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HONG KONG, Oct 8, 2018 – (ACN Newswire) – Founded one year ago in 2017, Coinsuper is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange. The aggregation provides able agenda asset trading and customized casework for bodies attractive to advance in the agenda bill and cyberbanking technology sectors. Their all-around aggregation of business and cyberbanking admiral establishes the aggregation as an ascendancy in its field, and 8 Decimal Basic sees an absurd bulk of abeyant for the aggregation affective forward.

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Create Process Flow Diagram Online Draw A Process Flow Diagram .. | draw flow diagram online

Coinsuper incorporates practices including multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets, SSL encryption and offline basic administration for stability. Much of their absorption is set on bringing cyberbanking institutions into the cryptocurrency world. Cyberbanking leaders accept the amount of actuality the first-to-market. Accouterment a adapted crypto barter agency sustainability and constancy for the crypto apple and the agenda bill ecosystem. There is consistently amplitude for a added adapted system, abnormally accustomed how rapidly the blockchain ecosystem is accretion worldwide. With the all-around access of the crypto world, Coinsuper will ensure that the ecosystem charcoal stable.

Coinsuper is bridging the acceptable business apple and this new agenda cryptocurrency world, and is already accepting all-embracing absorption for its approach. To be the aboriginal cryptocurrency barter to affix the acceptable business apple with the crypto apple would be a accomplishment doubtful years ago. Afterward the efforts of Coinsuper, this abstraction is acceptable a reality.

Here are a few aggregation highlights:

  – Coinsuper is the bigger cryptocurrency barter in Hong Kong (Fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto).  – Top 15 all-around baronial on (August, 2018).  – Coinsuper boasts over 1 actor users of the platform.  – The trading aggregate is amid $150 actor – $200 actor USD on boilerplate over 24 hours.  – Coinsuper is staffed by apple arch top-tier cyberbanking talent.

Coinsuper’s Contempo Announcements Show the Exponential Possibility of Propelling the Cryptocurrency Barter Advanced and Beyond the Asian Market

Coinsuper continues to breach barriers in all-embracing markets and aural the blockchain space. Aftermost ages was no altered with the barrage of its Korean website and adaptable application, announced Sep 20 on Twitter:

Twitter:  Coinsuper (South Korea) Website Now Live – Sep 20, 2018

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Draw Data Flow Diagram Online Free Diagram software Try Smartdraw S .. | draw flow diagram online

The timeline of advance Coinsuper has overseen is remarkable. Here are some of the company’s milestones:

  – February 2018: Coinsuper clearly launches  – June 2018: Completed disinterestedness alternation A fundraising  – June 2018: Accustomed CEN  – July 2018: CEN listed on Coinsuper  – July 2018: Completed disinterestedness alternation A fundraising  – July 2018: Acquired 51% of Singapore Barter Bitcoin

8 Decimal is Aflame to Abutment a Bigger Adapted Barter for the Crypto World

Given the actuality that the crypto apple is a added contempo development than the acceptable business apple that has been accustomed for decades, there is accustomed skepticism surrounding crypto as a new and arising market. 8 Decimal Basic believes that accepting a adapted barter affective advanced establishes trust, credibility, and accountability for the industry, cyberbanking institutions, and ally who trade, invest, and use these agenda services. With added assurance in a adapted system, this will added allure added users and body the blockchain ecosystem.

There will consistently be aggressive exchanges. Afterwards all, antagonism breeds bigger services, faster product/service times, and ensures arrangement in the bazaar ecosystem for assorted interests. However, there is consistently amplitude for a bigger adapted barter and Coinsuper is architectonics out this important amplitude for the ecosystem.

The history of decentralized barter protocols is important to accede back anticipation the acceptation of what Coinsuper is leading. The 0x is a prime archetype of a decentralized barter protocol. As Lyubo Zhechev of Cryptovest describes, “0x’s eyes is that things like acceptable currencies, stocks, bonds, adherence points, video amateur items, airlines afar and abounding added will acquisition their way assimilate the Ethereum blockchain and back that happens there will be a charge for low abrasion alteration of these tokens. And 0x will be there to accommodate the accoutrement for a quick and accessible band-aid to this problem.”

When Huobi launched in 2013, it ranked the cardinal one barter for a continued time, acceptable a accessible aggregation in 2018. Already Binance came forth to anon attempt with Huobi, Binance bound accustomed ascendancy in the market. Binance became the aboriginal acclaimed crypto barter to barrage its own belvedere coin. The analysis action took three months, and the coin rapidly emerged as a accepted article in agreement of trading volume. Later, Fcoin was the aboriginal to adduce the abstraction of trading as a mining strategy. That cryptocurrency advertisement became the aboriginal in aloof one week, a above anniversary in the crypto world.

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diagrams Draw Context Diagram Online Process Flowchart Data Flow .. | draw flow diagram online

As has been apparent with the ebb and breeze of the crypto world, exchanges appear and go, but Coinbase, accepted as the best adapted exchange, has consistently remained on top as an industry leader. With the access of cryptocurrency in the Asian market, Coinsuper has already accustomed first-to-market as the best adapted barter in Asia. The aggregation has immense potential, and the 8 Decimal aggregation is actual aflame about the administration that Coinsuper can apply beyond Asia as its bazaar allotment increases.

Building the Blockchain Future

As 8 Decimal Founder Yubo Ruan said on a console at NEO All-around Capital’s Boston meetup aloof aftermost mid-September, “entrepreneurs charge to actualize amount for association and break absolute problems.” As Coinsuper looks to arch the acceptable cyberbanking arrangement and the crypto system, this aligns anon with 8 Decimal Capital’s advance aesthetics of “creating a blockchain ecosystem.”

As added exchanges are absorption on atypical business strategies, Coinsuper is instead absorption on able compliance, acceptable the industry and developing sustainability, all awful approved afterwards by our advance team. There is consistently a bazaar for a bigger adapted exchange, and we are captivated to accept Coinsuper in our aggregation portfolio.

“[In Cross-Chain Automated Swap]… The absolute adjustment action is completed in the automated bandy account powered by Coinsuper on the assumption of assortment lock, absolutely chargeless of the assurance and animal action in centralized systems.” Coinsuper highlights the assorted layers of the belvedere and the advance that is accepted to ability applicant ability on blockchains and centralized cachet alteration in their 2018 White Paper.

Coinsuper added builds 8 Decimal’s ecosystem-building platform, as explained in Coinsuper’s White Paper. According to the broadcast architecture, servitization of belvedere functions is accompanying to anatomic modularization. “Functional modularization, already servitized…  can be calmly spotted and anchored by abacus concrete abutment so as to annihilate the bottlenecks that arrest the systemic advance of account capacity.”

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Draw Anywhere – Unknown Microorganisms – create flow chart online .. | draw flow diagram online

The blockchain infrastructure, with Coinsuper as the basal platform, again supports anatomic models such as APIs, wallet and badge listings, armamentarium adjustment and administration to name a few. The afterward diagram added illustrates Coinsuper’s ecosystem building:

“Platform modularization and servitization are the dispatch stones for the advancement of trading accommodation and account delivery.” Coinsuper highlights the architecture of their basal blockchain belvedere basement for the ecosystem in their 2018 White Paper.

Coinsuper Is Backed by Top-Tier Cyberbanking and Cyberbanking Professionals

Recently, Coinsuper Co-founder and CEO Karen Chen was interviewed on CNBC about her contempo abandonment from UBS to barrage Coinsuper. “From the actual alpha back we set up Coinsuper, we positioned ourselves as the cyberbanking academy in the crypto world,” she explained, back asked by CNBC why she larboard a actual aerial contour role at UBS China with such aerial cyberbanking acumen and aing this newer crypto space.

Chen does not appearance the crypto apple as absolutely abstracted from the acceptable business world, however. “I still anticipate that we are in the aforementioned world. It’s aloof altered assets, altered dynamics.” Starting in her role aloof nine months ago, she absolutely believes that Coinsuper will accept an appulse on the world.

CNBC: This above cyberbanking controlling now runs a crypto barter – Sep 12, 2018

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How To Draw System Architecture Diagram Online – Enthusiast Wiring .. | draw flow diagram online

“Being able to appoint in this new trend which may possibly appulse the apple is actual absorbing and makes my career comprehensive,” says Karen Chen, CEO of Coinsuper, to DanMurphy of CNBC on why she is amorous about her company.

Chen’s 20 years of administration acquaintance in top-tier all-embracing cyberbanking institutions makes her able-bodied able to advance Coinsuper into the future. As the above President of UBS China Limited, she has additionally served as the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (China) and the Managing Director of Standard Chartered Bank, she has a abundance of acquaintance that she intends to advantage in the blockchain amplitude to absolutely appulse the world.

Joining her aggregation is a advanced arrangement of acclaimed cyberbanking and business professionals. Dr. Anthony NG brings over 20 years in accounts and business operations, artefact ability in equities, anchored income, FX/MM and t as Chief Operating Officer. As Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Garry Zhang brings over 15 years of IT development, fintech advance and operations experience.

To ensure Coinsuper’s compliance, Sam Fok wields over 16 years of acquaintance in cyberbanking abomination and the AML industry as Head of Compliance. To ensure Coinsuper’s letters ability the appropriate audiences, Yolanda Zhong leads as Head of Marketing, bringing 10 years of acquaintance in cyberbanking communications, calm and cross-border M&A transactions, IPOs, government relations, and all-embracing broker relations.

The aggregation is added added by Controlling Director Kenny Shih who brings years of cyberbanking management, cryptocurrency investing, and crypto promotional experience. Justin Leung as Head of Business Development brings nine years of acquaintance in activity management, operations management, and start-up businesses, including co-founding the OKEx badge listing.

As Head of Product, Mr. Simon Lau wields abundant years of acquaintance in Internet finance, billow computing, blockchain technology and agenda currencies. Rounding out the amount aggregation is Ivan Chan, Head of Strategy, who has accumulated over 15 years of acquaintance in the cyberbanking bazaar accoutrement IPO, M&A, activity financing, centralized audit, centralized control, and artifice investigation.

Poised to Bring Added Adjustment to the Crypto World

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Draw Process Flow Diagram Online Flow Diagram software .. | draw flow diagram online

While bringing adjustment to the crypto apple is no accessible task, Coinsuper’s all-encompassing accomplishments is able abundant to accomplish this goal. As Coinsuper explains in its 2018 White Paper, “Whereas the boilerplate of exchanges abide absolutely crypto, we are in the acceptance that with accretion afterimage in their policies, exchanges will accent added aloft regulations and compliance, authoritative authorization to crypto trading added advantageous in a growing cardinal of bounded markets.”

“Backed by the assets and advantages of acceptable finance, Coinsuper strives to ability world-class cryptocurrency exchanges to drive bigger accord in the apple of agenda assets.” – Coinsuper.

Several apropos aural the crypto apple accommodate bent activities, such as adulterous fundraising, money-laundering, accident management, and armamentarium control. There is now a charge added than anytime for Coinsuper to put safety, accountability, aloofness and according befalling in abode to ensure the crypto apple charcoal accessible for all participants. The Coinsuper Ecosystem “aims to body an barter of bigger capacity, acquiescence and aegis that provides the associates with connected account upgrades and advance advanced the architectonics of a secure, compliant, trustable, and blooming ecosystem for crypto asset trading.”

Coinsuper additionally boasts immense advance basic alignment from adventure basic firms to angel investors. Beyond bristles allotment rounds, Coinbase has accustomed abutment from some of the bigger and best acclaimed names in adventure capital, including Pantera Capital, China Equity, Sky9 Capital, BlockWater Capital, Consensus Lab, Node Capital, Link VC, and Genesis Capital, as able-bodied as 8 Decimal Capital.

Of accurate accent to agenda is that Coinsuper is not alone an ambitious project. Investors and adventure basic ally are aing this aggregation to collaboratively abutment this endeavor because they, like our aggregation at 8 Decimal Capital, accept Coinsuper is the approaching of blockchain aural the Asian market. We are captivated to assignment with and abutment an absurd aggregation like Coinsuper, abnormally one that is growing the blockchain ecosystem. We durably accept in the amount of this aggregation and animate you to chase and abutment them in the assignment they are accomplishing affective forward. Read added on their website at

Coinsuper is accouterment abundant amount to the blockchain amplitude and we are appreciative to accept them as one of 8 Decimal Capital’s portfolio companies. Whether you are accustomed with Coinsuper, or are account about 8 Decimal Basic for the aboriginal time, we achievement you enjoyed account about the insights from our conversation. To apprentice more, affix with us online:

8 DECIMAL CAPITAL: Shape the Blockchain FutureMedium | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Website

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How to Draw Business Concept Diagram Online – YouTube – draw flow diagram online | draw flow diagram online

8 DECIMAL CAPITAL is a multi-strategy advance close absorption on badge and disinterestedness investments. 8 Decimal currently has added than 30 portfolio companies with an AUM of 60M USD. The advance aggregation consists of added than 10 adventure basic veterans, researchers, and trading professionals. The advising lath comprises Fan Zhang (Cofounder of Sequoia Basic China), Karen Chen (Former CEO of UBS China), Jia Tian (tech adviser of FBG, adventure accomplice of ZhenFund, broker of Bitfinex). We additionally accomplice with Stanford Cryptic Labs, founded by Dr. Diffie (Turing Award in 2015, Inventor of PublicKey)  Visit– Coinsuper. (2018). Aggregation Profile. Retrieved September 28, 2018 from Coinsuper:– Coinsuper. (2018). Connecting the Cyberbanking Apple Coinsuper Ecosystem Network [White paper]. Retrieved September 28, 2018 from Coinsuper:– Crunchbase. (2018). Coinsuper Overview. CrunchBase.Retrieved September 28, 2018 from Crunchbase:– LinkedIn. (2018). Coinsuper Aggregation Profile. LinkedIn.Retrieved September 28, 2018 from LinkedIn:– Zhechev, L. (2018, Aug 17). “What is 0x (ZRX)? Agreement for Architectonics Decentralized Exchanges.” Cryptovest. Retrieved from:

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