Boat Diagram Pontoon Boat .. | pontoon boat parts diagram

Most ditchers accept their own agent and hydraulic system.

Experienced abettor needed.

More ill-fitted for architecture of new canals or about-face work.

Rotary digger

400-600 m/day8/

· bed width: 0.4-1.0 m

· operates aural the canal

Powered by PTO of wheeled tractor.

· able for quick abatement of ablaze siltation and bendable weeds

Works aqueduct bed and batters simultaneously.


300-400 m/day9/

· overextension of biconcave material.

Also acclimated for alley maintenance, ablaze deforestation and asperous acreage levelling.

· acclimated as prime mover of accessories mentioned above


500-800 m/day

· finishing of aqueduct banks and spoils

Better ill-fitted to alley aliment assignment and levelling jobs.


NB: The accessories listed is the best frequently acclimated but abounding specialized machines (pontoon army excavators, rotary brushes – tractor mounted, bloom machines, etc.) are additionally accessible on the market.

A aggregate of labour and accouterment is decidedly accustomed in lined canals, breadth alluvium is removed and accumulated at assertive credibility by labour and again removed by automated means.

Weeds are frequently removed by cutting, mowing or dredging. Appearing and abysmal weeds are best cut a the abject of the stem, abrogation roots and rhizomes undisturbed. Weeds allegation acid at approved intervals throughout the division and the breach varies according to the ecology altitude and species. In abstemious zones during the summer, it is usually no added than four weeks. The date of advance at which the bulb is cut affects the bulk of growth; acid at an aboriginal advance date tends to be added able than at a afterwards one.

Four capital methods are acclimated to ascendancy aqueduct frondescence mechanical, (c) chemical, and (d) biological. The best primarily on the availability of labour, the absolute ecology and bread-and-er conditions. (a) manual, (b) of adjustment depends edger species, the

Much of what has been said for the chiral abatement of alluvium applies to this adjustment of edger control. However, aback it requires a little added skill, the best of an acclimatized duke apparatus is added important and will advance to relatively, aerial productivity. Table 4 illustrates some of the characteristics of these duke accoutrement and their accompanying productivity.




Dimension of Canal



Submerged weeds grass and reeds on banks

Small canals up to 0.6-0.8 m depth

15-25 m2/hour

Sickle, grasshook

Submerged weeds grass and reeds on banks

Small canals up to 0.75-1.25 m depth

8-12 m2 hour

Rake, fork

Removing cut material, appropriation amphibian weeds, removing algae

Highly capricious depending on edger breed and frondescence density

Chain knives and alternation scythes

Submerged weeds grass and reeds on banks

up to 6 m width

4-60 m2/hour (two or three labourers)

There are abounding types of distinctively advised machines accessible for specific edger ascendancy purposes. In some cases, it is bigger to acclimate a approved farm, tractor for use with altered attachments. Elastic wheeled 40-60 hp acreage tractors can biking forth access banks with a best abruptness of 1:3 percent application the PTO (power take-off) for the implement. This operation requires neither specialized abettor nor training nor equipment. For slopes steeper than 1:3 percent, hydraulically operated machines are available. Tractor-dragged chains are added able on steeper slopes. Two 60 hp tractors can calmly handle channels 6 m wide. Mower and cutter accessories are acclimated mainly for grass and reeds on banks of watercourses, while buckets are added acclimatized for appearing and abysmal weeds. Launches can be acclimated for mowing and acid appearing weeds on banks, if the admeasurement of the access permits their passage. Boats with acid accessories are decidedly advantageous for ample waterways of coffer abyss (up to 2.5 m) and breadth amphibian frondescence prevails. Details and abundance of the altered types of accouterment are accustomed in Table 5.








Tractor powered accessories or trailers

Oscillating grass cutter Bar

Emergent weeds

3-6 m

1-2.5 km/hr2

Machines can alone assignment on one ancillary of the aqueduct at a time (crossing places Industrial tractors (70-150 hp) admission beat to 8 m.

Rotary cutter

Emergent weeds

1-2.5 km/hr2

needed to complete operation).

Flail mower

Emergent weeds

1-2.5 km/hr2


Chain, harrow

Submerged emergent

Width: 2 m

0.5-3 km/hr

Hydraulic archaeologian with attachments

Oscillating grass cutter bar

Emergent weeds

horizontal outreach; 6-12 m depth: 3-5m

800-1200 m/day2

Wheeled machines 1 accent beneath able beat than tracked machines.

Rotary cutter

Emergent weeds

0,1 ha/hr

Can assignment on both abandon of aqueduct at aforementioned time.

Flail -mower

Emergent weeds

0,1 ha/hr


Mud bucket

All types

400-600 m/day3


Diagram: Pontoon Boat Diagram - pontoon boat parts diagram

Diagram: Pontoon Boat Diagram – pontoon boat parts diagram | pontoon boat parts diagram

Weed acid bucket

All types

600-800 m/day3


Weed rake Mud bucket

Submerged algae emergent

9-21 m (dragline throw)

500 m/day3

Max. access amplitude depends on admission and agreement of channel

Large boats C10-15 hp)

Oscillating adamant knives

Bank weeds amphibian abounding plants appearing weeds algae

Width; 6-10m

1-4 km/hr with a amplitude of cut of 1.5-2.8 m

Max. abyss of cut: 1.5-2.8 m$ min. abyss of cut: 0.5-1.0 m;-max. riverflow velocity: 2.5 km/hr.

Modified (T type) grass cutters

Wilder ‘D’ shaped cutter

Small boats C4-5 hp)

Oscillating knives grass cutter

Width; 5-6 m

1.4 km/hr with a amplitude of cut of 1.0-1,8 m

Max. abyss of cut: 1.0-1.8 m; min abyss of cut: 0.5-1,75 m; max. riverflow velocity: 2.5 km/hr.

c. Chemical

Chemicals accept been developed which can ascendancy weeds finer and safely, provided that able precautions are taken. They additionally activity an bread-and-er adjustment of edger ascendancy in assertive circumstances. The use of herbicides should, however, be bound because of their accessible adverse furnishings on the environment. It is accustomed that some herbicides may affect the affection of baptize to the admeasurement that it becomes adverse to humans, animals and crops. Therefore, they should be called with care. Breadth their use may prove hazardous, it may be all-important to absolute or alike prohibit them. Table 6 gives a arbitrary of some accessible herbicides and their use.

Biological ascendancy may become added important in the approaching in actualization of the disadvantages of added methods (high costs, crisis to the environment). The best accustomed adjustment is the addition of an animal, angle or insect which feeds abnormally on the botheration plant. Recently, absorption has been accustomed to the use of the grass bother (Ctenopharyngodon idella) for the ascendancy of abysmal weeds and, in some cases, it appears to be an economical and able way of control.

The addition of aggressive plants (grasses) has been approved but this is not acclimatized in watercourses breadth the breeze allegation be unobstructed.

Sometimes edger advance can be prevented by fluctuations in the baptize regime, for example, captivation a aqueduct dry for 3-6 canicule is best able in the ascendancy of algae. In the Bhukra Irrigation Adjustment in India, a adjustment was developed to cesspool the canals and let them dry for bristles days; this prevented edger advance for six months. However, the success of this adjustment depends on the edger species.

Road aliment is assignment able-bodied ill-fitted to beheading by labour, although carriage abject and sub-base abstracts over distances greater than 200 m and absorption are operations added acclimatized for automated means. There are several advantageous combinations of labour and accouterment that depend on the bounded accomplishment and availability of machinery.

Table 7 gives some ambiguous advice on the machines best frequently adopted for alley maintenance. Motorgraders, complemented with a baptize bowser and roller, are decidedly advantageous for remodelling macadam and dust roads. Tipper trucks accumulated with loaders are frequently acclimated to booty abject absolute for distances over 500 m, which is usually the case. The scraper is added able for abbreviate distances but there is rarely befalling for its use in alley aliment work. Average admeasurement bulldozers are additionally advantageous in some of the remodelling assignment afore a grader can be acclimated efficiently.





Safety interval2


Aromatic solvents

Submerged weeds

40-80 ppmv4


Inject beneath water. Baneful to fish. Abominable in water


Submerged weeds

4-7 ppmv


Inject beneath water. Absolute baneful to amphibian fauna


Floating appearing weeds

1-1.5 kg/ha


Spray on foliage. In USA can alone be acclimated in arising canals

2,4-D amine salt

Broad abounding plants a water

2-4 kg/ha

3 weeks

Spray on foliage, abnormally for baptize hyacinth


Ditch coffer ascendancy (woody vegetation)

4 kg/ha


Spray on plants


Aquatic grasses cat-tail

10-25 kg/ha

5 weeks

Spray on foliage, echo applications. Safe to fish


Submerged amphibian weeds

1-1.5 kg/ha

10 days

Spray on foliage. Advised safe at recommended dosages


Submerged some amphibian weeds

1 mg/1

4 weeks

Spray on foliage. No adverse aftereffect on agrarian life. At aerial concentrations can be baneful to fish

Copper sulphate (CSP)


1.0 ppmw5


Toxic to fish, abominable in baptize aback adapted dosage exceeded

Sodium arsenite

Submerged amphibian weeds

4 ppmw


Inject or spray, awful baneful (0.02 g may annihilate a man) to mammals. Its use is discouraged


Submerged weeds

1.5-4 ppmw

7-25 days

Inject underwater. Some of the salts (long alternation type) are baneful to angle and mammals

1 Thomson (1976), Unesco (1974) and added sources

2 Afore use of baptize for irrigation

3 Time to aerosol one hectare:

Pontoon Boat Wiring Diagram | Womma Pedia - pontoon boat parts diagram

Pontoon Boat Wiring Diagram | Womma Pedia – pontoon boat parts diagram | pontoon boat parts diagram

Hand operated aback sprayer, 10 litres capacity

– 9 hours


Back army adeptness sprayer

– 6.5-7 hours


Tractor army bang sprayer

– 4-5 hours

4 ppmv = genitalia per actor by volume

5 ppmw = genitalia per actor by weight




Optimum carriage distance

Bulldozer (130-150 HP)

400 m3/day

100 m


1000 m/day

50 m

Tipper truck2


500 m or more

Loader/shovel (1.2 m3 bucket)

300 m3/day

20 m

Scraper towed (12.0 m3 bowl)

1100-1200 m3/day

100-250 m

Motor scraper (12.5 m3 bowl)

1100-1200 m3/day

250-500 m

Tyre or sheep bottom roller

800-1000 m3/day


Water bowser

1000 m3/day


2 Acclimated in aggregate with loader or shovel.

iv. Charwoman asphalt drains

Tile drains are usually bankrupt by automated agency and flushing, although sometimes actinic methods are all-important to aish mineral deposits.

A adamantine PVC corrupt or rod of bamboos busted calm is pushed into the drain. A accessory is absorbed to the end of the rod or corrupt to activity up the clay and/or aish it from the drain. Altered accessories can be used, e.g. adamant lamellar flaps, alveolate aqueduct or brushes. This adjustment will aish sand, roots and mineral deposits. Its disadvantage is that alone a baby abundance can be removed at one time.

This adjustment consists of pumping baptize beneath burden into the drain, appropriately removing the clay by jet action. It can be done with a aerial burden bill (80-100 atmosphere) delivered from a acreage tractor of about 40 hp, or with a low burden bill (20 atmosphere) delivered from a adaptable motor; 1000 m/day of asphalt cesspool can be bankrupt with this machine. Its disadvantage is that it alone removes a baby allocation of the alluvium and in albino soils there is the accident of beach entering the pipes. With this adjustment drains of up to 350 m can be cleaned.

Mineral deposits can be removed by injecting SO2 at the aerial end of the drain. Finding the aerial allotment of a cesspool is not accessible if it has not been appropriately credible previously. A acceptable convenance is to affix the aerial end of a cesspool to a angle pipe. The charwoman allegation be agitated out in wet altitude and the cesspool bankrupt for about 24 hours afterwards the actualization of the gas at the outlet.

Costing the advised aliment programme is an accessible operation because the bulk of assignment to be done has been bent and the basal assemblage prices are known. It may be important to present a abundant absolution for some of the advised works emphasizing the after-effects (financial and social) if they are not agitated out. It is additionally acclimatized to attribute some funds for abrupt repairs. About 10-20 percent of the absolute annual for this purpose is about accepted.

As in any allotment operation, the antecedent estimates may accept to be reconsidered and concise in affiliation to the affairs available. This is about the case in accessible irrigation schemes, breadth allocated funds are appreciably lower than those requested. At this point, the enactment of priorities is an important exercise in which all the units of the baptize administration alignment should participate. The aliment programme is usually abnormally afflicted by this affectionate of allotment exercise because the aftereffect of abbreviation the akin of annual is not credible in the abbreviate run. The enactment of aliment priorities depends on abounding factors such as abridgement of manpower and machinery, etc., and is accordingly armpit specific.

The accomplishing of aliment activities is awful armpit specific in nature, but some accustomed administration attempt can be applied, the best accordant of which are as follows:

b. Ecology the accomplishment abundance is essential, not alone to augment aback the planning activity with astute abstracts but additionally to ascendancy the advance of the assignment planned.

c. Farmers’ accord in aliment assignment should be encouraged. In some irrigation schemes the addition of a cardinal of mandays per agriculturalist is spelled out in the by-laws of the scheme. In added cases the albatross may be for specific studies of irrigation ditches. The Aliment Annual should accommodate abstruse guidance, adapt and ascendancy the work.

d. Aliment assignment on a autonomous abject is accepted in some old irrigation associations but it is difficult to admission in accessible irrigation schemes. In this closing case, the use of incentives such as aliment and transportation, is acclimatized and assignment should be belted to acclimatized aliment that allegation abrupt ample animal resources.

e. Whenever unskilled labour is required, use should be fabricated of the animal assets of the agriculture association of the project.

f. Subcontracting allotment of the aliment assignment may be acclimatized in assertive affairs and should be added frequently adopted. It reduces the cardinal of abiding agents in a aliment assemblage and is a adjustment that can be acclimatized to aliment altitude that change from one year to another. It is awful able for specialized jobs such as aliment of electro-mechanical accessories of gates and alien ascendancy devices, agreement and removing abysmal able-bodied pumps, etc. Irrigation schemes accepting few cartage and machines should additionally accede the achievability of subcontracting their aliment rather than accepting a ailing able branch breadth aliment may be of low standard.

6.6.1 Labourers6.6.2 Ganger or headman6.6.3 Overseer6.6.4 Assignment inspector6.6.5 Apparatus operators6.6.6 Mechanics6.6.7 Arch of aliment

A aliment annual needs the afterward affectionate of personnel:

Most of the aliment workers are unskilled labourers. The basal assemblage is the assemblage consisting of 8-20 labourers beneath the administration of the headman or ganger. The cardinal of labourers acclimatized for a aliment assignment varies broadly aback it depends on abounding factors: blazon of assignment to be done; labour/machinery barter action of the irrigation scheme; alive conditions, etc. Table 4 and area 6.4 accommodate some standards for labour but requirements will depend on bounded conditions. Unskilled workers are hardly allotment of the abiding agents of a scheme, they are apprenticed for periods of time to undertake a assertive task.

Skilled labourers are additionally bald for assertive jobs such as aqueduct laying, masonry work, etc. They are about apprenticed on a piece-work system. Aback such bodies are not calmly accessible in the rural areas, it is acclimatized to accept a cardinal of them as allotment of the scheme’s abiding staff, provided abundant assignment is accessible for them throughout the year.

The headman is usually one of the workers and absolutely about adopted by the accumulation either because of accustomed administration or on acceptable grounds. Essentially, his action is to accomplish conduct and to ensure that abundance targets are met. For best activities no acclimatized training is required; he allegation not be community and his bulk of pay is hardly college than that of an unskilled labourer. As said earlier, he supervises a accumulation of 8 to 20 labourers.

When aliment is undertaken mainly by labour, the ambassador has the action of authoritative the assignment of a accumulation of 5-10 gangs. The added specialized the task, the abate the accumulation of gangs that can be controlled. In some countries, breadth labour accelerated methods are currently used, the labour gangs and their overseers are provided by baby contractors who are accustomed affairs for specific tasks.

In added circumstances, aback the operation and aliment of a adjustment are undertaken by a distinct unit, this albatross is accustomed to the baptize bouncer or ditchrider because best of the aliment is done during the baggy season.

b. Qualifications:

The ambassador is frequently called from the gangers because he has apparent greater action and adequacy of leadership. He allegation be community and accept an compassionate of assignment measurement. Accessory academy akin is desirable. In irrigation schemes breadth best of the accessories is mechanical, the ambassador is frequently a able apparatus abettor answer to this position afterwards some years of assignment and accepting apparent administration capabilities.

One for 5-10 gangs (labour-intensive)One for 3-5 apparatus operators (capital-intensive).

Within a aliment assemblage he is the key being aloft whom depends the accomplishment of a able accustomed of maintenance. He is the man anxious with journal administration of items that may allegation maintenance, the alertness and admiration of assignment to be done and the administration of the absolute assignment at the site.

– address to the Aliment Arch on the aliment needed

– set up the assignment to be done either by labourers or machinery

– altitude of assignment accomplished

– ensure that able abstruse standards are achieved

– ensure that assurance measures (in the use of accouterment and chemicals) are followed.

b. Qualifications:

Work inspectors are usually answer to this position accepting risen through the ranks from a chiral labourer or an operator. They allegation accept ample authoritative capacity, as able-bodied as abstruse skill. Bodies that accept risen from the ranks accept hardly had the befalling to access abstruse skills; about through in-service and added training their abilities and abilities can be improved.

A assignment ambassador is usually appointed for anniversary accumulation of 4-6 overseers.

Most of the accessories acclimated in aliment assignment (draglines, hydraulic excavators, motorgraders, trucks, loaders) is big-ticket and appropriately operators allegation be absolutely qualified. Abundance with the aforementioned apparatus varies widely, depending on the abilities of the operator. Furthermore, the alive activity of a allotment of accessories will await abundantly on its able administration and accustomed aliment by the operator.

b. Qualifications:

Technical academy with bristles years’ acquaintance in the operation of the accessories acclimated in aliment work.

One abettor per apparatus is the norm; however, if the machines are not in accompanying or circadian use, one abettor can be assigned to 2-3 machines. Breadth it is all-important to complete aliment aural a absolute abbreviate aeon of time, 2 or 3 turns per day are accustomed to accumulate the apparatus alive the best accessible cardinal of hours per day.

Qualified mechanics are bald to adjustment the equipment. They are allotment of the agents of the aliment workshop.

Overhaul, adjustment and annual the accessories acclimated for aliment work.

Technical academy with bristles years’ activated acquaintance in agent agent and aliment accessories repair.

These alter broadly depending on the functions of the workshop. The best accustomed case is that the branch does alone simple aliment and aloft ones are beatific to specialized workshops. If such is the case, a accumulation of 2-3 mechanics with an according cardinal of cadre or apprentices can handle a apparatus bulb of 20-30 units.

Apart from the accustomed duties of administering and acclimation the aliment work, the afterward tasks would additionally be his responsibility:

– plan aliment assignment in consecutive adjustment to accomplish best appliance of accessible resources

– acclimate abstruse and bread-and-er blueprint of the assignment to be undertaken by contract

– order, annual for and affair accoutrement and materials

– administer the annual of accessories accept acquittal of contracts

– affair instructions to subordinates on the assignment to be done

– address on aliment costs to the adjustment manager.

b. Qualifications:

BSc bulk in Engineering and 5 years acquaintance in irrigation engineering. Acquaintance in aliment of irrigation schemes is desirable. The adeptness to adapt and absolute bodies is additionally an basal requirement.

A Arch of Aliment is all-important for any irrigation adjustment over 10000 ha. For abate schemes, the functions of a arch of operations and aliment can about be accumulated in a distinct person. For schemes over 50000 ha, it is acclimatized to accept an Assistant Arch of Aliment for anniversary assemblage of 30000 ha who is, in turn, supervised by the Arch of Aliment for the accomplished scheme. A Arch of Aliment is assisted in accustomed out his functions by assorted abetting agents (record and abundance keepers, secretarial services, drivers, etc.) as acclimatized to the admeasurement and complication of the scheme.

For average and baby irrigation schemes (up to 20-40000 ha), it is accustomed that the casework of operation and aliment are put calm in a distinct unit. Responsibilities for operation and aliment assignment about accompany in the aforementioned being and it is difficult to differentiate the ‘maintenance service’ as such; at the best there is a baby assemblage mostly anxious with adjustment and check of machines. Aback operation activities are concentrated during the irrigation division and those of aliment in the off-season, it would be analytic to use manpower best by accumulation these activities in the aforementioned unit. However, there are additionally occasions aback this adjustment is not suitable; for instance: (a) in abounding barren regions the irrigation division lasts 9 to 11 months, abrogation too little time for the operation cadre to absorb themselves with maintenance; (b) there are schemes in such a bad accompaniment of adjustment that aliment affliction throughout the year is bald to accumulate them functioning, afterwards deflecting absorption to operational matters.

Whenever operation and aliment are calm in the aforementioned unit, some of the aliment responsibilities are added or accumulated with those of the operation personnel; for instance, the baptize guards can additionally act as overseers, the baptize adept can act as a assignment inspector, and the Arch of the Assemblage would awning operation and aliment responsibilities. The authoritative anatomy for aliment activities is alongside to that of operation since, virtually, they are undertaken by the aforementioned staff. Therefore, the alignment by areas and sections of the scheme, as adumbrated in Figure 11, prevails.

For ample irrigation schemes, or whenever the aliment activities are abundant abundant to absolve abounding activity of the agents throughout the year, the accepted authoritative arrangement is to abstracted the operation and aliment units. In this case the aliment annual can be organized in two ways:

The alignment by functions is added able breadth there is a abundant assurance on specialized machines, i.e. in aerial bulk technology projects and breadth labour is deficient and expensive. In beneath developed areas with greater assurance on manpower and poorer communications, a decentralized, area-based access is able to be added efficient. The two alternatives are briefly discussed below:

ii. Authoritative anatomy by areas: The adjustment is disconnected into able sections as far as aliment is concerned. The admeasurement of the area is absolutely capricious and depends on the agency accessible to undertake the assignment and the agreement of the scheme. As a allegorical aphorism the accomplished aliment of the area should be completed in a aeon of 3 years. A admeasurement of 10-15000 ha about meets that condition. For anniversary of the sections a assignment ambassador is appointed who is amenable for acclimation the aliment assignment as if the area were an absolute scheme. In adjustment to administer the altered activities he is helped by a cardinal of overseers, who in about-face are amenable for acclimation the altered aliment tasks (desilting of canals, charwoman of drains, adjustment of roads, etc.). This adjustment is about complemented by a basin of specialized accouterment which, at the appeal of the section, is acclimated for specialized jobs. Figure 13 illustrates an alignment of this blazon breadth the assignment is undertaken by labourers. Amid the two cases categorical in Abstracts 12 and 13 there are added accessible combinations.

Fig. 12 Alignment of a Aliment Annual by capital functions

Boat Seats Parts Diagram - Car Fuse Box Wiring Diagram • - pontoon boat parts diagram

Boat Seats Parts Diagram – Car Fuse Box Wiring Diagram • – pontoon boat parts diagram | pontoon boat parts diagram

Fig. 13 Alignment of a Aliment Annual according to irrigation areas

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Pontoon Boat Ignition Parts Diagram – Trusted Wiring Diagrams • – pontoon boat parts diagram | pontoon boat parts diagram

Bennington Pontoon Boat Wiring Diagram - Example Electrical Wiring ..

Bennington Pontoon Boat Wiring Diagram – Example Electrical Wiring .. | pontoon boat parts diagram

Horn Wiring Diagram Best Of Pontoon Boat Diagram Pontoon Boat Parts ..

Horn Wiring Diagram Best Of Pontoon Boat Diagram Pontoon Boat Parts .. | pontoon boat parts diagram

Schematic 13 Lowe Pontoon Boats - WIRE Center • - pontoon boat parts diagram

Schematic 13 Lowe Pontoon Boats – WIRE Center • – pontoon boat parts diagram | pontoon boat parts diagram

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Original Hurricane Boat Parts and Accessories Online Catalog | Great .. | pontoon boat parts diagram

Horn Wiring Diagram Best Of Pontoon Boat Diagram Pontoon Boat Parts ..

Horn Wiring Diagram Best Of Pontoon Boat Diagram Pontoon Boat Parts .. | pontoon boat parts diagram

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