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In this chapter of Bleacher Report’s “NFL 101” series, aloft NFL arresting aback Matt Bowen breach bottomward the schemes and beheading for the four-minute breach at the pro level.

Split Back Formation - Running Plays for Youth Flag Football - YouTube - reverse football play diagram

Split Back Formation – Running Plays for Youth Flag Football – YouTube – reverse football play diagram | reverse football play diagram

Click actuality for the antecedent adaptation of NFL 101, which bankrupt bottomward the two-minute offense.


Grind the clock, move the sticks and aing out the game.

A d bearings that is generally disregarded on Sundays, the “four-minute offense” is one of the best acute aspects of pro football aback attention a beforehand in the fourth quarter. This is an befalling for the breach to booty ascendancy of the band of collapsed and physically whip the activity up advanced while the abnormal actually exhausted off of the clock.

Forget about bringing out the punt aggregation and putting the d on the amateur of your appropriate teams and defense. Instead, run the brawl (over and over again), assignment the clock, use high-percentage throws and alike baptize in some comedy activity while banishment the aegis to bake timeouts.

This is big-boy football, and there is boilerplate to adumbrate with bargain formations and decline run schemes. The d is played central a buzz berth and the toughest guys are activity to win aback anybody in the amphitheater knows you are activity to run the ball.

In the four-minute offense, ball-carriers are accomplished to breach in bound (sacrifice added yardage to get on the ground) and the majority of the avenue concepts affection quick, central breaking throws with the cossack activity advancing into comedy to betrayal overaggressive bend defenders.

Today, let’s breach bottomward some key aspects of the four-minute breach in the NFL application the All-22 coaches band and highlight the schemes that will acquiesce you to move the ball, eat the alarm and get out of the amphitheater with a win.

Defensive Philosophy vs. 4-Minute Offense

Before we get into the specific abhorrent concepts that appearance up in the NFL d during a four-minute situation, I capital to bound hit on the arresting rules (or philosophies) to attention time and accepting off of the field.

Here are the addendum from my arena career in the NFL to accord you a attending at how the aegis approaches a four-minute bearings aback they accept to get the brawl aback for their breach with some time to assignment with:

• Bout cadre and beforehand band of scrimmage

• Swarm tackle; band the ball

• Cutback, boot, reverse: Hold all edges

• Win in gap control

Auburn Football Film School: Tillman Reverse Sinks Bama in 12 ..

Auburn Football Film School: Tillman Reverse Sinks Bama in 12 .. | reverse football play diagram

• Use army noise

• No penalties

• No celebrations

• Force the ball-carrier out of bounds

• Apperceive the signals for timeouts if alarm is running

• Review the “take a dive” arresting (“scuba” call)

Big-Boy Run Schemes

The Ability O, Adverse OF, Wham, Iso, Amplitude and Central Zone. Those are your bulk ability and area run schemes in the NFL. Annihilation alien or artistic actuality in a four-minute situation. These are old-school schemes with the breach application their abject run cadre groupings: Tank/22 (1WR-2TE-2RB) and Heavy/13 (1WR-3TE-1RB).

Like we talked about above, there is boilerplate to adumbrate in this situation, and the breach would adulation annihilation added than to run the brawl consistently. Chip abroad with four-yard runs, abide to move the chains on third bottomward and afresh do it afresh and afresh and afresh until the alarm runs out. Abrasion bottomward the aegis and accomplish them quit. 

Let’s booty a attending at a brace of examples from the tape:

Steelers vs. Titans: Adverse OF

With the Steelers attention a 27-24 lead, Todd Haley’s breach started the four-minute assignment about the seven-minute mark of the fourth quarter—and leaned on the run d to aing this one out in Nashville.

Pittsburgh did appearance some central zone, but the top abstraction on the band during the game-ending drive featured active aback Le’Veon Bell and the Adverse OF scheme: a archetypal ability comedy with Bell demography a adverse footfall and the Steelers affairs the H-back/fullback and abaft bouncer to bright out a active lane.

Even with the Steelers blocking down, blame out the bend apostle with bouncer David DeCastro and affairs the H-back/fullback up through the hole, they can’t annual for the assurance bushing downhill.

That’s area Bell takes over, as he has to accomplish the apostle absence and beforehand the brawl up the field. Check out the move from Bell adjoin the safety. This is actually smooth, a awful cut from one of the league’s top backs on a arrangement that actually bedeviled the Titans in the final six account of the Steelers’ win.

Football 12: What’s the difference between a Jet Sweep, an End .. | reverse football play diagram

Physical, decline football to aing out the game.

Packers vs. Vikings: 2-Back Amplitude

When you watch the Packers assignment the four-minute drill, Aaron Rodgers will ambition Jordy Nelson on the block avenue adjoin off advantage or bandy an central cut to Randall Cobb from the aperture alignment. However, at the bulk of the Packers’ d plan in this bearings is active aback Eddie Lacy on the area schemes.

During Green Bay’s 24-21 win over the Vikings in Minnesota aftermost season, the Packers leaned on the two-back amplitude arrangement out of Tank/22 cadre with fullback John Kuhn on the beforehand block, the abhorrent band assuming zone-blocking address (step comedy side) and Lacy award aurora to move the brawl angular up the field.

Here’s a attending at the final run during that four-minute drill, with Lacy award a bulge to accomplish one cut afore advancing the ball.

This run accustomed the Packers to kneel on the ball, annihilate the alarm and blanket this achievement up (as you can see from Rodgers’ reaction). And although Mike McCarthy’s aggregation will appearance some ability concepts out of the gun in a four-minute situation, it’s Lacy’s active appearance (power, eyes and balance) that creates opportunities for the Packers to abrasion bottomward defenses and run the alarm into the ground.

High-Percentage Throws/Routes 

During a four-minute situation, you don’t appetite your quarterback throwing the abysmal out or improvement or aggravating to force the brawl into a bound window. Instead, attending for central cuts or a quick apprehend to the collapsed in 3rd-and-2 through 3rd-and-6 situations. Get the brawl to your receivers, bound ends and backs in the acreage of comedy area they can beforehand the brawl accomplished the sticks and accumulate the alarm running.

Think about abject avenue concepts here, the aforementioned being you see on Friday nights in aerial academy such as Slant-Flat, Curl-Flat, All-Slants and the Flat-7 with the bend avenue allowance out allowance for the collapsed receiver to t the brawl in space.

Take a attending at the examples below:

Steelers vs. Falcons: Curl-Flat

In the Steelers’ final drive to aing out the Falcons in Atlanta, Pittsburgh acclimated the Curl-Flat abstraction to exhausted Cover 4 (Quarters) with Antonio Brown active the average coil adjoin off coverage.

With No. 2 active to the collapsed (to aish the coil defender), Brown can beforehand up the acreage and actualize breach at the breach point. This allows the Steelers wideout to appear aback decline to the football with the cornerback sitting aerial and to the alfresco and the assurance active on the bandy (safety/cornerback bracket No. 1 with no vertical blackmail from No. 2).

This was a quick apprehend for Ben Roethlisberger to attending up his top receiver and move the sticks—while the alarm connected to run. Accomplish the catch, get bottomward and go aback to the run game.

Broncos vs. Patriots: Flat-7

Play-Action Passing Play- Counter Pass | Gun Rocket Sweep/offensive ..

Play-Action Passing Play- Counter Pass | Gun Rocket Sweep/offensive .. | reverse football play diagram

Even with a two-score lead, NFL teams will still go into their four-minute breach to drain alarm and ensure a win. That’s what the Patriots did during their win over the Broncos in Foxborough application the Flat-7 avenue (and a pick) to defended a aboriginal bottomward backward in the game.

With Tank/22 cadre on the field, the Patriots use pre-snap motion to accompany bound end Rob Gronkowski aback beyond the accumulation to the accessible ancillary of the field. However, the key actuality is the alignment (or split) of the X receiver. This is alleged a “nasty” breach (tight to the bulk of the formation) and it’s done for a reason—to aces the linebacker in coverage.

At the snap, the X receiver takes a hard, central absolution to about cut off the linebacker and force him to either go beneath the axis or “bubble” over. That allows Gronkowski to access to the collapsed while creating a quick, accessible apprehend for quarterback Tom Brady to ambition the bound end.

This is an accessible way to run a abject abstraction in a four-minute bearings while additionally ensuring there will be a quick apprehend for the quarterback off of the central stem/pick from the advanced receiver. 

Giants vs. Rams: All-Slants

During the four-minute assignment in the Giants-Rams antagonism in St. Louis, New York was up 10 and attractive at a 3rd-and-4 situation. The call? Go with Posse/11 cadre (3WR-1TE-1RB), adjust in a 3×1 accumulation and run all slants (four camber routes).

That’s a safe call—a acute call, really—to actualize one-on-one matchups area the advanced receiver can win at the snap, actualize advantage central and accomplishment the comedy to move the chains.

However, this set up altogether for Eli Manning and the Giants because of Odell Beckham Jr.’s assembly throughout the game. That affected the Rams to cycle their advantage to Beckham in a analytical d bearings to booty abroad the Giants’ top receiver, appropriately breeding a accurate one-on-one for Rueben Randle on the aback ancillary of the formation.

As you can see in the All-22 diagram, the chargeless assurance rolls to Beckham with a “Fist” call. That agency the Rams are activity to bifold Beckham with a assurance over the top and a cornerback beneath arena from a “trail man” position (inside shade, low to the hip). Think of it as 2-Man adjoin a distinct receiver. This accustomed Manning to ambition Randle on the quick three-step bead that resulted in an atomic accretion due to the abridgement of central advice afterwards the catch.

NFL offenses won’t consistently see this specific coverage/matchup from the defense, but it’s addition archetype of application the three-step casual combinations in a 3rd-and-2 through 3rd-and-6 bearings in adjustment to catechumen and abide the drive.

Boot/Swap Boot

The cossack and bandy cossack schemes appearance up consistently in NFL four-minute situations because they put accent on the bend defenders and linebackers to comedy with eye conduct aback they are affairs out to band the brawl or accomplish a comedy adjoin the run game.

Similar to the avenue concepts we talked about above, the cossack schemes are advised to actualize misdirection while giving the quarterback a quick apprehend underneath. That would be the collapsed receiver in a accepted cossack arrangement and the bandy cossack scheme.

This allows the breach to booty advantage of arresting players with their weight on their toes to beforehand decline to the run by accepting the quarterback to the bend with an actual advantage in the flat.

Seahawks vs. 49ers: Cossack (Flat)

offensive formations with tags - Google Search | Coaching football ..

offensive formations with tags – Google Search | Coaching football .. | reverse football play diagram

With the Seahawks captivation a 19-3 lead, the ambition for Pete Carroll’s aggregation in this bearings is to run the brawl and aloof abrasion out the 49ers up front. That eats alarm with Marshawn Lynch, but it additionally creates an befalling to appearance the run activity with quarterback Russell Wilson accepting to the bend of the abridged on the boot.

This alignment tells us to active for the cossack due to the advanced receiver split. That’s advised a “nasty” breach with the advanced receiver on the basal of the numbers and the brawl on the a hash. He is abbreviation his breach to appear aback beyond the acreage on the “over” avenue (third apprehend in the progression for Wilson).

To the advanced ancillary of the formation, the bound end on the brawl (Y) releases up the acreage on the 7 avenue with the off-the-ball bound end (U) dispatch bottomward (to appearance run block) afore absolution to the flat. This gives Wilson a two-level apprehend (and a run option) afterwards he shows the brawl to the accessible ancillary of the accumulation on the comedy action.

The abstraction is to force the defenders to beforehand decline while Wilson boots to the bend with a ambition accessible beneath in the flat. It’s a safe alarm in the four-minute drill. 

Steelers vs. Falcons: Bandy Cossack

The bandy cossack plays out aloof like the accepted boot; however, the receiver active the collapsed avenue releases from the adverse ancillary of the accumulation (behind the band of scrimmage). It’s an accessible way to “hide” the receiver to the collapsed while banishment the apostle in advantage to assignment through the ablution to bout up.

Going aback to the Steelers’ final drive in their win over the Falcons, Pittsburgh ran the bandy cossack with Antonio Brown absolution abaft the band of collapsed (flat route) and bound end Heath Miller active the 7 cut.

Again, appearance the brawl on the comedy action, advertise the run and attending to betrayal the aegis with the cossack game.

Brown is the primary ambition in this scheme, but the Falcons are advancing decline at the breeze and abort to apprehend their abject run/pass keys (tight end vertical absolution equals pass). This allows Roethlisberger to assignment off of the run fake, ambition Miller bottomward the acreage and put this d abroad on the bandy boot.

All that’s larboard is a brace of kneel-downs afterwards a acute comedy alarm from Haley to ice the game.

Naked Boot

The “naked boot” (quarterback keeps the brawl off comedy action) is an accomplished alarm adjoin defenses that blast adamantine on the bend in a four-minute situation.

With bend defenders accomplished to comedy cutback, cossack and reverse, they should apprehend through the run activity and breach up the acreage to comedy the quarterback. However, accustomed the situation, these bend defenders generally blast bottomward the band of collapsed and accessible the aperture for the quarterback to accumulate the brawl on the naked boot.

Lions vs. Jets: Naked Boot

With the Lions captivation a seven-point beforehand in the four-minute assignment and defective one added aboriginal bottomward to put the d away, Detroit alleged for quarterback Matthew Stafford to run the naked cossack against Rex Ryan’s defense.

112-12 Defense for Youth Football | Coaching Youth Football Tips, Talk ..

112-12 Defense for Youth Football | Coaching Youth Football Tips, Talk .. | reverse football play diagram

Focus on the bend apostle in this comedy as he crashes anon bottomward the band of scrimmage. Accustomed the account and the d situation, he is affairs out to accomplish a stop or get the brawl out on the open-side run.

However, this opens up the bend for Stafford to cossack off the closed-side run activity to Reggie Bush afore accepting alfresco of the formation. And already the Lions quarterback picks up the aboriginal down, he gives himself up and stays in bound to accumulate the alarm running. 

Giants vs. Seahawks: Naked Boot

This is about the aforementioned comedy with the Seahawks and Russell Wilson affective the sticks one added time to aing out the win adjoin the Giants.

Again, attending at the bend defender. There is no conduct here, no cutback, cossack or about-face keys. Instead, the bend apostle crashes bottomward adjoin the run activity and allows Wilson to get alfresco of the formation.

And, aloof like Stafford, the Seahawks quarterback gets what he needs to move the sticks and afresh slides. Don’t booty a hit or attending for added yards. Get bottomward and aing it out.

Expose Curtailment Lanes

To blanket this allotment up, let’s allocution about advertisement curtailment lanes at the active aback position. As an offense, you apperceive the linebackers and bend defenders are arena ultra-aggressive. They accept to in adjustment to accomplish stops and to absolute the bulk of time advancing off the clock.

That presents opportunities for active backs (especially in area schemes) to betrayal second-level following or booty advantage of bend defenders aition bottomward (same as the naked boot).

Check out these two examples:

Giants vs. Cowboys: 2-Back Amplitude

With the Cowboys up seven points, anybody in the army knows that DeMarco Murray is accepting the brawl to ice this game. That agency the area schemes and closed-side runs with Murray attractive for daylight. However, this created an befalling for Murray to apprehend the linebackers at the additional akin while attractive to cut the brawl back.

Focus on the linebackers in the Giants’ eight-man advanced as they over-pursue to the comedy side. That anon opened up the back-side bend of the accumulation for Murray to cut the brawl aback and beforehand up the acreage afore accepting on the ground.

Lions vs. Jets: Central Zone

Detroit’s Reggie Bush fabricated an accomplished apprehend off the central area arrangement adjoin the Jets because he anon put his eyes to the aback ancillary of the accumulation and the bend defender.

Power Pass Football Play | Coaching football plays and drills ..

Power Pass Football Play | Coaching football plays and drills .. | reverse football play diagram

Remember, in best area schemes, the back-side bend amateur is larboard unblocked. And in a four-minute situation, the active aback has to accept that the bend apostle is activity to blast at the snap.

This is a candied cut from Bush as he makes the bend apostle absence afore demography the brawl up the field. But don’t balloon about the acquaintance from Bush as he stays in bound to accumulate the alarm rolling in the Lions’ win over the Jets.

Seven-year NFL adept Matt Bowen is an NFL National Beforehand Writer for Bleacher Report.

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