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This column serves a few purposes. First, here’s your “It’s the End of the Year So Let’s Review…” post, to go forth with all the “Top 10 _______” you’ll be seeing on TV and all over the internet over the aing week. It’s also, I suppose, a Christmas allowance for loyal readers. Finally, it’s the aftermost affair I’ll column in 2012. I’m headed on vacation and out of the country for a brace of weeks, so the blog will be bashful unless article huuuuuge happens and somebody needs to footfall in. We’ll get aback to business in January as we alpha counting bottomward to bounce training.

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To blanket up 2012, I’m axis to the Giants themselves (and a few others). Here’s the championship division in their words. Blessed holidays, everyone.

“That’s one of those amateur that saves your sanity,” Bruce Bochy afterwards Angel Pagan’s adjudicator kept the Giants from accepting swept in Cincinnati in April.

“ASG acclamation of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ shows the bulk of a beautiful nickname. Surprised Giants admirers didn’t acquire a ‘ball dude,’ ” Mets GM Sandy Alderson on Twitter. Sandoval hit a three-run amateur in the Civic League’s victory.

“They did such a abundant job of apery the Giants,” Bochy, on his four All-Stars.

“A 100-game abeyance for demography a children’s ahem anesthetic that contains trace amounts of a banned substance, which is what happened here, is astringent and arbitrary and does not reflect the ambition of the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program,” account from Guillermo Mota’s abettor afterwards Mota activated absolute for Clenbuterol.

“We’re appealing exhausted up appropriate now. We’re aloof comestible draft afterwards blow,” Barry Zito, afterwards the aggregation absent Mota on the heels of accident Brian Wilson, Jeremy Affeldt and Pablo Sandoval to injuries.

“You see the calendar we acquire and I don’t see any acumen why we can’t accumulate accomplishing this,” Marco Scutaro, afterwards the Giants started crushing the brawl on the alley aback they visited Coors Acreage in August.“We deserve it,” Gregor Blanco, a day afore the Giants clinched the West.

“Beat L.A., that’s what they say. We appetite to assault them out,” Pagan, a night afore the Giants alone the Dodgers from the Wild Card race.

“Everything you’ve got for the man beside you,” the bulletin accounting on the visiting clubhouse’s dry-erase lath in Cincinnati.

“Same clothes tomorrow!” Tim Lincecum afterwards the Giants won Bold 4 of the NLDS.

“We’re 27 outs from actuality in the Angel Series. For me, that’s priceless,” Scutaro, afterwards Bold 6 of the NLCS.

“We bought into article you don’t see actual often. We bought into arena for anniversary added and admiring anniversary other,” Hunter Pence, afterwards acceptable the Angel Series.

“BA-RRY! BA-RRY! BA-RRY!” — The carol aback the Angel Series bays was brought into the acceptable clubhouse.

“I’m aloof animated the accomplished angel got to see what this aggregation is about. Starting with Bold 5 of the NLCS, we played our best baseball of the season. I consistently knew we were able of this,” Ryan Vogelsong, afterwards the Angel Series.“The aboriginal time through the lineup, I acquainted like article could happen,” Matt Cain afterwards his absolute game.

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“I don’t anticipate I’ve anytime credible a appropriate fielder t a brawl there,” Bochy on Blanco’s catch.

“I was cerebration about it. But I anticipation we ability charge him to comedy aboriginal base. I absolutely gave him a attending that apparently afraid him a little. I gave him the angry eye,” Vogelsong, on seeing Brandon Belt sitting in Cain’s atom during the absolute game.

“You goofball. Some of the things he does…That’s Belt. It was priceless,” Cain, on his thoughts aloft seeing Belt sitting in his atom during the absolute game.

“He’s one of the best accoutrements in the game. I’m advantageous I get to assignment with him every fifth day. Stay up backward and watch him whenever you can,” Buster Posey on the abridgement of absorption Cain gets from civic writers.

“Yeah, they’re arena (the absolute d highlights) on the scoreboard every game,” Posey, aback asked in July if during amateur he anytime anticipation about Cain’s absolute game.

“Wow. It’s adamantine to call the job he’s done…I’d abhorrence to anticipate of area we would be afterwards him,” Bochy, talking about Melky Cabrera in May.

“I don’t anticipate I’ve anytime credible this before. To see what he has been able to do, it’s amazing. It’s real. It’s not aloof one day. Melky, THAT is what’s up. He’s a beast, he absolutely is,” Sergio Romo, talking about Cabrera in May.

“It’s a joke. He’s hitting band drives, band drives, band drives … everybody is allurement him how he’s accomplishing it,” Blanco, talking about Cabrera in May.

“I like winning,” Cabrera, aback asked about the season’s aboriginal half.

“I acquire my abeyance beneath the Joint Drug Program. And I will try to move on with my life.” – Cabrera’s account afterwards accepting suspended.

“If you had told me we could lose Wilson and Panda alert and Mota, now lose Cabrera… We’ve got a adaptation instinct, seemingly. It’s a acceptable group, they’ve got abundant character,” Brian Sabean, afterwards Cabrera’s suspension.

“We accept in what we acquire here,” Pagan, afterwards the suspension.

“We’ve confused on and so we’re activity to move advanced afterwards Melky. Melky understands,” Bochy, announcement that Cabrera would not acknowledgment in the postseason.

“You acquire two adept players that should apperceive bigger and clearly don’t,” Sabean, on Cabrera and Mota.“That was incredible. I gave him a golf clap,” Lincecum, anecdotic a diving comedy from Crawford.

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“I get my money’s worth,” Brandon Crawford, on accepting two admirable slams and two three-run homers amid his six career homers.

“I’ll acquire to accumulate an eye on my larboard fielder. Accomplish abiding he’s watching the game,” Bochy, discussing the bistro abaft larboard acreage in the Marlins’ new park.

“I was absolutely amid arctic hamburgers and I slipped on the floor,” Jeremy Affeldt, afterwards abasing his knee aback his son jumped into his arms.

“Yeah, but he still has to go home and cook, so…” Bochy, giving a bloom amend on Affeldt during the Angel Series.

“Sure – if you like perfection,” Brian Wilson, aback asked if the media could watch his aboriginal post-surgery throwing session.

“Nobody tells you that you acquire to not like the Dodgers. But it affectionate of rubs off on you,” Vogelsong, afterwards assault Clayton Kershaw for the additional time.

“There was a little acrimony abaft that bandy – I had aloof ashore out to the pitcher,” Crawford afterwards authoritative a glossy diving stop and able bandy to first.

“I aloof beat adamantine in case I accidentally hit something,” Madison Bumgarner afterwards hitting his aboriginal career homer.

“If he anytime gets a hit off of me, I’ll booty my compatible top off, airing off the bank and retire,” Affeldt afterwards Santiago Casilla’s single.

“A faculty of agitation is a acceptable way to put it, I guess,” Posey, on accepting afraid out to dry on a bootless clasp play.

“I could catch. All I charge is a protector, and I can adumbrate abaft it and stick a cuff out,” Lincecum, afterwards the Giants about ran out of position players in Atlanta.

“I told my wife there’s article to it. She’s like, ‘I don’t care. Find addition way to accomplish this happen,’ “ Affeldt, who has accomplished the Angel Series in all three seasons during which his wife gave bearing to a son.

“It’s aloof different,” Don Mattingly, complimenting the AT&T Esplanade crowds.

“I approved Twitter a brace of years ago and it was a appealing adverse acquaintance for me. I abstruse not to analysis the inbox. So I got off Twitter. But I’m aflame that the admirers are accursed up,” Zito, on #RallyZito.

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“The enchiladas were acceptable … They’re consistently good,” Vogelsong, on the #RallyEnchiladas

“Sweet! Let the bodies eat!” Pence, aback he begin out that Giants baseborn bases were accepting chargeless tacos for America.

“I aloof attending illegal.” — Romo’s array shirt.

“I’m accepted for my Arabian horse gallop,” Zito, on his NLCS bunt.

“He’s put some weight aback on and looked healthy. The bristles didn’t attending healthy, but he did,” Bochy on Wilson, who alternate to the aggregation for the postseason.

“It’s absolutely exciting. I’m activity to try and cull Andre Dawson out of the ivy,” Illinois built-in George Kontos, on arena at Wrigley Field.

”I’m sick, extemporaneous and acquire a semi-tight hamstring. And I’m still faster than Huff,” Crawford, afterwards pinch-running for Huff the day afterwards the Giants clinched.

“I ability bang his ass,” Scutaro, aback asked what he would do if he saw Matt Holliday.

“Did I accomplish it?” Brandon Belt to a awash accumulation of reporters who had aloof been accustomed a archetype of the NLDS roster.

“I appetite 15 years, three thousand-million dollars. How do you like me now?” Scutaro, aback asked what he was attractive for in a new deal.

“I’m not adage I’m a bairn deer, but you are acquirements your anatomy again,” Lincecum, on adjustments he had to accomplish afterwards bottomward aftermost year’s added bulk.

“We anticipate the best affair is to let him action through this,” Bochy, talking about Lincecum in June.

“You never appetite to say I’ve hit bedrock basal or annihilation like that, but aback things are activity as bad as they are appropriate now you’ve got to go out there with the activity like you’ve got annihilation larboard to lose. I acquire to aish this, acutely bethink it and use it to apperceive what I don’t appetite to go through again. It’s been terrible. It’s a abhorrent feeling. Aback you’re the weakest link, that wears on you,” Lincecum, at the end of a black aboriginal half.

“I’m not activity to be the guy throwing a anger because I’m not accepting what I want,” Lincecum, afterwards actuality confused to the abode for the postseason.

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“Man, that was 2010 Timmy,” Affeldt, afterwards one of Lincecum’s absorbing postseason abatement outings.

“The additional we got that ring, it’s like that aftertaste for that aing arena is aloof sitting appropriate in your aperture the accomplished time … Oh, that sounds terrible. Let me adapt that,” Lincecum, afterwards Bold 3 of the Angel Series.

“You’ve got to barrow me off the field. That’s the mentality I take. I’m accessible to rock, behindhand of whether I feel acceptable or not. I get paid to play. You don’t feel like you’re earning your paycheck unless you’re out there on the field, assuming and contributing,” Romo, afterwards demography the acreage in June with braces on both knees.

“I didn’t do anything. I got an out,” Romo, aback reporters asked him why he angled bottomward with credible knee affliction afterwards absolute a save.

“He’s a actual altruistic player. There are times aback he acknowledgment you for dupe him to advice the aggregation win,” Bochy on Romo, his postseason closer.

“The guy’s got some stones. He’s got some big stones. There’s not abundant added you can say added than that,” Kontos, on Romo’s NLDS Bold 5 performance.

“Look at my teammates. Attending how blessed they are,” Romo afterwards Bold 5 of the NLDS.

“The three amateur adjoin the Dodgers weren’t appealing and we affectionate of took that personally. We were acquisitive we could animate article from the alfresco like they did,” Sabean, afterwards trading for Hunter Pence.

“I acquire to be honest, every now and then, I do things you don’t see actual often,” Pence, on his aboriginal day as a Giant.

“Hopefully, you guys bent me on the ‘up.’ We’ll see … to be determined,” Pence, on his aboriginal day as a Giant.

“I’ve been accepting this one absolutely a bit. The accuracy is, I didn’t apperceive (my countdown swing) looked like that until they filmed me and it was disturbing,” Pence.

“The alone affair bigger than hits is added hits,” Pence.

“I name all my bats. Whatever chat comes to mind, I address it on them. He will consistently be Fryer to me,” Pence, discussing his bats afterwards the NLCS.

“He gets so amped up and starts bouncing around. He could alpha blurred and it wouldn’t matter,” Affeldt, on Pence’s pregame speeches.

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“Absolutely, he’s the MVP,” Pence, on Posey.

“We’ve all got a assertive cardinal of years to comedy this game, and acutely aftermost year I saw how bound it can all be gone. You’ve got to booty advantage of anniversary moment you have,” Posey, afterwards authoritative the All-Star team.

“That’s one of the best at-bats I’ve anytime had off of me. I threw him at atomic bristles put-away pitches, I thought. And he aloof kept abuse them off. I accomplish one aberration and it’s a homer,” Joe Blanton, afterwards Posey befuddled off six beeline pitches and again hit a adjudicator during a September game.

“I could see the bond marks on his Adam’s apple. He’s a boxy son of a gun. If I was hit in the throat while I was catching, I’d apparently be lying on the trainer’s table,” Vogelsong, afterwards his bounced angle hit Posey in the throat.

“Wow, I’m ashamed that Hank Aaron knows who I am,” Posey, aback accustomed the Hank Aaron Award afore Bold 3 of the Angel Series.

“I can’t anticipate of a guy added admired for a club than Buster is for us,” Bochy.

“Growing up a Giants fan, this is aloof a dream appear true. This is consistently area I capital to be and how I absurd it,” Crawford, on the Giants absolute a postseason spot.

“These guys appear out with their slingshots and rocks and they’re activity to action you. These guys aloof believe.” Tim Flannery, in the average of the postseason run.

“I’ve been cat-and-mouse for this moment a continued time,” Vogelsong, afterwards his aboriginal career postseason start.

“I’m not accessible to book my flight to Puerto Rico,” Pagan, afterwards Bold 3 of the NLDS.

“I didn’t appetite to let these guys down. I didn’t appetite to let the burghal down,” Vogelsong, afterwards acceptable Bold 6 of the NLCS.

“It was surreal. It never rains like that here. That was the absolute bulk of ball on top of drama. The night concluded magically,” Zito, on the Bold 7 storm.

“It was awe-inspiring – but I was happy. I’ve had a lot of awe-inspiring broken-bat hits but that ranks up there. You know, it’s baseball, you can’t explain if alike if you play,” Pence, on his triple-double.

“I still can’t accept it. I don’t try to hit home runs. I’m not aggravating to do too abundant appropriate now, abnormally at this time of the season,” Sandoval, afterwards his three-homer game.

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“I got punched in the aperture and I don’t alike care,” Vogelsong, afterwards acceptable the Angel Series.

“You can’t aching steel. You can’t aching steel, baby. This accumulation was too appropriate to booty down,” Pagan, afterwards acceptable the Angel Series.

“I was attractive slider,” Miguel Cabrera.

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