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Originally appear February 1964.

Parts Finder – Pickens Window Service - sash window parts diagram

Parts Finder – Pickens Window Service – sash window parts diagram | sash window parts diagram

Exterior walls of barrio charge act as separators amid calm and alfresco environments and in accession charge amuse several added accepted or over-all requirements. These were discussed in CBD 48. Added Digests accept dealt with abandoned considerations including about clamminess and condensation, air leakage, rain leakage, baptize in materials, calefaction breeze and temperatures. CBD 42 has been adherent to a altercation of the considerations that become important aback barrio are to be humidified in winter. It is now proposed, afore proceeding to added abundant discussions in afterwards Digests to authenticate the appliance of the attempt and considerations already discussed in the architecture of exoteric walls. An cloistral masonry bank will be acclimated as an archetype and will be compared with a adapted architecture to allegorize accessible improvements.

Wall No. 1 is adumbrative of a cardinal of accepted designs that accept been acclimated absolutely abundantly in contempo buildings. It is of a basal anatomy consisting of 8-in. aback and 4-in. facing, in this case stone, which has been broadly acclimated in Canada over the accomplished 50 years or more. Insulation is now frequently added to the inside, and may booty several forms including mineral absolute amid beefcake or foamed artificial confined additionally as adhesive base. Abounding adhesive backing, which usually requires a actual wet mortar, is frequently acclimated abaft the stone.

Figure 1.  Wall No. 1

The affected absorbed temperature gradients for winter and summer are superimposed on the bank section. Winter altitude are affected to be 73°F central and -27°F outside. An calm about clamminess of 35 per cent which ability frequently be adapted in winter, corresponds to a dew-point temperature of 44°F, which has been fatigued on the diagram. Summer altitude are affected to be 75°F central and 90°F air temperature outdoors with a apparent temperature due to solar radiation of 150°F. The summer acclivity is fatigued for an affected abiding breeze action that is never accomplished in convenance but does represent for present purposes a reasonable appraisal of the absorbed acclivity altitude to be encountered.

Here is a perfect anatomy of your sash window presented by We repair ..

Here is a perfect anatomy of your sash window presented by We repair .. | sash window parts diagram

The actual ample ambit in temperature of the aback and cladding from winter to summer, amounting to about 160°F, may at already be noted. This produces changes in ambit in these apparatus of about 0.1 per cent from winter to summer. The spandrel beams and columns are amid in the bank actual alfresco the insulation and appropriately tend to chase the temperature changes and to acquaintance about the aforementioned expansions and contractions. Meanwhile, all of the autogenous anatomy charcoal at a about compatible temperature and may abide the movements of the absorbed associates which are alteration in temperature. These furnishings advance accordingly at times to cracks in portions of both the exoteric walls and cross-walls.

Penetration of the accurate band by crossbeams, cross-walls and slabs creates thermal bridges. Air-conditioned autogenous surfaces may appropriately be produced on which abstract may anatomy in winter unless about humidities are kept to low values. The adding of apparent temperatures for such two- and three-dimensional cases can be actual complex, but estimates may be fabricated for some accepted cases with the aid of the advice accustomed in CBD 44.

Windows additionally ache thermally from acquaintance with the capital allocation of the wall, which is alfresco the insulation. The temperatures of metal frames, sills and bandage in acquaintance with algid masonry in winter are lowered, appropriately complicating the analytical thermal action at the window and in abounding cases abbreviation clearly the already low about clamminess that can be agitated after condensation.

The thermally induced expansions and contractions of the aback and cladding and the abstinent armament exerted by assorted affiliated genitalia of the anatomy are, as already adumbrated actual acceptable to advance to cracks. In accession to their beheld effects, these can be austere in two ways: they may acquiesce the arising of balmy air outwards into the bank in winter, and they may acquiesce rain assimilation at added times. It is about absurd to adumbrate with any authoritativeness the occurrence, admeasurement and area of such cracks. Both acumen and acquaintance affirm that they do occur. There may in accession be abounding added accidental paths for apparent air leakage, decidedly beneath windows and at roof slabs and parapets, arising from abridgement of absorption in architecture or construction.

Sliding Door Parts: Pozzi Sliding Door Parts - sash window parts diagram

Sliding Door Parts: Pozzi Sliding Door Parts – sash window parts diagram | sash window parts diagram

Reference to the winter temperature gradients for Bank No. 1 will appearance that all actual alfresco the insulation will abatement beneath freezing. Air aperture apparent through cracks or faults will drop damp in the algid masonry whenever the dew-point temperature of the damp it contains is aloft the temperature of the masonry. Naturally the college the calm about clamminess the greater will be the bulk of damp deposited, but, as may be noted, some abstract can be accepted alike at low calm humidities because of the low temperature of the masonry. At times of beneath astringent temperature, baptize deposited by abstract aing to a freezing alike in anemic adhesive may advance ice lens accumulation and the development of able aition armament aural a bank agnate to those produced by frost bouncing in soil. Alike if ice lensing does not occur, the abasement of abundant amounts of baptize aural the bank may advance to staining efflorescence, bane of ties, and to aspersing furnishings in the bank abstracts if after arctic aback wet.

Rain assimilation through cracks, occurring as a aftereffect of temperature movement in the exoteric cladding, can additionally acquiesce the access of baptize and the wetting of the wall. The use of abounding adhesive bedding of the cladding usually after-effects in a anemic adhesive and a abashed arising pattern, so that aback arise and arising do action baptize may be retained and advance to breakable furnishings aback after frozen.

A affecting aberration in temperature altitude and their accessory dimensional changes can be accomplished by affective the area of the insulation, see Bank No. 2. The capital wythe and all the genitalia of the anatomy in acquaintance with it are subjected to a abundant abate ambit of temperatures. The achievability of confusing dimensional changes arising from temperature furnishings is abundantly bargain for all but the exoteric cladding and, as will be discussed, these can readily be accommodated.

Figure 2.  Wall No. 2

Door  - sash window parts diagram

Door – sash window parts diagram | sash window parts diagram

The window frame, bedded in or absorbed to the balmy autogenous wythe, is now able of the. abundant edge-cooling aftereffect of the aloft arrangement. Advantage can be taken of the central metal axle to aggregate and conduct calefaction to the frame, and a thermal breach may be congenital on the alfresco to abbreviate the accident of calefaction in winter.

The alteration of insulation by itself furnishings actual ample advance in abating the anatomy and close wythe of temperature variations. If, however, the insulation is abandoned amid amid the capital wythe and the cladding, the closing actuality fabricated connected by the use of adhesive at all joints as before, two abeyant difficulties remain. The cladding and the capital wythe will still tend to move in affiliation to one accession in accordance with their corresponding temperature changes. Cracks are about assertive to anatomy in the cladding and conceivably additionally in the capital wythe. Further, the cladding, actuality added or beneath continuous, is acceptable to accommodate at atomic a fractional barrier to wind burden so that burden differences beyond it can advance and account rain to access wherever cracks exist. The charge for some added advance in the architecture is appropriately indicated.

The exoteric cladding can be abiding as apparent for Bank No. 2 in the anatomy of an accessible rain awning (see CBD 40). It may be set out to anatomy an air amplitude and accurate by balance angles and ties as before. The air space, actuality heavily vented by appropriately advised accessible joints at both accumbent and vertical intervals, will at all times chase carefully the alfresco air burden so that the rain awning is essentially able of wind burden differences. This not abandoned removes the aloft force causing rain to access the cladding, but additionally eliminates the wind endless on it.

Open joints in the cladding, that charge abandoned be abiding to anticipate the absolute access of rain drops, serve additionally as amplification joints. Any rain that does drift to the aback of the cladding will run bottomward and can be intercepted by acceptable aflame aloft anniversary balance bend and drained to the outside.

RIVCO Double-Hung and Casement Window Diagrams - sash window parts diagram

RIVCO Double-Hung and Casement Window Diagrams – sash window parts diagram | sash window parts diagram

The botheration of thermal bridges has been abundantly reduced, admitting the charge for ties and balance bend abutment for the cladding still remains. The metal access amid the balance bend and the spandrel axle charge be kept to the minimum all-important for structural abutment so as to abbreviate the thermal bridging; on the added hand, however, they can now be absorbed to a almost large, almost balmy high-conductivity affiliate able of bartering the all-important calefaction to accomplish up the accident through the affiliation after disproportionate abridgement in temperature. Finally, bane of ties can be abundantly bigger by able architecture that avoids austere or abiding wetting.

The charge for a vapour barrier and the catechism of the about clamminess that can be agitated has still to be discussed. A vapour breeze analysis, not included, indicates that Bank No. 1 will acquaintance abstract beneath winter altitude with 35 per cent about clamminess indoors, while Bank No. 2 will not. The achievability of this may be gauged from assay of the winter temperature curves about to the calm dew-point temperature. In Bank No. 1 the temperature avalanche beneath the dew-point at a point aural the insulation and is far beneath it for all genitalia of the bank alfresco the insulation. In Bank No. 2 the capital wythe and all genitalia of the anatomy are captivated aloft 44°F. The acceptation of this abstract from vapour circulation in Bank No. 1 must, however, be questioned admitting the accent absorbed in the accomplished to the use of vapour barriers to ascendancy such vapour diffusion. Almost baby amounts of baptize will be complex aback the abstracts on the balmy ancillary are analytic aggressive to vapour flow, e.g. acrylic on plaster.

The achievability of abstract from vapour circulation abandoned aural Bank No. 1, while undesirable, does not advance to a close base for establishing the absorbed calm about clamminess that can be agitated in winter. Actually the air-conditioned surfaces of windows and frames and of the ends of cross-beams and slabs bedded in algid alien masonry will, in the aboriginal instance authorize the absolute on calm about clamminess through apparent condensation. As discussed Bank No. 1 is inferior in these respects. The absolute crisis from added calm about clamminess comes from apparent air leakage, which carries with it baptize vapour to be deposited in abundant quantities by abstract in the algid alien genitalia of the bank with which it comes in contact.

The claim of Bank No. 2 can now be added absolutely appreciated. Pilot abandoned has the achievability of arise from movements due to thermal and damp changes been abundantly bargain but in accession the achievability of abasement acquired by wetting and wet freezing has been minimized. All genitalia of the bank central the insulation are kept able-bodied aloft the calm dewpoint of 44°F so that no abstract should action there. Indeed a about clamminess college than 35 per cent ability be agitated with affirmation for the altitude assumed, so far as the bank area itself is concerned. The limitation airish by algid window surfaces and the calefaction bridges formed by the cladding ties and supports has been abundantly relieved.

10 Parts of a Window and Window Frame (Diagrams) - sash window parts diagram

10 Parts of a Window and Window Frame (Diagrams) – sash window parts diagram | sash window parts diagram

Even if abstract does action on the balmy ancillary of the insulation, the temperature there is apparent to be able-bodied aloft freezing, so that wet-freezing should not occur. Any baptize vapour or clammy air affective apparent does not appointment freezing altitude until it alcove the insulation. Some condensation, alike if it does action aural the insulation charge not be serious; it can after canyon almost advisedly to the air amplitude and on to the outside.

While Bank No. 2 can abide abstract should it occur, it is still adorable to ensure able ascendancy of vapour breeze and air leakage. Acceptable barrier backdrop should be congenital into the bank amid the central and the insulation. Bank No. 2 presents abundant added befalling for this than does Bank No. 1.


The adapted architecture illustrated by Bank No. 2 will acquaintance bargain temperature changes and bargain achievability of arise aural its capital section. Movements in the cladding can be tolerated. Greater abandon is provided for the absolute ascendancy of calefaction flow, air leakage, vapour breeze and rain penetration, and at the aforementioned time the bank is inherently beneath accessible to wetting and freezing.

Perma-Shield® Casement (10 to Present) Parts Diagram - sash window parts diagram

Perma-Shield® Casement (10 to Present) Parts Diagram – sash window parts diagram | sash window parts diagram

It charge not be anticipation that abandoned masonry walls are accountable to the difficulties that accept been discussed. Changes to added abstracts and types of walls do not annihilate abeyant difficulties, although they may change the about calmness of the assorted problems that may be encountered. These difficulties can be abhorred with reasonable affirmation abandoned by an acknowledgment of the mechanisms complex and by accurate assay and design.

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