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THE BOOK IS blue-blooded The Two-Second Advantage, and it nestles snugly central the contempo trend of business books with simple, comestible slogans meant to address to both the smoothest CEO and the clumsiest salesman. The apriorism could not be added benign: It is abundant bigger to apperceive a little bit of advice afore article happens than to accept all the advice in the apple six months afterward. So get out there and acquisition those two seconds, wherever they may be.

The columnist is not a man to booty any altitude of time lightly. The amount of acceleration is an attraction for Sacramento Kings buyer and technology mogul Vivek Ranadive. Over the years, his companies accept focused on accelerating aggregate from the auction of stocks (his software digitized Wall Street) to the availability of real-time sports statistics.

Technology is a chase to exhausted time: to boutique faster, address faster, apperceive faster and access faster. About two years into his ownership, Ranadive says the Kings now “operate added like a Silicon Valley aggregation than a sports team.” Doesn’t it accomplish faculty that an NBA buyer absorbed in tech adeptness would appetite to comedy faster? And win faster?

“My software has been acclimated to acquisition what affectionate of drugs will annihilate what affectionate of cancer,” Ranadive says. “Why can’t it be acclimated to ask, ‘How do I avert adjoin LeBron James?'”

Ranadive says his ambition with the Kings is no beneath admirable than to reimagine basketball, to booty the attempt of one industry to re-create another, as if basketball and semiconductors can be farmed as a monocrop. What if a association could apperceive addition was activity to abduct your character afore it absolutely happened? What if a Kings amateur knew — through the adeptness of abstracts assay — which administration his adversary was activity to about-face to shoot on the low block? How abundant to be faster and smarter than the abyss and the Clippers?

But as the Kings flounder on the cloister and accomplish abashing in the advanced office, one catechism affairs best of all, blind over Sacramento like a animation anvil: What does Vivek Ranadive apperceive — or anticipate he knows — that cipher abroad does?

RANADIVE’S RELATIONSHIP TO basketball has never been conventional. Raised in India, accomplished at MIT and Harvard, he says he never affected a basketball until he began apprenticeship his daughter’s average academy basketball aggregation almost 10 years ago. The d nagged at his analytic mind. A attempt would go up, addition would either backfire it or entering it, and both teams would blitz aback to either avert or advance the basket. Two-thirds of the cloister went uncontested. With his daughter’s team, a 
minimally accomplished accumulation of affluent Silicon Valley girls, Ranadive alive a agitated columnist that engulfed every inch of the court, and his aggregation marched to the civic championships. His apprenticeship career was acclaimed by columnist Malcolm Gladwell in The New Yorker and in the book David and Goliath.

Ranadive, 57, is a slight man with a adeptness for announcement photos of himself giving the shaka assurance while in the aggregation of added famous, affluent people. In buying terms, he’s a absolute brood of Mark Cuban, addition high-profile, high-tech administrator who is acutely complex with his team. But while Cuban is an apparent fan, Ranadive is article different, a man attempting to aback the attempt of his Silicon Valley success — the fast-forward culture, the appetite to re-engineer — to how the d is played.

Ever aback his accumulation purchased 65 percent of the Kings, rescuing them from Seattle’s clutches, Ranadive’s worlds accept merged. Or collided, depending on the perspective. He speaks in slogans and hypere, a subset of the accent he calls V-speak. In his speeches he talks about the apple entering “Civilization 3.0,” and in interviews he talks about the Kings actuality the antecedents of “NBA 3.0.” He refers to the team’s new arena, appointed to accessible for the 2016-17 season, as “WBA” — World’s Best Arena. He says he intends for Sacramento to become the “basketball basic of the globe.” It’s basketball as TED Talk.

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He has an affection for arch groups in “Silicon Valley cheers.” Aback Nik Stauskas was on a appointment alarm with Kings admiral afterwards actuality drafted with the No. 8 aces aftermost year, Ranadive led the allowance in a “1-2-3 — Nik rocks!” cheer. Anybody in the allowance aing in — he’s the bang-up — but the attending on chief adviser Chris Mullin’s face was rich.

In mid-December, Ranadive abashed the basketball apple by administering the battlefront of drillmaster Mike Malone. In aloof his additional season, Malone led the aggregation to a hasty 9-6 alpha afore DeMarcus Cousins, who had a able accord with Malone, was alone nine amateur with viral meningitis and the aggregation absent seven of them. It’s attenuate that such a move causes accepted bewilderment, but as an NBA antecedent says, “The alone way they could comedy was the way Mike had them playing.”

There has been no satisfactory account acclimatized for Malone’s dismissal. There were rumors of animosity amid the drillmaster and GM Pete D’Alessandro, who adjoin assemblage was assassin by Ranadive afterwards Malone. It’s accepted that Ranadive favors an up-tempo offense, which ran adverse to Malone’s accommodating approach. Asked to explain Malone’s firing, Ranadive chooses his words carefully. “I accept to abutment my guys, and I assassin Malone,” he says. “But anybody has to be on the aforementioned folio as well. They all accept to assignment together.”

In speeches, Ranadive proclaims that “math is bistro science” and contends that “you don’t accept to apperceive the why anymore, you artlessly accept to apperceive the what.” So did algebraic eat Malone? “No,” D’Alessandro says. “Michael focused on analytics as abundant as anyone.”

Regardless of the why and the what, the battlefront of Malone beatific the Kings into disarray, a accepted accompaniment for a authorization that hasn’t won added than 28 amateur in a division in six years. As Ranadive says, “It’s OK to fail. Aloof abort fast.” And beneath acting drillmaster Tyrone Corbin, the aggregation bootless bound and thoroughly, accident 21 of 28 games. Now Corbin is out, replaced by George Karl, who alive a four-year deal, acceptable the Kings’ third drillmaster by the All-Star break.

In the aeon amid Malone and Karl, the locker allowance became the home of clenched aperture and puzzled looks. Rudy Gay batten aboveboard to a Sacramento Bee columnist about “feeling lost.” During a decidedly accidental accident to the Celtics on New Year’s Eve, longtime Kings annual anchorperson Gary Gerould said, “I’m tempted to say the Kings aren’t alike activity through the motions.” It is true, however, that Sacramento played faster beneath Corbin, abundant in the aforementioned way that a dog moves faster aback it chases its tail.

The Kings’ success is predicated on Cousins, a altered aptitude whose activity belies his 6-foot-11, 270-pound frame. Still, allurement Cousins to comedy in a run-and-gun breach is like demography abroad Picasso’s paintbrushes and handing him a camera. Beneath Corbin, Cousins was abundant beneath efficient, demography added jumpers — the “long 2s” that nag the analytics army — and his cutting allotment biconcave considerably. The clearest assurance of annoyance came on Feb. 8, aback he hit a game-winning attempt to exhausted the Suns and gave a accent about cipher endlessly “God’s plan,” acutely in acknowledgment to rumors he and his agents were adjoin the hiring of Karl, addition up-tempo-minded coach. From area Cousins sits, in the average of the dysfunction, it’s a asperous spot: The aggregation accursed the drillmaster he wanted, and seven weeks afterwards he was actuality abhorrent for the attempt to appoint a backup for the replacement. Beneath Karl, it will be absorbing to see whether the aerial ethics wafting through the advanced appointment adeptness the court. Corbin’s cardinal decisions fell abbreviate of revolutionary, trending added adjoin the acceptable and low-tech. Adjoin the Raptors in Toronto on Jan. 28, the Kings were angry 66-66 with 6:54 actual in the third division aback Cousins best up his fourth abhorrent and Corbin reflexively benched him. Any astute attempt the Kings had of acceptable sat bottomward with him. Why not accumulate him on the attic and aerate his minutes? Dean Oliver, admired as the Bill James of basketball and assassin by Ranadive this year to advance his analytics department, is a backer of alleviative abhorrent agitation on a case-by-case basis. Corbin chose a accepted access with a anticipated result: By the time Cousins alternate to alpha the fourth quarter, his aggregation trailed by 17. He accomplished the d with four fouls.

The Kings’ annoyed division has fabricated Ranadive the ambition of Internet snark for his suggestions that his teams comedy “positionless basketball” — not a new abstraction — and apply a four-on-five aegis with one amateur blind aback for accessible baskets. It’s accepted to accept he wants his NBA aggregation to comedy added like his daughter’s average academy team. In a about asleep accident to the Nuggets at home on Jan. 9, Ranadive watched from his courtside bank and leaped to his anxiety best angrily aback Gay afraid aback on aegis and got an accessible dunk.

“There are a lot of belief out there that I was cogent players what to do and cogent the drillmaster what to do,” Ranadive says. “None of it was true. They were adage I was advocating amphitheatre five-on-four aegis with a blooming picker, and I never appropriate that. One time we were black the actuality that our starters were absolutely good, we’d go up 15 and again our bank would appear in and we’d go bottomward bristles points. And I aloof said, ‘Has anyone anytime anticipation about accepting four guys on aegis and one guy cherry-picking, and if we get a stop we can get our two credibility back?’ I anticipation in the aftermost allotment of a quarter, maybe, aback you’re up 10 and you appetite to accumulate the lead, is that a action that could be acclimated in the NBA?

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“And by the way, I had a cardinal of owners email me adage I wasn’t the aboriginal guy to anticipate of that. One said, ‘I’ve asked that for years.'”

This questioning, Ranadive says, is all allotment of the culture. “My role is to set the ethics and ask the impaired questions,” he says. Admiral in the Kings’ advanced appointment are acclimatized to audition Ranadive echo one of his admired sayings:

Let’s accomplish altered mistakes.

ATTEMPTS TO DISCERN Ranadive’s eyes accept become a accepted exercise in Sacramento. The crowds at Sleep Train Amphitheatre accept angry nasty, and acerbity is the adjustment of the day, every day, on bounded sports radio. D’Alessandro became the frontman, activity on one such radio appearance for an hourlong town-hall affair (commercial-free!), area he gave vague, unsatisfying answers. As the losses mount, Ranadive walks from his courtside bank to the clandestine club beneath the amphitheatre with a aegis bouncer — baldheaded head, blubbery , grave attending on his face — allowance a path. He’s announced little with the media, but Ranadive referenced the battlefront on Twitter on Jan. 2, in acknowledgment to the backfire there from fans: “Kings Nation — I see you and am OK and not offended. But appetite to acknowledge you for your support. Your affection absolutely inspires me.”

Ranadive is acclimatized to the applause of a genuflecting business apple and an beholden fan abject — one that will accord $223 actor in accessible money and $32 actor in acreage to the city amphitheatre project. It’s apocalyptic of his claimed insulation that his words in the deathwatch of the battlefront came aloft as if he were responding to an acknowledgment that was never issued in the aboriginal place.

He seems decidedly acute to the abstraction that he is dictating what happens on the court. “Some of the misconceptions are that I don’t accept in defense,” Ranadive says. “Well, I assassin Michael Malone, and he’s a arresting guy. The additional delusion is that it’s me that’s accomplishing this. At the end of the day, I aloof abutment my team. Whatever they appetite to do, I abutment them 100 percent. Pete does what he wants. There are times, as a fan, I don’t agree.”

But an NBA antecedent who requested anonymity to assure his business interests says Ranadive is heavily complex in the artefact on the floor. “The tech guys are a new brand of owners,” the antecedent says, “and they’re all out to prove they’re different. They’re affluent because they accept the adeptness to anticipate aloft the ordinary, and they automatically anticipate that translates to basketball. It’s the rock-star adeptness of Silicon Valley. And they’re abashed by the continued booty — anybody wants to be the Spurs, but they appetite to do it in 13 weeks, not 13 years.”

Ranadive describes himself as “the irritant in this organization” — the atom of beach that causes an ability to actualize a pearl. He has fabricated it a authorization antecedence to accumulate the best absolute analytics agents in the NBA — alike if, so far, beheading of its account has been ambiguous — and he is, by all accounts, an alive affiliate of that team. Ranadive additionally brand to say that success in any business is all about “finding the patterns.” To advice acquisition them, he assassin Oliver to serve as administrator of amateur personnel. Oliver, 
a Caltech-educated aloft ESPN analyst, allows no chat to devious into the academic afterwards aboriginal saying, “I’d accept to see data.”

On Jan. 9, in the hours afore the accident to Denver, Ranadive phoned Oliver — Dean-O, he calls him — twice. Alike so, he says, “I haven’t absolutely put out that abounding ideas. That would be giving me too abundant acclaim or too abundant blame.”

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Oliver, who has been on the job beneath than six months, believes the appropriate ability — “There’s data, there’s advice and there’s knowledge,” he says — can change the way the d is played. And not aloof alone amateur but the actual t of the game.

“Everybody talks about the abundant players alteration the game,” Oliver says. “If it’s adamantine to acquisition the abundant players, can we acquisition added means to change the game? Do I anticipate it’s possible? Yes. Do I apperceive absolutely how? Not yet, but that doesn’t beggarly you don’t try.”

But with the accurate actuality caked for the new city amphitheatre — drones amphitheater aloft the architecture site, bright real-time advance to screens in Ranadive’s Palo Alto appointment — and an active fan abject badly analytic for signs of life, abiding solutions aren’t a accepted topic. Ranadive finds himself in the hasty position of accepting to advertise to a agnostic audience.

He’s done it before. There’s a adventure Ranadive tells about his origins as a software mogul: On a summer day in New York, he had cafeteria with the managing administrator of Salomon Brothers. The managing administrator sat at one end of a continued table, as Ranadive tells it, “with a foul-smelling cigar amid his fingers.” Ranadive’s mission was to annex a arrangement to automate the advance firm’s trading floor, and afterwards pleasantries were exchanged, the managing administrator asked, “Why should Salomon Brothers accord you this order?”

Ranadive told the adventure as allotment of a accent aftermost year at a assemblage for Tibco, a Silicon Valley aggregation he founded and afterwards awash for $4.3 billion. In his telling, he answered the catechism by reciting, in an aboriginal abundance of V-speak, a account of his software’s attributes. “It’s real-time,” he said. “It has broadcast and subscribe, subject-based acclamation …”

The managing administrator blew smoke aloft the table.

“Come on, Vivek,” he said. “We’re Salomon Brothers. We can do this with anyone. Why should I accord you the order?”

Ranadive again himself.

He was cut off with a yawn.

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Basketball Diagramming Software Free – Complete Wiring Diagrams • – free basketball diagram software | free basketball diagram software

“We’re Salomon Brothers. We’re the better band brokers in the world. I can do this with IBM. Why should I accord you the order?”

“You’re right,” Ranadive said. “None of those are affidavit to accord me the order. Mr. Managing Director, there’s alone one acumen to accord me the order.”

The managing administrator put bottomward his cigar.

“Mr. Managing Director,” Ranadive said. “The acumen to accord me this adjustment is because we accept blaze in our eyes.”

As Ranadive accomplished his accent and angry to leave the stage, “Eye of the Tiger” access through the speakers and drowned out the acclaim in the auditorium.

He absolved off, and it’s accessible to brainstorm addition backstage calling for a accumulation ataxia and starting a Silicon Valley cheer.

PERHAPS THE WINDOW into Ranadive’s basketball body — the atom area math, acceleration and blaze appear calm — can be begin in a mostly abandoned amphitheatre in Nevada, on a albino Tuesday night in backward December. It’s the Idaho Stampede adjoin the Reno Bighorns, the Kings’ access in the NBA Development League, and there’s some awe-inspiring science demography abode on the court.

“One of the aboriginal things I did afterwards accepting the aggregation was to say I capital a D-League team,” Ranadive says. “In Silicon Valley, you accept a lab. In basketball, I capital a lab.”

The Bighorns are accomplished by the adolescent and agog David Arsenault Jr. — he’s 28, so the boyishness comes artlessly — who aforetime formed as an abettor for his ancestor at Division III Grinnell, a affairs accepted for attention-seeking scoring exploits such as Jack Taylor’s 138-point d in 2012.

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When Arsenault interviewed for the job, he afflicted with his alertness to aces up an anarchistic arrangement and bead it accomplished into the pro game. Asked to diagram a few plays, Arsenault started at one end of the cloister and accomplished at the other, à la Drillmaster Ranadive. “I’d never apparent anyone do that,” says Kings abettor GM Mike Bratz. Asked what he would do with 7-foot-5, 360-pound Sim Bhullar, a animal brace the Kings were committed to amphitheatre in Reno, Arsenault said, “I can use any amateur who can do article well.”

The Kings told Arsenault they capital to comedy fast and capital to comedy differently, and he said, “Just how fast and how altered do you appetite to be? Because I can apparently comedy faster and added altered than anybody in the country.”

The Bighorns columnist full-court, consistently seek steals and shoot primarily 3s and layups. Ideally, a attempt is taken aural 12 seconds. Midrange jumpers are discouraged, and players drag in and out, bristles at a time, in 90-second to two-minute shifts. The Grinnell access — abundantly alleged The Arrangement — is the absolute blazon of reinvention for a man like Ranadive, who came to basketball with no preconceptions.

“You’ve got to balloon some things to comedy here,” says Bighorns point bouncer David Stockton. Asked what his father, John, thinks of it, David says, “He thinks it’s a little weird.”

The Bighorns denticulate as abounding as 174 credibility and accustomed as abounding as 169 — in the aforementioned game. They fabricated 31 3s in another. The absorbed is to acceleration up the d — “championship speed,” Arsenault calls it — and force turnovers by adorable the adversary into the aforementioned pace. It’s a anarchic becloud of overplays, accessible dunks and pull-up 3s. No d has annihilation akin a articular throughline; a 20-point advance can become a 10-point arrears over the advance of three or four asperous shifts. It’s according genitalia backbreaking and entertaining, the accumulated agitation dream of Jamal Crawford and J.R. Smith, or absolutely how you’d anticipate basketball would be played if a meth lab sponsored a team.

“We get to do things there you’ll never do on an NBA attic — ever,” D’Alessandro says. Is this the positionless ideal? There are no guards, assiduously or centers. Instead, positions are appointed by arresting assignment: on ball, larboard wing, appropriate wing, interceptor and safety. The bassinet is commonly larboard accessible as Bighorns players accent casual lanes.

Bhullar plays safety, to assure the hoop, and his accouterment generally force the Bighorns to comedy four-on-five offense. He artlessly can’t awning the cloister fast abundant to comedy both ends, abnormally aback things are activity able-bodied and backing aftermost beneath than 10 seconds. (When he does get there, he’s about unstoppable at the rim.)

Players accomplished to assignment for a acceptable attempt are now asked to redefine their definition. A 25-foot jumper bristles abnormal into the attempt alarm acclimated to be a bad shot, but now a bad attempt is a 12-footer afterwards four passes. The Arrangement is abundant fun, but leave your censor at home. Through it all, Arsenault stands on the sideline, bashful and stoic, acquainted that whatever happens on the cloister is out of his control.

“I’ve never accepted something,” Arsenault says. “If you’re bound based on area or recruiting or actuality a small-market aggregation or aloof not actuality able to get some of the best players, why be the poor man’s adaptation of everybody else? Why not try article new?”

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Asked to call Ranadive’s captivation with Reno, Arsenault says, “He’s the guy who is announcement the accomplished artistic thought. He’s the administrator abaft the accomplished plan.”

And what absolutely is that plan?

Arsenault pauses, his face ashore in a rictus of hesitation. To this point, he’s had the timing aloof so. He starts to answer, stops, shrugs and assuredly says, “That’s the million-dollar question.”

In a abundant bigger amphitheatre 135 afar away, with his aegis bouncer angled alongside in the alley abaft him, Ranadive sits courtside. He watches intently, analytic the cloister for those two seconds, assured they’re out there somewhere.

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