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It’s midnight and it’s freezing. The tiny automated esplanade is asleep and empty, save for one accessible barn bay. Bathed in acrid lights and fatigued by 48 hours of affiliated work, six guys are bedraggled and blood-soaked aggravating to about-face the bark of an old BMW into a hunt car. They don’t accept abundant time. They don’t accept the appropriate parts. But they’re alive for Bill Caswell, and he wasn’t about to be beat by such trivialities.

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Calamity, anarchy and added accomplishment in the eleventh hour are all how Caswell conducts business. Once, he was like so abounding bodies who adulation cars—a accouterment with a arid board job who dreamed of activity on agrarian adventures and active any car he could account aing to up to the assignment in any hunt he could find. Now he’s active the dream, architecture cars and active all over the world. But abaft all the Instagram celebrity there is sacrifice.

Caswell sleeps wherever, or sometimes not at all, busts his duke depression his body into wild, base engineering projects and sometimes comes out with absolutely annihilation to appearance for it. The actuality that sometimes he absolutely succeeds in acceptable his ballsy whims, like “wouldn’t it be amusing if we raced this junkyard car adjoin professionals,” is allotment of the acumen he’s emerged as affectionate of a fable in the automotive community.

This feels like one of the times he won’t. Beneath than 12 hours afore the alpha of the ultra-competitive and impossibly barbarous Baja 1000 off-road rally, Caswell’s accompany are alive themselves to the cartilage to admonition him apprehend his dream of architecture an age-old BMW E30 into a applicable off-road hunt car.

I assumption I absolutely mean, “rebuild.”

Caswell’s vehicle, the “Baja Pig,” looks added like a ailing ancestry agreement amid a sedan, Star Wars prop and monster barter than a car. But it absolutely has raced in the Baja before. It’s aloof never been aing to finishing.

The bodies beating abroad at it this time about came calm from hundreds of afar afar to be cogs in Caswell’s 2016 Baja 1000 attempt. Their achievement was to prove the old and anarchistic hunt car, and its appropriately aberrant owner, could authority their own adjoin the antagonism veterans at Baja, one of the best arduous contest on earth.

That, and everybody capital an alibi to affair in Mexico.

But as the night afore the Baja affronted into the wee hours of November 18th, hunt day, “unlikely” started attractive too abundant like “impossible” and alike the active Caswell ran out of gas. I eventually begin him burst on the arena application a duct-taped Patagonia anorak as a sleeping bag.

Spoiler alert: Caswell and aggregation didn’t accomplishment the race. They never alike bogus it to the starting line. But affair about Caswell is, he doesn’t absolutely accept to cull off avowal to accept an adventure. He’s a twirling Tasmanian devil of anarchy and activity and if you’re anywhere a him… you’re a allotment of it. Caswell’s personality is big abundant to ample a book. As a amount of fact, Hollywood already has a arrangement fatigued up for the aboriginal bisected of his activity story.

No, seriously. Six years ago Caswell’s batty acquaintance punting a (different) beater BMW through the 2010 Apple Assemblage Championship in Mexico as anecdotal by Sam Smith on Jalopnik bent the absorption of basically everybody on the internet, including abecedarian and ambassador Jeremy Renner, who’s planning to accomplish the chance into a cine declared Slingshot.

Those of you accustomed with the chance of how a $500 Craigslist car beat $400,000 assemblage racers ability already acknowledge Caswell’s appropriate cast of crazy. I anticipation I did too. Afresh I spent a brace canicule bound in a barn with him and had to apprentice added about him than I anytime capital to. But I additionally got to see how he’s abnormally successful, and why his accompany would fly to his barn from all over the country to admonition him assignment on a moonshot Baja 1000 project.

Smith’s chance about Caswell’s Craigslist assemblage car celebration is as quintessential David-beating-Goliath as you can get. Six years later, Caswell is still benumbed the drive of appliance from that cool triumph.

Now that he’s one of the car scene’s accustomed bright characters, I set out to acquisition how he’s absolutely managed to sustain this “hot-shoe” hobo activity bearings for so affiliated now. Added importantly, is it absolutely accessible to biking the apple active cool cars afterwards a anchored abode or a absolute job? And is the Caswell allegory annihilation aing to the Caswell reality?

Like every added “car guy” you’ve anytime heard interviewed, Caswell was “always into cars.” He played with bush old BMWs afore college, got into shifter carts, got complex in abecedarian wheel-to-wheel antagonism afterwards that…

“You appetite to go aback alike further? Like how this accomplished affair started?” he told me. “It started because I was arena chess. Right?”

Caswell may be from Chicago but he’s accepted the Californian addiction of catastrophe statements with a analytic inflection. He additionally grinds words out of his aperture like a snow blower active through a quarry. Aback he talks—and he will, at length—his articulation gives him a altered accentuation about amid a chain-smoking trucker and a surfer.

“I was arena chess on this chess pavilion in Chicago,” he continued. “I’d go for a run afterwards assignment and put a brace dollars in my pocket, and I’d comedy the abandoned guys in chess for a dollar a game. And they’d beat me appealing abuse regularly. One guy smoked a able aqueduct while he was arena a adventurous with me and, like, beat me in a adventurous of argumentation and strategy. And I got absolutely angry.”

This seems like a acceptable time to accomplish it bright that Caswell has a addiction to allow in hypere, and he never answers a catechism afterwards two or three layers of backstory. So I’ll fast advanced the agent chance for you aloof a little: Caswell went on to say he bought a chess book to beat his abandoned friends, but they chock-full arena him aback he started winning. So he went aback to the bookstore and started account about history, bound absent absorption in that, begin a Chilton BMW manual, and somehow was so captivated by its base diagrams and achromatic black-and-white pictures that he acclimated the book to advise himself how to do an agent bandy on his aboriginal non-running vehicle: an E30 BMW. He’s absolutely got a affair for these cars.

“The aboriginal time I formed on a car was alteration an engine,” he said. “Never done an oil change, never done atom plugs… like, ‘Chapter Two’ was ‘Changing The Engine.’ I aloof went through, looked at lots of pictures, abstract this, abstract that, get a hoist, I busy a crane… bought addition engine, threw it in the aback of my mom’s car, and collection it home.”

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That’s a appealing adventurous dive bottomward the aerial aperture of cars to booty off the bat. But as you’re starting to understand, Caswell crashes through activity in full-measures only.

“So I [had] like three months of my activity into this car and it [was] still aloof a $500 E30.” Caswell remembers thinking. “What do I do with it now?”

The acknowledgment he accustomed at was “take it racing,” and he got talked into aggravating autocross despite, well, autocross appearing affectionate of lame. “I was like, ‘I’m not antagonism in a fucking parking lot, that’s the stupidest affair I’ve anytime heard of.’” He added: “Of advance I was abominable at it.”

The car-craziness snowballed from there though, and he started arena with cartage every befalling he got.

But like so abounding of us at that point, Caswell went to college, got a job, went to business school, got a bigger job, and eventually concluded up spending added time absent about active than absolutely accomplishing it.

But the alteration into the Caswell we apperceive today, into the active burlesque who parties his way about the clover ropes, makes miracles out of junkyard genitalia and gets his accompany to agreeably assignment for three canicule beeline to admonition him body a car adjoin cool odds, absolutely started accident in 2009.

That was the year Sam Smith, Caswell’s old accessory who was a biographer for Jalopnik (and afterwards an editor at Alley & Clue magazine) got Caswell to try off-road assemblage antagonism in Tennessee.

Caswell recalled the abandoned admonition he got about how to do that affectionate of driving, from one of the hunt organizers through the accessible window of his car at the starting line: “He told me ‘You should abandoned be having, like, a moment, a brace times a race.’” That “moment” acceptation an chance alarming abundant to accomplish you clay your seat.

“Yeah, okay,” Caswell recalled acknowledging skeptically. “No you don’t understand,” the align continued, “most alley racers arise here, drive at the absolute like they do at the track, and they’re off on the additional stage.”

How do you anticipate it formed out for Caswell?

“Sure enough, additional stage, I crash. Smash the radiator. We’re out of the race. But I hated activity aback to that board so much.”

Caswell was alive in accounts at the time, accurately in a area he declared as “the baneful decay that blew up the abridgement in ‘07 and ‘08.” He cut a accord with the coffer he formed for and bailed, absolution him up to alive the chance that bogus him internet-famous and is still declared to be a cine someday.

“I acquisition an E30 for like $1,200 on Craigslist, we go attending at it and it’s got huge 17 or 18-inch chrome rims on it. And I’m like ‘the car’s abundant added than the wheels,’ and the guy’s like, ‘dude that’s the best part! If you don’t appetite the wheels, like, $500.’” And thus, the world’s best acclaimed $500 BMW was born.

After the chance of Caswell’s ballsy underdog chance in Mexico went viral—it charcoal one of the most-read Jalopnik belief ever—he rode the drive to drive Pikes Peak, abundance of added rallies, the Nürburgring and Baja.

In the activity of architecture his own claimed camp motorsports program, Caswell had basically bought up the absolute Miller Welders archive of artifact equipment. Noticing that a account of his boutique in Grassroots Motorsports “looked like a abuse Miller ad,” he pitched the aggregation to sponsor his abstraction for a “Caswell Buggy.”

What he had in apperception was an E30 BMW on huge tires, with a custom analysis and council arrangement to authority them to the car. What it would become was the “Baja Pig.”

Miller gave him support, all Bill had to do was body the car on the appearance attic at SEMA as allotment of the company’s artefact display.

And that car did end up in the 2010 Baja 1000, but abandoned bogus it a brace hundred afar into the activity afore it jettisoned its council arbor and affected Caswell to abdicate the hunt afterwards spending a night in the desert.

While his car went to shit, his antagonism career absolutely didn’t. Caswell has been activity able accepting himself aback to Pikes Peak, WRC Mexico, the Mint 400, Targa Newfoundland, LeMons beater-car contest and a massive account of added automotive contest in amid aback that blah little BMW council arbor let him bottomward in Baja.

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And yet Caswell doesn’t appear, at aboriginal glance, to accept an actuality alfresco of all that. The guy seems to accept an absolute accumulation of assets and cars buried all over the world, but no abode or accommodation in his own name. I’ve begin him sleeping on barn floors and apparent him captivation it bottomward in high-rises with Hollywood royalty. In the aforementioned week. He’s a adamantine man to pin down.

“When I larboard for the Nürburgring in 2014 is aback I started the absolute ‘homeless Bill Caswell program,’” he explained aback I asked him how affiliated he’s been, you know, “crashing wherever.” The absoluteness of the bearings isn’t absolutely as begrimed as sleeping in the aback of his old BMW X5, admitting I’ve apparent him do that a few times too.

“I bogus a affluence as a banker, afresh I got my severance package, and because I was burst I absolutely got unemployment, right?” Caswell admitted. “Then I had a Lotus Exige and a BMW X5, and they both got totaled, and got allowance checks from that. And dude, I awash my Caswell shirts! I beggarly I sold, like, crates of those. Able-bodied over 10,000 shirts.”

So he’d accept no agitation advantageous rent. He aloof doesn’t appetite to. Or accept to. He splits time amid his dad’s abode in Maine, the Aggregation O’Neil Assemblage Academy in New Hampshire and his mom’s abode in Chicago (“where I body best of my cars,” Caswell explained. The basement there has “three or four dismantled cars” buried in it.) Lately, you’re best acceptable to t Caswell blockage with his cogent added in Hollywood, or dark out a San Diego at the off-road boutique SRD or artifact accouterments EV West, which occupies barn amplitude Caswell acclimated to co-lease with the company’s freeholder Michael Bream.

Eventually, he went halfsies with on the two-bay SoCal workspace area we began our chance and I got my aboriginal absolute sample of the Bill Caswell Lifestyle.

“Yep, that’s area I lived. For like bristles months,” Caswell told me amid bites of a craven sandwich bogus of according genitalia meat and automotive grease. He was apropos to the couch I was aggravating to pretend I hadn’t aloof agitated guacamole on. I absitively not to eat the dent I’d aloof recovered from amid the cushions.

After departing means with his ex-wife, Caswell confused into the boutique he aggregate with Bream. “As a car guy, there’s absolutely no bigger abode to alive than a shop. And there’s a brewery like 20 anxiety from the advanced door.”

I approved allurement if he absent accepting claimed space. Or his own shower. Or like, apartment not ample to the beam with what best bodies ability alarm “rusty trash.” But it didn’t assume like the anticipation had occurred to him.

“I’ve got a abode to break in three corners of the country, additional I’m over in Europe watching antagonism all the time, like, why would I pay rent?” he said.

As a rolling bean Caswell has done a acceptable job alienated the moss that is responsibility, but he’s had no agitation authoritative accompany all over the world. Accompany like Travis Marr, Paul Donlin, John Ackerman, Tim McNulty and Eric Frentress who congregated with Caswell to try and about-face his askance blob of an old BMW into a vaguely accepted Baja 1000 hunt car.

Underdog characters adjoin a longshot algid with the celebrity of an ballsy agitated on the line—all the adequacy of a abundant story, or aloof addition weekend with Bill Caswell. Either way, these guys were pulled in by Caswell’s force and kept motivated by his gregariousness.

By now you’re starting to see why bodies like active vicariously through this guy: His activity looks like fun. But the absoluteness of Caswell’s crusades are a lot added about frustration, sweat, affliction and burnout than sliding about corners and spraying albino over achievement wreaths, as I abstruse for myself watching this Baja activity arise together.

Of advance I was aflame to apprehend Caswell was planning to booty a chaw out of the Baja 1000. I ran it myself in the winter of 2015.

Mexico’s western peninsula is the absolute abode to get into aloof abundant trouble, or absolutely too much, either of which makes acceptable activation for a story. The botheration becomes whether or not you can broadcast it, but that’s my admired botheration to have. Caswell acquainted the aforementioned way.

“You’ve got to arise bottomward and see this thing,” he told me on the phone, about a anniversary and a bisected to hunt day. Caswell’s articulation is base in person. On the phone, it’s like a spaceship’s ache arresting in a sci-fi movie, loud and apocalyptic.

CRACKLE CRACKLE “Mexico!” CRACKLE CRACKLE “Getting the Bimmer activity again!” CRACKLE “You’re advancing with!”

Professional cool Bill Caswell was still aggravating to accomplishment his Mad Maxian BMW E30 aback I wrote…

If I wore glasses this would accept been a abundant time to advisedly aish them and rub my face to attending absorbed and exhausted. Instead, I spun about in my appointment armchair while Caswell rambled about the abstruse nuances of the new home-brewed council arbor architecture he couldn’t delay to choke out in the race.

“So who did you pre-run with,” I asked, inquiring how they’d advance the hunt and accomplish advance addendum advanced of time, a all-important angry in Baja.

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What is a Grease Interceptor? – New Orleans Grease Trap Cleaning – grease trap plumbing diagram | grease trap plumbing diagram

I don’t apperceive why I agitated to ask. I knew abounding able-bodied the acknowledgment would be article like: “No pre-run. Dude, the car’s not alike activity testing. We’re aloof gonna sew it up and accelerate it. Aftermost time the council arbor dead us. This time I’ve got that covered. Ford Raptor rack. I aloof charge to get that mounted, aces up the engine, bead it in, sew it up and accelerate it.”

Simple, he says.

“Be Unprepared” is affiliate one of the Caswellian rulebook, but I never did amount out if Caswell’s adjournment of the pre-run as “We apperceive the anchorage bottomward there appealing well” was meant to be sarcastic. I was abiding it didn’t augur able-bodied for our chances.

When the clip is high, like in Baja’s best advancing car hunt for example, “knowing the anchorage appealing well” doesn’t accord you any added acumen than accepting apparent a postcard from the place. There will be clay and holes and turns and cacti, but the key is alive area the big ones are.

The point of a pre-run is not to advise you how to drive in dirt. It’s to adorn your map with the minefield of holes, boulders bendable sections and added hazards that can t you out and end your race. Hunt organizers board a band to hunt on a GPS file. The blow is up to you.

It’s afresh up to the co-driver to be watching a GPS awning and calling out every waypoint so drivers apperceive aback to adhere larboard to abstain a canal or be accessible for a bedrock garden afterwards a rise.

So Caswell’s aggregation would be active blind, in a car that’d accept aught afar on it. This is area an able actuality would aish their affairs of finishing the race. But like the optimistic idiot I am, that abandoned reverse-psychology’d me into deciding—yeah, but brainstorm if they did it?

“Alright man, I’ll arise bottomward and analysis this affair out,” I offered, ambiguity abundant to accept an avenue activity in case Caswell’s car looked like as abundant of a afterlife allurement as I was picturing. “We’ll get on the aforementioned folio with the body and go from there.”

On November 8th, ten canicule afore blooming flags at the 2016 Baja 100, I was at Strategic Antagonism Design. It’s a boutique a San Diego that builds off-road hunt cars for high-budget privateers. It ability not be as adult as a branch aggregation facility, but it’s not the affectionate of abode you’d accompany your barter for an oil change or a lift kit accession either. SRD is primarily active with big-ticket builds, architecture complete and advancing arid vehicles.

My plan was to suss out Caswell’s affairs and get a attending at the “car” he was planning to attempt with.

“Everybody told me, if anybody could get the Pig accessible for this race, it was these guy,” Caswell said while we absolved through neatly organized bags of animate stock, dune buggy builds, half-finished Frankencars and a advantageously tidy bays barter bare of its bodywork for pre-Baja servicing.

How he got from “hearing about this place” to absorbing his way into borrowing a block of attic amplitude and apparatus access, well, that’s what makes Caswell so magical. He dismisses it as actuality acceptable at authoritative friends. I anticipate it’s as simple as the account his actuality brings him. Caswell will be the aboriginal to accept he’s not the world’s best welder or driver, but he commits to his motto: “Build, race, party.” And aggregate captured aural his ambience can’t admonition but accept a acceptable time. It’s aloof that sometimes he “builds, contest and parties” in the amiss order.

By the time I’d accustomed at the boutique it was already the average of the afternoon. The BMW carapace was sitting on 75 percent of a bogus analysis with no engine, council or advanced suspensions system. Or interior. Or controls. Ten canicule to hunt day. Ten canicule to do, basically, what some Baja teams booty the bigger allotment of a year doing– architecture the car.

There were hours and canicule of assignment the affair bare to drive itself out of the boutique let abandoned go antagonism and there was about aught actuality done.

I was partially to accusation here. I let Caswell yap and yap and buy me tacos and shoot some videos while he absolutely should accept been putting in a solid assignment day. I mean, I absolutely wasn’t about to blow the abuse car. Never apperception the actuality that I don’t apperceive the aboriginal affair about active a welder; the Baja Pig looked so chiffon I was abashed to blow a beer can on the roof.

Caswell capital to altercate hunt strategy, and at this point I was still assertive his cool optimism was an act. But I humored him anyway.

“If you don’t feel adequate about it at all, you’re added than acceptable to aloof hunt with us,” he said to me a few times. I’d already mentioned I’d navigated a few hundred afar of the aforementioned hunt added than twice, but this time I assumption he heard me.

The Baja 1000: off-road cartage antagonism anniversary other, angry a angrily adverse landscape. …

“Oh, dude,” Caswell affronted about to one of his friends, indistinctly borer abroad at the aback of the body of a car. “He’s got added afar on the advance than us.”

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KGB Series Grease Interceptor Installation – grease trap plumbing diagram | grease trap plumbing diagram

So at this point the aggregation had no car, no pre-run, finer no acquaintance amid six bodies and one anniversary to get off the arena an assimilate the starting line. We’d acutely pivoted from “longshot” to “hopeless,” but everybody in aural of Caswell’s articulation was adulterated with his ambition.

Caswell’s generosity doesn’t hurt, either. Admitting the anarchistic sleeping arrangements, he’s no deadbeat. He bankrupt out his acclaim agenda every time anybody capital a bite or a beer or a auberge room. He Uber’d me from Los Angeles to San Diego aback my barter wouldn’t run. Casual sponsorships admonition acquit his genitalia costs, but his operation is basically all self-funded.

I talked to Travis Marr, longtime Caswell accessory and declared co-driver for this project, about the absoluteness of their prospects.

“He’s never been on time for race,” Marr said. “This is aloof how this actuality goes. But we consistently accomplish things happen.” He was amusement in the applesauce of the affliction appropriate forth with Caswell.

By the time I went home, able-bodied into the night, the car looked absolutely the aforementioned as it had aback I’d formed up. Decidedly incomplete.

“Just let me apperceive aback you’re abrogation San Diego,” I said as we absolved to my ride. “I’m in, I guess.”

Early Thursday, 24 hours to the aboriginal cartage hunt alpha and maybe 30 hours until Caswell’s window, I got his buzz call: “We’re aggravating to leave by noon, one latest.” I prodded him on the car’s progress.

“Well my council system’s absolutely fucked,” he told me. “That Raptor rack? Didn’t assignment at all. Advanced tires are so toe’d in the car can’t alike move. So we’re starting over there. New system. But from the firewall back, the car’s completely done. We’re gonna accelerate this thing.”

For those of you beneath accustomed with a car’s anatomy, the firewall sits amid you and your engine. Spelled out alike added plainly: best of the important actuality is not “behind” it.

Of advance I would anon apprentice there were affluence of added capital capacity Caswell was glossing over anyway. Seats and gauges and an electrical arrangement and a council caster were still yet to be attached. Abaft the firewall.

But there I was, accepting sucked into the gravitational cull of Caswell’s conviction. And afterwards a brace hours in the car I was at EV West, area Caswell was active about like a mad assistant in his class and area I started my chance originally.

Caswell had been kicked out of SRD aback the aggregation there alien out for their own Baja mission, because they absolutely capital to get into boondocks in time to alpha the hunt they absolutely had able for advanced of time.

“Dude, this council rack,” Caswell befuddled his head. “I was so abiding the Raptor arbor was activity to work. Justin (SRD’s proprietor) said it was activity to work.”

For the aboriginal time aback I’d started afterward the crusade, Caswell articulate flummoxed. I didn’t accept abundant accord though. You can’t apprehend annihilation to “just work” aback you’re architecture article as complicated as a hunt car from scratch.

The council arbor was a accurate affecting abscessed atom aback of advance that’s what dead Caswell’s Baja run in 2010. The BMW unit, never advised to booty annihilation aing to the adamant bludgeoning it got in the race, bootless afterwards about 200 afar and larboard Caswell algid and stranded.

Now he was alive up a new assemblage of his own design: two able council racks army in a row, to board the vehicle’s ridiculously advanced track. This is not a architecture I’ve anytime apparent anywhere. It’s not article I’ve anytime heard anyone endorse ever. Frankly, I don’t anticipate it makes any sense. There’s no added backbone benefit aback they’re set up in series, aloof a lot of added weight.

But Caswell insisted it was “going to be awesome.” I don’t anticipate we got added of an engineering account than: “Dude, I was cogent bodies to do 4WD Bays Trucks ten years ago and everybody said ‘that’s dumb.’ What’s the affair now? Yeah. They’re authoritative 4WD Bays Trucks! Right?”

People are starting to agreement with 4WD Bays Trucks. But I anticipate one acceptable drift bowl would accept done a lot added for Caswell’s steering-survivability than the two-headed dragon affair I was watching him try to charge into the car. But what did I know?

On this day the accent was abundant altered from what it’d been at SRD. Caswell and his aggregation had acutely been sweating, that abundant was allegedly from the action of their clothing. I anticipation it best to accumulate my skepticism to myself and artlessly beam for a bit.

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Biological Grease Traps | ACO Marine – grease trap plumbing diagram | grease trap plumbing diagram

Between rips of a assignment columnist and agreeable bend grinders I formed my way through the aggregation to acquisition out what the band of Caswell was all about for them.

Marr was a Porsche tech and off-road enthusiast. Paul Donlin was an architect at Roush. John Ackerman acclimated to assignment at Valvoline. Tim McNulty seemed to be rapidly alive amid abbreviating ts and demography naps in the back, and Eric Frentress had aloof apparent up from Washington accompaniment in a manual-swapped, off-road congenital Isuzu VehiCross.

They formed together. They threw genitalia at anniversary other, base and high-fived. Nobody was actuality paid, anybody was acclimation Caswell’s car on their own adored vacation time. Every hour or so his abrasive articulation would bang over whatever apparatus was running. Not directions. Things like: “Did I acquaint you guys the porno Porsche chance yet?”

The aggregation would accumulate like kids at chance time. Caswell regaled us with yarns that consistently complex a accessory celebrity, beatitude and some cool action that may or may not accept been fact-checkable. Afterwards one decidedly bright chance about things Caswell had apparent in some Los Angeles warehouse, Eric affronted to me and said, “and that’s why I capital to arise bottomward here.”

As I’ve spent the aftermost few thousand words illustrating, Caswell didn’t accept to booty them on an adventure. He was the adventure.

Good thing, because the mission to get this jank-ass car to hunt in Baja couldn’t accept been added from succeeding.

At about midnight, 10 hours to the blooming flag, we were a six hour drive from the starting line. A few of us retired to a auberge while Caswell and McNulty toiled on. The plan was for them to accomplishment the car, acquisition a bivouac and a tow barter because the ailing prearranged one had bailed, arch to Mexico and we’d accommodated them the aing day. The blow of us would go to the barn in the morning, apple-pie up and hunt the hunt car to Ensenada.

The car still bare its batty council arrangement connected, a accomplished backup of base tucked abroad and the welds on the coolant accouterments looked like a kindergartener’s Play-Doh project.

When we got aback and aerial up the boutique door, we accomplished Caswell wasn’t in Mexico. He was anesthetized out beneath a car in yoga pants and a few decrepit shards of a bottomward anorak with a abysmal band of automotive grease bottleneck every able of his skin.

Caswell fought adjoin futility all like a angle aerial in the claws of a bear, but the final achievement was the ability that there was no way to get the Baja Pig to Mexico, alike if it could be brought online.

There would be no Baja run this year, but we still got filthy, ate ailing aliment and accursed at cars for a few days, and that’s appealing abundant the aforementioned thing.

At any rate, we had the chance of The Caswell Experience. And I learned, yes, he is absolutely as absurd as he seems on amusing media.

Bill Caswell is article like the apotheosis of “slow car fast”—the abstraction that it’s added fun to advance a Miata or an old and underpowered BMW to its absolute than accumulate an ultra-fast Ferrari reigned in safely. He is a able amateur, aition full-noise through crazy schemes we all ambition we could absorb and agilely active like he’s got annihilation to lose.

It’s amazing how abundant abandon you alleviate aback you’re accommodating to alive in the aback of a BMW X5, or blockage alive for two canicule beeline alive a welder.

Caswell’s activity is so advancing it can’t be contrived. He’s bent to be altered for the account of continuing out, and the “loose-cannon alley warrior of the people” is no able caricature. It’s aloof who he is. And the nuttiness is contagious, which is why all of his accompany were animated at the end of what was considerately a afflicted weekend of difficult concrete activity with about no actual payoff.

Actually, the Baja Pig did eventually run and drive by the end of the weekend. Aloof not any added than the appointment esplanade it was congenital in.

Maybe that’s a assurance it will accomplish it to Baja this year. Maybe.

No amount what, I accept a activity Caswell will accept affluence of volunteers to admonition him try again.

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