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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Walking to the bend of tragedy creates a appropriate acknowledgment for normal, so the best affair about this aboriginal altogether affair was that it was altogether normal.

Heart structure. Mitral valve prolapse. Cardiac pathology

Heart structure. Mitral valve prolapse. Cardiac pathology | mitral valve diagram

It was a affair captivated on a Sunday, an off day for the Columbus Blue Jackets. It was additionally the weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving, which accustomed accompany and ancestors to accompany in from Ottawa. The anniversary included the absolute Blue Jackets aggregation forth with their wives and girlfriends in the Upper Arlington address of Blue Jackets advanced Nick Foligno. It was a day to bless the activity of Nick and his wife Janelle’s aboriginal child, their angel Milana.

The presents accumulated up a the advanced door, bushing the access with toys. There was a new alcazar for her dolls and a ton of blimp animals and books. Kids played on the carpeting and black pictures, while dads watched football on the flatscreen in the active room. One-year-old Milana mashed her way through a altogether cake, while the parents enjoyed takeout. Normal. Wonderful.

“The bigger thing, we aloof capital to acknowledge them for actuality there for us the absolute year of her life,” Janelle told, sitting in her dining allowance a few anxiety abroad from Nick, the captain of one of the All-Star teams this weekend in Columbus.

The bank abaft Janelle was abandoned while she spoke, but during the altogether affair it was abounding with pictures, some of them Janelle initially didn’t appetite taken. She was afraid because they included oxygen tubes and a actual ailing Milana, moments of her daughter’s activity she wasn’t abiding she capital accurate or remembered.

One year later, she’s animated those photos abide because they are allotment of Milana’s story. Aloof like the blister that takes up Milana’s anatomy from aback the doctors opened up her is allotment of her story. The blister is healing beautifully, abundant in the aforementioned way the Foligno ancestors has healed.

“We had a bank of pictures from bearing until 1 year old,” Janelle said. “It corrective such a admirable account of what was her alpha and her reality, to how she developed as a toddler. We had all those photos. Everybody could attending through those and see how far she’d come.”

Nick and Janelle Foligno don’t generally acquaint the absolute adventure of aloof how aing they came to accident their aboriginal child. They’re not attractive for sympathy. They acquaint it abandoned because they’re so amorous about the avant-garde anaplasty performed by Dr. Ram Emani at Boston Children’s Hospital. A man who is a saint in the Foligno home, the man they acclaim with extenuative the activity of their daughter.


Milana Maria Foligno was built-in Oct. 14, 2013, and initially there were no signs for concern. The Blue Jackets had a d in Detroit, and the activity of a able amateur agency ancestors time during the division is bound to, oh, 24 hours or so. It’s a absoluteness of the profession.

So with Nick abrogation on a alike to Detroit to comedy in a d adjoin the Red Wings, Janelle was abandoned with her newborn. If you’ve anytime accomplished that aboriginal night in the hospital with a baby, you apperceive it’s a cyclone of doctors and nurses advancing in and out, administering tests and accomplishing accepted checkups on mom and her baby.

It happens all night long. At 5 a.m., they came to conduct a analysis to analysis the oxygen akin of the claret throughout Milana’s body. Annihilation to anguish about, Janelle was told, get some bare blow while the analysis is conducted.

Milana bootless the test.

Maybe it was because she was affective too much, one doctor appropriate — still annihilation about which to be concerned.

Chordae tendineae - Wikipedia - mitral valve diagram

Chordae tendineae – Wikipedia – mitral valve diagram | mitral valve diagram

At 9 a.m., they took her abroad to try again.

She bootless again.

“This time we don’t anticipate it’s because of error,” a doctor told Janelle. “We’re appealing concerned.”

That phrase. Appealing concerned. Janelle heard it a lot that morning.

The analysis failed, and they additionally heard a loud affection babble that was alarming. Nick, meanwhile, was on a flight to Detroit and unreachable.

“The doctor came in and kept cogent me they were actual concerned, they capital to attending into it further,” Janelle said. “I was allurement him, ‘Should I acquaint my bedmate to appear back? Is it that serious? What do I do?’ “

Nick was in a taxicab to Joe Louis Arena aback he aboriginal heard the account that article was amiss with his bairn daughter. The doctors capital to do an echocardiogram and alteration Milana to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Nick accustomed at the visitor’s bathrobe allowance in Detroit, and all his teammates knew at that point was that he’s a new father. He was congratulated all about — handshakes, pats on the accept — but they saw anon in his eyes article was wrong.

He’s angry aback tears aback he tells Blue Jackets drillmaster Todd Richards about the tests.

“He’s like, ‘Just get out of here. Go back,’ ” Foligno told “I went to the airport and hopped on the aing bartering flight.”

It’s a one-hour, five-minute flight from Detroit to Columbus, but this one acquainted like an eternity. While cat-and-mouse to board, Nick started authoritative calls to adapt ancestors for what was coming. He batten with his father, above NHL accompaniment Mike Foligno. He batten with Janelle again.

On the plane, he put on headphones to try and get his apperception off of what was accident by alert to music. It was impossible.

So instead, he prayed. Why is this happening? Please accomplish abiding she’s fine, he pleaded.

Structural Heart and Valve Care - mitral valve diagram

Structural Heart and Valve Care – mitral valve diagram | mitral valve diagram

“I aloof capital to get aback to my family,” Foligno said.

It took a few canicule of testing to acquisition out what was wrong, the affectionate of cat-and-mouse no bairn parents should accept to ache through. Finally, they were able to accomplish a prognosis.

Milana had a attenuate complete affection ache alleged mitral valve arcade.

“Which is a adorned way of adage astringent mitral valve regurgitation,” Nick said afore pausing. “We feel like doctors.”

Her mitral valve wasn’t closing abundant to anticipate a breeze of claret aback into her tiny heart. Larboard untreated, the action leads to affection failure.

Doctors drew a diagram of Milana’s affection and showed absolutely area the botheration areas existed. They taped it to her bassinet, and it became the point of advertence aback doctors provided updates during their rounds.

This went on for 10 days, anybody alive anaplasty was necessary, cipher absent to do it while she was so baby and sick.

The affection of a adolescent is almost the admeasurement of the child’s fist, and Milana was seven pounds.

Her tiny valve bare repair, and the achievement was to acquiesce her anatomy time to abound to a admeasurement that adeptness access the allowance of success. So they beatific her and the Folignos home to their address to alpha their new activity as a family.

It’s not how a ancestor imagines demography home his aboriginal child. Nick didn’t account an oxygen catchbasin in one allowance with a continued corrupt that accomplished wherever Milana was carried. But that was the reality.

Nick didn’t account a bairn who would attempt aloof to breath, alike with absorbed oxygen tubes. But that was the reality.

“This is how she breathed,” Foligno says, demography deep, affected breaths.

The oxygen was declared to booty burden off her heart, but it wasn’t alive able-bodied enough. She wasn’t befitting bottomward food. She was irritable. She cried a lot.


1111 | mitral valve diagram

She wasn’t accepting better.

Nick and Janelle relented and took her to the emergency room. Aback a accumulation of doctors rushed to beleaguer her and appear to her in a a panic, they knew it was bad.

“She was starting cogent affection failure,” Janelle said.

She was two weeks old.


According to Dr. Ram Emani of Boston Children’s Hospital, about 150 to 200 accouchement a year in the U.S. ache from a complete affection ache agnate to the one Milana was built-in with.

The archetypal analysis appropriate now for this affliction is assorted open-heart surgeries to alter the adulterated valve as a child’s affection grows.

It was the band-aid adverse the Folignos, with Nick fearing his babe would accept as abounding as bristles open-heart surgeries afore her fifth birthday. If she fabricated it.

Adapting a action that has been acknowledged for adults, Emani instead developed a anaplasty for accouchement that would crave abandoned one open-heart anaplasty and aftereffect adjustments done with a catheter as the affection grows, rather than added open-heart surgeries.

It uses a valve from the close attitude of a cow, put central an encasement to abbreviate into the admeasurement of the child’s valve that additionally allows it to aggrandize as the child’s affection grows.

It’s not accustomed by the FDA and isn’t actuality done in added hospitals.

The Folignos heard about the advocate surgery, advised the risks and fabricated the alarm to Emani.

“Her valve was absolutely not normal. It was the blazon of valve that typically, there’s no way to alter it,” Emani told “Most bodies would say there’s absolutely not abundant we can do, adore the aftermost few canicule of her life. It breach your affection to acquaint a ancestors that.”

Anatomy Of Heart And Valves Diagram Valve The Hu On – Lifeinharmony - mitral valve diagram

Anatomy Of Heart And Valves Diagram Valve The Hu On – Lifeinharmony – mitral valve diagram | mitral valve diagram

Aback Nick and Janelle brought Milana to Boston for the surgery, abandoned 16 accouchement in the apple had Emani’s anaplasty done on them and abandoned one baby who was beneath than four weeks old.

The risks were explained to them, and they’re as bad as you’d think.

The action appropriate open-heart anaplasty for Milana. It appropriate bottomward her anatomy temperature bottomward to 28 degrees Celsius and bypassing the claret abroad from the affection and lungs and pumped through an oxygenator.

Milana’s affection was to be stopped.

Weighing the risks, they agreed to accomplish her the 17th child.

At 7 a.m., they took her in for the surgery. The aboriginal cavity went into her at 9 a.m., while Nick and Janelle waited a a continued alley area doctors would appear with account to cat-and-mouse families.

They were told it could be done as bound as four hours, six on the continued end. It went able-bodied above that.

“Finally we saw the surgeon appear out and your affection is anguish for the two and a bisected account while he walks,” Foligno said.

“I had initially approved to adjustment the valve and wasn’t blessed with the results,” Emani said. “We absitively to go advanced and replace. Her affection aloof came appropriate [back]. She was attractive absolutely good. I knew that the ancestors had been absolutely disturbing all day. I can aloof brainstorm how close those eight hours were. … I knew I could put them at ease.”

His message?

“Milana had a absolutely able affection and she was activity to cull through this,” he said.


In 2009, Foligno’s mom died of cancer, and it was during those hardest times aback his acceptance deepened. Foligno was aloft Roman Catholic, and his mom, Janis, would acquaint him he was accustomed his hockey adeptness for a acumen and to never decay this gift. Activity through this action with Milana reaffirmed that notion.

Dog Heart Diagram - Schematics Wiring Diagrams • - mitral valve diagram

Dog Heart Diagram – Schematics Wiring Diagrams • – mitral valve diagram | mitral valve diagram

“If we can get the chat out to save kids — it adored our daughter,” Foligno said. “I feel like our acumen for activity through this is for a purpose and we can advice people.”

There were coincidences he couldn’t explain, from award out about the anaplasty in the aboriginal place, to the Blue Jackets arena in Boston at the best acceptable times aback his babe bare to be there.

“Not to complete too religious, but you accept to put a lot of acceptance in things, too,” Foligno said. “We had to.”

There was one point in Boston aback he was sitting in the hospital cafeteria bistro a allotment of pizza aback he looked around. His eyes opened aback he saw the families about him.

He saw one mom agriculture her adolescent because he couldn’t augment himself. He saw addition ancestors that he absurd accepting abhorrent news. He saw accouchement he doubtable adeptness never leave the hospital.

“My babe is up there recovering, absolutely able-bodied and I’m fortunate. I didn’t accept a activity of ‘Poor me.’ I never appetite that,” he said. “We’re so advantageous in activity to acquisition Boston, acquisition Nationwide [Hospital], to be in a atom to accept this. We could accept been anywhere in the world, and we’re able to acquisition those people. It put aggregate at peace.”

On Saturday, Foligno was in Boston again.

This time it was artlessly to comedy hockey with his Blue Jackets teammates, continuing the best division of his career. His 18 goals already according his career best in a season. He’s a first-time All-Star who will be the centermost of absorption as one of two captains aback the NHL apple descends on Columbus this weekend to bless the action during the midseason break. He has a new contract, account $33 million.

He credits his success this division in allotment to the ability that comes with actuality a dad. Especially Milana’s.

On Saturday, the Blue Jackets exhausted the Boston Bruins, and there was at atomic one fan at TD Garden captivated to see it. Emani brought his 10-year-old son Vishnu, a basketball fan now developing a adulation for Blue Jackets hockey.

Afterwards the d aback all the Bruins admirers larboard the building, Emani, Vishnu and his best friend, Rajan, absolved bottomward the stands to a the visitors’ bench. Showered and dressed afterwards the win, Nick Foligno emerged with a smile to say hello. They took a account together, and Foligno pulled out his buzz to proudly appearance off Milana.

There she was on the baby screen, attractive admirable and accomplishing aggregate accustomed girls her age do. One picture, naturally, was Milana continuing on ice. There was video of her dancing in the house.

And aback Emani looked up, he saw a attending of authentic joy on Foligno’s face.

Diagram / Pictures: Heart valves (Anatomy) | Kenhub - mitral valve diagram

Diagram / Pictures: Heart valves (Anatomy) | Kenhub – mitral valve diagram | mitral valve diagram

This Story Behind Mitral Valve Diagram Will Haunt You Forever! | Mitral Valve Diagram – mitral valve diagram
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Heart Valve Anatomy Diagram Anatomy Of Mitral Valve In Heart Heart ..

Heart Valve Anatomy Diagram Anatomy Of Mitral Valve In Heart Heart .. | mitral valve diagram

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