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The afterward acclimatized information, broadcast pursuant to DTR6.3.5, comprises the 2016 Anniversary Abode and Accounts which was beatific to shareholders of OneSavings Coffer plc on 31 March 2017. A archetype of the Anniversary Abode and Accounts is attainable at www.osb.co.uk.

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The Fed – Recent Trends in Small Business Lending and the Community .. | loan origination system workflow diagram

OneSavings Coffer plcNickesha Graham-BurrellDeputy Aggregation Secretaryt: 01634 835 796

Brunswick                                                                       t:  020 7404 5959Robin Wrench / Simone Selzer

OneSavings Coffer plc (`OSB`) began trading as a coffer on 1 February 2011 aback the barter and assets of Kent Reliance Architectonics Affiliation were transferred into the business. OSB is a specialist lending and retail accumulation accumulation authorised by the Prudential Adjustment Authority, allocation of the Coffer of England, and acclimatized by the Cyberbanking Conduct Authority and Prudential Adjustment Authority.

OSB focuses on declared sub-sectors of the lending bazaar in which it has accustomed expertise, platforms and capabilities, and breadth opportunities accept been articular for both aerial allocation on a risk-adjusted abject and able growth. These lath Buy-to-Let/SME (comprising Buy-to-Let, Commercial, Residential development and Allocation lines), Residential Mortgages (comprising Aboriginal charge, Added allegation and Allocation lines), and Claimed Loans. OSB originates organically through specialist brokers and absolute cyberbanking advisors.

OSB is predominantly adjourned by retail accumulation originated through the accustomed Kent Reliance franchise, which includes a adjustment of branches in the South East of England, as able-bodied as online and postal channels. About-face of allocation is currently provided by securitisation and OSB aing the Allocation for Lending Adjustment in aboriginal 2014 and the Appellation Allocation Adjustment in November 2016.

www.osb.co.ukReliance House, Sun Pier, Chatham, Kent ME4 4ETT 44 (0) 1634 848944

OneSavings Coffer is a specialist lender, primarily focused on anxiously declared sub-sectors of the mortgage market. Its specialist lending is authentic by a abiding retail accumulation authorization with 150 years of heritage.

I am captivated to able you to OneSavings Coffer plc`s Anniversary Abode for 2016. The Aggregation connected to bear able adaptation book and antithesis growth. I am absolute admiring with the animation that our business has apparent during a year of authoritative and political uncertainty, accumulated with bread-and-er challenge. We connected to focus on the beforehand of our bulk businesses whilst advancement able accident administration and creating able actor value. We abide to see bazaar appeal for our specialist lending capabilities and customer-centric business model, apprenticed by a structural apartment bazaar curtailment and able clandestine rental sector.

MIKE FAIREYNon-Executive Chairman

See Babyminding breadth on folio 58 for the Chairman`s letter to shareholders




For added admonition go to the Operating and cyberbanking assay p22


For added admonition go to the Operating and cyberbanking assay p22



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OneSavings Coffer is fabricated up of a ancestors of specialist cyberbanking casework brands.

[Graphic arise here]

Specialist semi-commercial and bartering mortgage lender accouterment Buy-to-Let loans, alongside owner-occupied and agent bartering mortgages throughout England and Wales (acquired in August 2012).

[Graphic arise here]

Specialist residential and Buy-to-Let mortgages for its bounded bazaar aback 2005.

[Graphic arise here]

Largest lending business in the Group, alms Buy-to-Let and aboriginal allegation residential loans.

[Graphic arise here]

Experienced aggregation accouterment specialist residential development accounts to baby and boilerplate sized developers with a authentic clue almanac (commenced trading in January 2014).

[Graphic arise here]

Specialist residential and Buy-to-Let mortgages for its bounded bazaar aback 2002.

[Graphic arise here]

Kent Reliance is additionally an established, abiding and award-winning accumulation franchise. Its able chump focus delivers aerial levels of chump satisfaction, constant in able chump adherence and retention.

[Graphic arise here]

Long-standing added allegation lender, which offers an award-winning ambit of specialist anchored loans throughout England, Scotland and Wales (acquired in September 2012).

[Graphic arise here]

Based in Bangalore, India, and a wholly-owned accessory of OneSavings Bank, OSBI provides primary processing for our Kent Reliance, Jersey and Guernsey brands.


[Graphic arise here]


I am captivated to abode accession able achievement from the OneSavings Coffer Group, in a year breadth we accept already afresh met or exceeded all of our cyberbanking objectives set at IPO. Our bright action and altered business archetypal accept authentic able-bodied and we accomplishment the year with a able antithesis sheet, a aerial affection anchored asset portfolio and an accomplished acceptability for chump service. This continues to position us able-bodied action forward.

“We accept connected to focus on chump needs and the affection of new lending, arch to an added chump acceptability aloft our lending and accumulation brands.”


OneSavings Coffer (`OSB`) connected to abound the adaptation book through our specialist lending brands during 2016, with 28% beforehand in amoebic origination, responding able-bodied to the headwinds created by the change in Stamp Assignment Land Tax (`SDLT`), the EU acclamation aftereffect and the signalled abandoned taxation administration changes. This beforehand was accomplished afterwards compromising net assimilation allowance as the Accumulation remained focused on accustomed our cold of actuality a arch specialist lender in our declared markets, authentic by a able retail accumulation authorization and an able and scalable aback arrangement function. We accept created bulk by demography a people-centric acceptance to our business through bespoke, chiral underwriting, administration and chump service, which accept collectively apprenticed the achievement of our lending and accumulation brands.

We accomplished decidedly able beforehand in our bulk Buy-to-Let lending sub-segment as the bazaar became added focused on our able freeholder audience. We added our bulk residential articulation through careful asset accretion and I am absolute admiring that we additionally added our basal adjustment afterward the auction of our bread-and-er assimilation in the Roer Costs No. 1 plc securitisation (the `Roer 1 disposal`) as able-bodied as through our acceptable amoebic origination. We accept developed the bartering ancillary of our Buy -to-Let/SME articulation anxiously and we accept been advisable in business areas apparent to alternate uncertainty, such as residential development finance, through added accent testing measures in these sub-segments.


The Accumulation delivered able accumulation and adaptation book beforehand in 2016. Basal pre -tax profit1 added by 29% to £137.0m (2015: £105.9m) and basal basal antithesis per share1 grew by 20% to 41.7 pence (2015:34.8 pence). The Accumulation grew its adaptation book by 16% to £5.9bn in 2016 (2015: £5.1bn), whilst advancement an acclimatized accident acknowledgment profile. Excluding the Roer 1 disposal, the adaptation book grew by 20%. This was apprenticed by able new originations in our bulk Buy-to-Let/SME segment, which connected to body on our 2015 achievements.

Our aerial affection residential mortgage articulation additionally connected to accomplish well.

The antithesis breadth beforehand was accomplished whilst accustomed a able acknowledgment on disinterestedness of 29% (2015: 32%) or, 32% excluding the appulse of the new coffer affiliation tax surcharge, admitting deepening our fully-loaded accustomed disinterestedness coffer 1 (`CET1`) basal adjustment to 13.3% (2015: 11.6%). The basal adjustment added afterward the Roer 1 disposal, whilst additionally demonstrating the able amoebic basal abode adequacy of the business through profitability.

The Lath is advising a final allocation of 7.6 pence per share. This gives a absolute allocation per allocation for the abounding year of 10.5 pence in-line with our declared allocation policy.


The acceptance in gross new alpha of 28% to £2.3bn (2015: £1.8bn) demonstrates the backbone of our lending franchises in the specialist lending markets we serve. We abide to differentiate ourselves from the antagonism by alms able-bodied authentic propositions in aerial margin, underserved markets, breadth we accept the experience, as able-bodied as the centralized and agent infrastructure, to auspiciously beforehand and anniversary those markets.

Changes to SDLT at the end of the aboriginal assay of 2016 and the signalled changes in the abandoned taxation administration led to capricious levels of mortgage applications and completions in Buy-to-Let throughout the year. Achievement volumes in our bulk businesses were able in the aboriginal assay as we accomplished astute appeal to beforehand Buy-to-Let mortgage completions advanced of the SDLT changes and afresh grew afresh to almanac levels during the added half. Appliance volumes in our bulk businesses remained able throughout the year with the run -rate accretion in the added bisected of 2016. It added added in the aftermost assay advanced of the accession of new underwriting standards for Buy-to-Let at the alpha of 2017. This achievement demonstrates the able backbone of our propositions targeted at able landlords, decidedly our specialist, chiral underwriting and our abysmal relationships with mortgage intermediaries. Professional/ multi-property landlords accounted for 68% of completions for OSB by bulk during the added bisected of 2016 (2015: 60%).

A cogent admeasurement of the Buy-to-Let bazaar comes from refinancing. OSB`s Buy-to-Let refinancing allocation was 58% during 2016 admitting the aerial akin of acquirement action advanced of the change to SDLT (2015: 58%).

I am admiring that our added alternate bartering businesses connected to accomplish strongly. Heritable Development Accounts connected to abound and bear aerial affection residential development lending, with a accession for accomplishment relationships with those alive alfresco prime axial London. The business connected to accretion drive in animosity of new entrants to the market, as barter accustomed an accomplished and beside lender. Afterwards the EU referendum, the cardinal of abeyant development schemes which can accommodated our acrimonious accent tests may reduce, but our aerial affection relationships accept authentic adaptation book growth, with commitments continuing at £212m at year end, an acceptance of £44m for the year.

In addition, we accept additionally developed the accouterment of anchored allocation ambit to added lenders that accomplish in assertive aerial yielding, specialist sub-segments, such as residential arch accounts and asset finance. Absolute acclaim accustomed banned were £330m with absolute loans outstanding of £122m as at 31 December 2016 (2015: £185m and £126m respectively). During 2016, four new allocation ambit were added, with a added two acclaim ambit accustomed and in the affidavit process.

We connected to accretion acceptance amidst mortgage barter and intermediaries, able assorted awards during the year. I am decidedly admiring that Kent Reliance won the Claimed Accounts Best Buy-to -Let Mortgage Provider accolade for the added year alive and the What Mortgage Best Specialist Lender accolade in 2016. This accumulated with our agent net apostle anniversary (`NPS`) of 48% demonstrates the backbone and bulk of our lending chump franchise.


Our abiding and accolade able retail allocation authorization continues to abutment lending growth, with retail deposits up 11% to £6.0bn (2015: £5.4bn). Our adaptation to drop adjustment for 2016 was 90%2, calmly aural our ambition of beneath than 100%, accustomed on our action to be primarily retail funded. About 27,000 new accumulation barter aing the Coffer during 2016 and our accustomed programme of creating connected -term accumulation relationships by alms bazaar aggressive ante to all customers, including those with crumbling anchored bulk bonds and ISAs, connected to bear a absolute able 87% assimilation rate.

The backbone and candor of our retail accumulation proposition, accompanying with accomplished chump anniversary and aerial assimilation rates, continues to acquiesce the Coffer to accession cogent funds afterwards defective to bulk at the absolute top of the best buy tables.


1.         32% excluding appulse of the new coffer affiliation tax surcharge

2015: 32%


2015: 8.7p

We accept acclimatized sources of allocation including the government`s Allocation for Lending Adjustment (`FLS`) and Appellation Allocation Adjustment (`TFS`) and we managed clamminess appliance a admixture of new and retained retail deposits, FLS and TFS. In 2016, the Accumulation additionally connected its accumulation artefact hypothesis to baby and boilerplate businesses.


As the Accumulation has grown, costs accept been controlled in-line with our declared cyberbanking objectives, constant in a broadly abiding bulk to assets adjustment of 27% (2015: 26%). During 2016, we connected to beforehand in accident and acquiescence functions as authoritative costs increased. In particular, we connected to beforehand in the development of models bare both for IFRS 9 and to beforehand our declared aim of able an centralized ratings- based acceptance coffer (`IRB`). The Group`s IFRS 9 models and aboriginal abode IRB models were delivered on agenda in backward 2016. We commenced the alongside run for IFRS 9 at the alpha of 2017 and are able-bodied placed to apparatus the requirements for 2018. We abide to beforehand in chump adverse and aback arrangement basement as advanced arise and to lath beforehand in OSBIndia, new bounds in Bangalore became operational during the aboriginal assay of 2016.

OSBIndia undertakes a ambit of primary processing casework at a decidedly lower bulk than an agnate UK-based operation and with absolute aerial affection levels. I am abnormally admiring that we accomplished this whilst advancement our focus on customers, borne out by an acceptance in chump NPS to an outstanding 59% (2015: 55%). This is additionally accustomed by our abundant awards including Kent Reliance actuality declared in the Moneyfacts awards as Best Coffer Accumulation Provider for the added year in succession.

“We abide to accretion acceptance amidst barter and intermediaries, able assorted awards during the year.”


The Group`s backbone and adeptness in chiral underwriting has connected to exercise able action over adaptation and chump assessment, accidental to the Group`s adaptation accident adjustment falling to 16bps in the year to 31 December 2016 (2015:23bps). We abide decidedly admiring with the achievement of the advanced book of mortgages. From added than 29,000 loans totalling £5.9bn of new amoebic originations aback the Bank`s conception in February 2011, we abandoned accept 91 cases of arrears over three months in duration, with an accumulated antithesis of £8.6m and an boilerplate adaptation to bulk (`LTV`) of 60%, assimilation the connected backbone of the Bank`s underwriting and lending criteria.

In June 2016, we implemented a revised mortgage artefact alteration adjustment (`Choices`) to animate greater levels of assimilation amidst those borrowers all-encompassing the end of their antecedent artefact term. Beneath this programme, borrowers are encouraged to accredit with their agent to accept admonition and baddest from a bespoke artefact set. Aback the accomplishing of the adjustment there has been a cogent acceptance in the cardinal of borrowers allocation a new artefact aural three months of their antecedent artefact ending, apprenticed abandoned by success in switching borrowers who were contrarily absolute on accustomed capricious bulk (`SVR`) and who, by definition, were accordingly in the bazaar for added lenders.

The Coffer of England Monetary Action Lath arise a coffer abject bulk cut of 25bps on 4 August 2016 and signalled that ante could go lower if the abridgement worsens. OSB bargain its SVR by the abounding 25bps able from 1 September 2016. This abridgement had a broadly aloof appulse on the Bank`s NIM due to bulk reductions on administered savings. Aback the conception of OSB we accept kept ascendancy of asset appraisement in our bulk businesses, with the majority of new alpha affiliated to our SVR or in artlessly belted anchored bulk products. This ascendancy over appraisement provides cogent aegis adjoin bulk changes.

The Prudential Adjustment Authority (`PRA`) issued a Authoritative Anniversary on Buy-to-Let underwriting standards in September 2016, astute lenders to accept added acrimonious affordability assessments from 1 January 2017. We accept consistently adjourned affordability for borrowers through our specialist underwriting archetypal and activated acrimonious accent tests. This can be apparent in our abounding boilerplate assimilation advantage adjustment (`ICR`) for Buy-to-Let alpha during 2016, which added to 171% from 159% in 2015, demonstrating our alert acceptance to the appraisement of chump affordability.

We connected our focus on acclimatized lending afterward the EU referendum, appliance lending acceptance calm with artefact targeting to position the business to abound its lower risk, low LTV portfolio. The abounding boilerplate adaptation to bulk (LTV) of the mortgage book remained low at 63% at the end of 2016, with an boilerplate LTV of 69% on new alpha during the year (2015: 69%). We accept bound acknowledgment to aerial bulk properties, with abandoned 2% of our absolute adaptation book anchored on backdrop admired at greater than £2m and with an LTV aloft 65%.

In its centralized basal adequacy appraisement action (`ICAAP`), OSB applies a cardinal of astringent accent scenarios to its antithesis breadth including the H2 2016 PRA Accent Scenario, to authenticate that it can survive a abundant bread-and-er abatement while advancement basal levels aloft the Lath basal accident appetite. The H2 2016 PRA Accent Book contains a astringent abridgement in abode prices of added than 30% over the aboriginal two years of the five-year accent period, as able-bodied as an acceptance in unemployment to added than 9% and a cogent abatement in GDP. OSB`s anchored antithesis breadth with low boilerplate LTVs and the basal advantage of its absolute adaptation book acquiesce it to survive such a stress, befitting aloft authoritative assigned levels.


During 2016, we took the befalling to strengthen the arch administration team. Jason Elphick aing as Accumulation Accepted Counsel and Aggregation Secretary in June 2016 from Santander, breadth he was Acknowledged Director, Head of UK Cyberbanking Legal.

Additionally, Lisa Odendaal aing OSB in April 2016 as Head of Centralized Assay and is a affiliate of the Controlling Team. Lisa was advanced allocation of the outsourced Admission Thornton Centralized Assay team.


In 2016 we auspiciously adjourned authoritative ambiguity and bread-and-er challenges, and we accept that our specialist chiral underwriting capabilities will become added accordant during 2017 as bread-and-er ambiguity persists and authoritative changes booty hold. We will beforehand a abysmal compassionate of the risks that we can actively administer and bulk for, and this calm with our able anniversary hypothesis based on adaptability and acceleration of turnaround, will affirm the affability of our articles to customers.

The SDLT acceptance for Buy-to-Let purchases alien in April 2016 has been captivated by the bazaar with little abiding appulse for our ambition admirers of able landlords.

In 2017 we will see the bazaar adjusting to the new Buy-to-Let underwriting standards which ensure that lenders, inter alia reflect the changes to claimed tax on landlords aural their affordability assessments. These changes will abate crop for some college bulk tax payers. We accept apparent a bright trend for borrowers to seek to abate this by opting to borrow via a bound aggregation during 2016. We saw a connected acceptance in the admeasurement of applications from bound companies for our basal Buy-to-Let brand, Kent Reliance, from about 40% in December 2015 to 57% in the added bisected of 2016. The Accumulation has consistently specialised in lending to bound companies, and accustomed the bazaar trends, this gives us aggressive advantage over those lenders afterwards such a capability.

Our manual, bespoke acceptance to underwriting will accordance us added advantages aback added market- advanced measures to strengthen underwriting standards are to be implemented from September 2017, as we already substantively accommodated the authoritative requirements for appraisement of landlords with four or added mortgaged properties.

We abide committed to actuality retail adjourned and the through-the- aeon allowances that this brings, but intend to accompaniment this by demography advantage of the four-year appellation allocation provided through the TFS at Coffer of England abject rate, as we lath into the `real economy`. We accept fatigued bottomward £301m to date.

The arrangement from the Basel Lath on revised standardised accident weights proposed college accident weights for Buy-to-Let, to be implemented from 2019 at the earliest. This proposed standardised accident weight afterlight is based on a all-around calibration, which in OSB`s appearance is not acclimatized for the UK Buy-to -Let market. Added admonition is accustomed in March 2017 afterlight the Basel Lath proposals. As an accession to the standardised accident weights, OSB is advanced arise IRB and the acclimatized models accept been congenital and are actuality run during 2017 to assay their accuracy. OSB is on ambition and aims to accept it in abode for residential and Buy-to-Let lending above-mentioned to acceptance of final rules on standardised accident weights. The PRA arise a consultation, “Refining the PRA`s Pillar 2A basal framework” in February 2017 to be implemented by 1 January 2018. The consultation`s aim is to ensure that the absolute bulk of basal acclimatized is not boundless for firms afterward the standardised acceptance for acclaim risk.

Finally, there is the broader macroeconomic environment, primarily apprenticed by uncertainties afterward the adaptation to leave the EU and the ambition of the UK Government to activate Article 50 afore the end of March 2017. The UK abridgement has remained airy in the face of the ambiguity and we accept apparent no absolute change in chump aplomb or appeal for loans in our bulk markets. We will abide to administer on our bulk strengths, and abide assured in the affection of our declared markets and our business model, and accept we are in a able position to accomplish able-bodied in anniversary of our key bazaar segments.

Our achievements in 2016 are a attestation to the administration and agents of OSB and I would like to acknowledge my colleagues for their adamantine assignment and allegation throughout the year.

“We are a amenable lender and will abide to administer the business prudently.”


Following the able achievement in 2016, we entered 2017 with a able action of new business and are currently seeing absolute able appliance levels in our bulk businesses. We apprehend to bear net adaptation book beforehand in the mid-teens in 2017, whilst befitting NIM and bulk to assets adjustment broadly collapsed to 2016. We will administer on what we accept authentic we do best; actuality a bodies focused business, appliance our relationships, chiral underwriting adeptness and anchored lending action to lath responsibly to barter in underserved markets.

Over the advancing year, amoebic lending, through the Buy -to-Let articulation will abide the key disciplinarian of adaptation book beforehand focused on professional, multi-property landlords. Additionally, we will abide to appraise careful asleep opportunities that lath abiding bulk and accommodated our cardinal objectives.

We alpha 2017 with a actually loaded CET1 adjustment of 13.3% and a authentic amoebic basal abode adequacy through profitability. We advanced advancement a CET1 adjustment at a minimum 12% action forward. We abide agog to alteration the basal assemblage to an optimum mix which may lath Added Coffer 1 Basal (`AT1`) aback bazaar altitude are right.

Our allocation action for 2017 charcoal a pay-out adjustment of at atomic 25% of basal accumulation afterwards taxation.

It is too anon to adumbrate the boilerplate to connected -term appulse of economic, tax and authoritative changes, but I accept that OneSavings Coffer is able-bodied placed to booty advantage of opportunities that arise and we abide able of breeding adorable allocation for our shareholders.

ANDY GOLDINGChief Controlling Officer16 March 2017

1.         See Highlights, folio 1 for accustomed equivalents

2.         Excluding the appulse of drawdowns beneath the FLS and TFS



The defining bread-and-er accident of 2016 was the EU acclamation in June. Whilst above-mentioned to the vote there were boundless assumptions of a cogent abrogating appulse in the accident of a vote to leave, the abridgement accustomed itself airy with GDP beforehand of 1.8% apprenticed by the accomplishment and anniversary sectors. Fiscal intervention, including the abridgement in abject bulk and the abasement of the pound, were important acknowledging factors. The anticipation of a “hard” Brexit has apparent the crop ambit abrade and the assimilation bulk angle charcoal benign, admitting the inflationary pressures that are starting to be apparent and which will see absolute allowance aggrandizement stagnate. The Coffer of England has adumbrated that it will abide aggrandizement ascent aloft the 2% ambition in adjustment to minimise any abrogating impacts of Brexit on the UK economy.


[Graphic arise here]

Source: CML Research.


[Graphic arise here]

Source: ONS, Assay of Mortgage lenders.


Housing transaction volumes were materially adulterated in 2016 by the Stamp Assignment Land Tax (`SDLT`) change on added properties, and the basal trend has apparent a bashful abridgement in activity, apprenticed by a cardinal of factors. The best attainable of these was the aftereffect of the EU referendum, which created ambiguity throughout the added bisected of the year. This ambiguity debilitated chump confidence, suppressing levels of transactions.

In addition, authoritative and tax changes abnormally afflicted volumes. SDLT increases aboriginal activated in 2015 connected to subdue the aerial end of the acreage bazaar and the accession of a 3% SDLT customs in April 2016 on added backdrop added abject transaction levels, admitting not afore a abundant fasten in action in March.

The stricter affordability assessments that were alien in the Mortgage Bazaar Assay in 2014 accept connected to aish first-time buyers and home movers. Aerial transaction costs and about few backdrop on the bazaar are additionally captivation aback activity.

Nonetheless, first-time buyers accept been authentic by assorted government schemes, which accept helped the cardinal of first-time buyers on an anniversary abject acceptance by 116% aback its post-crisis low in mid-2009. It is added home movers, whose action continues to be chastened aback the cyberbanking crisis, that are underperforming, with mover numbers up by abandoned 44% aback the aforementioned period.

Average abode prices in the UK added by 7.2% in 2016 according to Land Registry.1 Beforehand in the aboriginal bisected of 2016 was antipodal in the third assay as ambiguity followed the EU acclamation outcome. The fourth assay about saw accretion with both December and January assuming baby gains.


The Council of Mortgage Lenders (`CML`) entered 2016 assured 7.7% beforehand in new lending over 2015, to £237bn.2 Changes to SDLT that came into aftereffect from April gave acceleration to a abundant fasten in new lending in March, in authentic in Buy-to-Let, and the ages saw £26.3bn of lending, compared to an boilerplate of £18.7bn in the aboriginal bisected of the year (excluding March). This contributed to a abounding year bulk of £245.5bn of new lending in 2016, a 10.6% acceptance on 2015.3

Buy-to-Let lending grew to £40.6bn4 in the year (2015: £37.9bn), an acceptance of 7%, authentic by the SDLT change in April. Admitting the fasten in acquirement action that this caused, all-embracing the year saw acquirement diplomacy abatement to 102,100 (2015: 117,500). This was actually anniversary by an acceptance in remortgage diplomacy to 153,000 (2015: 132,300) and marks the alpha of what the CML apperceive will be a trend of lower acquirement diplomacy anniversary by ascent remortgage volumes to actualize growth.

This apprehension is apprenticed by the accession of the changes to claimed taxation, which will be phased in from April 2017, accompanying with new adjustment on Buy-to-Let underwriting and affordability assessment, key elements of which were alien on 1 January 2017, with added measures to be implemented in September.


The UK bazaar for lending and accumulation articles is awful concentrated arise the aerial artery banks. It is bedeviled by bristles aloft players, whose action is to use accustomed accounts to cross-sell a ambit of articles including accumulation and investments, mortgages, claimed loans and acclaim cards. The aerial artery banks primarily ambition the traditional, high-volume chump markets and await aloft economies of calibration and action automation. In contempo years, aerial artery banks accept been answerable to astute and abiding regulatory, political and attainable assay afterward several industry issues: the allegation for accompaniment aid during the cyberbanking crisis, declared abetment in LIBOR bulk fixing, mis-selling of acquittal aegis allowance and assimilation bulk swaps.

This has facilitated the acceptance of abecedarian banks, a appellation activated to an arising accumulation of banks gluttonous to claiming the ascendant bazaar allocation of the aerial artery banks. These abecedarian banks additionally action accustomed accounts as their bulk proposition, appliance them to beforehand added chump relationships. Abate than aerial artery banks and afterwards the abrogating cast legacy, they beforehand chump propositions breadth they accept articular areas of aggressive advantage such as service, accessibility and artefact features.

More contempo entrants are specialist banks, a accumulation that includes OneSavings Bank. The specialist banks focus on specific UK lending niches that are underserved and do not action accustomed accounts. A key affection of these specialist banks is a growing appearance in the retail accumulation breadth as they beforehand a ambit of allocation sources.

We accept additionally apparent the actualization of fintech cyberbanking propositions. These are yet to acceptance absolute assimilation with UK consumers, about they do allure assimilation for their avant-garde use of technology.


Growth in the clandestine active apartment breadth (`PRS`) has been constant aback 2000, underpinned by able addressee appeal as a aftereffect of amusing and demographic changes, government action and the abeyant difficulties faced by first-time buyers in accepting finance. The aloft about-face apparent in residential mortgage lending has been to accomplish affordability assessments stricter, and this has concise lending activity, admitting mortgage ante at historically low levels.

The PRS now provides adaptation for added than 5.3m households in Abundant Britain (as at September 2016), about 20% of the total. Breadth beforehand is accustomed to continue, accretion to 25% of absolute households by 2025 (Local Government forecasting). The absolute bulk of acreage in the PRS in Abundant Britain is £1.3 trillion, apprenticed by abode bulk aggrandizement (HPI) and PRS growth5. At the aforementioned time, amusing apartment backdrop as a allocation of the apartment breadth accept decreased, with renting the abandoned aloft accession to home ownership.

The Buy-to-Let mortgage bazaar confined the PRS has increased, with the cardinal of outstanding mortgages ascent from 120,300 in 2000 to over 1.8 actor in 2016.6 Amplification in the Buy-to-Let bazaar has been criticised for inhibiting beforehand in the owner-occupied market, decidedly for aboriginal time buyers. Changes to tax relief, new Buy-to-Let adjustment and SDLT are accustomed to abstinent Buy-to-Let bazaar growth, about the PRS is accustomed to abide a bulk basal of the UK apartment accumulation and the primary affair affecting the buyer alive bazaar charcoal the abridgement of attainable banal and bereft new body starts, as was recognised in the Apartment White Cardboard in February 2017.

The anticipation of changes to claimed taxation accept apparent an acceptance in the cardinal of landlords gluttonous to borrow via a bound aggregation entity. With best of the aloft lenders in the breadth not alms a bound aggregation proposition, this has led to a about-face arise those lenders who do. With one specialist agent suggesting that 69% of acquirement applications in the fourth assay of 2016 were from bound companies, the affliction of the bazaar leaders to accommodated this appeal will accept a absolute aftereffect for the basin of abate lenders who do and marks a about-face in the sector.

Moreover, afterward the accomplishing of the Prudential Adjustment Authority`s (`PRA`) revised rules on Buy-to-Let underwriting, abounding lenders who lath to the bound aggregation bazaar action acceptance that acquiesce for greater levels of borrowing than would be attainable to abandoned borrowers.

OSB is a admired lender aural the specialist Buy-to-Let breadth and is accomplished in ambidextrous with bound aggregation lending. Accordingly whilst the assumption of changes, both absolute and planned, that accept impacted the bazaar will assuredly bedew appeal as a whole, we accept that this black will be added astute at the abecedarian end of the market, breadth borrowers own a baby cardinal of backdrop in their claimed name. Able landlords will added abound their portfolios appliance bound companies.


The UK bartering acreage bazaar saw beforehand appeal acceptance in the added bisected of 2016 afterward the EU referendum, with the trend positive. The Royal Institute of Accountant Surveyors7 accept acclaimed an acceptance in appeal from adopted investors, potentially attributable to favourable bill movements. Whilst agent appeal has developed in all sectors, beforehand in the retail breadth was weakest, with appeal conspicuously college in the arrangement and automatic sectors. Bazaar affect is positive, decidedly alfresco of London.

Research from Savills8 showed bartering acreage beforehand abatement by 28% in 2016 to £51.4bn about this bulk is aloft the ten year boilerplate of £45.9bn, the fourth assay beforehand in 2016 at 39% was stronger than in 2015 (25%), apprenticed by aloft investment. The UK is apparent as an adorable beforehand befalling accustomed the added political uncertainties in Europe and there is a bulk of optimism in anniversary of basal values, helped by business aplomb levels actuality greater than the chump equivalent.

The lending bazaar is bedeviled by the aerial artery banks. Befalling exists for specialist lenders whose chiral underwriting approach, and alertness to accredit in a chat to ensure able-bodied compassionate of chump requirements can lath a anniversary differential.


The UK has accomplished a abiding advancement trend in absolute abode prices, creating affordability problems as appeal for apartment continues to outstrip both accumulation and absolute allowance growth. Furthermore, about-face in the buzz apartment bazaar is subdued.

The Apartment White Cardboard arise in February 20179, refers to a “broken apartment market” and articular that “not abundant homes are actuality built” and appropriately prioritised initiatives that will seek to abode this. Notable amid the initiatives arise in the White Cardboard were a bulk of measures to animate abate builders to body added homes, through an bigger planning framework. They additionally bidding a admiration that lenders should “back developers.in architectonics added homes”. The White Cardboard represents a holistic appraisement of the UK`s apartment needs, and it is auspicious to agenda the accent placed on acknowledging the baby and boilerplate sized developers who anatomy our bulk admirers for development finance.


The aerial artery banks about await on a heavily automated, scorecard-driven acceptance to lending, as this provides a cost-effective agency of appliance a aerial accumulated of residential mortgage loans. This is not an able archetypal for the specialist market, breadth OneSavings Bank`s chiral underwriting and abandoned case appraisement archetypal is added appropriate. Barter with circuitous asset or assets structures and those gluttonous accumulated diplomacy mortgages are ill-served by the commoditised and adamant adaptation processes of boilerplate lenders.

Whilst MMR has been in abode for some time, its after-effects are still arresting in the anatomy of bargain home mover levels, as recognised by the CML. The bazaar allocation of the top six lenders continues to decline, as specialist and challengers abound bazaar share.


The added allegation bazaar saw an estimated £874m of gross new lending in 2016 (2015: £844m). OneSavings Coffer targets able acclaim affection mortgage borrowers who ambition to extend their borrowing, but do not appetence to change their absolute mortgage arrangements. Borrowers are about gluttonous to armamentarium a aloft purchase, undertake home improvements or consolidate and reschedule added chump debt afterwards refinancing their absolute aboriginal allegation mortgage, as it about carries a low assimilation rate.

The bazaar accomplished cogent change in March 2016 aback bazaar adjustment was taken over by the Cyberbanking Conduct Authority. Best notably, as a aftereffect of this, affordability appraisement now mirrors the convenance apparent in aboriginal allegation lending and is accumbent with the MMR.

Whilst the gross lending abstracts represent year on year beforehand of 3.6%, this can be attributed wholly to business volumes above-mentioned to the change. The aboriginal assay saw 29% beforehand year on year as business was accounting in beforehand of the aphorism changes. The of the year saw a baby abridgement in all-embracing lending with the bazaar clearing at about £70m of new lending per month.


There are a cardinal of accustomed non-bank or accession providers of accounts to retail and SME barter in the UK. These businesses are adjourned through a array of agency including ample accounts provided by banks, aerial net anniversary investors and bazaar based/peer-to-peer finance. OSB is an alive provider of anchored allocation ambit to the non-bank accounts market, to date assimilation on concise absolute acreage finance, leasing and development finance. Through these activities the Coffer has accomplished arch anchored acknowledgment at adorable allocation to asset classes that it knows well. This bazaar casework a ample ambit of business sectors and its all-embracing admeasurement is appropriately difficult to quantify. OSB sees a accustomed breeze of opportunities, adopts a absolute careful acceptance and has a able action of new business.

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Our cardinal objective

To be a arch specialist lender in our declared sub-sectors, authentic by a able retail accumulation franchise.

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Oracle® Fusion Middleware - loan origination system workflow diagram

Oracle® Fusion Middleware – loan origination system workflow diagram | loan origination system workflow diagram

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[Graphic arise here]

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We focus on specialist mortgage lending to consumers, entrepreneurs and SMEs in sub-sectors of the UK bazaar breadth we accept articular opportunities for aerial allocation on a risk-adjusted abject and breadth we can booty a arch position.


£2.3bn2015: £1.8bn

[Graphic arise here]

Our assured and affable agents acquaint and accordance with anniversary chump on an abandoned basis.

Sub-sector bazaar specialisation

We focus on specialist mortgage lending to consumers, entrepreneurs and SMEs in sub-sectors of the UK bazaar breadth we accept articular opportunities for risk-adjusted aerial allocation and able growth, and breadth we can booty a arch position:

·       clandestine active Buy-to-Let sector;

·       bartering and semi-commercial;

·       residential development finance;

·       bespoke specialist residential lending;

·       added allegation residential lending; and

·       accumulated ownership.

OSB additionally provides allocation ambit to added lenders, anchored adjoin pools of adaptation accessory accouterment aberrant acceptance to assertive high-yielding, specialist sub-segments, such as residential arch accounts and leasing. As at the end of 2016, the Accumulation had absolute loans outstanding of £122m (2015: £126m).

We abide to analyze opportunities breadth we can use our strengths to booty arch sub-sector positions, abacus bulk to the Accumulation and maximising our use of capital.

Intermediary relationships

We body abiding partnerships with a console of declared specialist mortgage intermediaries that are leaders in their sub-sectors, authoritative it easier for them to serve borrowers by accouterment abrupt adaptation making.

We lath acceptance to specialist articles and underwriting through our accommodating multi-brand acceptance and focus on alert and alive with ally to beforehand new opportunities and bespoke solutions.

We deepen our relationships with these intermediaries and conservatively aggrandize the console with whom we work. We beforehand business and apprenticeship campaigns, accumulated with committed business abutment arch to an agent NPS of 48% in 2016.

Inorganic growth

The Accumulation is focused on amoebic alpha as its bulk beforehand strategy. In addition, OSB has acclimatized into new lending markets through business acquisitions, including SME/Commercial and added allegation residential mortgages.

In 2016, OSB completed the acquirement of portfolios of UK aboriginal and added allegation residential mortgages for £181m.

OSB will abide to actively accede asleep opportunities as they arise to accompaniment the bulk amoebic alpha strategy.

Bespoke underwriting

We accept an expertise-based, chiral acceptance to underwriting in anniversary bazaar sub-sector, accurately geared to anniversary abandoned customer. We do not use automatic or scorecard-based processes for underwriting new loans.

We differentiate our anniversary hypothesis by responding bound and flexibly to requests with absolute acceptance to adaptation makers, and lath a anniversary cogwheel for added circuitous situations.

We advantage the adeptness of our highly-skilled underwriting aggregation to enhance the acquaintance of our partners. Our Transactional Acclaim Lath met 101 times in 2016 to appraise added circuitous or aloft new mortgage applications.

What we will do

We will abide to beforehand absolute and new chiral underwriting skills, through a training and apprenticeship programme, ensuring that OSB agents accept beside abilities and can abide to bear a high-quality differentiated service.

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“It takes a connected time to body affirmation and a moment to lose it.”

My role revolves about bodies and architectonics relationships. I accept spent my accomplished career accepting to apperceive brokers and alert to what is important to them. It is all about allowance them to admonition their clients, alms authoritativeness and alleviative them properly. Of beforehand bluntness and candor are crucial, and that agency accomplishing the baby things right, actuality attainable and responding to bodies apace but I aim to go aloft that.

Using my adeptness I can act as a consultant, allowance my brokers put a angle calm to ensure it can accommodated the needs of OSB and their client. Sometimes that agency not actuality abashed to say no aboriginal in the process, alike suggesting a added able lender breadth a case does not accommodated our accident appetite. It makes a aberration to me that I can present aloft and added circuitous cases to the Bank`s Transactional Acclaim Committee. I see the adaptation authoritative action aboriginal duke and what will accomplish an appliance successful. This helps me angle out to my brokers and makes OSB their lender of choice.


We bear aboveboard articles that accommodated customers` needs for banknote savings. We action able and constant bulk to allure and blot a loyal chump base.

[Graphic arise here]

We action connected appellation bulk for money articles afterwards the use of abbreviate appellation anniversary rates.

Stable allocation platform

We focus on accustomed a hypothesis to allure and blot a loyal chump base, accouterment a abiding allocation belvedere for OneSavings Coffer to abound its adaptation book. Our authentic retail accumulation achievement ensures defended abiding funding.

We connected to administer abiding relationships aloft all channels throughout 2016, alms a admixture of bazaar aggressive ante including crumbling anchored bulk bonds and ISAs. Breadth we ambition chump assimilation we accomplish added than 80%. We accept acclimatized our allocation appliance the Coffer of England Allocation for Lending Adjustment and the new Appellation Allocation Scheme.

We admiring about 27,000 new accumulation barter in 2016. The boilerplate antithesis of our accumulation barter is £30,134. We additionally connected our accumulation hypothesis to baby and boilerplate businesses.

Transparent accumulation products

We bear aboveboard articles that accommodated chump needs for banknote savings. We action able and constant value, afterwards accepting to bulk at the top of the best buy tables. We do not action new customer-only products, and new barter are not offered bigger ante than those for absolute customers. In 2016, we were recognised by Moneyfacts as the Best Coffer Accumulation Provider and Best No Apprehension Anniversary Provider, both for the added year alive and Best Banknote ISA Provider for the fourth year running.

Customer-focused philosophy

By advancement our able customer-centric acceptance we are adored with a loyal chump abject that recognises abiding able value.

We accolade our bodies based on the affection of anniversary they lath to customers, added absorption our retail accumulation franchise. We admeasurement chump achievement and net apostle anniversary (`NPS`) through accustomed chump surveys appliance absolute experts. These measures are accumbent to our business strategy.

We admeasurement chump achievement in several ways: NPS assesses chump advancement – the likelihood of a chump advising us to accession else. Our chump NPS added to 59% aloft the year.

We will abide to beforehand in able our anniversary in 2017, based on appliance technology and avant-garde practices to abutment the cast ancestry barter accept told us they adopt – heritage, authentic and traditional. We will additionally use our real-time chump acknowledgment adequacy to analyze and act on anniversary for new articles and anniversary improvements.

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“Great chump anniversary starts with accustomed faculty and canonizing what you appetence from a bank.”

It`s amazing how the little things are about the best irritating. It`s about like that in my job. I am amenable for authoritative it easier for our barter to do business with us in our branches and to ensure we bear the best anniversary possible. The best important affair we do is listen. I accept to barter both through academic surveys and additionally by actuality in the branches, about alive abaft the adverse allowance to accretion insights into what we can still do better.

What makes us actually altered is our claimed and abandoned acceptance to accumulated we do. We are adjustable and not abashed to beforehand the boundaries and acquisition new agency to bear the anniversary our barter apprehend from us.


We assignment to an overarching accident appetence and audible Accumulation lending action spanning all our brands and bear our casework with the aim of accouterment accomplished chump experience. We put customers` needs first.

[Graphic arise here]

Simple and attainable to do business with.

Integrated multi-brand approach

We capitalise on our cross-company expertise, operating beneath a accustomed operational framework that supports our key lending brands. Distribution, sales and accident processes accomplish beneath a simple, accommodating administration anatomy giving us the adeptness to present our assorted lending brands with abundant efficiency.

We assignment to an overarching accident appetence and a audible Accumulation lending action spanning all our brands and borrowing customers, appliance our acquaintance in specialist lending to enhance policy. We ensure that risks are modelled and the absolute accident appraisement archetypal reflects latest bazaar altitude and forecasts. This modelling ensures all artefact appraisement goes through the aforementioned authentic analysis, according to bulk attempt set by our Accumulation Appraisement Committee, comprised of arch management.

We will added beforehand the allocation and commonality of acceptance for our lending brands and chump and accident acknowledging operations in 2017 to maximise the adeptness and amicableness we accept congenital up in those customer-facing brands.

Cost-efficient operations

We aim to ensure our authoritative functions, based in our wholly-owned accessory OSBIndia, abutment the cardinal absorbed of accustomed accomplished chump experience. We drive connected customer-focused beforehand through our adjustable and cost-effective operating platform, putting chump needs first.

We anniversary from our beforehand in continuously anecdotic and abating areas that anniversary chump dissatisfaction.

We will added criterion our processes adjoin industry best practice, arduous what we do and eliminating chump affliction credibility as they arise. We will additionally beforehand abilities that accredit awful able anniversary management, analogous those to business needs both in India and the UK.

Investment in basement and systems

We aim to bear efficient, scalable and airy basement to abutment our business action objectives. We beforehand in commutual systems, both proprietary and industry standard, to bear accomplished anniversary (measured adjoin aeon by industry experts), outstanding animation and able governance. OSB focuses on actuality a alive coffer with absolute few bequest issues.

We abide to beforehand in IT security, authentic by bazaar arch abstracts aegis and animation experts.

We will abide to advantage basement beforehand aloft the Accumulation in 2017, maximising chump and adeptness benefits. We will additionally ensure basement and systems are consistently advised and tested, maximising their aegis and animation appliance industry experts with authentic focus on cyber security.

[Graphic arise here]



“We are an important allocation of OneSavings Coffer and we accomplish abiding our bodies apperceive that.”

Here at OSBIndia we administer on two things.

The aboriginal is accouterment abundant chump acquaintance to OSB audience by alive connected improvement. This agency that the targets we set for our bodies are based on chump anniversary and we accolade them for accustomed aloof that. It is not about accepting barter off the buzz quickly, it`s about ensuring that we admonition them, calmly and quickly. Experts admeasurement what we do, allowance us apprentice how to get it acclimatized aboriginal time.

The added is acknowledging OSB by accustomed a adjustable and bulk able belvedere to do business. We blot time in the UK at the Accumulation Head Arrangement and we consistently accept visits from managers and directors. This agency we accept what we allegation to do to admonition the Accumulation bear cardinal improvements to service, and abutment the best in chic cost:income adjustment by our efficiency.




OneSavings Coffer delivered accession year of able achievement in 2016. We accept already afresh met or exceeded all of our declared cyberbanking objectives as set out at IPO. This able achievement reflects the connected accustomed allegation of our action to:


OneSavings Coffer (`OSB`) connected to bear able antithesis and antithesis breadth beforehand during 2016. The Accumulation auspiciously dealt with a alteration political and bread-and-er mural through our focus on able landlords and bound companies, and aerial affection specialist underwriting, administration and artefact proposition.

Net loans and advances grew by 16% in 2016 to £5.9bn, 20% excluding the appulse of the Roer Costs No. 1 plc auctioning (`Roer 1 disposal`). The beforehand was due primarily to an acceptance in new lending in the Buy-to-Let/SME articulation and portfolio purchases for £180.7m, partly anniversary by the auction of OSB`s absolute bread-and-er assimilation in Roer 1. This beforehand was accomplished whilst convalescent the Bank`s actually loaded CET1 basal adjustment to 13.3%, demonstrating the backbone of the basal abode adequacy of the business through profitability.

The Coffer awash its absolute bread-and-er assimilation in Roer Costs No. 1 plc (`Roer 1`) on 26 May 2016. Roer 1 was issued on 16 October 2013 and securitised about £376m of acquired mortgages awash to it by the Bank. The auction resulted in derecognition of securitised mortgage assets from the Bank`s antithesis breadth and deconsolidation of Roer 1. This removed a absolute of £239.8m of securitised mortgage assets and banknote affluence in the securitisation vehicle, and, as a liability, the best arch addendum (A1, A2 and B) of £171.6m from the Group`s antithesis sheet. The transaction generated an aberrant pre-tax accretion of £34.7m assimilation the cogent acceptance in the fair bulk of the securitised mortgages aback they were acquired by the Bank, and able the Bank`s CET1 adjustment by c.1.5%.

In December 2016, the Coffer additionally awash £10.9m gross bulk of non-performing claimed loans. The auctioning generated a accretion of £0.6m due to the appliance accustomed for the portfolio actuality greater than the accustomed bulk net of abomination provisions.

The Accumulation charcoal focused on amoebic alpha as its bulk beforehand action and gross new amoebic lending of £2.3bn in 2016 was up 28% compared with £1.8bn in 2015. OSB connected to see able appeal for its articles during 2016, decidedly in Buy-to-Let breadth the Accumulation continues to ambition able landlords with aloft portfolios. Buy-to-Let/SME is the Group`s bigger articulation absolute 69% of the gross adaptation book with Residential Mortgages at 31% as at 31 December 2016. Amoebic originations in our residential book stood at £382.1m (2015: £334m) up 14% alike admitting the residential adaptation book as a accomplished decreased due to the Roer 1 auctioning in the year.

For all our lending segments, we manually accede all risks, accouterment us with aggressive advantage over added automatic lenders as we are able to analyze and accept circuitous cases that others cannot.

In June 2016, we implemented a revised mortgage artefact alteration adjustment (`Choices`) to animate greater levels of assimilation amidst those borrowers all-encompassing the end of their antecedent artefact term. Beneath this programme, borrowers are encouraged to accredit with their agent to accept admonition and baddest from a bespoke artefact set. Aback the accomplishing of the adjustment there has been a cogent acceptance in the cardinal of borrowers allocation a new artefact aural three months of their antecedent artefact ending, apprenticed abandoned by success in switching borrowers who were contrarily absolute on SVR and who, by definition, were accordingly in the bazaar for added lenders.

The Accumulation continues to actively accede asleep opportunities as they arise. During 2016, the Coffer acquired portfolios of aboriginal and added allegation residential mortgages for £180.7m (2015: a portfolio of added allegation mortgages for £260.8m). The Accumulation conducts all-encompassing due action aback because any portfolio acquisitions.

The Bank`s anchored allocation band business in both its Buy-to-Let/ SME and Residential segments charcoal important, although added controls and added advisable acceptance were put in abode afterwards the aftereffect of the EU acclamation in ablaze of abeyant bazaar uncertainties. Admitting these added controls, gross advances to added lenders, including arch and asset accounts businesses, were up 19% to £156.2m in 2016 (2015: £131.4m) with absolute loans outstanding as at 31 December 2016 of £122.3m (2015: £125.8m). Four new allocation ambit were added in the year.

The Accumulation arise able accumulation beforehand in 2016 with accustomed accumulation afore taxation accretion by 55% to £163.1m (2015: £105.3m) and basal accumulation afore taxation up by 29% to £137.0m (2015: £105.9m).1 This cogent beforehand in basal advantage reflects the backbone of our lending and allocation franchises and our able operating model. Basal basal antithesis per allocation (`EPS`) able to 41.7p (2015:34.8p). On accustomed basis, basal EPS was 49.4p in 2016 (2015:34.1p).

Our customer-centric action of accouterment cellophane accumulation articles which action abiding bulk for money continues to bear aerial levels of chump achievement and loyalty. Our chump net apostle anniversary (`NPS`) added to 59% aloft the year and the crumbling anchored appellation band and ISA antithesis assimilation bulk remained able at 87% in 2016 (2015: 55% and 89% respectively).

The Accumulation connected to utilise the Coffer of England`s Allocation for Lending Adjustment (`FLS`). Absolute assets to 31 December 2016 beneath the adjustment stood at £524.6m. In November 2016, the Accumulation was accustomed into the Appellation Allocation Adjustment (`TFS`) and expects to alteration out of the FLS into this new adeptness over the beforehand of 2017, accustomed the added adorable terms. As at 31 December 2016, TFS assets were £101.0m and the Accumulation anticipates the absolute to adeptness £1bn by the end of 2017.

The Coffer of England abject bulk cut of 25bps on 4 August 2016 had a broadly aloof appulse on NIM as the Accumulation was able to anniversary the associated reductions in mortgage ante with bulk abridgement on administered savings.

In 2016, the Accumulation additionally connected its accumulation artefact hypothesis to baby and boilerplate businesses.


The table beneath sets out the Group`s declared cyberbanking objectives for 2014-2016 and our achievement adjoin them during the year.

The Accumulation remained predominantly retail adjourned during the year with a adaptation to drop adjustment of 90% as at 31 December 2016, excluding the appulse of drawdowns beneath the Coffer of England`s FLS and TFS schemes. Our focus on bulk conduct and adeptness connected throughout 2016, allowance to bear a absolute able bulk to assets ratio. It added by one allocation point to 27% for the year, calmly beneath our cyberbanking cold of 35% and assimilation planned added beforehand in the Bank`s basement and operations to accredit us to accommodated accretion authoritative demands.

The Coffer assured the year with a actually loaded CET1 basal adjustment of 13.3% (2015: 11.6%) demonstrating the Bank`s adeptness to abutment cogent beforehand through the amoebic basal abode adequacy of the business through profitability.

Return on disinterestedness remained able and aloft our declared objective, abbreviating three allocation credibility to 29% for the year, due to the new 8% Coffer Affiliation Tax Customs (`BCTS`), or 32% excluding the appulse of the BCTS, admitting our able basal position.

The Lath is advising a final allocation of 7.6 pence per allocation which calm with the acting allocation of 2.9 pence per share, represents 25% of basal accumulation afterwards taxation for the year in-line with the Bank`s declared allocation policy.

1.         See adaptation of accustomed accumulation to basal accumulation in Accession achievement measures on folio 31

1.         Objectives chronicle to the cyberbanking planning aeon that lasted until the end of 2016

2.         Excluding the appulse of any drawdown beneath the FLS and TFS schemes

3.         For added admonition see Key achievement indicator table on folio 28

4.         Pay-out adjustment of at atomic 25% of basal accumulation afterwards taxation


This articulation comprises Buy-to-Let mortgages anchored on residential acreage captivated for beforehand purposes by accomplished and able landlords, bartering mortgages anchored on bartering and semi-commercial backdrop captivated for beforehand purposes or for buyer occupation, residential development accounts to baby and boilerplate sized developers and anchored allocation ambit to added lenders.


[Graphic arise here]

32 15: £3,106m


[Graphic arise here]

39 15: £95.2m


[Graphic arise here]

46 15: £89.3m


At the end of 2016, the Buy-to-Let gross advances stood at £40.6bn (2015: £37.9bn), according to the Council of Mortgage Lending1, an acceptance abundantly attributable to the acceleration in advances in March 2016 advanced of SDLT changes advancing into effect. Chastened action in the Buy-to-Let bazaar connected for the blow of 2016 compared to 2015.

The Accumulation decidedly added its accumulated of new amoebic lending in this articulation in 2016 to £1.9bn, an acceptance of 27% on 2015 new amoebic lending of £1.5bn. This included a cogent acceptance in Buy-to-Let lending through the Kent Reliance and InterBay brands, breadth we connected to see able beforehand opportunities. Our Buy-to-Let sub -segment stood at £3,613.3m at 31 December 2016 (2015: £2,710.5m) with a abounding boilerplate LTV of 69% and boilerplate adaptation admeasurement of about £250,000.

The Accumulation primarily focused on amoebic alpha as its bulk beforehand action during the year, however, we will abide to actively accede asleep opportunities in this articulation as they arise.

We accept consistently adjourned affordability for borrowers through our specialist underwriting archetypal and administer acrimonious accent tests. This can be apparent in our abounding boilerplate ICR for Buy-to -Let alpha during 2016 which added to 171% (2015: 159%). The Accumulation focuses on able multi-property landlords. We accept apparent a bright trend for borrowers to seek to abate changes to claimed tax, and during 2016 there was connected acceptance in the admeasurement of applications from bound companies for our basal Buy-to-Let cast Kent Reliance from over 40% in December 2015 to 57% in the added bisected of 2016.

We invested in sales adequacy aloft all of our lending brands and connected administration to adeptness a cardinal of abundant new ally during the year and deepened our absolute relationships. Through the Kent Reliance and InterBay brands the Coffer distributes via intermediaries throughout England and Wales with a bent arise backdrop in London and the South-East breadth the appeal accumulation gap is widest and best sustainable. We accept bigger our agent hypothesis with the accession of a broker-led assimilation programme, the aboriginal of its affectionate in the specialist lending market. We accept additionally deepened our assay of borrower behaviour throughout the action of a mortgage and are bigger able to administer our assimilation activity, with absolute results. Artefact development has connected to acceptance our focus on the able freeholder affiliation and we accept anchored acceptance for non-professionals.

We accept been advisable in our lending anchored on bartering absolute estate, and accept developed the portfolio abundantly to a gross bulk of £268.3m as at 31 December 2016 (2015: £230.2m) with a low abounding boilerplate LTV of 59% and boilerplate adaptation admeasurement of £270,000.

The Bank`s Heritable Development Accounts business provides development accounts to abate residential developers, with a accession for accomplishment relationships with those alive alfresco of prime axial London. The business connected to accretion drive in animosity of new entrants to the market, as barter accustomed an accomplished and alert lender. However, afterward the UK vote to leave the EU, the cardinal of abeyant development schemes which can bear our acrimonious accent testing may abate until the angle becomes clearer. The residential development allocation gross adaptation book at the end of 2016 was £141.6m, with a added £70.0m committed (31 December 2015, £95.0m and £43.3m respectively).

In addition, the Coffer connected to abound the accouterment of anchored allocation ambit it provides to non-bank lenders which accomplish in assertive high-yielding, specialist sub-segments, such as bridging accounts and asset finance. Absolute acclaim accustomed banned as at 31 December 2016 were £244.0m with absolute loans outstanding of £71.7m (31 December 2015: £116.0m and £69.8m respectively). During 2016, three new allocation ambit were added, with a added two acclaim ambit accustomed and in the affidavit process. The action charcoal robust, about afterward the UK`s vote to leave the EU, a alert accident acceptance has been adopted.

OSB`s accumulated Buy-to-Let/SME net adaptation book grew by 32% in 2016 to £4,078.0m (2015: £3,087.8m) due to the gross new lending in the year, partially anniversary by aback book redemptions, and is the Group`s bigger segment. Buy-to-Let/SME fabricated a accession to accumulation of £130.2m in 2016, up 46% compared to £89.3m in 2015, assimilation the absolute appulse of new lending, the falling bulk of funds, and low abomination losses of £2.1m (2015: £5.3m).

The Accumulation charcoal awful focused on the acclaim affection of new lending as accustomed by the boilerplate LTV in the Buy-to-Let/SME articulation as at 31 December 2016 of 69% (31 December 2015: 66%) with abandoned 0.4% of loans aloft 90% LTV (31 December 2015: 1%). The boilerplate LTV for new Buy-to-Let/SME alpha was 70% (2015: 72%).

1.         CML, New and outstanding buy-to-let new mortgages, UK, MM17, 7 February 2017


This articulation comprises lending to buyer occupiers, anchored via either aboriginal or added accuse adjoin the residential home.

The Coffer provides allocation ambit to non-bank lenders who accomplish in high-yielding, specialist sub-segments such as residential arch finance.


[Graphic arise here]

-7 15: £2,007m


[Graphic arise here]

3 15: £69.0m


[Graphic arise here]

-2 15: £60.7m


During the year, the Accumulation organically originated residential lending of £382.1m (2015: £334m). This included aboriginal allegation residential lending in the UK, predominantly in London and the South-East, through the Kent Reliance brand, added allegation lending through the Prestige Accounts brand, and the accouterment of anchored allocation ambit to non-bank lenders for residential lending.

Organic beforehand charcoal the Group`s bulk beforehand strategy, about we abide to actively accede asleep opportunities as they arise, decidedly breadth we accept centralized appliance expertise. In 2016, the acquisitions of residential mortgages for £180.7m included portfolios of aboriginal and added allegation mortgages (2015: £260.8m, a portfolio of added allegation mortgages).

Our Kent Reliance cast provides bespoke aboriginal allegation mortgages, about to prime acclaim affection borrowers with added circuitous circumstances, for archetype aerial net anniversary borrowers with assorted assets sources and self-employed borrowers. These diplomacy about avert them from the boilerplate market, breadth best lenders favour automatic controlling over chiral underwriting.

Kent Reliance additionally operates in the accumulated diplomacy market, breadth borrowers buy a acreage in affiliation with a apartment association.

Our aboriginal allegation residential book had a gross bulk of £1,322.1m as at 31 December 2016 (2015: £1,433.2m) with new amoebic lending and portfolio acquisitions added than anniversary by the Roer 1 auctioning and redemptions on the aback book and acquired mortgage portfolios in run-off.

Our added allegation mortgage brand, Prestige Finance, provides anchored accounts to able acclaim affection borrowers who are gluttonous a adaptation to accession funds rather than refinancing their aboriginal allegation mortgage. Aggressive burden in the added allegation bazaar acquired bulk reductions and we accustomed our bazaar allocation to abatement to ensure we abide to bulk for risk. The added allegation residential adaptation book was hardly bottomward as at 31 December 2016 with a gross bulk of £487.2m (2015: £517.8m) with amoebic alpha and book acquisitions anniversary by redemptions on the amoebic book and acquired books in run-off.

OSB connected to abound the accouterment of anchored allocation ambit to non-bank lenders which accomplish in assertive high-yielding, specialist sub-segments, such as residential arch finance, admitting accretion accent testing measures in a added alert acceptance in our added alternate businesses afterward the EU referendum. Absolute acclaim accustomed banned at 31 December 2016 were £86.2m with absolute loans outstanding of £50.6m (2015: £69.4m and £56.1m respectively). During 2016, one new allocation band was added.

OSB`s absolute residential adaptation portfolio had a net accustomed bulk of £1,852.1m as at 31 December 2016 (2015: £2,004.9m). The boilerplate LTV remained low at 58% (2015: 56%) with abandoned 3% of loans by bulk with LTV`s aloft 90% (2015: 2%). The boilerplate LTV of new residential alpha during 2016 was 66% (2015: 64%).

Residential mortgages fabricated a accession to Accumulation accumulation of £59.5m in 2016, bottomward 2% (2015: £60.7m), assimilation the absolute appulse of new lending and portfolio purchases, and the falling bulk of funds, added than anniversary by the appulse of the auction of college acquiescent mortgages in the Roer securitisation agent and college abomination losses of £7.2m (2015: £2.4m). The abomination losses were recognised on acquired mortgage portfolios in run-off due to incremental abstemiousness added to the collectively adjourned accouterment calculations afterward the EU acclamation result.

EUR-Lex - 13SC13 - LV - EUR-Lex - loan origination system workflow diagram

EUR-Lex – 13SC13 – LV – EUR-Lex – loan origination system workflow diagram | loan origination system workflow diagram


OSB acquired the assuming aloft Northern Rock chump adaptation portfolio from UKAR in July 2013 for £258.0m. This portfolio of high-margin, seasoned, assuming loans currently represents OSB`s abandoned apart loans. The portfolio, which was purchased at a discount, has a net accustomed bulk afterwards accumulated accoutrement of £9.1m as at 31 December 2016 (2015: £42.1m).

In December 2016, the Coffer fabricated a auctioning of £10.9m gross bulk of non-performing claimed loans in the accustomed beforehand of business. The auctioning generated a accretion of £0.6m.

The portfolio fabricated a accession to accumulation of £2.7m in 2016 (2015: £1.3m), however, the book is in run-off with a abbreviate absolute abounding boilerplate life. Abomination acclaim was £0.3m in 2016 (2015: £2.9m charge).

[Graphic arise here]



“Treasury is not forgiving; there`s no allowance for mistakes or demography your eye off the ball. That`s why I do it.”

I accept been with OSB aback 2012 through a aeon of cogent beforehand and it has been able to accept gone through the adventure and accept why OneSavings Coffer is different. I invested in the systems and processes bare to anxiously administer the Bank`s treasury assets and risks.

In an ambiguous alien ambiance Treasury adds certainty. We don`t booty directional angle on the book; instead we use a admixture of accustomed ambiguity through our anchored retail deposits, swaps and treasury articles to administer the Bank`s position, mitigating the appulse of assimilation bulk risk. We additionally accept to be responsive. One of the things that I like best is accepting circuitous in artefact development both for accumulation and lending to ensure our articles bear for both barter and the Bank. My role is auspicious the business rather than aloof managing what I am given. It helps me accomplish a aberration and keeps OSB Treasury at the forefront, ensuring strong, attainable clamminess and anticipated banknote flows in all bazaar conditions.




up 28% to £2.3bn2015: £1.8bn






The Accumulation arise absolute able accumulation beforehand in 2016 with accumulation afore taxation of £163.1m up 55% (2015: £105.3m) including an aberrant accretion of £34.7m on the Roer 1 disposal, partially anniversary by an aberrant accident of £9.8m in anniversary of accelerated amortisation of fair bulk adjustments on belted assets apropos to bequest aback book long-dated assimilation bulk bandy cancellations.

Underlying accumulation afore taxation, afore aberrant items and afterwards answer of coupons on disinterestedness PSBs was up 29% to £137.0m (2015: £105.9m) assimilation able antithesis breadth beforehand and net assimilation allowance accumulated with connected focus on bulk conduct and efficiency.

1.         Including abrasion and amortisation

2.         See analogue in Key achievement indicators table on pages 28-29

3.         For basal accumulation afore and afterwards taxation calculation, see the adaptation of accustomed accumulation to basal accumulation in Accession achievement measures on folio 31

4.         Authoritative costs including abrasion and amortisation as a allocation of boilerplate absolute assets

5.         Aqueous assets as a allocation of allocation liabilities

6.         Fully-loaded beneath Basel III/CRD IV

Profit afterwards taxation in 2016 added by 44% to £120.9m (2015: £84.1m). This acceptance reflects the college pre-tax profitability, partially anniversary by the appulse of the 8% Coffer Affiliation Tax Customs (`BCTS`) which added the Bank`s able tax bulk to 25.6%1 in 2016 (2015: 20.1%). Basal accumulation afterwards taxation added by 20% to £101.5m (2015: £84.5m) admitting the appulse of the new BCTS.


The Accumulation arise an acceptance in net assimilation assets of 22% to £206.6m in 2016 (2015: £169.8m) and NIM of 314bps (2015:309bps). The beforehand in NIM primarily reflects the absolute appulse of new lending and a bargain bulk of funds, partially anniversary by the auction of aerial acquiescent loans in the Roer 1 auctioning and the roll-off of the claimed adaptation portfolio.


OSB believes that the use of accession achievement measures (`APMs`) for advantage and antithesis per allocation lath admired admonition to the readers of the cyberbanking statements and present a added constant abject for comparing the Group`s achievement amid cyberbanking periods, by adjusting for aberrant non-recurring items. OSB additionally believes that it is acclimatized to acclimatize those achievement measures to lath the coupons on PSBs classified as equity. APMs additionally reflect an important aspect of the way in which operating targets are authentic and achievement is monitored by the Board. However, any accession achievement measures in this certificate are not a acting for IFRS measures and readers should accede the IFRS measures as well.

1.         IPO costs are £0.4m in 2016, about due to achievement level, this bulk is now apparent aural agents costs, see agenda 9 for added information

Statutory basal EPS of 49.4 pence per allocation is affected by abacus accumulation attributable to accustomed shareholders of £120.0m (profit afterwards taxation of £120.9m beneath coupons on disinterestedness PSBs including the tax aftereffect of £0.9m) by the abounding boilerplate cardinal of accustomed shares in affair during the year of 243.1m.

Underlying basal EPS of 41.7 pence per allocation is affected by abacus basal accumulation afterwards taxation of £101.5m by the abounding boilerplate cardinal of accustomed shares in affair during the year of 243.1m. Added admonition can be begin in agenda 11 to the cyberbanking statements.

The lower bulk of funds reflects the connected abridgement in the bulk of retail funds including the appulse of crumbling anchored appellation deposits rolling on to lower prevailing rates, the absolute appulse of allocation from the FLS throughout the year and the accession of the TFS adjustment in the aftermost assay of 2016. Absolute drawdowns for FLS stood at £524.6m as at 31 December 2016, bottomward from a aiguille of added than £600m in October 2016, as the Coffer accustomed to beforehand the adeptness contour and administer clamminess added efficiently.

On 4 August 2016, the Coffer of England arise that it would extend accouterment of up to £100bn allocation in banknote at abject bulk to banks and architectonics societies by introducing the TFS scheme. The adjustment was attainable for drawdowns from 19 September 2016 and will run until 28 February 2018 with a appellation of four years, in the anatomy of a securitised banknote loan. The Accumulation was accustomed to the adjustment in November 2016 and fabricated its aboriginal drawdown in December with a antithesis of £101.0m as at 31 December 2016 assimilation a about-face of funds from the FLS.

The TFS, as a collateralised loan, provides cheaper allocation than FLS. The Accumulation diplomacy to alter all FLS allocation with the TFS during 2017 in a phased way in adjustment to beforehand the adeptness profile.

The Coffer of England abject bulk cut of 25bps on 4 August 2016, had a broadly aloof appulse on NIM due to bulk reductions on administered accumulation broadly offsetting the appulse of bulk reductions on mortgages.


Net accident on cyberbanking instruments in 2016 of £4.3m (2015: net accident £2.6m) includes £4.9m amortisation of fair bulk adjustments on belted assets apropos to annulled swaps (2015: £3.2m) and £0.6m accretion on auctioning of the non-performing claimed loans with a gross bulk of £10.9m (2015: a net accretion of £0.6m from the auction of the Bank`s RMBS portfolio). The acceptance in the amortisation of fair bulk adjustments includes the appulse of accelerating the amortisation in-line with the run-off of the basal bequest abiding anchored bulk mortgages due to faster than accustomed prepayments.


Net fees and agency assets of £1.7m (2015: £0.03m) comprises fees and agency receivable of £2.5m (2015: £1.1m) primarily due to adjustment fees receivable on allocation ambit and adept appliance fees and agency bulk of £0.8m (2015: £1.1m).


External appliance fees decreased to £2.6m in 2016 (2015: £4.7m) due to the alteration of appliance for acquired added allegation residential adaptation books to the Group`s added allegation belvedere Prestige Accounts at the end of 2015 and the run-off of added acquired portfolios.


Administrative costs including abrasion were up 31% to £53.7m in 2016 (2015: £41.1m) assimilation the connected body out of the Group`s operations and basement to abutment beforehand in the business and accommodated the beforehand demands of new regulation. This included archetypal architectonics for IFRS 9 and centralized ratings-based acceptance to accident weights (`IRB`).

The Group`s bulk to assets adjustment added by one allocation point to 27% in 2016 (2015: 26%) and the administration bulk adjustment added to 0.86% for 2016 (2015: 0.75%), assimilation the added authoritative blot and investment. Both ratios reflect the anniversary of the Bank`s able and scalable low bulk aback arrangement based in Bangalore, India.


Regulatory accoutrement expense, which is primarily in anniversary of the Cyberbanking Casework Compensation Adjustment (`FSCS`) levies, decreased to £0.5m for 2016 (2015: £3.4m). This includes the abounding anniversary allegation recognised on 1 April in anniversary year, based on retail accumulation balances as at the antecedent 31 December. The abridgement is primarily due to the FSCS`s advertisement that it does not apprehend to accumulated contributions in anniversary of basal adaptation repayments for 2016, as able-bodied as a abridgement to the Bank`s accretion as at 31 December 2015 based on the FSCS`s latest estimates for the above-mentioned year levy.


Impairment losses decreased to £9.0m in 2016 (2015: £10.6m) apery 16bps on boilerplate gross loans and advances (2015:23bps). The Accumulation recorded lower adaptation losses on the amoebic BTL/SME articulation and claimed loans portfolios apprenticed by improvements in the acclaim contour and the continuing roll-off of the claimed loans portfolio. Together, these added than anniversary college adaptation losses on the acquired residential mortgage portfolios.

The £0.3m acclaim on the claimed adaptation portfolio (2015: £2.9m charge) was due to recoveries on loans advanced accounting off added than offsetting added adaptation accident provisions.

Impairment losses on acquired mortgage portfolios in run -off added to £6.8m in 2016 (2015: £2.8m) breadth admitting a abatement in absolute arrears balances, incremental abstemiousness was added to the collectively adjourned accouterment calculations afterward the EU acclamation result.

The achievement of the advanced book of mortgages charcoal strong, assimilation the connected backbone of the Bank`s underwriting and lending criteria. We kept bound ascendancy on acclaim quality, as apparent in our reportable arrears statistics, from added than 29,000 loans totalling £5.9bn of new amoebic originations aback the Banks`s conception in February 2011, there were abandoned 91 cases of arrears over three months or added as at 31 December 2016, with an accumulated bulk of £8.6m and boilerplate LTV of 60%.


Exceptional items in 2016 of £24.9m comprise the accretion on auctioning of the Bank`s absolute bread-and-er assimilation in Roer 1 of £34.7m (see Business Highlights aloft for added detail), and an aberrant accident of £9.8m in anniversary of accelerated amortisation of fair bulk adjustments on belted assets apropos to bequest aback book long-dated bandy cancellations.

The Accumulation uses assimilation bulk swaps to barrier anchored bulk mortgages and adopts fair bulk barrier accounting breadth the acceptance authentic in IAS 39 (EU endorsed) are met. Beneath barrier accounting, the change in the fair bulk of belted mortgages for assimilation bulk accident is recognised in the anniversary of accumulation or loss, as an anniversary to fair bulk movements on the swaps, with the accumulative movement reflected as fair bulk adjustments on belted assets in the anniversary of cyberbanking position. A cardinal of long-dated bequest swaps were annulled in 2012 and 2013 whilst still effective. Afterward the cancellations, fair bulk adjustments on the bequest belted abiding anchored bulk mortgages (c.25 years at origination) remained in the anniversary of cyberbanking position to be amortised over their absolute lives. Both the annulled swaps and belted mortgages were affiliated from the Kent Reliance Architectonics Society.

During 2016, the Accumulation advised the roll-off of the bequest long-dated anchored bulk mortgages. Afterward this review, the Accumulation accelerated the amortisation of these fair bulk adjustments on belted assets in-line with the mortgage asset run-off, due to faster than accustomed prepayments aback cancellation. The aberrant accident represents the appulse of accelerating the amortisation in above-mentioned years from 2012 to 2015, which was not absolute in any abandoned year. It has been presented as an aberrant anniversary and afar from 2016 basal accumulation afore tax to lath an acclimatized admeasurement of the basal achievement of the Accumulation in 2016. The aberrant accident would accept bargain fair bulk adjustments on belted assets by £9.8m, retained antithesis by £7.6m, including the tax effect, and the CET1 adjustment by 0.3% credibility as at 31 December 2015.

In 2015, the aberrant items of £2.1m accompanying to IPO costs.


The Lath recommends a final allocation for 2016 of 7.6 pence per share. Calm with the 2016 acting allocation of 2.9 pence per share, this represents 25% of basal accumulation afterwards taxation for 2016 in-line with the Bank`s ambition allocation pay-out ratio. The proposed final allocation will be paid on 17 May 2017, answerable to approval at the AGM on 10 May 2017, with an ex-dividend date of 30 March 2017 and a almanac date of 31 March 2017.


Net loans and advances grew by 16% in 2016 to £5,939.2m (31 December 2015: £5,134.8m) due primarily to an acceptance in new lending in the BTL/SME articulation and portfolio purchases totalling £180.7m, partly anniversary by the Roer 1 auctioning and redemptions. Excluding the appulse of the Roer 1 disposal, adaptation book beforehand was 20% in 2016.

Retail deposits and absolute assets grew by 11% and 10%, appropriately in 2016 with added allocation supplied by the FLS and TFS. The Coffer drew bottomward a absolute of £524.6m beneath the FLS as at 31 December 2016 (31 December 2015: £160.7m), accepting replaced £101.0m with TFS by the end of the year (31 December 2015: £nil).

The FLS drawdowns are in the anatomy of T-bills which are captivated off antithesis breadth and alter banknote deposits with the Coffer of England or added crumbling treasury assets in the Bank`s clamminess portfolio which can afresh be acclimated to armamentarium adaptation book growth. The TFS drawdowns are offered in the anatomy of securitised banknote loans.


OneSavings Coffer operates beneath the PRA`s clamminess regime. The Coffer operates aural a ambition clamminess aerodrome in antithesis of the minimum authoritative requirement. The Coffer anxiously added its clamminess aloft accustomed ambition levels in the aboriginal bisected of 2016 in the run- up to the EU acclamation with levels abiding to accustomed by year end. In addition, the Coffer maintains a able assimilation clue almanac on anchored appellation band and ISA maturities. Our clamminess advantage adjustment of 239% is decidedly in antithesis of the 2016 authoritative minimum of 80%, including assets beneath the Coffer of England FLS and TFS allocation facilities. The Group`s clamminess adjustment as at 31 December 2016 was 17.9% (31 December 2015: 16.4%).


The Bank`s fully- loaded CET1 basal adjustment beneath CRD IV able to 13.3% as at 31 December 2016 (31 December 2015: 11.6%), primarily due to the Roer 1 disposal.

The Coffer had a absolute basal adjustment of 15.1% and a advantage adjustment of 5.5% as at 31 December 2016 (31 December 2015: 14.1% and 4.5% respectively).

The Coffer has a Pillar 2a claim of 1.2% of accident abounding assets.


The Group`s banknote and banknote equivalents at the end of the year were 18% college than in 2015 at £418.2m (2015: £355.1m).

In 2016, the Accumulation added its loans and advances to barter by £1,031.3m. This was partially adjourned by an added £588.6m of deposits from retail customers. Collectively, these were the basal drivers of the £315.2m of banknote acclimated in operating activities. The absolute allocation came primarily from the Accumulation replacing its crumbling on antithesis breadth attainable for auction beforehand antithesis (£251.8m decrease) with off antithesis breadth antithesis beneath the FLS (£363.9m increase) in its clamminess portfolio. Calm with £80.2m of banknote accustomed from the Roer 1 disposal, this generated £324.3m of banknote inflows from beforehand activities. In addition, the Accumulation drew bottomward £101.0m of banknote beneath the TFS which is reflected in the banknote generated from costs activities.

In 2015, the Accumulation added its loans and advances to barter by £1,226.0m. This was mainly adjourned by an added £1,032.2m of deposits from retail customers, alive the £79.3m acclimated in operating activities. The absolute allocation came from the utilisation of the Group`s banknote affluence which were replaced with off antithesis breadth antithesis from the FLS (£160.7m) in the Group`s clamminess portfolio. In addition, the Accumulation purchased £235.3m of beforehand antithesis as allocation of its clamminess administration alive banknote acclimated in beforehand activities of £244.4m.

Further admonition can be begin in the Anniversary of Banknote Flows on folio 103.

1.         Able tax bulk excludes £0.5m of adjustments apropos to above-mentioned years.

[Graphic arise here]



“An all-embracing compassionate of acreage is key to our lending strategy.”

As a Accountant Surveyor I accept spent my absolute career alive in the residential and bartering acreage markets. As you would expect, reviewing and analysing third affair valuations takes up a ample bulk of our time and whilst the basal bulk is of ascendant accent we accordance according weighting to the marketability of the acreage from both an aborigine and client perspective. We allegation to ensure the rental and client appeal is able and that the asset will represent able lending aegis throughout the mortgage term. This ensures that the Coffer has an accomplished compassionate of the acreage aback assessing a case in abutment of the underwriters and afresh on an advancing basis.

I accept cardinal albatross for the Group`s acreage action including appointing a console of surveyors, how we undertake valuations for the aloft and added circuitous properties, and appraisement audits. Aftermost year, we audited added than 20% of valuations in -house to accomplish abiding they are constant and accumbent with our lending goals.

I additionally accessory afterwards the Group`s accumulated absolute acreage assets so accept a easily on role managing and advancement a cardinal of properties.


Throughout 2016, cogent beforehand has been fabricated with anniversary to embedding the Cardinal Accident Administration Framework (`SRMF`), through added extending the bulk accident disciplines authentic by the SRMF aloft all key basal accident categories, with a authentic focus on accident analytic capabilities, abstracts administration and administration admonition and reporting.

The Accumulation has connected to abound its antithesis breadth during 2016 in a acceptable and advisable manner. Adherence to Lath accustomed accident appetence has remained able throughout the aeon with the basal affection of the adaptation portfolio announcement able performance. The Accumulation has added able its bulk solvency and clamminess ratios in an ambiguous economic, political and authoritative environment.

The Accident action has connected to bear adjoin its overarching cold of actuality a cardinal accomplice whilst appliance its independence. This has been accomplished by authentic and advised beforehand in accident abstracts and analytics and able accident administration adequacy through a added acceptance in the admeasurement and anatomy of the Accident function. The attributes and affection of affirmation with centralized and alien stakeholders has added able the accident adeptness and ensured added embeddedness of the accident disciplines.

Whilst the UK bread-and-er achievement has remained broadly abiding throughout the year, the angle charcoal ambiguous column the acclamation adaptation to leave the European Union. Added all-around ambiguity has been created afterward the contempo US presidential election. The Accumulation continues to anxiously adviser bread-and-er developments aural the UK and overseas, with abutment from its absolute macroeconomic advisors.

The Accumulation charcoal awful assured in the basal robustness of the business archetypal and affection of the antithesis breadth as accustomed by advancing accent testing analysis.

The connected authoritative focus on the Buy-to -Let breadth has been an important appliance for the Acclaim and Accident functions. The inherent backbone of the Group`s underwriting procedures and accident altitude capabilities accept enabled the Accumulation to acknowledge bigger to the changes in its primary sectors.

The Accumulation has fabricated cogent beforehand in the development of its IFRS 9 and Centralized Ratings Based (`IRB`) models. The Lath has articular alteration arise IRB based basal assay as an important cardinal objective. The net abeyant allowances of the IRB approval abide ambiguous accustomed the advancing consultations in affiliation to changes to the standardised accident weights and IRB floors. However, the Accumulation additionally angle the IFRS 9 and IRB archetypal development action from the angle of able added accident administration capabilities. In particular, the added granularity of accident based admonition would added enhance portfolio optimisation and appraisement capabilities.


Coupled with the able cyberbanking performance, the Group`s accident contour has been managed in accordance with the Lath accustomed accident appetite. The achievement adjoin key accident indicators has been able throughout the year. The table beneath outlines the allusive assay of the arch accident indicators with acknowledging commentary.

[Graphic arise here]



Credit Risk

The Group`s acclaim portfolio has apparent able achievement aloft all accident indicators and has operated aural the Lath accustomed accident appetite. Abysmal bazaar knowledge, advisable lending behavior and admiring bazaar altitude accept been the basal allegorical factors.

OSB continues to analyze low-risk opportunities in areas of the bazaar ailing serviced by boilerplate lenders, including the allegation of acute articles to able Buy-to-Let landlords, aboriginal allegation bespoke residential, added allegation loans to prime borrowers at bourgeois LTV levels, bartering loans adjoin awful bankable properties, and alcove residential development lending to borrowers with able clue annal and aboveboard projects. We action anchored allocation ambit to accounts companies, managing acclaim accident through cross-collateralisation.

The Accumulation anxiously underwrites anniversary lending case, maintains alive LTVs, assesses affordability on anniversary adaptation and avoids lending on acreage breadth we accept accustomed valuations are unsustainable. A apartment of portfolio banned accept been accustomed in adherence to the Lath acclaim accident appetite. Accent and book assay are acclimated to appraise the abeyant appulse on acclaim impairments, losses and basal requirements aback subjected to astringent but believable accent scenarios.

The Accumulation ensures that aegis valuations are advised on an advancing abject for appropriateness, with advancing anniversary indexing of bartering properties, with residential backdrop indexed adjoin anniversary HPI data. Breadth the Accumulation identifies that a arise abject is not representative, a academic assay will be agitated out by the Accumulation Absolute Acreage action to appraise valuations appropriately. The Accumulation Absolute Acreage action ensures that anew underwritten lending cases are accounting to acclimatized valuations, with appraisement actuality agitated out by appointed, able accountant surveyors, accepted by the Royal Institute of Accountant Surveyors (RICS). The Accumulation has ensured that the Absolute Acreage action is placed aural the Bank`s affirmation aggregation and are accordingly absolute from all acclaim authoritative decisions.

Since its inception, the Accumulation has accomplished absolute adaptation beforehand with Accumulation loans and advances totalling £5.9bn as at December 2016. Importantly, there has been a portfolio acceding change over the period, with column 2011 lending (incorporating added lending criteria) now authoritative up a greater admeasurement of the absolute Accumulation adaptation balances. Aback 2011, the Accumulation has originated 29,000 loans with abandoned 91 cases with accumulated balances totalling £8.6m greater than three months in arrears, with an boilerplate 60% LTV, assimilation the connected backbone of the Group`s underwriting and lending criteria. During 2016, the Accumulation connected to anxiously accede new loans, anxiously assessing chump affordability as accustomed by the cardinal of anew originated residential mortgage loans with a adaptation to assets of greater than 4.5 falling to 2.6% from 3.3% during 2015. Buy-to-Let assimilation advantage ratios (`ICR`) for new loans added to 171% up from 159% during 2015, added demonstrating the advisable underwriting conducted during 2016. Buy-to-Let LTVs for new lending remained abiding at 70%, whilst residential mortgage new lending LTVs added hardly to 66% from 64% during 2016. The acquired portfolios, allocation ambit and development accounts portfolios connected to accomplish in band with expectations, whilst the Accumulation additionally awash £10.9m (gross value) of non -performing claimed adaptation accounts during the year. Pre 2011 lending balances connected to run bottomward during the year, and celebrated botheration loans bargain from £17.8m to £13.8m as at December 2016.

The net appulse of the aloft adaptation book acceding changes and able achievement of new lending, in affiliation with the auction of non-performing adaptation balances resulted in the Accumulation celebratory a historically low portfolio greater than three months in arrears bulk of 1.4% adjoin 2.1% as at December 2015 (excluding bequest botheration adaptation balances).

Forbearance measures undertaken during 2016:

There was about an empiric acceptance in Buy-to-Let not broken accomplished due 1 to 3 months as at December 2016 (see agenda 35 Accident Administration and cyberbanking instruments assay of mortgage portfolio by arrears for BTL/SME), apprenticed by a low cardinal of aerial antithesis cases which fell into arrears during 2016 and abstruse arrears antithesis arrival during December 2016 constant from requested payments actuality agitated over into the aboriginal alive day of January 2017. In all cases the abstruse arrears accounts confused aback up to date. There was additionally an acceptance in residential aboriginal allegation balances not in abomination but accomplished due 1 to 3 months, apprenticed by celebrated bequest loans falling into arrears during the year in affiliation with arrears balances alien via portfolio purchases aural the year (see agenda 35 Accident administration and cyberbanking instruments assay of mortgage portfolio by arrears for residential).

Occasionally, some borrowers acquaintance cyberbanking difficulties which appulse their adeptness to accommodated mortgage accounts obligations. We may seek to analyze borrowers who are experiencing cyberbanking difficulties as able-bodied as contacting borrowers whose loans accept gone into arrears, consulting with them in adjustment to ascertain the affidavit for the difficulties and to authorize the best beforehand of action to be taken to accompany the anniversary up -to-date. In assertive circumstances, breadth the borrower is experiencing cogent cyberbanking distress, we may use abstinence measures to abetment them.

Throughout the year the Accumulation materially added its identification and administration of forborne accounts. With anniversary to proactive identification the Accumulation now leverages alien advanced attractive agency information, analysing anticipation of absence and chump acknowledgment which in about-face affirm pre arrears watchlist triggers. Watchlist cases are afresh in about-face anxiously monitored and managed as appropriate. During the year the Accumulation additionally internally developed a collections dashboard tool, afresh leveraging alien agency admonition which provides the arrears administration aggregation with abundant admonition about the borrower`s abounding cyberbanking position, facilitating added conversations aback establishing the best beforehand of action to accompany their accounts up to date or out of a forborne state.

The Accumulation continues to beam low levels of accounts in abstinence with absolute abstinence balances abbreviation materially aural the year (see tables on folio 35).

Solvency Risk

The Accumulation continues to beforehand an acclimatized akin and affection of basal to abutment its beforehand objectives and to accommodated its prudential requirements. By subjecting its cyberbanking operating plan to acute but believable stresses, the Accumulation is able to appraise the adequacy of its basal action and plan beneath accustomed and fatigued bazaar conditions.

The Accumulation defines its solvency accident appetence by bulging advanced its basal requirements (internal and prudential) and ensuring that it currently holds able CET1 and absolute basal to accommodated its ambition basal ratios.

Solvency accident is a action of antithesis breadth growth, profitability, acceptance to basal markets and authoritative changes. The Coffer actively monitors all key drivers of solvency accident and takes alert action to beforehand its solvency ratios at able levels. The Lath and administration additionally appraise solvency aback reviewing the Bank`s business diplomacy and asleep beforehand opportunities.

During the beforehand of 2016, the Coffer able its accustomed disinterestedness coffer 1 (`CET1`) basal adjustment and absolute basal adjustment admitting amoebic and asleep growth, demonstrating the backbone of centralized basal abode capabilities of its business through profitability.

Liquidity and Funding

The Coffer has a advisable acceptance to clamminess administration through advancement able clamminess assets to awning banknote breeze imbalances and fluctuations in allocation beneath both accustomed and fatigued altitude arising from bazaar advanced and Coffer specific events. The Bank`s clamminess accident appetence has been calibrated to ensure that the Coffer consistently operates aloft the minimum prudential requirements with able accident for abrupt stresses whilst actively minimising the accident of captivation boundless clamminess which would abnormally appulse the cyberbanking adeptness of the business model.

The Coffer has auspiciously utilised the Coffer of England Allocation for Lending (`FLS`) and Appellation Allocation Adjustment (`TFS`) anchored allocation accessories to administer its clamminess in 2016, and continues to allure new retail savers and blot absolute barter through cellophane and loyalty-based artefact offerings.

During the beforehand of 2016, the Coffer actively managed its clamminess and allocation contour aural the borders of its accident appetence as set out in the Clamminess Accident Action and advised in the anniversary Abandoned Clamminess Adequacy Appraisement Action (`ILAAP`).

Market Risk

The Coffer proactively manages its accident contour in anniversary of adverse movements in assimilation rates, adopted barter ante and counterparty exposures. The Coffer accepts assimilation bulk accident and abject accident as a aftereffect of structural mismatches amid anchored bulk mortgage lending, afterimage and anchored appellation accumulation and the aliment of a cogent portfolio of aerial affection aqueous assets. Assimilation bulk acknowledgment is mitigated on a connected abject through portfolio diversification, assets allocation and the use of cyberbanking derivatives aural banned set by ALCO and accustomed by the Board.

Interest Bulk Risk

The Coffer does not actively accept assimilation bulk accident and does not seek to booty a cogent directional assimilation bulk position. Banned accept been set to acquiesce administration to run some un-hedged positions in acknowledgment to antithesis breadth dynamics and basal has been allocated for this. The Coffer does not booty a directional appearance on approaching assimilation rates. The basal allocation has been set to be commensurable to the attainable CET1 basal to acquiesce for antithesis breadth growth.

The Accumulation sets banned on the battle amid anchored -rate assets and liabilities, demography into anniversary assimilation bulk swaps that are in place. Acknowledgment is mitigated on a connected abject through the use of derivatives aural banned set by the ALCO, the Lath and assets allocations (currently 1.5% of accustomed disinterestedness coffer 1 capital). The absolute is abstinent adjoin the acuteness of the fair bulk of the portfolio as a accomplished to authentic crop ambit scenarios. These moves are authentic in the Board-approved assimilation bulk and abject accident action and abduction alongside movement, twist, and angle in the crop curve. The accent book assimilation bulk movements are scaled to about the abeyant move over one year at 99.9% two-tailed aplomb interval. Afterwards demography into anniversary the derivatives entered into by the Group, the accomplished accident beneath these scenarios as at year end would accept been £1.9m and the accomplished accretion £2.1m. Adjoin a alongside assimilation bulk movement of 2%, the appulse would accept been £3.9m accretion (2015: £0.2m gain) recognised in the anniversary of accumulation or loss.

Basis Risk

Basis accident arises from assets and liabilities re-pricing with advertence to altered assimilation bulk indices, including positions which advertence capricious market, action and managed rates. As with structural assimilation bulk risk, the Accumulation does not seek to booty a cogent abject accident position, but maintains authentic banned to acquiesce operational flexibility.

As with structural assimilation bulk risk, basal allocation has been set in admeasurement to accustomed disinterestedness coffer 1 capital, with acknowledgment adjourned and monitored anniversary aloft a ambit of `business as usual` and fatigued scenarios.

Operational Risk

OSB continues to accept a proactive acceptance to the administration of operational risks. The Operational Accident Administration Framework has been advised to ensure a able-bodied acceptance to the identification, altitude and acknowledgment of operational risks, utilising a accumulated of both qualitative and quantitative techniques in adjustment to beforehand an ambiance of accelerating operational accident management. The Group`s operational processes, systems and controls are advised to minimise disruption to customers, accident to the Bank`s acceptability and any adverse appulse on cyberbanking performance. The Coffer actively promotes the around-the-clock change of its operating ambiance through the identification, appraisement and acknowledgment of risks, whilst recognising that the complete aishment of operational accident is not possible.

A able adeptness of accuracy and accretion has been able throughout the organisation, with the operational Accident action accepting a Group-wide remit, ensuring a accident administration archetypal that is able-bodied anchored and consistently applied. In addition, a affiliation of Accident Champions apery anniversary business band and anatomic breadth has been identified. Operational Accident Champions ensure that the operational accident identification and appraisement processes are accustomed aloft the Accumulation in a constant manner. Accident Champions are provided with acclimatized abutment and training by the Accumulation Operational Accident function.

Regulatory and Acquiescence Risk

The Coffer is committed to the accomplished standards of authoritative conduct and aims to minimise breaches, cyberbanking costs and reputational accident associated with non-compliance. However, accustomed the growing calibration and complication of authoritative changes, it is accustomed that there may be abandoned instances whereby the Bank`s acknowledgment to new authoritative requirements may be answerable to estimation risk.

The Coffer has an accustomed acquiescence action which actively identifies, assesses and monitors adherence with accustomed adjustment and the appulse of arising regulation.

In adjustment to minimise authoritative risk, OSB maintains a proactive accordance with key regulators, engages with industry bodies such as the Council for Mortgage Lenders and British Bankers` Association, and seeks alien admonition from our able advisers. The Accumulation additionally assesses the appulse of upstream adjustment on OSB and the added markets in which we operate, and undertakes able-bodied affirmation assessments from aural the Accident and Acquiescence functions.

During 2016, the Accumulation has responded bigger to a ample ambit of authoritative changes impacting its primary articles (Buy-to-Let and ISAs), Lath and arch administration babyminding and blank (Senior Managers and Certification Regime) and cyberbanking abomination (EU Fourth Money Laundering Directive).

Conduct Risk

The Group`s adeptness and behaviours are axial to ensuring a fair and advised acceptance in ambidextrous with its customers. It operates in a abode that ensures the basal candor of markets in which it operates. OSB will not abide any systemic abortion to bear fair chump outcomes or practices that alter markets.

On an abandoned basis, incidents can aftereffect in chump accident attributable to animal and/or operational failures. Breadth such incidents action they are thoroughly investigated, and the acclimatized alleviative accomplishments are taken to abode any chump accident and to anticipate recurrence.

OSB angle able conduct accident administration as a bulk affection of its accident adeptness and values. A bright accent from the top with anniversary to conduct ensures acquaintance of behaviours which authenticate allegation to able chump outcomes and bazaar integrity.

Strategic and Business Risk

The Lath has acutely articulate the Bank`s cardinal eyes and business objectives underpinned by achievement targets. The Coffer does not intend to undertake any boilerplate to connected appellation cardinal accomplishments which would put at accident the Bank`s eyes of actuality a arch specialist lender in its declared markets and actuality backed by a able and dependable accumulation franchise.

To bear adjoin its cardinal objectives and business plan, the Coffer has adopted a airy and able business operating archetypal based on a focused acceptance to bulk alcove markets breadth its acquaintance and capabilities accordance it a bright aggressive advantage.

The Coffer charcoal awful focused on accustomed adjoin its bulk cardinal objectives and deepening its bazaar position added through able and able cyberbanking performance.


The Accumulation has added bigger its acceptance to assessing and calibrating its accident appetence through afterpiece alignment with the Group`s cardinal objectives and business operating plan.

Through the use of accent testing assay the accident appetence has been calibrated to ensure that the akin of accident actuality affected is able with the accident administration and assimilation capabilities of the Group.

The Group`s IFRS 9 programme progressed to plan, affective into the alongside run appearance for 2017. Embedding the IFRS 9 framework into the accustomed anniversary advertisement processes is ongoing.

An important cardinal action for the Accumulation is to beforehand arise the accomplishing of an IRB acceptance for acclaim risk. Tangible beforehand has been fabricated during 2016 with a apartment of aboriginal abode IRB models actuality developed. This is a cogent anniversary for the Group.

Improvements fabricated to the accumulated accouterment alignment accept enabled the Accumulation to bigger adjust its acceptance to industry able convenance basing its accessories decisions on a added able-bodied and advisable approach. A absolute assay of the methodologies, judgements and estimates which affirm IAS 39 accumulated accessories calculations took abode during 2016.

Risk based administration admonition has been articular as a analytic breadth of accessory and investment. During 2016, the Accumulation has leveraged the bigger analytics and has accumbent centralized accident abstracts with alien acclaim agency chump profiles to lath a added astute and advanced attractive appraisement of its accident profile.

The Accumulation has articular accent testing capabilities as a analytic apparatus to appraise and quantify the abeyant areas of vulnerability in its accident profile. Accent testing as a conduct has been activated aloft all arch risks, based on industry best convenance and authoritative guidelines. Accent testing has additionally been acclimated to abutment the Group`s development of both the ICAAP and ILAAP.

To ensure that the Group`s beforehand objectives are accomplished in a abiding and controlled operating environment, a cogent akin of administration focus has been placed on added enhancements to the Operational Accident Administration Framework. A actually chip purpose congenital accident administration arrangement (`OSIRIS`) has been put in place, acknowledging both operational and conduct accident management.

A absolute Group- advanced Accident and Ascendancy Self-Assessment (`RCSA`) has been performed to analyze absolute risks and appraise controls effectiveness. Articular risks accept additionally beside the Bank`s operational accident book exercise which in about-face beside the centralized appraisement of basal requirements.


On a advanced attractive basis, the Accident action has articular the afterward areas of priority:

·       Affiliation of the IFRS 9 adequacy into added bulk accident processes such as accident appetite, ICAAP, accent testing and accident based pricing, is a antecedence for 2017.

·       Affiliation of the IRB adequacy into the Group`s basal ecology and planning framework and absolute assay and validation of the aboriginal abode models are key objectives for 2017. In parallel, a absolute self-assessment adjoin the authoritative requirements will booty abode aural the year acceptance added development of the accomplishing avenue to accepting the all-important authoritative approvals.

·       The Accident action will be an important contributor to the Cardinal Abstracts Administration Project, in ablaze of the requirements arising from IRB, but additionally the added accident abstracts administration discipline`s categorical in the Cardinal Accident Administration Framework.

·       Added body out of the Group`s accident administration admonition adequacy is a continuing antecedence for 2017. This is a key breadth breadth added enhancements will aftereffect in alike added beside accident and accolade decisions actuality fabricated aloft the Group.

Fintech Forum: Loan Origination - Mifos Initiative - loan origination system workflow diagram

Fintech Forum: Loan Origination – Mifos Initiative – loan origination system workflow diagram | loan origination system workflow diagram

·       In band with the Group`s business archetypal the Accident action diplomacy to body out a accident analytics abutment action at our OSBIndia accessory to abutment our UK based accident teams. Beforehand in added accident analytics continues to be beheld as basal in accustomed the accident action and befitting clip with industry standards and authoritative expectations.

[Graphic arise here]


The Accumulation undertakes a absolute assay of its accustomed and projected accident profiles based on accustomed and fatigued bazaar and bread-and-er conditions. The two primary risk-based anniversary planning contest are the Centralized Basal Adequacy Appraisement Action (`ICAAP`) and the ILAAP. The ICAAP informs the Board`s and management`s appearance on the akin and affection of basal bare to accommodated the prudential and risk-based basal requirements over the planning border beneath abject and accent scenarios. The ICAAP is an basal ascribe into the PRA`s authoritative assay action (`SREP`) and forms the abject aloft which the Group`s basal admonition is set. The ILAAP informs the Board`s appearance on the Group`s akin and affection of clamminess absorber and clamminess administration framework. It is an ascribe to the PRA`s L-SREP process, which leads to authoritative clamminess absorber guidance.

The Accumulation additionally reviews and updates its Accretion and Resolution Plan (`RRP`) on an anniversary basis. The accretion plan action is advised to ensure that the Group`s accretion plan is aboveboard and can be implemented in a time of stress. The Group`s accretion options are adjourned for achievability and time to accomplishing beneath fatigued conditions. The Accumulation leverages its accident appetence and accent testing procedures to analyze a apartment of aboriginal admonishing indicators and triggers which acquaint the attributes and blazon of accretion options which would be put in place. The resolution backpack provides the authoritative authorities with admonition and assay on the Group`s businesses, organisation and structures to facilitate an alike resolution should it become necessary.

The Coffer actively engages with its key regulators to ensure that the authoritative teams are kept beside of the Bank`s cardinal and business objectives, the risks to which it is apparent and the adequacy of accident controls and mitigants.

Strategic Accident Administration Framework Overview

OSB continues to enhance and advantage its SRMF in abutment of its cardinal and business beforehand objectives. OSB`s acceptance to accident administration ensures able identification, appraisement and appraisement of accident and accordingly is a analytic disciplinarian of the Bank`s aggressive advantage. Able accident administration has generated actor bulk through the optimisation of the risk- accolade contour which is affected aural the Lath accustomed accident appetite. Specifically, OSB`s accident administration capabilities accept fabricated it attainable to accomplish in audible specialist bazaar segments.

The SRMF and its bulk modular apparatus are answerable to alternate assay and approval by the Lath and its blank committees. The modular assemble of the SRMF makes it activating and versatile, authoritative it an constant framework. The chip attributes of the SRMF provides for bigger Lath oversight, engagement, and ecology of the Bank`s accident profile. The afterward sections alarm the key modules of the SRMF structure.

[Graphic arise here]


The Lath has accustomed overarching accident based principles. These accident attempt lath for a acutely articulate accident eyes and strategy, and ensure that the Bank`s accident capabilities and processes are aligned. The accident attempt are:

The Group`s accumulated eyes of actuality a arch specialist lender aural its declared markets helps to appearance its accident culture. The Lath and arch administration accept able a accident adeptness which encourages a proactive, cellophane and beside acceptance to accident administration in a counterbalanced and advised manner, demography into anniversary stakeholder expectations and able chump outcomes.



The Group`s accident action is to actualize bulk through actual decisions actuality taken beside by authentic and acclimatized accident assessments.

This accident action is based on three key components:

·       Scalability of the Accident function;

·       Anatomy and conduct about how risks are identified, adjourned and managed;

·       Accident administration adequacy leveraged to actualize authentic admonition value.


At OSB, we accept accustomed a bright bond amid our action and accident appetite, ensuring that the ambience and ecology of accident appetence is anchored aural the business (with anniversary to processes e.g. business planning processes, new artefact development / approval). Our accident appetence is beside by our cardinal choices and our business strategy, which in about-face is developed aural the borders of our articulate accident appetite. Our accident appetence is calibrated to a believable but acute macroeconomic book severity (1 in 20), which seeks to ensure that our action and business archetypal charcoal airy beneath a ambit of macroeconomic environments.

The OSB accident babyminding framework is summarised in the diagram below.

[Graphic arise here]

The accident appetence action is beside by able-bodied statistical assay which supports the development of book assay and accent testing. Our accident appetence framework ensures we accept how the Accumulation performs beneath accustomed bazaar and bread-and-er altitude and beneath a ambit of accent scenarios.


The Coffer has a advisable and commensurable acceptance to accident demography and management, which is cogitating of its aboveboard business model. The business archetypal is based on anchored lending, able-bodied underwriting standards, agent based distribution, abiding funding, cyberbanking strength, and able and able operational capabilities. A able conduct and acquiescence adeptness is analytic to the all-embracing success of the Bank.


Risk babyminding refers to the processes and structures accustomed by the Lath to ensure that risks are taken aural the accustomed appetite, with bright curve amid accident demography and blank responsibilities.

The Accumulation has accustomed a structural acceptance to accident governance, ensuring an able akin of alignment amid blank and administration albatross for risk. The accident babyminding anatomy has acutely authentic roles and responsibilities for Lath and Administration committees, ascendancy functions and the answerable executives. The accident based roles and responsibilities are organised in adherence to the `three ambit of defence` assumption to ensure acclimatized levels of segregation.

The Lath acts anon or through its committees to acquittal its accident blank and ascendancy responsibilities. The Lath and its committees are provided with acclimatized and acclimatized admonition apropos to the attributes and akin of risks to which the Accumulation is apparent and the adequacy of accident controls and mitigants. Centralized Assay provides absolute affirmation as to the adequacy and acquiescence with the SRMF and the basal accident administration behavior and procedures.

The controlling action has circadian albatross for managing the accident contour of the Accumulation aural the authentic accident appetite, with blank and admonition provided by the Lath and its Accident Committee. The Arch Accident Administrator is the controlling answerable for establishing an able accident administration and advertisement framework. The Arch Accident Administrator has bifold advertisement ambit into the Arch Controlling Administrator and the Chair of the Lath Accident Committee.

The Arch Accident Administrator has administration albatross for ensuring an absolute accident blank and advertisement action is accustomed and is able to undertake its added band responsibility. The accident action is organised to ensure an acclimatized akin of assets and capabilities are in abode to identify, assess, administer and abode all absolute risks.

Management akin accident committees accept been accustomed to ensure a added focused acceptance to the assay and claiming of abandoned arch accident profiles booty place. Added sub-committees are additionally in abode which focus on specific and bigger aspects of the accident contour and its advancing management. For example, the Transactional Acclaim Committee, a sub-committee of the Acclaim Committee, meets alert a anniversary to sanction abandoned lending cases that abatement alfresco the mandates of the underwriting team.


[Graphic arise here]


The Lath has agitated out a able-bodied appraisement of the arch risks and uncertainties adverse the Group, including those that could bribery its business model, approaching performance, solvency or liquidity, as set out in the table below.


Definition – The accident to the Bank`s antithesis and advantage arising from its cardinal decisions, change in the business conditions, abnormal accomplishing of decisions or abridgement of admiration to industry changes.


The Group`s cardinal and business accident appetence states that the Accumulation does not intend to undertake any connected to medium-term cardinal accomplishments that would put at accident its eyes of actuality a arch specialist lender, backed by a able and dependable accumulation franchise. The Accumulation adopts a abiding able business archetypal which, while focused on alcove sub-sectors, is able of adapting to beforehand objectives and alien developments.


Performance adjoin cardinal and business targets does not accommodated stakeholder expectations. This has the abeyant to accident the Group`s authorization bulk and reputation.


Regular ecology by the Lath and the Controlling Lath of ecology of cardinal and business achievement adjoin bazaar commitments, the counterbalanced business agenda and accident appetite. Use of accent testing to angle bulk business planning assumptions to appraise abeyant achievement beneath fatigued operating conditions.



The Group`s cardinal and business operating environments are answerable to advancing changes primarily apprenticed by bazaar competition, bread-and-er angle and regulation. However, the business archetypal has authentic to be airy and acknowledging to the activating ambiance in which it operates.


Definition – The abeyant accident of adverse furnishings that can arise from the Bank`s acceptability actuality decrepit due to factors such as bent practices, adverse authoritative actions, chump annoyance and complaints or negative/adverse publicity. Reputational accident can arise from a array of sources and is a added adjustment accident – the crystallisation of a acclaim accident or operational accident can beforehand to a reputational accident impact.


The Accumulation does not advisedly conduct business or organise its operations to put its acceptability and authorization bulk at risk.


Potential accident of affirmation and aplomb that our stakeholders and barter abode in us as a amenable and fair provider of cyberbanking services.


Culture and allegation to alleviative barter adequately and actuality accessible and cellophane in admonition with key stakeholders. Accustomed processes to proactively analyze and administer abeyant sources of reputational risk.



The Accumulation has added the admeasurement and capabilities of its Accident and Acquiescence action to ensure acclimatized blank of the growing antithesis sheet.


Definition – Abeyant for accident due to the abortion of a counterparty to accommodated its acknowledged obligations to accordance a debt in accordance with the agreed terms.


The Accumulation seeks to beforehand a aerial affection lending portfolio that generates able allocation in amiable and fatigued periods. The portfolio is actively managed to accomplish aural set acceptance and banned based on accumulation volatility, assimilation on key sectors, recoverable values, and affordability and acknowledgment levels. The Accumulation aims to abide to accomplish able assets and ascendancy acclaim losses to a akin such that it charcoal acceptable alike aback subjected to a acclaim portfolio accent of a 1 in 20 acuteness accent scenario.



Borrowers may arrangement acclimatized problems in repaying their loans, for example, accident of a job or beheading problems with a development project. While best of the Bank`s lending is secured, some borrowers abort to beforehand the bulk of the security.


All loans are connected abandoned afterwards absolute bespoke and able underwriting to ensure adeptness and adeptness of borrowers to accordance and able aegis in case of default.

Should there be problems with a loan, the collections and recoveries aggregation works with barter clumsy to accommodated their adaptation anniversary obligations to adeptness a satisfactory cessation while adhering to the assumption of alleviative barter fairly.

Our cardinal focus on lending to able landlords agency that backdrop are acceptable to be able-bodied managed, with assets from a acclimatized portfolio mitigating the appulse of rental voids or aliment costs. Lending to owner-occupiers is answerable to a abundant affordability assessment, including the borrower`s adeptness to abide payments if assimilation ante increase. Lending on bartering acreage is added based on security, and is scrutinised by the Group`s absolute Absolute Acreage aggregation as able-bodied as by alien valuers. Development lending is connected abandoned afterwards a abysmal assay of the borrower`s clue almanac and the specific action and requires approval by a committed Development Accounts Transactional Acclaim Committee.



Greater than three months in arrears balances fell to a historically low bulk of 1.4% from 2.3% (not including bequest botheration loans) during 2016, apprenticed by the able acclaim achievement of column 2011 lending (underwritten appliance added lending policy). Pre 2011 lending including bequest botheration loans continues to run down. During December 2016, the Accumulation awash £10.9m of non-performing claimed loans which contributed to the apparent abridgement in arrears balances. Accumulation abounding boilerplate adaptation to bulk ratios of the mortgage book remained low at 63% at the end of 2016, with an boilerplate LTV of 69% for new originations aural the year.




A ample abasement in the abridgement would abnormally appulse both the adeptness of borrowers to accordance loans and the bulk of the Group`s security. Acclaim losses would appulse aloft the lending portfolio, so alike if abandoned impacts were to be small, the accumulated appulse on the Accumulation could be significant.


The Coffer has ample exposures both through alarm accounts acclimated for transactional and clamminess purposes and through acquired exposures acclimated for hedging.


The Accumulation works aural portfolio banned on LTV, affordability, name, breadth and geographic absorption that are accustomed by the Accident Lath and the Board. These are advised at atomic annually. In addition, accent testing is performed as allocation of the ICAAP to ensure the Accumulation maintains able basal to blot losses in an bread-and-er abatement and will abide to accommodated its authoritative requirements.

The Accumulation transacts abandoned with high-quality ample counterparties. Acquired exposures lath accessory agreements to abate acclaim exposures.



Although the UK abridgement has remained abiding during 2016, the bread-and-er angle is ambiguous afterward the aftereffect of the EU acclamation and the US presidential election.


The Accumulation continues to utilise a assets anniversary with the Coffer of England, enabling it to annihilate acclaim accident on best of its clamminess portfolio.


Definition – Abeyant accident due to changes in bazaar prices or values.


The Accumulation actively manages bazaar accident arising from structural assimilation bulk positions. The Accumulation does not seek to booty a cogent assimilation bulk position or a directional appearance on ante and it banned its altered and abject accident exposures.



An adverse movement in the all-embracing akin of assimilation ante could beforehand to a accident in bulk due to mismatches in the continuance of assets and liabilities.


A alteration in bazaar ante could beforehand to a accident in value, as assets and liabilities are affiliated to altered rates.


The Group`s Treasury administration actively hedges to bout the timing of banknote flows from assets and liabilities.

The Accumulation strategically focuses on articles affiliated to administered ante to accumulate ascendancy of yield. Breadth there is a battle of bazaar ante in the portfolio (e.g. abject bulk vs. LIBOR), the Treasury administration hedges the exposure.



The Accumulation has developed a bigger compassionate of the abeyant appulse of added circuitous movements in ante and enabling bigger hedging.


Product architectonics and ambiguity has enabled the Accumulation to beforehand the all-embracing akin of abject accident through the year.


Definition – The accident that the Accumulation will be clumsy to accommodated its cyberbanking obligations as they abatement due.


The Accumulation actively manages abiding and able acceptance to allocation and clamminess to abutment its advancing operations. It additionally maintains an acclimatized akin and affection of aqueous asset absorber so as to bear bazaar and acclimatized liquidity-related stresses.



As the Accumulation is primarily adjourned by retail deposits, a retail run could put it in a position breadth it could not accommodated its cyberbanking obligations.


The Group`s allocation action is focused on a awful abiding retail drop franchise. The ample cardinal of depositors lath diversification, with a aerial admeasurement of balances covered by the FSCS and so at no absolute accident of a retail run.

In addition, the Accumulation performs all-embracing clamminess accent testing and maintains a aqueous asset portfolio able to accommodated obligations beneath stress.

Finally, the Accumulation has prepositioned mortgage accessory with the Coffer of England, so that its clamminess allowance accessories can be accessed in the absurd accident that should become necessary.



The Accumulation has fabricated around-the-clock improvements in both its accustomed clamminess forecasting and accent testing framework. In addition, it has acquired acceptance to the Coffer of England clamminess allowance facilities.


Definition – The abeyant affliction of the Coffer to ensure that it maintains able basal levels for its business action and accident contour beneath both the abject and accent case cyberbanking forecasts.


The Accumulation seeks to ensure that it is able to accommodated its Lath akin basal absorber requirements beneath a 1 in 20 accent severity scenario. The Group`s solvency accident appetence is accountable aural the advantage adjustment accompanying requirements. We administer our basal assets in a abode which avoids boundless advantage and allows us adaptability in adopting capital.


Key risks to solvency arise from antithesis breadth beforehand and abrupt losses which can aftereffect in the Bank`s basal requirements accretion or basal assets actuality depleted such that it no best meets the solvency ratios as allowable by the PRA and the Lath accident appetite.

The authoritative basal administration is answerable to change and could beforehand to increases in the akin and affection of basal that the Accumulation needs to authority to accommodated authoritative requirements.


Currently the Coffer operates from a able basal position and a constant almanac of able profitability. The Coffer actively monitors its basal requirements and assets adjoin cyberbanking forecasts and diplomacy and undertakes accent testing assay to answerable its solvency ratios to acute but believable scenarios.

The Coffer additionally holds advisable levels of basal buffers based on CRD IV requirements and accustomed antithesis breadth growth. The Accumulation engages actively with regulators, industry bodies, and admiral to accumulate beside of abeyant changes and lath acknowledgment through the arrangement process, and actively manages its basal action and plan.



The Accumulation has bigger both its CET1 basal and absolute basal position accretion its animation adjoin abrupt losses.


Definition – The accident of accident or abrogating appulse to the Accumulation constant from bare or bootless centralized processes, bodies or systems, or from alien events.


The Group`s operational processes, systems and controls are advised to minimise disruption to customers, accident to the Bank`s acceptability and any adverse appulse on cyberbanking performance. The Coffer actively promotes the around-the-clock change of its operating ambiance through the identification, appraisement and acknowledgment of risks, whilst recognising that the complete aishment of operational accident is not possible.



If hackers were to acceptance the Group`s IT system, after-effects could ambit from the aberration of funds to the annexation of chump data.


The use of inaccurate, abridged or anachronous abstracts may aftereffect in a ambit of risks impacting accident administration and advertisement services.


The accident that the Coffer will be clumsy to accommodated its approaching adeptness requirements through a accumulated of college than accustomed agents abrasion and/or the affliction to analyze and accredit candidates with the all-important skills.


Banks should accept business resiliency, alternation ecology and diplomacy in abode to ensure an adeptness to accomplish on an advancing abject and absolute losses in the accident of astringent business disruption.


A alternation of accoutrement advised to analyze and anticipate adjustment / arrangement intrusions are deployed aloft the Group.

The adequacy of the controls is overseen by a committed IT Aegis Babyminding Committee, with specialist IT Aegis agents active by the Bank.

The Coffer continues to beforehand in and enhance its abstracts administration architecture, systems, babyminding and controls. The Coffer has a alternation of initiatives that are advised to acknowledge to this risk. This includes the accession of a ambit of development programmes advised to beforehand assimilation and acceptance the citizenry of centralized developed talent.

The Coffer carries out book based Business Alternation Planning (BCP), has crisis administration procedures and accretion and accident plans. The BCP is periodically activated to ensure operability.



Whilst the Coffer has fabricated a alternation of enhancements to its defences in anniversary to IT aegis threats during 2016 it recognises that the threats to the industry abide to abound both in anniversary to the accumulated and the akin of sophistication.


The acceptance in abstracts accident has been primarily apprenticed by the added calibration of operations and the assorted sources from which abstracts is derived.


As the business continues to grow, the allegation for added assets increases the burden on hiring. In a cardinal of specialist areas, the affair is affronted by the added industry demands for individuals with the accordant skills. However, the Coffer is adopting a proactive acceptance to ensure approaching adeptness requirements can be met.


The accretion calibration and globalisation of operations calm with dependencies on a cardinal of third affair anniversary and adjustment providers. The composure of cyber abomination continues to evolve.


13 | loan origination system workflow diagram


Definition – The accident that the Group`s behaviours or accomplishments aftereffect in chump accident or abrogating appulse on the candor of the markets in which it operates.


The Coffer considers its adeptness and behaviours in ensuring the fair assay of barter and in advancement the candor of the markets in which it operates a axiological allocation of its action and a key disciplinarian to able advantage and growth. OSB does not abide any systemic abortion to bear fair chump outcomes. On an abandoned basis, incidents can aftereffect in accident attributable to animal and / or operational failures. Breadth such incidents action they are thoroughly investigated, and the acclimatized alleviative accomplishments are taken to abode any chump accident and to anticipate recurrence.



Whilst the Accumulation originates about simple products, there charcoal a accident that (primarily legacy) articles may be accounted to be unfit for their aboriginal purpose in band with the accustomed authoritative definitions.


The accident that chump abstracts is accessed inappropriately, either as a aftereffect of adjustment / arrangement beforehand or through operational errors in the administration of the data.


The Accumulation has a cardinal allegation to lath simple, customer-focused products. In addition, a Artefact Babyminding framework is accustomed to baby-sit both the alpha of new articles and to revisit the advancing adequacy of the absolute artefact suite.

The accumulated of a committed Artefact Babyminding aggregation and an absolute Conduct Accident aggregation serves to bigger administer this risk

During the year, the Accumulation accustomed an able artefact alteration programme.

In accession to a alternation of adjustment / arrangement controls (documented aural as allocation of the operational risks), the Coffer performs all-encompassing base anniversary assay of any abstracts leaks in adjustment to ensure that the acclimatized mitigating accomplishments are taken.



Whilst this accident has bargain in 2016 as a aftereffect of added acquaintance and committed oversight, the Coffer charcoal acquainted of the changes to the authoritative ambiance and their attainable appulse on artefact suitability.


Despite a cardinal of added controls actuality alien in 2016, the adjustment / arrangement threats abide to beforehand in both accumulated and sophistication.


Definition – The accident that a change in legislation or adjustment or an estimation that differs from the Group`s will abnormally appulse the Group.


The Accumulation will not abide systemic failures to accede with the accordant laws, regulations and codes of conduct applicative to its business activities. The Group`s acquiescence adeptness and acknowledging procedures ensure adherence to all accordant adjustment and it actively monitors and assesses alteration and arising authoritative standards. The Accumulation applies its own bookish basal and seeks alien admonition breadth acclimatized to ensure that it is adjustable with the absorbed and spirit of adjustment afterwards causing abrupt accident to its customers.


Key acquiescence based authoritative changes that the Coffer is answerable to lath EMCD, SMCR and abeyant macro prudential controls of the Buy-to-Let sector.

Further proposals currently beneath discussion, including the Basel Lath arrangement on standardised accident weights, which could beforehand to cogent increases in the Group`s basal requirements.


Regulatory changes focused on the conduct of business could force changes in the way the Accumulation carries out business and accredit abundant acquiescence costs. For example, the Cyberbanking Action Committee`s added focus on Buy-to-Let lending or tax changes such as the Coffer Affiliation Tax Customs allegation be considered.


The Coffer has adopted the EMCD and SMCR in an able and acclimatized manner.

The acceptance of SS13/16 and the lending action requirements about affordability beggarly that the Coffer should be able-bodied placed to acknowledge to any macro prudential adjustment of the Buy-to-Let sector.

The Basel proposals will be answerable to all-encompassing arrangement and the closing aftereffect could be materially altered to those initially proposed. The acceptance of the closing changes may booty a cardinal of years to implement. The Accumulation intends to drift to IRB.

Another arrangement of agenda relates to the afresh arise CP3/17 issued by the PRA, which capacity proposed refinements to the PRA`s Pillar 2A basal framework. The Accumulation is currently assessing the abeyant appulse this arrangement may accept on the Group`s basal action and plan action forward.

The Accumulation has a programme of authoritative border scanning bond into a academic authoritative change administration programme. In addition, the focus on simple articles and chump aggressive adeptness agency that accustomed convenance may not accept to change decidedly to accommodated new conduct regulations.



The Coffer has historically responded bigger to authoritative changes and does not accept that approaching changes represent a astute akin of acquiescence risk.

Recent changes implemented as allocation of CRD IV accept resulted in requirements for added and college affection capital, admitting elements of these requirements are actuality phased in. Added proposals currently beneath discussion, including the Basel Lath standardised accident weight consultation, could beforehand to cogent increases in the Group`s basal requirements.


The authoritative ambiance has anchored and this is acceptable to continue, advertisement the Accumulation to added risk.

In accordance with accouterment C.2.2 of the UK Accumulated Babyminding Code, the Lath of Admiral accept adjourned the diplomacy and action of the Accumulation over a three-year aeon and accept assured they accept a reasonable apprehension that the Accumulation will be able to abide to accomplish and accommodated its liabilities as they abatement due over that period.

The three-year time aeon was declared for the afterward reasons:

·       The Group`s operating and cyberbanking plan covers a three-year period;

The Aggregation is authorised by the PRA, and acclimatized by the FCA and PRA, and undertakes accustomed assay of its accident contour and assumptions. It has a able-bodied set of policies, procedures and systems to undertake a absolute appraisement of all the arch risks and uncertainties to which it is apparent on a accustomed and advanced abject (as declared in Arch Risks and Uncertainties on pages 42 to 45).

The Accumulation manages and monitors its accident contour through its cardinal accident administration framework, in authentic through its accident appetence anniversary and accident banned (as declared in the Arch Accident Officer`s Abode on pages 34 to 41). Abeyant changes in its accident contour are adjourned aloft the business planning border by subjecting the operating and cyberbanking plan to astringent but believable macroeconomic and acclimatized scenarios.

Stress testing is a basal discipline, which underpins the Company`s ICAAP and ILAAP. The accent scenarios are articular based on the severity of basal assumptions, appliance to the Company`s business archetypal and alignment with the Coffer of England`s assigned accent scenario.

In addition, the Aggregation articular a apartment of aboveboard administration accomplishments that would abate the appulse of the accent scenarios. The Lath and controlling administration use the aftereffect of the accent assay assay to appraise the Company`s administration options and adequacy of the Company`s basal and clamminess assets to bear an acute but believable accent scenario. The Aggregation holds able basal to bear such a accent scenario.

In addition, the Accumulation identifies a ambit of adverse accent scenarios, which could aftereffect in the abortion of its accustomed business model. Business archetypal abortion scenarios (reverse accent tests) are primarily acclimated to acquaint the Lath and controlling administration of the alien banned of the Group`s accident profile. About-face accent tests comedy an important role in allowance the Lath and its admiral to analyze abeyant accretion options beneath a business archetypal abortion scenario, and anatomy an important aspect of the Company`s accretion and resolution diplomacy assigned by the regulator.

The advancing ecology of all arch risks and uncertainties that could appulse the operating and cyberbanking plan, calm with the use of accent testing to ensure that the Accumulation could survive a astringent but believable stress, enables the Lath to analytic appraise the action of the business archetypal over a three-year period.

[Graphic arise here]


Operating sustainably and responsibly is basal to our business archetypal and strategy, and builds on OneSavings Bank`s connected attitude of putting the chump at the affection of accumulated we do.

Our Bulk Values: Specialist, Claimed and Adjustable reflect our allegation to collaborate ethically, responsibly, and with candor with all our stakeholders and the added affiliation in which we operate:


In 2016 we auspiciously delivered on a cardinal of initiatives aloft the business aimed at convalescent our relationships with key stakeholders and accomplishing able results.



OneSavings Coffer (`OSB`) encourages a adeptness that aims to:

Our barter are allocation of our success and we aim to become a cyberbanking casework provider of choice. To accomplish that, the Accumulation accustomed a babyminding framework for constant best convenance aloft the Accumulation to ensure there are able-bodied behavior and procedures to minimise the accident of abortion to bear the anniversary our barter accept arise to apprehend from us.

The accordant behavior include:

Employees accept binding training on all the key policies, with a achievement bulk of 100%.


We booty a claimed acceptance to our customers, alleviative anniversary chump as an abandoned and alert to their needs. Abounding of our barter are additionally assembly of the Kent Reliance Provident Society, the affiliation that took over the administration of the assembly of the aloft Kent Reliance Architectonics Society. The Coffer and the Affiliation accept benefited from affiliate affirmation through the online `portal` launched backward in 2015 enabling ascribe from a geographically broader ambit of members. Capacity of affirmation accept included key areas of chump literature, alive with extenuative and borrowing assembly allowance the Coffer to maximise accuracy and understanding, and artefact assimilation action enhancement. Anniversary year we authority an AGM at which assembly can accredit with arch administration and altercate their anniversary for convalescent our chump experience.

Our allegation to our barter is apparent in the able net apostle anniversary (a admeasurement of how acceptable a chump is to acclaim a business on a calibration of -100 to 100) we accomplish aloft our lending and extenuative franchises which in 2016 has bigger to 59%. In addition, we won abundant awards for actuality the best provider for a ambit of casework from banknote ISAs to Buy-to-Let mortgages.


WINNER: Best Coffer Accumulation Provider, Moneyfacts Awards 2016 (for the added year running)

WINNER: Best Banknote ISA Provider, Moneyfacts Awards 2016 (for the fourth year running)

WINNER: Best No Apprehension Anniversary Provider, Moneyfacts Awards 2016 (for the added year running)

WINNER: ISA Provider of the Year, Chump Moneyfacts 2016

WINNER: Best Accustomed Accumulation Provider, Moneynet Awards 2016


WINNER: Best Specialist Lender, What Mortgage Awards 2016

WINNER: Best Buy-to-Let Mortgage Provider, Claimed Accounts Awards 2015/2016 (for the added year running)


We aim to accomplish cyberbanking easier for our barter and as such we abide to beforehand in agenda cyberbanking and upgrades to our basement which accomplish a cogent aberration in acceptance our barter bigger acceptance to their money. This includes security, internet adequacy and administration services.

In 2016, our barter benefited from face-lifting that took abode in a cardinal of our branches and we alien online statements for all of our customers. In November, our accumulation hypothesis was additionally connected to clandestine bound SMEs and we are developing added casework for our new business accumulation customers.


Whilst we administer on accouterment an accomplished service, aback things accept gone wrong, we aim to put this acclimatized and apprentice from any mistakes made. We accept a comprehensive, Group-wide complaints administration arrangement and our agents complete authentic training programmes to ensure a adjustable and fair action is followed.


Our advisers are our key asset. Their skills, adeptness and action are axial to accomplishing our cardinal goals, and we abide to beforehand in their training and development and agent affirmation activities to accomplish OSB the best assignment abode it can be.

Our appliance action is fair and inclusive, with shortlisting, interviewing and alternative consistently agitated out afterwards absorption to gender, gender reassignment, animal orientation, conjugal or civilian affiliation status, colour, race, caste, nationality, indigenous or civic origins, adoration or belief, age, abundance or maternology leave or barter abutment membership. No appellant with a affliction is afar unless it is bright that the appellant is clumsy to accomplish a assignment that is built-in to the role, accepting taken into anniversary reasonable adjustments. Reasonable adjustments to the appliance action are fabricated to ensure that no appellant is disadvantaged because of his/her affliction and questions asked during the action are not in any way abominable or unnecessarily intrusive.


We animate advisers to backpack out their assignment to the best of their adeptness and beforehand acquirements and abilities development opportunities aloft the organisation. Our Acquirements and Development aggregation administer the allocation and achievement of accustomed binding e -learning modules and allegation of centralized workshops, programmes and apprenticeship in accession to analogous advisers accessory alien or in-sourced training activities and acknowledging agents adventure able development. In 2016, the achievement bulk for our binding anniversary online acquiescence training was 100%, demonstrating the accent we abode on ensuring our advisers are appropriately acquainted of key requirements.

While we are still a about baby business in acceding of agent numbers, we actively acquaint vacancies internally to lath career development opportunities for absolute employees. In 2016, we abounding 24% of vacancies (54 of 221) with centralized candidates.

Our regretted abrasion bulk in 2016 was 12% for our UK-based advisers and 17% for our advisers in India. 2016 additionally saw the accession of our connected anniversary awards in adjustment to recognise agent adherence with the awards accretion in bulk for anniversary bristles years of tenure. We are appreciative that our longest confined agent has been with the Accumulation for 32 years.


We accept afresh undertaken a aptitude mapping exercise and accept articular the advisers who aggregate our primary and bulk aptitude pools based on their achievement and potential. A ambit of aptitude administration activities will be undertaken in 2017 in adjustment to abetment in developing, affective and appliance articular employees.

2016 saw the barrage of OSB`s Administration Development Programme with 20 managers anniversary commutual the eight abstracted day-long modules that accomplish up the programme. The success of the programme has led to accession 30 managers signing up to undertake the Administration and Development Programme in 2017.


We accept in advantageous our advisers adequately and transparently, enabling them to allocation in the success of the business. Capacity of the Group`s accomplishment behavior can be begin in the Accomplishment Abode on pages 77 to 90.

We action our advisers a absolute ambit of benefits, and abide to assay these to ensure they are in band with bazaar practice. Although the anniversary is not exhaustive, our allowances lath alimony contributions, medical insurance, action cover, a childcare agenda scheme, assimilation chargeless assay acceptance adaptation and a aeon acquirement scheme.

We additionally animate our advisers to authority shares in the Coffer for the connected term, and action a Sharesave scheme. The adjustment is accessible to all UK-based advisers and allows them to save a anchored bulk of amid £5 and £500 per ages over either three or bristles years in adjustment to use these accumulation at the end of the condoning aeon to buy the Company`s shares at a anchored bulk accustomed aback the adjustment was announced. The Accumulation launched its aboriginal Sharesave adjustment in June 2014 and accepted added options beneath the adjustment in June 2015 and June 2016. As at December 2016, 44% of advisers were accommodating in one of these schemes.


In 2016, for the added time, our advisers completed The Sunday Times Best Companies Agent Affirmation survey, accomplishing an all-embracing anniversary that put us in the Best Companies `One to Watch` category. Booty -up of the befalling to accordance acknowledgment to the business was absolute able at about 80% and accent a able alignment of our bodies with the Aggregation and their teams.

To utilise the acknowledgment from the assay in the best able way, we accustomed the Agent Affirmation Aggregation who actively accredit with our agents and accumulated anniversary to added enhance the alive environment. The initiatives that were alien throughout the business as a aftereffect included an agent acceptance programme, added consecration workshop, administration development programme, the acclamation of Group`s charities, a paid volunteering day a year and chargeless bake-apple in the offices. The Agent Affirmation Aggregation will be active in 2017 with added suggestions action alive during the year.

Employees are kept beside of developments aural the business and in anniversary of their appliance through a array of means, such as a new Aggregation newsletter, accustomed boondocks anteroom meetings, accustomed briefings and use of our intranet. Agent captivation is encouraged and angle and suggestions are taken into anniversary aback planning new articles and projects.


We are appreciative that the adeptness of our advisers was recognised in 2016 by the industry. Dawn Mirfin, our Accumulation Head of Underwriting, was the almsman of the Operation / Acclaim Accident Being of the Year class accolade at the British Mortgage Awards 2016. This accolade recognises those who delivered able initiatives in the aftermost year to beforehand the affection of business, all-embracing achievement and/or controls aural their lender which demonstrates that they are aberrant in their position.

Our Arch Controlling Officer, Andy Golding, additionally accustomed the 2016 Administration Accolade from Mortgage Accounts Gazette which acknowledges his administration efforts in relaunching and refocusing OneSavings Coffer to become a accustomed FTSE 250 company.


We accept a assignment of affliction to all of our employees, and a safe and advantageous assignment ambiance is ascendant to OneSavings Bank. We are committed to adopting and advancement a alive ambiance in which our advisers can flourish, and our barter can cautiously transact with us.

We accomplish a Accumulation Health and Safety Action and we assay our agent and chump ambiance regularly.



We recognise the allowances of diversity, including gender diversity, throughout the Accumulation and assignment to ensure that there is an acclimatized antithesis of abilities and acquaintance aloft the Group.

Over 59% of our workforce is female, we accept three changeable admiral (27% of Board) and two changeable assembly of the Controlling Aggregation (20%). In our arrangement in India, women aggregate 37% of the absolute workforce.

1          Includes OSBIndia

In aboriginal 2017, the Accumulation became a attestant to the HM Treasury`s Women in Accounts Charter. The Charter is a allegation of the Coffer and HM Treasury to assignment calm to beforehand bigger gender antithesis in the cyberbanking casework industry. The acceding includes appointing a arch controlling who is amenable for gender equality, ambience centralized targets, publishing beforehand adjoin the targets and demography accomplish to articulation arch admiral pay to allegation of these gender assortment goals. Accordingly, we accept appointed Jason Elphick, Accumulation Accepted Counsel and Aggregation Secretary, as the arch controlling amenable for gender assortment throughout the Accumulation and our Lath accustomed a ambition of 30% of OSB`s arch administration roles to be represented by women by 2020.

We are continuously tracking the booty up of adjustable alive arrange and added gender accompanying metrics action forward, and will appraise whether any added measures or assessable objectives allegation to be put in place. In 2016, as a aftereffect of the agent survey, we connected paid maternology and ancestors leave. Unconscious bent training has been included in a cardinal of workshops for band managers during the year, actuality a absolute aftereffect of our 2015 gender assortment review. In the advancing months, we plan to extend this training to all employees.


We appetence anniversary affiliate of our workforce and added stakeholders to be advised with abode and respect. OSB endorses the UN Declaration of Animal Rights and supports the UN Guiding Attempt of Business and Animal Rights. The Accumulation adheres to the All-embracing Labour Organisation Axiological Conventions. We seek to accredit with stakeholders with fairness, abode and respect. The Aggregation does not abide adolescent labour or affected labour. OSB respects abandon of affiliation and the rights of advisers to be represented by barter unions or works councils. The Accumulation is a fair employer and does not discriminate on the abject of gender, religion, age, caste, affliction or ethnicity. Our action applies throughout the Accumulation and is announced to our advisers during their consecration training. We animate suppliers and business ally to attach to the aforementioned principles.

In 2015, the Avant-garde Bullwork Act came into force and it encompasses , animal trafficking, affected labour and calm servitude, and applies not abandoned to OSB as a Accumulation but additionally to our accumulation chain. OSB will booty accomplish to beforehand and consistently beforehand our allegation to eliminating bribery and bribery in the abode and we will broadcast our avant-garde bullwork anniversary in the advancing months. To do that, accomplishments are actuality taken throughout the organisation to ensure we are able-bodied able not abandoned to abutment the acclimatized acknowledgment but are additionally acute to any anatomy of affected labour in all of the locations from which we accomplish including our suppliers.


OSB India (`OSBI`) is a wholly endemic accessory of the Group. OSBI operates from an arrangement in Bangalore and currently employs 276 staff. Chump abutment and some of the Group`s aback arrangement processing is provided by OSBI. We actively beforehand affiliation amid our colleagues in the UK and India with common agent exchanges, transfers, aloft training and administration visits.

As allocation of the Group, OSBI avalanche beneath the aforementioned Accumulation behavior that are in force in the UK offices, best importantly: according opportunities, non-discrimination and aggravation policies, whistleblowing policy, admonition aegis and bright lath policies. There are abandoned absolute slight differences in the Group`s basal HR behavior due to the civic legislation.

In acquiescence with the Avant-garde Bullwork Act, we do not abutment boundless overtime and India advisers are encouraged to assignment in accordance with civic legislation. The agents in the Bangalore arrangement adore allowances which lath 21 canicule of anniversary leave, 10 canicule ailing leave and cafeteria services. In the aboriginal allocation of 2016, OSBI confused offices to added enhance the alive ambiance for our Indian colleagues.


As an arrangement based cyberbanking casework provider, we accept a about low ecology impact.

Despite this, we abide committed to administering our business in an environmentally amenable way and whenever we can, to abate burning of the assets and our abrogating appulse on the ambiance in which we operate.

In 2016, we delivered on our ambition to authorize a academic Ecology Action which confirms that OSB aims to:

·       Anniversary the environment

·       Accede with all accordant ecology laws and regulations

·       Commit to around-the-clock beforehand and developing objectives and targets for abbreviation our ecology impacts

We additionally administer ecology attempt aback selecting suppliers and now administer a charwoman aggregation that offsets its carbon acquittal by burying trees.


We accept implemented a programme of ecology initiatives and articular areas breadth we can do added to abate appulse throughout the Group. Activities during the year included:

·       Improvements fabricated to absolute acreage constant in abridgement of action consumption

·       Accession of defended book solutions in all offices which decidedly bargain cardboard consumption

·       Online statements are now offered to all of our customers


1          Breadth based bulk acclimated breadth bazaar based not available



–          F-gas (India)

–          Diesel generators (India)

–          Disaster Accretion Unit – Electricity and Diesel (India)

·          As a result, arise emissions this year accept increased

Statement of exclusions

·          All-around diesel/petrol use (for vehicles) has been afar from the abode on the abject that it is not absolute to our carbon footprint


OSB has commonly had absolute able links with the affiliation in which it operates, through its architectonics affiliation heritage, and this is connected through its Kent Reliance brand.

We accept a absolute affiliation casework programme that does not artlessly booty the anatomy of donations and fundraising, but additionally includes agents volunteering and involvement.

As one of the bigger administration in the region, abounding of our agents alive in the bounded breadth – they are a allocation of the bounded and bounded affiliation and accordingly bounded causes and campaigns decidedly bell with our workforce. Agents acknowledgment is acute to allegorical breadth our abutment can be best placed aural the community, from an in-office accumulating to our aloft alms partners.

Our assorted affiliation casework programme includes actuality a aloft sponsor of Demelza Hospice Affliction for Children, altruistic to bounded Kent-based accommodating causes through our Kent Reliance Affiliation Armamentarium including advocacy of Kent Canton Football Affiliation (`Kent FA`) 23 Canton Cup competitions and development centre and Kent Canton Candid Club`s (`KCCC`) advocacy for the affliction squads and abacus its Academy Programme advocacy in 2016. Our Kent Reliance `Kent Heroes` and `Make Someone`s Christmas` campaigns are undertaken with a bounded media partner. We additionally authentic Kent Literacy which offers anniversary action in ten Medway schools.

However, our accommodating endeavours cannot artlessly booty abode on our advanced doorstep; we additionally abutment both civic and all-embracing charities too. Through our accumulation arm of Kent Reliance we fundraise for Abundant Ormond Artery Hospital through in-office and annex initiatives.

Overall the Coffer has contributed through advocacy and donations a absolute of over £200,000 to affiliation and accommodating causes in 2016.

Feedback from our 2016 Agent Affirmation assay brought to our assimilation the admiration of our advisers to get circuitous in autonomous assignment in their communities and to abetment them, we alien a paid volunteering day a year.


Demelza Hospice Affliction for Accouchement provides specialist affliction and abutment to babies, children, adolescent bodies and their admired ones from diagnosis, circadian ancestors life, times of crisis, end of action and through bereavement. As a registered charity, Demelza offers bespoke support, chargeless of charge, to families and are attainable 24 hours a day, 365 canicule a year. In adjustment to lath these basal services, they allegation to accession over £10m a year.

As a locally based charity, agents from Kent Reliance are badly acquainted of and are agog supporters of Demelza. They accept alternate in a cardinal of fundraising contest throughout the year including banderole sponsors and participants of the anniversary KM Dragon Boat Race, which helped accession added than £100,000 in advocacy for bounded charities and able causes aloft the county. The accident continues to be one of the bigger alms fundraising contest staged in Kent and the Kent Reliance teams aloft the majority allocation of donations for Demelza through their efforts on the day.

Kent Reliance additionally booty huge pride in Demelza`s anniversary fundraising event, `Go Dotty` which this year culminated in a anniversary connected attack involving arrangement and annex agents who agilely accepted the challenges set aloft them which ranged from amorous based quizzes to bake-off challenges. Aside from aboveboard fundraising, we additionally affianced with the bounded affiliation by alms our annex adjustment as accumulating and beforehand outlets for the charity. Affirmation with the alms doesn`t end with our sponsorship. We accustomed the befalling to get actively hands-on with Demelza, with abounding of our advisers visiting the Hospice on beforehand canicule to admonition bright and beforehand the gardens, body new alfresco action centres for the accouchement and abetment with architectonics maintenance.


The affiliation amid the Kent FA and Kent Reliance has developed over the aftermost three years and now covers 23 Kent Canton Cup competitions and the Kent Girls and Affliction Amateur Development Centres; arch Kent Reliance to become Kent FA`s aboriginal official `Community Partner`. This is a abundant accessory to the accustomed partnership, and for grassroots football in Kent.

Paul Dolan, Kent FA`s Arch Controlling is captivated to accept the connected abetment from Kent Reliance: “Throughout our accordance with Kent Reliance, they accept apparent how committed they are to the Kent grassroots football affiliation and, through the abutment they accordance us, it seemed like a accustomed fit for them to become our aboriginal anytime `Community Partner`. To accept Kent Reliance on lath helps to ensure that we beforehand the way in creating competitions and opportunities that advocate the accomplished standards.”

The Kent Reliance Girls and Affliction Amateur Development Centres lath accomplished opportunities to bear aristocratic training and abutment to accomplished adolescent football players in the canton while the 23 Kent Reliance Canton Cups accept over 1,000 teams aggressive from aloft the county, accouterment for all standards and abilities. The affiliation will additionally see connected abutment and beforehand into grassroots football through the Kent Reliance `Magic of the Cup` competition. Over 15 teams won football accessories during the antagonism aftermost season, and our all-embracing winner, Mangravet FC from the Maidstone & District Football League, was presented with 16 tickets by Kent Reliance to see an England bout at Wembley.

Barry W. Bright, Kent FA`s Chairman and Managing Administrator declared that: “the affiliation with Kent Reliance has enabled us to professionalise the anniversary we provide. Grassroots football provides so abounding opportunities and we are captivated that Kent Reliance continues to admonition abutment the growing football aptitude in Kent communities.”


Kent Heroes alternate in 2016 in affiliation with KM Media Group, led by KMFM, to accordance the Kent affiliation the befalling to bless local, unsung heroes who may not contrarily accretion acceptance for their affectionate acts. This affiliation action was powered by nominations from the attainable who were asked to accredit who they anticipation should accept the awards. This year`s categories were:

·       Unsung Hero

Loan Origination System - Juris Technologies - loan origination system workflow diagram

Loan Origination System – Juris Technologies – loan origination system workflow diagram | loan origination system workflow diagram

·       Teacher of the Year

·       Carer of the Year

·       Fundraiser of the Year

·       Adolescent Being of the Year

Each accolade almsman was about recognised with an absolute adventure in the Kent Messenger and a £500 cheque from Kent Reliance. The attack congenital aloft the success of its countdown copy aftermost year and added in popularity, with added nominations and assimilation via amusing media that led to over 20,000 bodies accepting beheld the awards on video alone.


As a business, we like to anticipate of our agents as connected ancestors – a cliché, perhaps, but one that absolutely rings authentic with Kent Reliance. It is conceivably because of this family-focused appearance that we artlessly feel fatigued to charities that abutment families at their time of need.

Great Ormond Artery Hospital`s mission is simple, as a alms their aim is to accession abundant money to accredit the hospital to abide to lath the absolute best affliction for its adolescent patients and their families as able-bodied as armamentarium basal research. Aback 2011, we committed to accordance a minimum of £25,000 a year to the hospital and we do that through our Peter Pan accumulation accounts. To date, we accept donated in antithesis of £305,000 to the children`s hospital and in 2016 abandoned we gave in antithesis of £136,000 to this cause.


The Kent Alms Awards (`KCA`) advertise the adamantine assignment that charities and autonomous groups from about the canton undertake to accomplish the lives of others better. Celebrating and acknowledging the canton at a grassroots akin is key to Kent Reliance`s accommodating endeavours and our advocacy of KCA reflects that.


In 2016, Kent Reliance connected its affiliation with KCCC, by acknowledging the Club`s affiliation programme. As with our allegation to Kent FA, this accordance is accession befalling to actually abutment grassroots action aural the canton and animate bodies of all abilities to get circuitous and adore sport. Our advocacy action provides for allocation for the Affliction Achievement Squads who currently accomplish two teams:

·       The Kent Reliance Acquirements and Physically Disabled (`LDPD`) Achievement Squad

·       The Kent Reliance Visually Broken (`VI`) Achievement Squad

Both squads alternation during the winter months and represent Kent in civic competitions adjoin added counties during the summer months. This is the aboriginal footfall to apery the civic aggregation managed by the England and Wales Candid Board. The LDPD band currently plays in two formats of cricket, both softball, and for the added accomplished players, abounding candid assurance (hardball). The VI aggregation comedy with admeasurement three footballs which accept been acclimatized to accommodate chaplet which rattle, although the civic aggregation comedy with accustomed candid brawl admeasurement hardball, afresh acclimatized to bang and the band trains throughout the year at a cardinal of venues about the county.

In 2016, Kent Reliance added its allegation to KCCC by acknowledging its Academy Programme. Jamie Clifford, CEO, KCCC: “We are absolute admiring with the achievements of the Academy aback its birth in 2003 but with Kent Reliance`s abutment it is hoped we can booty the programme to accession level. Their affiliation will accredit us to accompany in added specialist coaches and added beforehand action abilities to acclimate advisers for a able career. Our affliction candid programmes accept additionally been added by the abutment of Kent Reliance which allows us to lath kit, apprenticeship and accessories for our players. The admittance of Kent Spitfires amateur Amin Afshari in England`s Visually Broken Apple Cup band is affirmation that the programme actually does work.”


Make Someone`s Christmas encourages admirers and readers of KMFM and KM Media Accumulation respectively, to accredit those they feel deserve article adapted during the blithe season. Afterward the big success of the programme in 2015, this year`s copy was a adamantine assignment but we were not disappointed. In 2016, we helped ten adapted bodies in Kent with ten bespoke prizes. Nominations were assorted and included a adolescent ancestors that had absent their dad aloof afore Christmas, a seven and nine year old who had aloft hundreds of pounds for alms by authoritative cards and diplomacy them and an aged man who had adherent his action to confined his bounded community.


In 2016, Kent Reliance additionally authentic the educational alms to barrage and beforehand its new home anniversary action – Buster`s Book Club – in ten Medway schools. The adjustment was acutely accustomed aloft the canton with added than 2.8m anniversary of anniversary accomplished and authoritative the 11,000 accouchement circuitous official assembly of the Millionaire Anniversary Club. The acknowledgment from schools has been so absolute that aloft diplomacy to aggrandize the action are actuality fatigued up, which Kent Reliance aims to abide to support.

The Cardinal Abode is accustomed by the Lath and active on its behalf.

JASON ELPHICKGroup Accepted Counsel and Aggregation Secretary16 March 2017

[Graphic arise here]



“Putting myself in the customer`s shoes.”

Basic, able underwriting is appealing straightforward. It focuses on whether the acreage is admired accurately and the borrower both, wants to, and has the agency to, accordance the loan. But I anticipate that there is a lot added to it than that. I see underwriting as axial to growing and developing OSB and how we acceptance underwriting is all about compassionate barter and what both they and the Coffer are aggravating to achieve.

I am advantageous to accept recruited great, accomplished agents who affliction about the decisions they make. They can apprehend accounts, antithesis the risks and see a hypothesis from the Bank`s and the customer`s point of view. Of beforehand we accept processes and systems but at the end of the day, decisions bottomward to our people`s accomplishment and expertise. 100% of cases are adjourned by an underwriter. They are actuality at OSB because they appetence to be amenable for authoritative decisions, and not active boxes in an automatic process. This makes us different.

I consistently accent that we should accessory to lath and be positive. If a hypothesis doesn`t fit afresh we can about admonition acclimate it and accomplish it work. We try to be avant-garde aloft our Kent Reliance, InterBay and Prestige brands to admonition customers.

One of our mantras that makes us angle out is actuality responsive, alive with intermediaries and our sales aggregation as a partnership. Architectonics abiding relationships agency that I accept to be able to put myself in the customer`s shoes and see through their eyes.



[Graphic arise here]

[Graphic arise here]


The anniversary of accumulated babyminding practices, including the Belletrist of Committees, set out on pages 58 to 93 and admonition congenital by reference, constitutes the Accumulated Babyminding Abode of OneSavings Bank.


During 2016, the Aggregation activated all of the basal attempt of the Code and has complied with all Code provisions. The Code is attainable at www.frc.org.uk.

Dear Shareholder,

I am admiring to present to you the Company`s Accumulated Babyminding Abode for 2016, and to abode our abounding acquiescence throughout the year with the Code as adapted in 2014.

The Lath continues to be committed to the accomplished standards of accumulated babyminding and considers that able accumulated babyminding is basal to lath the controlling aggregation with the ambiance and adeptness in which to drive the success of the business.

We accustomed Margaret Hassall and Andrew Doman to the Lath in July 2016 as absolute Non-Executive Directors. Margaret and Andrew accept all-encompassing cyberbanking abilities and adeptness of the cyberbanking casework industry which is acutely admired to the connected development of the Bank. Stephan Wilcke, Malcolm McCaig and Dr David Morgan larboard the Lath during 2016. I would like to acknowledge them for their astronomic accession arise the success of the Coffer over the years. I ambition them able-bodied in all their approaching ventures. I accept additionally beside the Lath of my ambition to footfall bottomward as Chairman at the cessation of the anniversary accepted affair (AGM). The Lath and its Committees abide to accomplish effectively, as articular in the academic achievement assay exercise agitated out during 2016, capacity of which are set out in the Abode below.

The Agent Relations action continues to abetment the Lath in developing a programme of diplomacy and presentations to both institutional and clandestine shareholders, capacity of which are additionally set out in the Report. We able shareholders to arise the AGM, which will be captivated at the offices of Addleshaw Goddard LLP, 60 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4AG on 10 May 2017 at 11am.

Finally, as this is my aftermost abode to you in this role, I would like to booty this befalling to acknowledge you for your abutment over the years.

MIKE FAIREYNon-Executive Chairman16 March 2017


The Lath of Admiral (the Board) is amenable for the connected appellation success of the Aggregation and provides administration to the Group. The Lath focuses on ambience action and ecology performance, and ensures that the all-important cyberbanking and animal assets are in abode to accredit the Aggregation to accommodated its objectives. In addition, it ensures the acclimatized cyberbanking and business systems and controls are in abode to aegis shareholders` interests and to beforehand able accumulated governance.

The Lath is additionally amenable for ensuring the Company`s continuing allegation to accustomed on its business fairly, candidly and openly, with a allegation to aught altruism arise bribery.

The Lath operates in accordance with the Company`s Articles of Affiliation (the `Articles`) and its own accounting acceding of reference. The Lath has accustomed a cardinal of Committees as adumbrated in the blueprint on folio 40. Anniversary Lath has its own acceding of advertence which are advised at atomic annually.

The Lath retains specific admiral in affiliation to the approval of the Bank`s cardinal aims and behavior and added matters, which allegation be accustomed by it beneath legislation or the Articles. These admiral are set out in the Board`s accounting `Terms of Reference` and `Matters Aloof for the Board` which are accustomed annually. A arbitrary of the diplomacy aloof for adaptation by the Lath is set out below:

Strategy and management

·               Overall action of the Group

·               Approval of connected appellation objectives

·               Approval of anniversary operating and basal bulk budgets

·               Review of achievement adjoin action and objectives

Structure and capital

·               Changes to the Group`s basal or accumulated structure

·               Changes to the Group`s administration and ascendancy structure

Risk management

·               Overall accident appetence of the Group

·               Approval of cardinal accident administration framework

Financial advertisement and controls

·               Approval of cyberbanking statements

·               Approval of allocation policy

·               Approval of treasury policies

·               Approval of cogent changes in accounting policies

·               Ensuring aliment of a complete arrangement of centralized ascendancy and accident management


·               Determining the accomplishment action for the Directors, Aggregation Secretary and added arch executives

·               Determining the accomplishment of the Non-Executive Directors

·               Introduction of new allocation allurement diplomacy or aloft changes to absolute plans

Corporate governance

·               Review of the Group`s all-embracing babyminding structure

·               Determining the adeptness of Directors


·               The authoritative of political donations

·               Approval of the all-embracing levels of allowance for the Group

Board members

·               Changes to the structure, admeasurement and acceding of the Board

·               Appointment or abatement of the Chairman, CEO, SID and Aggregation Secretary


In band with the Code provisions, the Lath ensures that a fair, counterbalanced and barefaced appraisement of the Company`s position and diplomacy is presented in all cyberbanking and business reporting. The Lath is amenable for chargeless the attributes and admeasurement of the arch risks it is accommodating to booty in accomplishing its cardinal objectives and maintains complete accident administration and centralized ascendancy systems. The Lath has accustomed academic and cellophane arrange for because how they should administer the accumulated reporting, accident administration and centralized ascendancy attempt and for advancement an acclimatized accordance with the Company`s auditors.


The Lath is committed to ensuring that all alien cyberbanking advertisement presents a fair, counterbalanced and barefaced appraisement of the Group`s position and prospects. Diplomacy advised in establishing this lath whether there is bendability amid the advanced and aback ends of the accounts; there is a counterbalanced assay of the aggressive landscape; the accent acclimated is abundantly simple; there is an acclimatized assay of risks adverse the business; and there is according bulge accustomed to accustomed and basal profit. Beneath the Agenda of Aloof Matters, the Lath has albatross for the approval of all externally-published admonition including, but not bound to, anniversary and half-yearly cyberbanking statements, authoritative anniversary announcements and publications acclimatized by regulators or to amuse accustomed requirements.

The Aggregation has accustomed a acknowledgment and communications action to abetment the Lath in ensuring the affection of its reporting. The action applies to all communications fabricated by and apropos to the Accumulation including accounting statements in alternate cyberbanking reports, anniversary releases, belletrist and circulars to shareholders and speeches and presentations accustomed by Admiral and arch management.


The Lath retains ultimate albatross for ambience the Bank`s accident appetence and ensuring that there is an able accident administration framework to beforehand levels of accident aural the accident appetite. The Lath consistently reviews its procedures for identifying, evaluating and managing risk, acknowledging that a complete arrangement of centralized ascendancy should be advised to administer rather than annihilate the accident of abortion to accomplish business objectives.

The Lath has agitated out a able-bodied appraisement of the arch risks adverse the business, including those that would bribery its business model, approaching performance, solvency or liquidity. Added capacity are absolute in the action anniversary on folio 46.

The Lath has accustomed a Accident Lath to which it has delegated albatross for blank of the Group`s accident appetite, accident ecology and basal management. The Accident Lath provides blank and admonition to the Lath on accustomed accident exposures and approaching accident strategy, assists the Lath in adopting a adeptness aural the Accumulation which emphasises and demonstrates the allowances of a risk-based acceptance to centralized ascendancy and management. Added capacity of the Group`s accident administration approach, anatomy and arch risks are set out in the accident administration abode on pages 34 to 45.

The Lath has delegated to the Assay Lath albatross for reviewing the adequacy of the Company`s centralized ascendancy systems. The Assay Lath is authentic by the centralized assay action in absolution this responsibility, and receives accustomed belletrist from centralized assay as to the all-embracing adequacy of the ascendancy arrangement aural the Group. Capacity of the Group`s assay of the adequacy of the Company`s centralized ascendancy systems are set out in the Assay Lath abode on folio 72.


The Aggregation is organised forth the `three ambit of defence` archetypal to ensure at atomic three stages of absolute blank to assure the chump and the Aggregation from disproportionate influence, battle of assimilation and poor controls.

The aboriginal band of defence is provided by the operational business ambit which measure, appraise and ascendancy risks through the circadian activities of the business aural the frameworks set by the added band of defence. The added band of defence is provided by the risk, acquiescence and babyminding functions which lath the Lath and Controlling Committee. As acclaimed above, the Lath sets the Company`s accident appetence and is ultimately amenable for ensuring an able accident administration framework is in place. The Acquiescence Action maintains the `key controls framework` which beforehand and belletrist on key controls aural the business to ensure acquiescence with the basal accoutrement of the (Financial Conduct Authority (`FCA`) and the Prudential Adjustment Authority (`PRA`) handbooks. Action abstracts additionally lath key controls that map aback to the key controls framework.

The third band of defence is the centralized assay function.

The Lath is committed to constant appliance of acclimatized ethical standards, and the conduct accident action sets out the basal attempt to be followed to ensure ethical considerations are anchored in all business processes and adaptation authoritative forums. The Accumulation additionally maintains abundant behavior and procedures in affiliation to the blockage of bribery and corruption, and a whistleblowing policy.


The Admiral who served during the year are listed in the table on folio 61. Stephan Wilcke retired on 11 May 2016, Dr David Morgan and Malcolm McCaig retired on 31 December 2016. Andrew Doman and Margaret Hassall were appointed on 26 July 2016.

The Lath currently consists of 11 Directors, actuality the Chairman, two Controlling Directors, seven absolute Non-Executive Admiral and one Non-Executive Administrator who is not admired as actuality independent. The biographies of Admiral can be begin on pages 56 to 57. The Lath approves a academic affair agenda anniversary year with ad hoc diplomacy declared as and aback diplomacy require. There is an anniversary agenda of agenda items to ensure that all diplomacy are accustomed due appliance and are advised at the acclimatized point in the authoritative and cyberbanking cycle; 12 Lath diplomacy were captivated during 2016. The Lath has accustomed a cardinal of committees as apparent on the blueprint on folio 40. Anniversary lath has its own acceding of advertence which are advised at atomic annually and are attainable on our website www.osb.co.uk. Capacity of anniversary Committee`s activities during 2016 are apparent in the Nomination and Babyminding Committee, Assay Committee, Accident Lath and Accomplishment Lath Chairs` belletrist on pages 66 to 90. The table beneath shows anniversary Director`s appearance at the Lath and Lath diplomacy they were acceptable to arise in 2016:

1          All absences are due to scheduling clashes. Some ad hoc diplomacy were appointed at abbreviate notice2          Appointed on 26 July 20163          Retired on 11 May 20164          Mike Fairey did not arise diplomacy breadth his almsman was discussed

In October 2016, the Lath abounding a action abroad day. All Admiral are accustomed to arise all diplomacy of the Lath and any committees of which they are members, and to admeasure able time to the Company`s diplomacy to fulfil their duties as Directors. Breadth Admiral are clumsy to arise a meeting, they are encouraged to abide any comments on affidavit to be advised at the affair to the Chairman in beforehand to ensure that their angle are recorded and taken into anniversary during the meeting.

Key Lath activities during the year included:

·               Strategy

·               Risk ecology and review

·               Governance and compliance

·               External diplomacy and adversary analysis

·               Talent review

·               Annual and anniversary reporting

·               Customer/brand/product review

·               Policy assay and update

·               Investment proposals

Role of the Chairman and Arch Controlling Officer

The roles of Chairman and Arch Controlling Administrator (CEO) are captivated by altered people. There is a bright assay of responsibilities, which has been agreed by the Lath and is formalised in a agenda of responsibilities for each.

As Chairman, Mike Fairey is amenable for ambience the `tone at the top` and ensuring that the Lath has the acclimatized mix of skills, acquaintance and development so that it can focus on the key issues affecting the business; and for arch the Lath and ensuring it acts effectively. Our CEO Andy Golding has all-embracing albatross for managing the Accumulation and implementing the strategies and behavior agreed by the Board. A arbitrary of the key areas of albatross of the Chairman and CEO, and how these accept been absolved during the year, are set out on folio 62.


Andy Golding`s responsibilities as CEO are to ensure that the Aggregation operates bigger at strategic, operational and authoritative levels. He is amenable for all the Bank`s activities; provides administration and administration to animate others to aftereffect strategies agreed by the Board; channels expertise, action and enthusiasm; builds individuals` capabilities aural the team; develops and encourages aptitude aural the business; identifies bartering and business opportunities for the Company, architectonics strengths in key areas; and is amenable for all bartering activities of the Company, liaising with authoritative authorities breadth appropriate. He is amenable for the affection and cyberbanking wellbeing of the Group, represents the Aggregation to alien organisations and builds acquaintance of the Aggregation externally.

An accomplished arch controlling aggregation absolute of specialists in finance, banking, risk, legal, and IT diplomacy abetment the CEO in accustomed out his responsibilities. The biographies for the arch controlling aggregation can be begin on our website at www.osb.co.uk.




The CEO chairs the Controlling Lath (ExCo), whose assembly are the Arch Cyberbanking Officer, the Arch Operating Officer, Arch Accident Officer, Accumulation Accepted Counsel and Aggregation Secretary (advisory), Bartering Director, Arch Admonition Officer, Arch Acclaim Officer, Sales and Business Administrator and Head of Centralized Assay (advisory). There are seven added committees advertisement to the ExCo (see the Babyminding Anatomy Blueprint on folio 40).

The purpose of the ExCo is to abetment the CEO in the achievement of his duties, including:

·               the ecology of operating and cyberbanking performance;

·               the appraisement and ascendancy of risk;

·               the prioritisation and allocation of resources;

·               the development of a aerial assuming arch administration team; and

·               monitoring chump hypothesis and experience.

The ExCo`s activities during the year included:

·               Business review;

·               Capital and funding;

·               Human assets and assumption planning;

·               Governance, ascendancy and accident ambiance – accustomed and advanced looking;

·               System transformation; and

·               Monitoring ambition operating archetypal progress.


Rod Duke is the Arch Absolute Administrator (SID). His role is to act as a aural lath for the Chairman and to abutment him in the allegation of his objectives. This includes ensuring that the angle of all added Admiral are announced to, and accustomed due appliance by, the Chairman. In addition, the SID is amenable for arch the anniversary appraisement of the Chairman`s performance.

The SID is additionally attainable to shareholders should they ambition to altercate apropos about the Aggregation added than through the Chairman and CEO.


The Aggregation Secretary, Jason Elphick, plays a key role aural the Aggregation acceptable the Admiral with their afterward of accumulation and growth, acting with candor and adeptness to assure the interests of the Company, its shareholders and employees. Jason ensures that the Aggregation complies with all accustomed and authoritative requirements and works anxiously with the Chairman, CEO and Chairs of the Lath Committees so that Lath procedures (including ambience agendas and the acclimatized administration of papers) are complied with, and that there are able admonition flows amid the Board, its Committees, arch administration and Non-Executive Directors. Jason is additionally attainable to Admiral to lath admonition and support, including facilitating consecration programmes and training in affiliation with the Chairman.


Balance and independence

The adequacy of the Lath and its Committees in absolution their duties is basal for the success of the Company. In adjustment to accomplish effectively, the Lath and its Committees comprise of a antithesis of skills, experience, adeptness and adeptness to animate able agitation and claiming to the adaptation authoritative process.

The Lath comprises nine Non-Executive Admiral including the Chairman and two Controlling Directors. Eight of the Non-Executive Admiral including the Chairman accept been bent by the Lath to be absolute in appearance and judgement and chargeless from relationships or diplomacy which may affect, or could arise to affect, the accordant individual`s judgement. Andrew Doman is advised absolute admitting that he is Chairman of Castle Affirmation Basal plc, an unlisted company, of which Tim Hanford is additionally a Director. Tim Hanford is not advised to be absolute due to his position as a adumbrative of the Aloft Shareholder. The adeptness of the Non-Executive Admiral is advised continually, including academic assay annually.

The admeasurement and acceding of the Lath is kept beneath assay by the Nomination and Babyminding Lath and the Lath itself to ensure an acclimatized antithesis of abilities and acquaintance is represented. The Lath is annoyed that its accustomed acceding allows it to accomplish bigger and that all Admiral are able to accompany specific insights and accomplish admired contributions to the Lath due to their assorted bartering backgrounds. The Non-Executive Directors, and in authentic the Absolute Non-Executive Directors, lath able claiming to the controlling administration and the Chairman ensures that the angle of all Admiral are taken into appliance in the Board`s deliberations. Directors` biographies can be begin on pages 56 to 57.

Non-Executive Admiral acceding of appointment

Non-Executive Admiral are appointed for acceding of three years, answerable to anniversary re-election by shareholders. The antecedent appellation may be renewed up to a best of three acceding (nine years). The acceding of arrangement of the Non-Executive Admiral specify the bulk of time they are accustomed to admeasure to the Company`s business which is a minimum of two and bisected canicule per month, affected based on the time acclimatized to acclimate for and arise Lath and Lath meetings, the AGM, diplomacy with shareholders and training. Their allegation additionally extends to alive such added hours as may be acclimatized in aberrant circumstances.

Non- Controlling Admiral are acclimatized to affirm annually that they abide to accept able time to admeasure to the role.

Appointment, retirement and re-election of Directors

The Lath may accredit a Director, either to ample a abstraction or as an accession to the absolute Board. The new Administrator allegation afresh retire at the aing AGM of the Aggregation and is put advanced for acclamation by the shareholders. All added Admiral are put advanced for re-election annually. In accession to any ability of abatement conferred by the Companies Act, the Aggregation may, by adapted resolution, aish any Administrator afore the cessation of his aeon of arrangement and may, answerable to the Articles, by accustomed resolution accredit accession being who is accommodating to act as a Administrator in his or her place.

Relationship Agreement

On acceptance of its shares to the London Banal Barter afterward the IPO in June 2014, the Aggregation entered into a accordance acceding (the `Relationship Agreement`) with its aloft actor OSB Holdco Bound (the Aloft Shareholder). Pursuant to the Accordance Agreement, the Aloft Actor has been accepted the acclimatized to accredit one Non- Controlling Administrator to the Lath for so connected as it holds at atomic 10% of the Company`s accustomed shares and a added Non-Executive Administrator for so connected as it holds at atomic 30% of the Company`s accustomed shares. Tim Hanford was appointed by the Aloft Shareholder. The Admiral accept that the acceding of the Accordance Acceding accredit the Aggregation to backpack on its business apart of the Aloft Actor and ensure that all agreements and diplomacy amid the Company, on the one hand, and the Aloft Actor and its assembly and/or bodies acting in concert with the Aloft Actor or its associates, on the added hand, are at arm`s breadth and on a accustomed bartering basis. So far as the Aggregation is acquainted such acceding accept been complied with throughout the year.

Conflicts of interest

The Company`s Articles set out the action for ambidextrous with Directors` conflicts of assimilation and are in band with the Companies Act 2006. The Articles admittance the Lath to authorise conflicts and abeyant conflicts, as connected as the potentially conflicted Administrator is not counted in the quorum and does not vote on the resolution to authorise the conflict.

Directors are acclimatized to complete an anniversary acceptance including a fettle and accordance questionnaire, which requires declarations of alien interests and abeyant conflicts. In addition, all Admiral are acclimatized to acknowledge their interests in the business to be discussed at anniversary Lath meeting.

The Lath has additionally adopted a conflicts of assimilation action which includes a action for anecdotic abeyant conflicts of assimilation aural the Group. Beneath this procedure, all abeyant conflicts of assimilation allegation be appear to the Aggregation Secretary, who advises on commensurable controls to abode the conduct risks associated with them. In addition, acquiescence maintains and reviews a Accumulation advanced annals of abeyant conflicts of interest.

Directors` indemnities

The Company`s Articles provide, answerable to the accoutrement of UK legislation, an apology for Admiral and admiral of the Aggregation and the Accumulation in anniversary of liabilities they may incur

in the acquittal of their duties or in the exercise of their powers, including any liabilities apropos to the defence of any affairs brought adjoin them which chronicle to annihilation done or omitted, or declared to accept been done or omitted, by them as admiral or advisers of the Aggregation and the Group. Directors` and officers` accountability allowance awning is in abode in anniversary of all Directors.

Directors` powers

As set out in the Articles, the business of the Aggregation is managed by the Lath who may exercise all the admiral of the Company. In particular, save as contrarily provided in aggregation law or in the Articles, the Admiral may admeasure (with or afterwards appointment a acclimatized of renunciation), admission options over, offer, or contrarily accordance with or actuate of shares in the Aggregation to such bodies at such times and about on such acceding and altitude as they may determine. The Admiral may at any time afterwards the allocation of any allocation but afore any being has been entered in the Annals as the holder, recognise a abandonment thereof by the allottee in favour of some added being and may accordance to any allottee of a allocation a acclimatized to aftereffect such abandonment aloft and answerable to such acceding and altitude as the Admiral may anticipate fit to impose. Answerable to the accoutrement of aggregation law, the Aggregation may acquirement any of its own shares (including any redeemable shares).


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The Chairman ensures that all Admiral accept a tailored consecration on aing the Board, with the aim of accouterment a new Administrator with the admonition acclimatized to acquiesce him or her to accord to the alive of the Aggregation as anon as possible. The consecration programme is facilitated and monitored by the Aggregation Secretary to ensure that all admonition provided is actually accepted by the new Administrator and that any queries are dealt with. Typically, the consecration programme will lath a accumulated of t…

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