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Exclusive: Democrats and liberals accept climbed into bed with the neocons to advance the “Russia-did-it” cabal access as a way to “get Trump,” but this New McCarthyism has grave dangers, writes Robert Parry.

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By Robert Parry

The anti-Russian McCarthyism that has advance out from the United States to beset the European Union, Canada and Australia has at its bulk an absolute accepting that neoliberal economics and neoconservative adopted activity accept failed.

When I afresh asked a European announcer why this anti-Russian agitation had taken basis amid boilerplate European political parties, he answered with a question: “Do you anticipate they can run on their success in administering the recession and the refugees?”

In added words, European voters are affronted about the aching bread-and-er altitude that followed the Wall Street blast of 2008 and the destabilizing billow of immigrants beat from Western “regime change” wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.

So, like the Democratic Party that doesn’t appetite to appoint in a brooding brooding about Donald Trump’s victory, the European “establishment” parties allegation a accessible alibi to alter criticism – and that alibi is Russia, a blame-shifting that has accustomed about every contempo criticism of an enactment government official to be sloughed off as “Russian disinformation.”

It doesn’t alike bulk anymore that the criticism may be based on solid fact. Alike accurate advice is now accounted “Russian disinformation” or Russian-inspired “fake news.”

We saw that in the Canadian boilerplate media’s denunciations of for active an commodity that acicular out that Canada’s Adopted Minister Chrystia Freeland had biased her ancestors history to white-out her affectionate grandfather’s role alteration a Nazi bi-weekly in Poland that demonized Jews and justified the Holocaust.

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Virtually every boilerplate aperture in Canada rallied to Freeland’s ancillary aback she absolved our commodity as Russian disinformation. Alone after did a few newspapers grudgingly accede that our adventure was accurate and that Freeland knew it was true. Still, the attacks on us continued. We were labeled “Russian disinformationists,” with no affirmation bare to abutment the aspersion and no aegis allowed.

Though arguably a baby example, the Freeland adventure reflects what is accident beyond the Western boilerplate account media. About every independent-minded account commodity that questions the enactment narratives on all-embracing diplomacy is absolved as “Russian propaganda.” The few politicians, academics and journalists who don’t advance in the establishment’s array are “Moscow stooges” or “Putin apologists.”

The Russian Resistance

This anti-Russian agitation began some years ago aback Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin fabricated bright that Russia would no best bow to dictates from Washington and Brussels. Russia bristled at the assailment of NATO on its borders, alone the neoconservative calendar of “regime change” wars in Muslim countries, and resisted the U.S.-backed putsch degradation Ukraine’s adopted admiral in 2014.

But the anti-Russian aberration acquired unstoppable drive with the U.S. acclamation in 2016. The Democrats, liberals and neoconservatives were abashed at the abominable agitated of their presidential choice, Hillary Clinton, by the awkward and buffoonish Donald Trump.

After this absinthian defeat, the losers looked for scapegoats rather than adjustment up a austere dissection on how they absent to the “unelectable” Trump, i.e, by allotment a accumulated applicant who was associated with neoliberal economics and neoconservative war policies. Blaming Russia became the accessible alibi that could arrange the assorted pro-Clinton camps.

So, the Obama administering – in an aberrant footfall – approved to adulteration the able-bodied for its almsman by accepting the U.S. intelligence association put out evidence-lacking allegations about Russian “meddling” in the U.S. acclamation to accept Trump.

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The promoters of this Russia-did-it anecdotal alloyed with the “#Resistance” movement to do whatever was all-important to advance Trump out of office. It didn’t assume to bulk that there was actual little affirmation that the Russians absolutely did meddle in the election.

The arch affirmation was that the Russians gave WikiLeaks the Democratic emails absolute the Democratic Civic Committee’s demolition of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s attack and the emails of Clinton attack administrator John Podesta advertisement the capacity of Clinton’s hidden speeches to Wall Street and some pay-to-play appearance of the Clinton Foundation.

WikiLeaks denied accepting the actual from the Russians, but – added to the point – there was no affirmation of bunco amid Moscow and the Trump campaign, as alike Obama’s Director of Civic Intelligence James Clapper and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman accept acknowledged. (The WikiLeaks disclosures additionally were not a above agency in Clinton’s defeat, which she primarily abhorrent on FBI Director James Comey briefly reopening the analysis of her application a clandestine email server while Secretary of State.)

Still, the absence of affirmation has not beat Democrats, liberals and neocons from spinning a all-inclusive Russian cabal access that ties calm Trump’s accomplished business affairs in Russia with the angle that somehow Putin foresaw that Trump would become U.S. president, an aftereffect that about every American auger advised an impossibility as afresh as aftermost year.

But skeptics of the Trump/Russia cabal — if they cartel agenda that Putin would accept bare the world’s best Ouija lath to apprehend Trump’s achievement — allegation again prove that they are not “Russian propaganda/disinformation agents” for accepting these doubts.

New McCarthyism and Maddow

Given the actualization of this New Cold War, I accept it fabricated faculty that we would anon accept a New McCarthyism, although it may accept appear as a abruptness that this witch-hunting is actuality led by the liberals and the boilerplate media, admitting with important abetment from the neoconservatives who accept continued affianced in beating the bellicism of anyone who doubted their geopolitical genius.

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Remember aback in 1984 aback U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Jeane Kirkpatrick, an aboriginal neocon, denounced backbiting Americans who would “blame America first.”

But it appears now that abounding liberals and alike progressives are so addled by their abhorrence of Trump that they haven’t anticipation through the acumen of their new accord with the neocons — or the candor of beating adolescent Americans as “Putin apologists.”

Meanwhile, boilerplate account organizations accept alone alike the pretense of able objectivity in their propagandistic access adjoin aishment accompanying to Russia or Trump. For instance, I would baffle anyone account The New York Times’ advantage of Russia to appraise it as fair and counterbalanced aback it is acutely snarky and sneering.

It additionally turns out that this New McCarthyism has become assisting for its arch practitioners. The New York Times appear on Monday that the ratings for MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow are aerial with her common anti-Russian rants.

“Now, ashamed liberals are surging aback [to arrangement television], gluttonous catharsis, adherence and relief,” the Times wrote, citation a Kentucky woman answer why she has become a addict of Maddow: “She’s consistently talking about the Russians!”

Frankly, for the accomplished dozen years, I’ve wondered about Maddow. I aboriginal heard her on the radio in August 2005 aback she was a summer backup at Air America advertisement on Admiral George W. Bush’s Katrina fiasco, which she partly abhorrent on the deployment of Louisiana Civic Guard units to Iraq, so they couldn’t advice abandon abounding New Orleans.

It was bright that Maddow was accomplished and her abhorrence of the Iraq War was on point, although – by summer 2005 – it didn’t crave a huge bulk of journalistic adventuresomeness to bang Bush over the Iraq War. As I watched her career acceleration through a approved Air America gig to her appearance on MSNBC and again to distinction as an ballast on the network’s acclamation coverage, I consistently wondered whether she would put her advantageous accumulated accepting at accident and go adjoin the atom at a boxy journalistic moment.

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Now, Maddow’s behavior in acceptable a modern-day mainstream-media Joe McCarthy has put my doubts to rest. She is benumbed aerial in the ratings by befitting her whip duke advancing bottomward adamantine on the bash-Russia steed. She is putting her career or her backroom advanced of journalism.

Like so abounding added Democrat/liberal/neocon activists, Maddow not alone ignores the evidentiary gaps in the Russia-did-it cabal access but she seems absent to the dangers of her opportunism. By active up this McCarthyistic frenzy, she and her “never-Trump” allies accomplish a rational activity adjoin nuclear-armed Russia about impossible. Thus, she is accidental to the absolute accident of a hot war with Russia that could advance to the aishment of activity on the planet.

Thin-Skinned Trump

One of the absinthian ironies actuality is that Trump’s critics accurately acclaimed that his thin-skinned attitude fabricated him unfit to acquire the nuclear on, but they are now egging him into a mano-a-mano battle with Putin. If Trump doesn’t get the bigger of Putin in every situation, Trump will face renewed pummeling for “selling out” to the Russians.

Already, neocon Sen. Lindsey Graham has declared, “2017 is activity to be a year of blame Russia in the ass in Congress.” If Trump doesn’t go along, he will face battering from the brand of Maddow, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and appealing abundant every boilerplate account outlet. So, Trump may accept no political best but to get tough. But what happens aback Putin pushes back?

In the accomplished aback I’ve fabricated this point about the carelessness of Russia-bashing, I’ve been told that I’m actuality alarmist, that “kicking Russia in the ass” and baiting Trump to accompany in the blame won’t advance to a nuclear war, that the Russians aren’t that stupid. Yeah, let’s achievement not.

On the upside of this anti-Russia strategy, the anti-Trump activists assert it is the best able avenue to get rid of Trump, which they appearance as answer about any action. It’s not for them to prove that Trump did cabal with Putin to rig the U.S. presidential election; it’s abundant to accession the suspicion and use it to advance for Trump’s impeachment.

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As addition who has covered civic aegis scandals back the 1980s, I am accustomed with the affectionate of affirmation that should be appropriate for authoritative austere allegations. For instance, aback Brian Barger and I wrote the aboriginal adventure about Nicaraguan Contra biologic trafficking in 1985 for The Associated Press, we had about two dozen sources, additional documents. Best of the sources were assembly – i.e., central the Contra movement and central the Reagan administering – who declared how the operation was run. We had this affirmation afore we fabricated any accessible accusation.

In the case of the Russia-Trump cabal theory, the U.S. intelligence association has presented about no affirmation of Russian “hacking” and admits that it has no affirmation of Trump’s bunco with the Russians. As far as we know, there is no cabal who has declared how this declared cabal occurred.

That is not to say that some affirmation ability not eventually apparent that confirms the Russia-Trump suspicions, but that is accurate of all cabal theories. Who knows, maybe Joe McCarthy was appropriate about all those Communists central the U.S. government secretly alive for the Kremlin? Maybe he did accept a absolute account of names. But that is what “witch hunts” are all about – investigations advised to prove a point whether accurate or not.

In this accepted case, however, the downside is not “just” the aition of people’s careers and a few imprisonments. The downside of arena craven with nuclear-armed Russia is the end of activity as we apperceive it. At such a moment, journalists and politicians should appeal the accomplished standards of proof, not no affidavit at all.

Sometimes, I anticipate the altercation that I would apprehend as the augment clouds activate ascent over U.S. and Russian cities. If not incinerated in the aboriginal moments of the cataclysm, the “smart” bodies of the boilerplate U.S. media (and their advanced and neocon allies) would be insisting that it wasn’t their fault; it was addition else’s fault; blame-shifting to the end.

So, as the Democrats and liberals accompany with the neocons in ablution this New McCarthyism over Russia – and with bodies like Rachel Maddow arch the allegation – what is arguably the best black actuality is that there appears to be no Edward R. Murrow, a boilerplate announcer with a conscience, anywhere on the horizon.

Investigative anchorman Robert Parry bankrupt abounding of the Iran-Contra belief for The Associated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s. You can buy his latest book, America’s Stolen Narrative, either in print here or as an e-book (from Amazon and

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