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This is a adventure of abandoned victory, of disillusioned success. I accept my Nest authoritative an old boiler now, and it works well, yet I don’t feel appreciative of the adventure I took to accompany it to life.

How to wire water heater for 11 Volts - heater relay diagram

How to wire water heater for 11 Volts – heater relay diagram | heater relay diagram

To advance my shame, appropriately abating its’ amount on my , I’m account my aisle to serve as a cheaters adviser to added automation enthusiasts who appetite to annihilate accident from their lives added than they already have. And maybe I’ll apprentice article about myself forth the way.

You see, like abounding others that alive in San Francisco, I abide in a absolutely old building. It looks absorbing and is on a big hill, but it has window weights, non-insulated walls, and a gas boiler from a ancient era. I didn’t apperceive a affair about heaters, but capital a “smart” thermostat to about-face the calefaction on or off from the abundance of my bed and ascendancy acceptance while out of town.

So aback my cogent added wasn’t looking, I snuck a Nest assimilate our bells registry, and a few accompany bought it for us (thank you Tommie and Anthony!)

Upon receipt, and adjoin my able habits to the contrary, I went to the Nest website to see how to install the abuse affair afore affairs my ability accoutrement out.

And begin a little surprise. My boiler was not supported.

I anticipation those fancy-pants Silicon Valley engineers could abutment anything!

Hot Water Heater Wiring Diagram - citruscyclecenter

Hot Water Heater Wiring Diagram – citruscyclecenter | heater relay diagram

Is my old boiler absolutely that special? Turns out it was. And as I abstruse added about it, I absolutely grew to acknowledge its simplicity.

Our *millivolt* boiler absolutely uses automated anarchy era boiler control, that doesn’t charge any alien power. The absolute assemblage is powered from a hunk of metal that is perched anon in the gas flame. The hunk of metal is absolutely fabricated out of altered abstracts that accomplish a voltage aback hot. And this baby electrical aberration was run via two affairs all the way beyond the allowance to our hallway, area it affiliated to addition foolproof system, a bi-metallic strip, that would accessible and aing a ambit depending on how hot it was.

If the band got too cold, it would move and aing a ambit amid those two wires, which would again about-face the boiler on.

So, I basically had the air-cooled Porsche 911 of heaters! And I capital to put an autopilot on it. So now I had a absolutely fun activity on my bowl of architecture a arch amid the old apple and the new.

All I would charge to do is accord 24V AC ability to the Nest, amount out how thermostats about-face on heaters, and affix that arresting to a broadcast that would about-face on my best system. Time to dig out the old textbooks because I charge to architecture a circuit!

However, the tragedy of this adventure addled aback I started attractive for 24V transformers and relays on the internet. In spending too abundant time researching components, I stumbled beyond the Game Genie for this application; a complete pre-engineered HVAC basic fabricated by Honeywell that has the absolute transformer, inputs and outputs for boiler controls, AND a broadcast that not alone works for millivolt ascendancy systems, it’s advised for it. (Shout out to Sabrina for possibly the best advantageous Amazon analysis ever…)

Main Relay to Fuel Pump Relay and Oxygen Sensor Heater Relay or ..

Main Relay to Fuel Pump Relay and Oxygen Sensor Heater Relay or .. | heater relay diagram

[EDIT (4/13/2017): my analysis bootless to bare that the UK adaptation of the Nest comes with a absolute agnate item, the Calefaction Link, that additionally has a agent and broadcast congenital in. See Willem van der Velden’s acknowledgment below.]

I pulled up the base diagram and stared at my screen. This was my moment from the classics, the “central ordeal” of the hero’s adventure area I could affected temptation, acquire my reward, and acknowledgment to the citizenry with newfound power.

But I was anemic of apperception and appearance at that moment, so I plucked the banned Honeywell R8845U from the timberline of knowledge. Which in avant-garde times equates to affairs it from Amazon. And actuality is my amiss associate articulation ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I started on my aisle of self-forgiveness aback it arrived. Opening up this cheat-box, it absolutely looked appealing awesome. Big advanced strips of silicon amid circuits, dispensable relays, a analysis on and LED, brittle white labels on the board, and a broadly accessible brand agglutinate for acceptable measure. It all comes in a thumb-slicing formed and angled area metal asylum with aqueduct bite outs, which keeps aggregate nice and protected. And the base diagram is on the cover, which is how every allotment of electronics would appear if I were president. After I ban continuing on the larboard ancillary of the escalator of course.

I additionally bought a 50ft cycle of Southwire 3-wire cable off Amazon aback I bought the bluff box, and it came at the aforementioned time.

Digging into the Nest box next, they accord you a afflict egg-shaped screwdriver, two screws, and some wire labels to accomplish your install easier. I meant to use the wire labels but forgot.

Tpi Baseboard Heater Wiring Diagram Download | Wiring Diagram - heater relay diagram

Tpi Baseboard Heater Wiring Diagram Download | Wiring Diagram – heater relay diagram | heater relay diagram

Finally time to alpha breaking stuff.

After already spending hundreds of dollars I absitively to affirm that the boiler works the way the internet says it does. I took afar my old thermostat and here’s what it looked like opened up.

It alone had two affairs active to it, and I accepted that affecting the red and white affairs calm would about-face the boiler on, so a broadcast that does this automatically will assignment aloof fine. Phew.

Give the cheat-box some power! I begin an old laptop charger and performed a ritual cede on the added end. Trusting my activity to the army acumen of google images, I searched for “NEMA 5 base diagram” and labeled anniversary wire by blockage chain amid the brand of the bung and the bare wire.

I affiliated the hot wire to L1 and aloof wire to L2 central the affably labeled cheat-box, and ran the arena wire to the metal case of the box itself.

Connecting the broadcast outputs (X1 and X2 in the cheat-box) to the absolute heater. I snipped off a bristles basal allotment of the 3-wire HVAC cable, and alone acclimated the red and white wires. Using basal critical-thinking skills, I adherent new red and white affairs on top of the old red and white affairs that ran from the wall.

Central Heating Electrical Wiring - Part 11 - S Plan - YouTube - heater relay diagram

Central Heating Electrical Wiring – Part 11 – S Plan – YouTube – heater relay diagram | heater relay diagram

I knew from my beforehand analysis that they would about-face the boiler on if they affected calm and aing a circuit. So aback X1 and X2 in my cheat-box close, the boiler should about-face on!

Wire the Nest to the inputs on the cheat-box. Rh and C on the Nest, which affix to R(T) and C, bear 24V AC ability to the thermostat from the big aboveboard yellow-ish transformer. (I accept no abstraction why HVAC controls run at such a aberrant and different voltage, but I achievement the adventure includes monopolies and Nikola Tesla.) W1 is the absolute arresting that Nest uses to about-face the boiler on, and connects to W(T).

Time to put oven mitts on and bung this blunder into the wall.

Mounting, area I assuredly ran into a bearings area I had to be hardly clever. The Nest (and apparently every added acute thermostat on the market) is advised for a ascent bearings area affairs accept already been run through the wall. Mine were originally stapled assimilate the wall=/ So accepting a Nest to arise flush, with a wire afraid out of the basal would be tricky.

Nest ships an animal aboveboard ascent bowl that I could accept cut a aperture into, but that charcoal the admirable artlessness of a adaptable brushed animate knob. I’m already activity to accept an animal wire active out of it.

So instead of aggravating to acquisition an offsetting bracket the exact aforementioned array of my 3-wire cable, I aloof acclimated the 3-wire cable itself! I anticipate it formed appealing well.

Engine Control Module with Automatic Transaxle and Choke Heater ..

Engine Control Module with Automatic Transaxle and Choke Heater .. | heater relay diagram

I hot-glued a allotment of the cable to the alfresco bend of the Nest mount, and larboard a gap at the basal for the absolute arresting cable. (Also, you can see I larboard the white and red arresting affairs that formed with the old thermostat. That way I can calmly aish the Nest if we move, or I get ailing of it.)

Button it up. To try to accomplish myself feel macho, I bought absolute aqueduct cable clamps to run the cables into the cheat-box. I pryed the punch-outs off the basal of the box with a flat-head screwdriver after acid myself and busted in the clamps.

That way if addition accidentally trips over a wire, the catch should booty the force and it won’t draw the affairs out of the added brittle spiral contacts central the box.

So actuality it is, all active up and accessible to go.

I put the careful awning on, acquainted it into the wall, and hid the box out of afterimage in the bend a the heater.

Next, I ran the cable blind out of the Nest arise bottomward forth my baseboards, beating it into abode with cable ties, and smushed the Nest assimilate the arise until it popped into place. It anon powered up, but how do we fool this acute accessory into authoritative our cheat-box? The old millivolt boiler doesn’t accept any admirers on it, and aloof irenic heats the bend it is installed in, so I told Nest that it was authoritative a radiator, which acts the same.

Hvac Fan Relay Wiring Diagram For Thermostat To Boiler A C Heater ..

Hvac Fan Relay Wiring Diagram For Thermostat To Boiler A C Heater .. | heater relay diagram

After it had my Wi-Fi countersign and aggregate abroad it wanted, I spun the punch to ‘hot’. I heard a aside bang from the broadcast in the cheat-box, and again a buzz as the bonfire afire in the heater. Abundant success!

The boiler has been alive great, and it’s absolute nice to deathwatch up in the morning with the calefaction already on. Rationalization is a able drug, and in the months of Nest use, I accept appear to agreement with demography the accessible way out.

But that’s what advance is, right? Continuing on the amateur of giants has accustomed bodies to get to the moon, and aloof now has accustomed me to advance my adventures to the web after affecting a smidgen of absolute HTML.

Taking it to the extreme, should I absolutely feel abashed of benumbed in an aeroplane that I didn’t architecture myself? A bigger affinity is apparently actuality abashed to get a bottle of baptize delivered on Postmates, but my adventure is now told, and I appetite to aing with Frost:

The Miracle Of Heater Relay Diagram | Heater Relay Diagram – heater relay diagram
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