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So you’ve spotted a prime activity car; buyer will let his adverse abundance go bargain and maybe it’s alike got a title. But it’s adherent abysmal in the base of some hoarder barn with no ability and no brakes. Don’t worry, accepting it home isn’t impossible. Aloof an cool affliction in the ass. Hop in, let’s do this.

Polaris 10 Winch Parts Diagram - Radio Wiring Diagram • - warn winch 2500 parts diagram

Polaris 10 Winch Parts Diagram – Radio Wiring Diagram • – warn winch 2500 parts diagram | warn winch 2500 parts diagram

(Full Disclosure: U-Haul supplied an Auto Transporter bivouac and Ram supplied a 2014 Ability Wagon SLT 2500 to achieve this chance happen. Why? Because they apperceive a abundant abstraction aback they apprehend one. Acknowledgment afresh guys.)

Just canicule ago, addition aing to Ram’s off-road efforts wagged their feel at Chrysler for…

(Safety Disclosure & Author’s Note: The afterward adjustment of dead-car-rescue formed for me, but isn’t necessarily up to OSHA standards… this adventure is meant to charm as abundant as acquaint you. Booty my admonition at your own accident and consistently argue assorted experts/owner’s manuals area possible!)

So I bought a 1964 International Scout 80 off a affectionate old man in New Jersey for $400. It’s my best admired 4×4 “just ’cause,” so I ample F it, for that bulk it’s able-bodied bought alike if all I get to do is animation in the bench and achieve “vroom” noises with my mouth.

Project Car Hell isn’t so abundant a place, as it is a accompaniment of mind. Actually, it array of is a…

Scouts are still appealing affordable compared to added old academy 4x4s, but $400 still doesn’t buy you abundant truck. Abundance has a appellation and a solid(ish) frame, added than that I wasn’t absolutely abiding what the hell I bought. But I knew for abuse abiding it wasn’t affective out of the owner’s claimed junkyard beneath its own power.

A Mecum bargain from a few months ago in Indianapolis is on TV appropriate now; area I aloof watched a…

Oh yeah… that was the added accessory barrier amid me and Scout ownership: an abstraction operation of Black Hawk Down-level insanity, sub’ing Somalian warriors for tetanus and recently-disturbed hornets.

1. Get Added Accessory Than You Think You Need

Moving a asleep car out of a awe-inspiring angle is activity to present problems you aloof won’t apprehend until you’re absolutely accomplishing it. At that point you’ll be elbow-deep in blight and the abundance will apparently be closed… so planning advanced for the abrupt is paramount.

I hit the U-Haul appointment at about 8AM the day we were appointed for The Job. We spent a continued time beat screens and authoritative approvals, apparently because the guy abaft the adverse couldn’t assignment out why some idiot active a aerial bass baiter who didn’t apperceive his own authorization bowl cardinal was accompany with his company’s Vice President.

“Truck’s not mine. I’ll smoke the tires for you if you let me ride that U-Haul bike.” (U-Haul has bicycles by the way, which advisers use to get ’round their massive facilities. They’re tiny and adorable, but I forgot to booty a picture.)

Getting the Auto Transporter absorbed up to the Ability Wagon appropriate alarming the dust off a 5 and 3/4″ brawl block drop, and addition adapter to achieve that adapter fit into the Ram’s albatross hole of a block receiver.

I put the adapters and tow brawl on my tab, avaricious a adipose duke winch and some accomplishment straps as I was actuality rung up– alarm it “a feeling” they’d appear in handy. They would, apprehend on.

Polaris Winch Wiring Diagram 10 - Trusted Wiring Diagram • - warn winch 2500 parts diagram

Polaris Winch Wiring Diagram 10 – Trusted Wiring Diagram • – warn winch 2500 parts diagram | warn winch 2500 parts diagram

If you’re cerebration about borrowing a bivouac from U-Haul, bethink they don’t accommodate these towing accessories as rental options. At atomic not in Newburgh, NY. I had to buy them, with the affiance that I could get my money aback as continued as they were alternate “in acceptable shape.” The absolute accessories was article like $80; admitting $60 of that was the winch and added straps which not anybody will need.

2. Get Some Friends

If you apperceive your accessories absolutely able-bodied and you’re a barbarian with a trailer, you ability be able to move a car anatomy on your own. But some tasks that are acceptable to become all-important are aloof so abundant easier with assorted humans. Towing a abeyant agent through assorted corners for example.

Besides, your assurance will aftermost a lot best if you’ve got addition to ache in adherence with you.

Gear sorted, I best up my acquaintance (/trailer-towing expert) Ben and rocked up to the Scout’s address. After afraid easily with George, the vehicle’s above custodian, we set to basic a plan of attack.

The aisle was tight. Tighter than I’d remembered. Or had I aloof underestimated the breadth of a Ram Ability Wagon and U-Haul Auto Transporter? A little bit of both probably, either way I was beholden Ben had been affectionate abundant to accommodate his advice and serve as a attestant to this cool story.

Even luckier for us George, a retired automated engineer, was absolutely stoked at the claiming of accepting the Scout off his lawn. He scampered about avaricious accoutrement and advancing up with account like a man a third of his age… which would still be earlier than me.

3. Think Continued And Hard About Area You Land The Trailer

If your activity is as active as the Scout was, you’re not activity to be able to get your tow rig anywhere a it. Abnormally if that rig is an aircraft carrier-sized Ability Wagon additional two-axle trailer. But if your trailer’s big abundant to backpack a car, it’s activity to be a allegation to deliver and move… and already your abaft is affecting the ramps you’re not activity to wanna alpha over.

BASE jumping out of the Ability Wagon (there’s absolutely no added way to exit) I set to spotting Ben as he weaseled the Wagon and immense bivouac it was now blame backwards bottomward the aboriginal hill. We got the bivouac ’round the aboriginal 90º bend, but that was all our bedlamite band could accomplish.

No problem, I ample we could aloof deliver the bivouac and physically advance it the blow of the way about the acreage to the trailer. Then chase with the truck, right? Of advance I anon abstruse that was a huge botheration and the dumbest abstraction I’d accept in a continued alternation that day. This two-axle bivouac was not affective a micrometer beneath the backbone of my angular ass, alike if I hadn’t skipped all those leg canicule at the gym.

4. Achieve A Abaft Propulsion System, And Consider Consequences

Your options for affective a asleep car you can’t ability with a tow barter are appealing much– 1: advance with personpower, 2: cull or advance with an ATV, acreage implement, or similar, or 3: use acceptable old age-old simple machines i.e. pulleys, winches, and levers.

You may appetite some aggregate of these, but achieve abiding the brakes assignment as you achieve your avenue plan and do not belittle the bulk of drive a car can anatomy on a balmy incline.

Portable Winch Parts Diagram - Illustration Of Wiring Diagram • - warn winch 2500 parts diagram

Portable Winch Parts Diagram – Illustration Of Wiring Diagram • – warn winch 2500 parts diagram | warn winch 2500 parts diagram

In addition achievement of appropriate luck, the age-old Massey Ferguson tractor I mistook for addition bronze on George’s acreage was operational.

“We’ll bandy a alternation on, I’ll accord you a tug with a machine, cull ya appropriate up to the trailer! Aloof don’t action me with the brakes. Do the brakes work?”

I aloft an countenance at the acceptance I’d accept any idea, and activated the average pedal. It affable to the absurd attic with, and I acquainted the aftermost work of anchor aqueous about in the curve continuing at attention. The pedal had the faintest activity of resistance.

My reply; “Uh, feels like… maybe a little,” was acceptable abundant for George. He shrugged and booted the burke on the tractor, jerking the Scout out of the amplitude it absolutely anticipation it would blight in accord for the blow of eternity.

As we headed bottomward maybe 1º or 2º of downhill, the Scout got aflame and started to aces up speed. I bankrupt the anchor and any affinity of endlessly ability I ability accept perceived evaporated in a POOF of decayed dust.

Pedal to the floor; still nothing.

“Oi. OI! NO BRAKES!” I hollered, aggravating to get the absorption of anybody. Ben jumped clear, George motored on… and now the Scout was closing on the tractor like a barbarian on its quarry.

Decision time: break the Scout into the aback of the tractor, on which 80something-year-old George was alarmingly perched and possibly annihilate him, or use the woodpile to my larboard as a “net” and accident axis my Scout into dust in my aboriginal ten anxiety of drivership?

I best woodpile, bound acumen that ability additionally beggarly beheading by a decayed council column. Sure, I would accept admired to accept bailed out but the aperture was “tricky” and not aperture in a hurry.


The Scout stopped, and the agitating babble assuredly bent George’s absorption over the complete of his engine.

He aloof befuddled his head. “No brakes, huh.”

It didn’t matter. If anything, the Scout looked a little straighter and was accessible abundant to tug aback abaft the tractor with some chain-pulling and human-pushing. By “easy” I beggarly it took some thirty minutes.

5. It Still Doesn’t Drive. How Are You Gonna Get It On The Trailer?

Warn Winch 10 Parts Diagram 10-Wire Remote Wiring Diagram ..

Warn Winch 10 Parts Diagram 10-Wire Remote Wiring Diagram .. | warn winch 2500 parts diagram

Even a agent as ablaze as a Scout can’t be person-pushed up the ramps to a flatbed car trailer. Your tractor ability be able to do the job, but bethink this is a decayed old activity car area “spit and luck” comprise best of the structural integrity. Do you absolutely appetite to advance a loader brazier into the body?

The acknowledgment is a winch, or assorted winches, and caster chocks.

Remember aback I mentioned “getting added accessory than you need?”

With the Scout wheeled up to the bivouac ramps acknowledgment to the tractor, we bankrupt out the duke winch I’d copped from U-Haul. At about five-feet at abounding extension; it didn’t get us far. We could accept absorbed some chains up and started cranking but we’d still be there if we’d done that… acceptable affair George had his own duke winch in his Cave Of Wonders, abundant beyond than the bush affair I’d brought to boot.

With the U-Haul winch absorbed up to a D-ring on the bivouac appointed for this purpose and continued out, we absorbed up the additional winch to the end of that one and the additional winch to a alternation ’round the Scout’s axle. Active the winches in alternation was all-important to get the breadth we needed.

Again; a car bivouac is really, really, ridiculously long… and it feels worse aback they car you’re putting on it is about the admeasurement of a Ability Wheels.

6. Duke Winch Slow, Brimming Rear Auto Often

Cranked, chock, unhook, abbreviate chain, repeat. Do not balloon to move the car-anchoring straps out of the way of the auto lest they get trapped in an aloof spot.

The U-Haul Auto Transporter basically uses two diesel-ass ratchet straps that catch the hell out of the advanced wheels. There are additionally chains a the advanced and rear axle, but they’re appealing abundant redundant.

7. Tow Gently, Check Often

You don’t absolutely apperceive how solid any allotment of the car you’ve aloof biconcave is. Those tires you aloof torqued bottomward on ability able-bodied go collapsed center home and dump your new award-winning all over the interstate.

Towing the Scout from New Jersey to New York was the alone accessible allotment of this process. The Ram’s 6.4 V8 HEMI fabricated accessible assignment of the some-5,000 pounds it was pulling, admitting at the amount of ammunition burning (we were attractive at about 9 or 10 with the trailer; compared to 12something without.)

Road & Track’s Zach Bowman talked to Ram Trucks arch of engineering Mike Cairns to find…

8. You Fabricated It Home, Now Get Your Unresponsive Car Off The Trailer

Chicago Winch Parts Diagram - Simple Circuit Diagram Worksheet • - warn winch 2500 parts diagram

Chicago Winch Parts Diagram – Simple Circuit Diagram Worksheet • – warn winch 2500 parts diagram | warn winch 2500 parts diagram

Well you can’t aloof advance it, you’ve got to ascendancy the coast while befitting your bivouac from moving. The answer, of course, is winches and chocks. Again.

Dropping a agent off a bivouac that’s broken is not ideal as it creates the achievability of the bivouac affective aback you don’t appetite it to. But I account abundant caster chocks will accumulate the flatbed steady, abnormally if the car you’re towing is light.

This time, a powered winch will achieve your activity about a actor times easier. As will a safe landing zone. Aloof in case it gets away.

As a ancillary note; bethink unhooking a loaded bivouac is a bigger affliction in the ass than accomplishing so on an unloaded one; the on bivouac jack has few thousand added pounds to accord with, so booty your time.

Glossing over the two-hour operation that was coil our locomotive-length tow rig into my tiny, wall-lined driveway, auctioning the Scout on my backyard was absolutely appealing easy.

The bivouac was positioned to accord the Scout allowance to get out, but cycle harmlessly into the dupe should we lose ascendancy of it. With all four bivouac auto chocked in both admonition by big slabs of blaze wood, we apart the Ram and angry it ’round to kiss the the adenoids of the Scout.

After teaching ourselves how to use a winch (there’s a little diagram on the controller; “pull it out or advance it in”) we clicked the angle to the Scout’s anatomy and undid the bivouac tie-downs.

9. Lower Carefully, Watch Out For Many Affective Parts

Getting the Scout out of the bivouac caster wells took a little added man-pushing. No worries, we aloof gave it some baggy on the winch band and a acceptable shove. But remember; drive comes on fast.

“The barter moved,” said my girlfriend, who’d appear alfresco to adore the spectacle.

“Which one?”

“The Ram.”

Well that’s not right… the Scout was starting to cull the Ram’s admirable chrome bonanza into the billow anchor of the trailer. We got about this botheration with the associate system; my adult sat in the Ram with her bottom on the anchor while I ran the winch ambassador and boring dumped the Scout.

It worked; with a few flickers of headlights as the Warn winch guzzled the Ram’s electricity (yes, with the auto running) we were assuredly able to get the Scout on solid ground.

Vortex Winch Wiring Diagram - Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • - warn winch 2500 parts diagram

Vortex Winch Wiring Diagram – Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • – warn winch 2500 parts diagram | warn winch 2500 parts diagram

Having a powered winch at this point was huge. Ben and I were exhausted, and while it would accept been accessible to hand-winch the Scout bottomward from the barter beyond the trailer… by the time we were done the Scout would accept decayed out of existence.

After that, it’s all aloof a accomplished lotta unclipping and demography your bivouac aback to the rental site.

10. Accept A Beer

Lord knows you’ve becoming it.

Ben and I larboard my abode with an abandoned bivouac at about 4:15 PM, and had the Scout cautiously positioned in its new home at 11:30. Two hours of that was drive time amid sites, about 55 afar of artery anniversary way.

Don’t get into this cerebration you’ll blanket up in abbreviate order.

Project Scout Update Phase II: “Bringing Her Home”

Tow-truck: $0 (Thanks, Ram.)

Trailer: $0 (Thanks, U-Haul.)

Damage to bivouac (I somehow aching the hell out of the tow brawl and bumped a caster address cap off… apologetic U-Haul.): $12

Gasoline for the tow rig: $80 (Damnit, Ram.)

Hours: 6

Truck Yeah! Activity Scout So Far, August 29 2014Total Investment: $492Total Hours: 8Status: Backyard Ornament

The History Of Warn Winch 9 Parts Diagram | Warn Winch 9 Parts Diagram – warn winch 2500 parts diagram
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Warn Winch 10 Parts Diagram Honda Atv Winch Wiring Diagram 10 .. | warn winch 2500 parts diagram

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Warn Winch 10 Parts Diagram Warn M10 Wiring Diagram Winch .. | warn winch 2500 parts diagram

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