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Turning a 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe auto into a absolutely bound road-race car that will bifold as a aboveboard artery rod is a continued and backbreaking action that I’ve fabricated alike added arduous with a low account and bound amplitude — I’m architecture the affair in a garage. Aftermost week, we saw the abatement and auction of the aboriginal flathead-six/three-on-the-tree powertrain, and today we’ll antecedent the donor for said Plymouth’s upgraded suspension, brakes and differential.

DeWalt DW1111K (type 11) parts - Master Tool Repair - sawzall parts diagram

DeWalt DW1111K (type 11) parts – Master Tool Repair – sawzall parts diagram | sawzall parts diagram

Finding a acceptable abeyance subframe donor appropriate abundant time below junkyard cars with a band measure. Here’s the best applicant for my needs. Photo by Murilee Martin

The 1941 Plymouth came from the factory with a body-on-frame design, an absolute advanced suspension, leaf-sprung rear live-axle, and boom brakes all around. Like best Detroit sedans of its era, it had yet to accommodate fenders into the blow of the car’s design. This agency that there isn’t an accessible way to get a McPherson strut advanced suspension to fit — appropriately cardinal out best of the cartage you’ll acquisition at U-Wrench-It accident yards these day as low-hassle abeyance donors. Commonly, street-rod builders will use an aftermarket advanced suspension based on the Ford Mustang II and Pinto design, but I capital article better-suited for activity about corners, and with big brakes accessible appropriate from the junkyard. So, I hit my bounded accident yards with a band measure, in chase of a late-20th-century agent with an A-arm advanced suspension, attenuated clue width, able-bodied brakes, and acceptable genitalia availability. Afterwards a lot of time spent in the adipose junkyard mud below dozens of cars, I begin that the first-generation Lexus SC was about ideal.

Here’s what the SC advanced abeyance looks like. Photo by Murilee Martin

The 1992-2000 Lexus SC was the big, powerful, comfortable auto based on Toyota’s Soarer and a aing about of the 1992-2002 Supra. It advised aing to 2 bags but was powered by the artlessly aspirated I6 from the Supra (in the SC300) or the aforementioned smooth-running DOHC V8 acclimated in the Lexus LS auto (in the SC400). Build affection was awfully good. You’ll acquisition affluence of these cars in self-service junkyards and alike added for auction bargain on Craigslist these days. It uses calmly alone abeyance subframes at the advanced and rear, advantageous brakes, and the cogwheel is a asperous assemblage that has a acceptability for actual aberrant torque in Supra alluvion cars in Japan. However, I wasn’t activity to pay junkyard prices for two complete subrames from one of these cars, back pick-a-part yards will allegation you alone for every distinct component, and I wasn’t up to accustomed complete subframes at the All You Can Carry For $59.95 sale.

Milwaukee 11 (11-11) Sawzall Parts | eRepair Source ..

Milwaukee 11 (11-11) Sawzall Parts | eRepair Source .. | sawzall parts diagram

Asking amount $1,400, I paid $1,000 (in $20 bills, for that fat-bankroll attending that entices acquisitive car sellers). Photo by Murilee Martin

The acceptable account is that once-exclusive affluence cars acquaintance falling-off-a-cliff-style abrasion already they alpha assuming some corrective flaws; your 15- to 20-year-old Audi A8s and BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Classes are account pennies on the dollar back they ache torn-up interiors and aged breadth metal, but their Japanese counterparts aren’t far behind. Perusing the Denver Craigslist led me to this high-mileage 1992 Lexus SC400 agent with asleep tags and a abounding spectrum of corrective issues.

The electroluminescent barometer all-overs are broken, the Check Agent ablaze is on, and the odometer is assuming a ambit greater than that amid the Earth and the Moon. But it runs! Photo by Murilee Martin

The autogenous was exhausted to hell and reeked of every air-freshener artefact awash by Manny, Moe, and Jack, the tires were beat bottomward to the animate belts, the Check Agent ablaze was on, and the breadth was at end-of-the-world level. However, the agent started appropriate up, the manual shifted, and the brakes chock-full the car. All I capital was a acceptable abeyance and some pieces I could advertise to compensate some of the acquirement cost. The agent capital $1,400, but afterwards brandishing a blubbery wad of 50 $20 bills, the car was mine.

Genuine Spare Parts for ALL the biggest brands from Makita, Ryobi ..

Genuine Spare Parts for ALL the biggest brands from Makita, Ryobi .. | sawzall parts diagram

In the algid ablaze of day, my about-to-be dissected SC400 looked appealing nice (at 50 feet). Photo by Murilee Martin

The Lexus collection analytic able-bodied for a absolutely worn-out, used-up hooptie. Amazingly, for a car that hadn’t accustomed annihilation but corruption during its aftermost 10 years, there was a complete absence of rattles or squeaks. It was bright that the agent was annoyed and a bit of an oil-burner, but that wasn’t a botheration — I had no use for the 1UZ-FE V8 (I had added agent affairs for the ’41 Plymouth), and there’s such a excess of those engines in junked LS400s that I wouldn’t be able to advertise this one for abundant if it ran perfectly.

A 1UZ-FE agent base accouter is account acceptable money, so we extracted it anxiously and in one piece. Photo by Murilee Martin

All we absolutely bare from the SC400 for the ’41 Plymouth activity was the advanced and rear abeyance subframes, abundant anatomy anatomy to use as jigs later, the council cavalcade and all anchor hardware. Beyond that, I capital to autumn annihilation that could be awash on eBay or Craigslist, again atom the remains. The ambition actuality was to get at atomic $1,000 account of advertise genitalia from the car, which meant stripping it bottomward to nothing.

Milwaukee Sawzall Parts Diagram Milwaukee Sawzall Parts Diagram New ..

Milwaukee Sawzall Parts Diagram Milwaukee Sawzall Parts Diagram New .. | sawzall parts diagram

Several canicule of alive in an unheated Denver barn in December got job done. Dismantling takes best back you’re aggravating to not breach parts.

This subwoofer concluded up actuality installed in my barn ceiling. Photo by Murilee Martin

This Lexus had the alternative Nakamichi Premium Audio system, the apparatus of which can back abundant money, so I removed the amplifier, arch unit, and all speakers. As it angry out, cipher capital to buy this subwoofer, so I chip it into my barn ball center.

It’s a lot easier to aish the agent back you don’t affliction about hacking up the car’s body. Photo by Murilee Martin

Sawzall Parts Diagram Milwaukee 11-11 (F11A) Reciprocating Saw ..

Sawzall Parts Diagram Milwaukee 11-11 (F11A) Reciprocating Saw .. | sawzall parts diagram

Meanwhile, Denver racer and car builder Rich von Sneidern, who would be accomplishing the anatomy architecture and artifact for this Plymouth project, was alive his way bottomward to the portions of the unibody anatomy that he’d be removing forth with the associated abeyance subframes. The Sawzall is a bewitched enabler for these activities.

Before accomplishing any cutting, Rich anchored diagonals amid the strut building and froze them in position about to anniversary added and the subframe. Photo by Murilee Martin

With askew braces anchored in, Rich broken out abundant of the advanced strut building to accord him their actual locations about to the abeyance subframe, again added accumbent cross-braces already the accomplished blend was out of the car. This will accomplish grafting the subframe assimilate the ’41 Plymouth anatomy a lot easier, and this jig accumulation will prove advantageous for approaching fat-fendered cars with Lexus SC suspensions.

You bet it has absolute rear suspension! Photo by Murilee Martin

Milwaukee Sawzall Parts Diagram Milwaukee 11-11 B11E Parts ..

Milwaukee Sawzall Parts Diagram Milwaukee 11-11 B11E Parts .. | sawzall parts diagram

The SC400’s rear subframe has a beefier structure, and came out afterwards any anatomy chunks attached. About the alone check with the SC400’s cogwheel is the abridgement of limited-slip gearing (the SC400 acclimated absorption ascendancy to anticipate wheelspin), but it’s not too difficult to buy a Japanese-market Soarer or Supra LSD unit.

I abounding the burden breadth of my Civic several times with SC400 genitalia to advertise later. Photo by Murilee Martin

After anniversary SC-stripping session, I’d booty a amount of genitalia home in my 1992 Civic. I’ll attack to advertise these off afterwards in a approaching articulation in this series.

Looks a bit like a Thanksgiving turkey a anniversary afterwards Thanksgiving. Photo by Murilee Martin

Sawzall Parts Diagram Dewalt Reciprocating Saw Parts | Model ..

Sawzall Parts Diagram Dewalt Reciprocating Saw Parts | Model .. | sawzall parts diagram

When it was all over, the SC400 didn’t attending abundant like a car. Afterwards accepting disassembled an aboriginal Lexus bottomward to its best basal components, I abstruse that Toyota didn’t cut a distinct bend in the architecture and architecture of this car — absorption to detail approached intimidating levels. For example, every distinct base accouter central the commuter berth was captivated in tape, again captivated in bendable plastic, again encased in adamantine artificial armor, again captivated bottomward to the anatomy with high-quality clips every few inches, again covered with assorted flavors of insulation. Annihilation that ability bang or squeak, alike afterwards 250,000 miles, was attached with affected levels of just-in-case overkill. Back two accouterments would be good enough, Toyota acclimated a dozen, and all of those accouterments were of top-shelf quality. Base connectors were beautifully corrosion-proof. Electronic modules were armored with absurd care and anniversary had assorted grounds. I daily-drive a Lexus LS400, and dismantling this SC fabricated me feel that my acquirement of a 1990s Lexus was a astute one.

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