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diagram: Mortise Lock Parts Diagram Door Knob Locks And Knobs ..

diagram: Mortise Lock Parts Diagram Door Knob Locks And Knobs .. | mortise lock parts diagram

1.       All spaces, including blow rooms, SER, automated rooms, electrical rooms, and corridors, as able-bodied as assignable spaces, shall accept different allowance numbers assigned and be so labeled. All allowance signs shall board to ADA requirements.

2.       All apartment at brand or aloft shall be numbered with three different digits. No cardinal may be acclimated added than once. The attic accessed from brand is about labeled with 100 alternation numbers. The attic aloft that, 200 series, etc.

3.       Floors anon beneath the 100 alternation attic shall be numbered with two digits: 01 to 99. In adapted cases breadth barrio are amid on hillsides, and abstracted floors are both attainable from a “grade,” Architects charge acquaintance their appointed acquaintance at the University for specific instructions.

4.       Suffixes shall alone be acclimated aural a specific detached appointment complex, e.g., back the capital admission to an appointment is labeled 100, again aural that appointment breadth apartment shall be labeled 100A, 100B, etc. Labeling on these aing apartment should alpha with the larboard best aing allowance back entering the apartment and abide in a clockwise administration about the space.

5.       Prefixes, such as N101 and S101, are not acceptable.

6.       The CWRU logo shall additionally be placed on alone allowance signs.

7.       Assurance abstracts and colors shall be accustomed by the Architect’s appointed acquaintance at the University.

8.       All drawings, including architecture drawings, shall reflect this calculation system.

9.       All assets shall additionally include, by allowance number, the aboveboard footage of the alone spaces.

10.   All schedules in architecture abstracts (materials, equipment, finishes, etc.) shall advance this calculation convention.

11.   Generally, alike numbers are acclimated on one ancillary of the aisle and odd numbers on the other.

12.   A sample allowance assurance is attached.


1.       Appropriately sized and amid ABC blaze extinguishers shall be provided.


1.       Blast account is provided to campus barrio via Ameritech.

2.       Blast account to end users is provided through the campus communications adjustment accustomed as CWRUnet (pronounced crew-net). For specific architecture accommodation see “A General Blueprint for the CWRUnet Premise Cabling System” absorbed as Appendix A.

3.       Ramtech Emergency Phones will be strategically placed alfresco of all University buildings. One per aloft entrance/exit. This buzz shall be bank army whenever possible.

Campus phones & pay phones are adapted for accessible areas of buildings.

Elevators shall be able with a buzz for emergency use.





1.       Accessories and automated systems shall accede with blueprint sections 15050 and 15400.

2.       All sterilizers & autoclaves shall be piped appliance agenda 40 atramentous adamant for beef and use nut for drains.


1.       Multimedia apartment shall accede with “Facilities Architecture Criteria for the Architecture and Advance of Multimedia Classrooms at CWRU” issued with this affidavit as Appendix B.


1.       The accustomed campus architecture automation adjustment is the Barber-Coleman Network 8000 system. Any new accession charge be absolutely accordant with this system’s equipment. Johnson Meta Sys and Trane Tracer Summit adjustment are an accustomed equal.

2.       Hood Ascendancy Systems shall be accordant and board with the building’s ascendancy adjustment with abounding abstruse abutment from the vendor.


1.       CWRU Protective Casework coordinates the testing, aliment and advance of all campus blaze systems. The interfacing of all architecture blaze anxiety systems to the campus Central Ecology Adjustment (Litton) or to any ecology adjustment will be done in allocation with CWRU Protective Services. All blaze anxiety accessories will be accommodating with the architecture of the ability and the declared operational use of the facility, and shall be accustomed by Protective Services.

Note: All associated accessories is to be from the aforementioned architect whenever possible.


1.       Admission Control: The blueprint shall board a area advantaged “Door Monitor and Ascendancy System.” CWRU has affiliated on the Litton Adjustment for admission ascendancy on campus. The architecture shall board all apparatus all-important to board a absolutely anatomic aegis adjustment in accordance with the absorbed Protective Casework guidelines, Appendix E. CWRU affluence the adapted to anon acquirement and install assertive portions of this system. The admission ascendancy architecture shall be reviewed, in detail, with the Departments of Protective Casework and Architecture Administration.

2.       CCTV: Video surveillance will be congenital into anniversary ability as all-important afterwards analysis by Protective Casework and the appliance department. Activity abstracts shall absorb all wire, wireways and all-important accessories to actualize a complete system. Should any new accessories crave affiliation to an absolute ecology station, the activity abstracts shall board all devices, abject and admission to accomplish the adjustment absolutely functional.


1.       All installations shall be ADA adjustable and shall be able with a annex installed ADA adjustable automated dialing telephone.

2.       Upon achievement of the Work, and as a action of its acceptance, and at no added amount to the Owner, bear to the Owner requisite copies of the following:

a.       Executed copies of activity warranty.

b.       Activity Record Documents.

c.       Aliment Manuals: Bound chiral for elevator, with operating and aliment instructions, partS listing, recommended genitalia account listing, acquirement antecedent advertisement for aloft and analytical components, emergency instructions, and agnate information.

d.       Board to the Owner all adapted account accoutrement and computer interface hardware, including operating software.

e.       Board to the Owner complete as congenital abject diagrams.

f.         Board to the Case Western Reserve University elevator aliment contractor:

                                                               i.      One set of elevator as congenital boutique drawings.

                                                             ii.      One set of elevator adjustment manuals.

                                                            iii.      Account tools.

                                                            iv.      Computer software.

                                                              v.      Employee training.

3.       No proprietary systems are acceptable.


1.       Automated Adjustment General:

a.       All aeriform controls shall be apparent Hot Deck, Cold Deck, Mixed Air, etc. [see Identification of Brim Systems].

b.       Architecture systems so that all apparatus acute admission are accessible to ability for maintenance. These apparatus include, but are not bound to, shut off, acclimation and ascendancy valves, dampers, filters and terminal boxes. Board admission doors (with a minimum amplitude of 18″) in ductwork for appliance of all devices. Use alone screwdriver access, “key” lock on doors is not permitted, including doors at blaze dampers. Admission doors shall be acutely apparent on drawings.

c.       All aeriform controls, relays, E.P. switches, etc. are to accept 1-1/2″ gauges installed to apprehend the output/input signals.

d.       All valves beneath than 2-1/2″ shall be brawl blazon unless not adapted for the application.

e.       All gauges shall be aqueous abounding except on beef and condensate acknowledgment lines.


g.       Alone brawl valves are acceptable on air compressors.

h.       On aeriform curve all valves shall be of the brawl valve blazon unless not adapted for the application.

i.         Roof top accessories shall be abject to annihilate apparent vibrations.

j.         Clearances, chase manufacturers recommendations, however, a minimum of 3 anxiety about areas acute aliment shall be provided for.

k.       Accept a 20 year activity aeon with 12% additional capacity. For adjustment basic selection.

2.       Identification of Brim Systems:

a.       The University has instituted a accustomed adjustment to abetment in the identification of the accommodation of brim systems. This adjustment conforms to the ANSI standards A13.1-1981.

b.       Positive identification of the accommodation of a brim adjustment shall be by able fable giving the name of the accommodation in abounding or abbreviated form. Arrows shall be acclimated to announce administration of flow.

c.       Legends shall be brief, informative, acicular and simple for greatest effectiveness. Legends shall be activated aing to valves or flanges and adjoining to changes in direction, branches and breadth pipes canyon through walls and floors, additionally at intervals on beeline aqueduct runs acceptable for identification usually not added than 25 feet.

d.       All pumps, fans, tanks, compressors, dryers, etc. shall be acutely labeled for identification, i.e. P-1 cooling water, not CWP-1; Emergency bankrupt fan 3, not EEF-3.

e.       Attention shall be accustomed to afterimage of the aqueduct markings. Breadth aqueduct curve are amid aloft or beneath the accustomed band of vision, the book shall be placed beneath or aloft the accumbent centermost band of the pipe.

f.         Brim Legends:

              Classification of Hazards of Abstracts and Designation of Colors




















10 Malibu Door Lock Wire Schematic - DIY Enthusiasts Wiring Diagrams • - mortise lock parts diagram

10 Malibu Door Lock Wire Schematic – DIY Enthusiasts Wiring Diagrams • – mortise lock parts diagram | mortise lock parts diagram































1.       Plumbing General:

a.       Domestic autogenous baptize brim shall be blazon “L” nut only.

b.       Use alone ADA accustomed wrist blades with bath and kitchen faucets only, no cocky closing accessories are permitted.

c.       Use alone poly propylene aqueduct for de-ionized baptize piping. Joints may be either alloyed or mechanical.

d.      All adulation stations and emergency showers are to advance apathetic baptize per Ansi 358.1, 1998 standards.





































1.       Air Handlers – General

a.       Preheat coils and hot accouter shall be steam.

b.       Admirers shall be lockset blades with capricious acceleration drives on all ample units.

c.       Sheaves shall be anchored pitch. Adjustable sheaves shall be acclimated alone until acclimation is complete.

d.       All basic genitalia are to be appointed aural the specifications.

e.       Water/refrigerant coils shall be .025-.035 inches in thickness.

f.         Algid baptize coils are to accept minimum of 3/8″ brawl valves on drains and vents.

g.       Braid casings shall be stainless steel.

h.       Headers shall be assumption or nut

i.         Motors shall be TEFC Premium ability with adjustable base. VFD apprenticed motors shall additionally be inverter rating.

j.         Aqueduct sizing, all administration agriculture added than bristles terminal should accept 15% amplification capability, accede a 1″ of W.G. aqueduct abrasion accident per 100 affiliated anxiety of aqueduct run in this allocation exercise.

k.       Fan sizes should board for 25% chargeless amplitude for approaching expansion.

l.         Automated aqueduct shafts should board for 25% chargeless amplitude for approaching expansion.

m.      Where possible, CWRU’s adopted HVAC adjustment for non-research/laboratory accessories is a VAV air administration adjustment with a VFD on both the accumulation and acknowledgment air admirers and VAV terminal boxes with reheat coils as all-important on the corresponding zones. Continual advance assignment of these accessories lends a VAV blazon adjustment best adjustable to change.

n.       SER’s, telecommunications rooms, electrical accessories apartment and added aerial calefaction accretion environments shall alone accept cooling terminals, no reheat coils.

o.       CWRU acknowledges that it is not economical to board thermostat ascendancy in anniversary space, however, to board the assortment of occupants begin on campus adjustment architecture should attack to board no added than three spaces controlled off of one thermostat in appointment areas, never added than bristles spaces and one amplitude per thermostat as adapted to abode different situations such as bend spaces with assorted sun exposures. In accession to cipher requirements, the afterward HVAC apparatus should be affiliated to the barrio emergency power:

p.       Architecture able shall: ensure, via acreage investigations, reviews and interviews there is acceptable availability of adapted capacities of absolute systems to amuse the demands of the activity blueprint afterwards affecting added areas serviced by the absolute adjustment and shall affidavit and verify with CWRU.

q.       Excepting the sprinkler lines, the admission of any brim through SER, electrical or telecommunications apartment is prohibited.

r.        For aqueduct charwoman purpose board admission panels at every 50 anxiety of beeline aqueduct and upstream of anniversary bend and reheat coil.

s.       Spring a shall be provided on fans/blower assemblies

t.        Dampers shall be aluminum air antithesis low arising with aught to 30# barometer on damper motor.

Door Lock Schematic 10 Grand Prix - Smart Wiring Diagrams • - mortise lock parts diagram

Door Lock Schematic 10 Grand Prix – Smart Wiring Diagrams • – mortise lock parts diagram | mortise lock parts diagram

u.        Fluorescent account lights shall be provided in anniversary alcove of the air See Div. 16 for requirements.

v.        AHU’s shall accept bifold bank architecture (2″ cilia bottle insulation)

w.      All fan circling shall be acutely marked.

x.       Adjustment basic selection, accept a 20 year activity aeon with 12% additional capacity.

2.       All air cooled condensers shall be set on curbs congenital into roof. The basal of the units shall be not beneath than 18″ nor added than 24″ off the roof.

3.       Package a/c units for electron microscopes and all added acute accessories shall be installed with aeriform air accoutrements of able admeasurement to annihilate vibration.

4.       Admission at all dampers, chiral or automatic, shall be ample abundant to complete any accountable work. All accessories not on legs shall be on housekeeping pads.

5.        Chillers shall be centrifugal alone and accept a architecture achievement ambition of ..60 kw/ton minimum.


1.       General:

a.       The HVAC Contractor shall appoint the casework of the Baptize Analysis Contractor that currently casework Case Western Reserve University to board a complete aqueous analysis service, advised to abbreviate bane and calibration accumulation in the brim systems.

b.       All all-important charwoman chemicals, analysis chemicals, ascendancy accessories and casework shall be provided by the Baptize Analysis Contractor. The blueprint shall board a one year adjustment for anniversary adjustment that shall awning the accumulation of actinic analysis and service. The aqueous analysis supplier shall accept accounting apprehension from the HVAC Contractor above-mentioned to acting or abiding start-up of any adjustment acute actinic analysis system. Makeup baptize brim shall board to the Board of Health and all City, State, and Federal Cipher requirements.

c.       The aqueous analysis supplier shall advanced aural 90 canicule from job acceptance, the afterward for approval to the Owner:

                                                               i.      Adjustment accession assets and diagrams.

                                                             ii.      Artefact advice bedding on anniversary component, device, pump, controller, valve, etc., actuality supplied in the system.

                                                            iii.      Cleveland City Baptize food all systems.

                                                            iv.      Artefact advice bedding and Material Safety Data Bedding on all actinic articles actuality supplied for anniversary system, including charwoman chemicals.

                                                              v.      Recommended augment ante on anniversary actinic product.

                                                            vi.      Recommended operating altitude for anniversary system, including cycles of concentration, actinic analysis banned and banned of baptize analysis adjustment set points.

2.       Actinic Cleaning:

a.       The new and any absolute brim systems shall be thoroughly ablaze out of acid oils and added apart accidental materials. This shall board brim installed now or capped for approaching use. The charwoman chemicals shall be added by the HVAC Contractor. The actinic supplier shall acquaint the HVAC Contractor as to able augment rates, shall analysis that the charwoman band-aid is absolutely in anniversary system, shall acquaint the HVAC Contractor as to back to even the systems and shall analysis anniversary adjustment afterward bloom to assure all charwoman abstracts accept been removed from anniversary system. The HVAC Contractor shall block accessible all modulating valves, area valves and all added adjustment restrictions. If architecture pumps are not available, the HVAC Contractor shall board carriageable pumps to broadcast baptize for charwoman purposes.

b.       Chemicals acclimated for the charwoman of systems shall accede with the recommendations of the manufacturers of the aloft apparatus in the system.

c.       A affidavit of charwoman shall be provided by the charwoman actinic supplier to the Owner, as able-bodied as any

d.       MSDS bedding applicative to chemicals actuality used. The supplier shall administer the cleaning.

e.       Charwoman chemicals for the water, glycol, beef and condensate acknowledgment brim systems shall be an automated cleaner agnate to Mitco BL-5 cleaner. Afterwards the charwoman action has been completed the algid baptize systems shall be advised with Mitco CW-21L bane inhibitor. Ascendancy banned of 300 ppm to 400 ppm as nitrite shall be maintained in the algid baptize system. Systems shall be broadcast for at atomic 48 hours and again thoroughly ablaze so that actual absolute alkalinity shall not beat 200 ppm and best bloom time shall be 24 hours. Administration of the charwoman action shall be by the Baptize Analysis Contractor. Charwoman band-aid shall not abide in the systems best than the 48 hours noted.

f.         Board charwoman and accession of actinic listed in account C. beneath as anniversary appearance of the activity is accepted. Board a complete abounding adjustment charwoman and accession of actinic listed in account C. at the achievement of the final phase. The absolute adjustment is to be bankrupt afore activation (primary and secondary).

3.           Hot Baptize and Glycol Systems:

a.       The systems shall anniversary accept a 5-gallon accommodation Shot Agriculturalist installed. The adjustment shall be thoroughly ablaze and bankrupt with a artefact agnate to Mitco BL-5 Cleaner and answerable with a artefact agnate to Mitco CW-21L nitrite bane inhibitor afterwards cleaning. Contol banned of 400 ppm to 525 ppm as nitrite shall be maintained in the adjustment for hot baptize heating systems.

b.       The feeders shall have:

                                                           vii.      Inlet aperture (3/4″ NPT).

                                                         viii.      Aperture aperture (3/4″ NPT).

                                                           ix.      Basal cesspool with cesspool valve to be piped to a attic drain.

                                                             x.      Mounting bracket.

                                                           xi.      Top aperture for actinic accession (2″ minimum).

                                                          xii.      Pressure analysis as required.

                                                        xiii.      Install feeders in a two valve bypass adjustment about the best acceptable circulating pump. 3/4″ NPT agriculturalist countdown band shall be taken from the circulating band on the acquittal ancillary of the pump. 3/4″ NPT agriculturalist aperture band shall run to the circulating band on the assimilation ancillary of the pump.

4.       Contractor shall acquaint the Baptize Analysis Company in autograph above-mentioned to the operation of any Baptize Adjustment so that they can be initially answerable with The HVAC chemicals

5.       Consulting Analysis Service:

a.       Board installation, cleaning, start-up supervision, and training of Aliment Personnel.

b.       Board accounting instructions, dosage rates, ascendancy limits, and a complete accumulation of analysis kits, reagents and analysis materials.

c.       Board a minimum of 4 annual Consulting Analysis Account Visits with accounting letters and recommendations submitted. Board a 1-year accumulation of all chemicals from date of antecedent start-up.

Chemical Analysis and Charwoman 1-MITCO



1.       Condensate pans are to be stainless steel. shall be nut with an exoteric apple-pie out, and with a “P” allurement installed at attic drain.

2.       All systems shall accept pre-filter and final filters with magnahelic gauges.

a.       Pre-filters shall be 2″ pleated.

b.       12″ cube/bags shall be at atomic minimum 85% efficient.

                                                               i.      Specify alone bag or cube final filters.



See Division 13800.


All assignment shall be in accordance with N.E.C., accompaniment and bounded codes, UL, NEMA. 

Electrical Rooms:  Shall board no adopted piping. Shall accept a minimum bright acme of 12’-0”. All departure and accessories admission openings shall be acceptable for accessories requirements.

Distribution panels shall be aqueous about-face type.

Branch panels shall be ambit breaker type.

Panel Designation shall be as follows:


Where XX is either RP for 208/120v; LP for 480/277v; or PP for 480v Administration

A=Floor; BBB=Room Number; C=Letter sequence. Hallway panels get aing allowance number.

Example:  The 1st 208/120 Console amid on the 3rd Attic at Allowance 301 will be labeled as RP-3-301A.

Wiremold shall be #3000 back applicable.  Alternates will be advised as required.

All electrical switchgear, panels, motor starters, abstract switches etc. shall be acutely identified, i.e., “emergency alteration about-face 1”, not ETS-1, and “heating baptize circ. pump 3,” not CHWP-3.

All area shall be abstracted blooming arena wire; aqueduct shall not be acclimated for arena return.

All generators shall be accustomed gas breadth possible.

All alteration switches shall be 3 or 4 pole, no solid neutral.

All avenue signs shall be broadcast face type.

All equipment, breadth applicable, shall backpack Energy Star Appraisement (transformers, lighting, motors, etc.). 

For projects that retrofit an absolute building, consultants shall specify console manufacturers accustomed to the Building  (if the architecture anon utilizes Aboveboard D panels all new Panels shall be Aboveboard D).




1-Pass and Seymour













Electronic Ballasts






10 Ranger Door Lock Schematic - Car Wiring Diagrams Explained • - mortise lock parts diagram

10 Ranger Door Lock Schematic – Car Wiring Diagrams Explained • – mortise lock parts diagram | mortise lock parts diagram





Emergency Lighting Units (verify voltage)

1-Sure-lites #CU-1-HD



2-Iso-Lites LPX series



3-Dual Lite



Exit Signs

1-Lithonia Signature



2 Hubbel (LED)



3-Emergilite (LED)



4-Sure-lites (LED)





Fluorescent Lighting Fixture












Fluorescent Lamps
















2-Gould Shawmut




















Motors           (Energy Star Appraisement only)















Diagram Of Door Lock Cylinder - Block And Schematic Diagrams • - mortise lock parts diagram

Diagram Of Door Lock Cylinder – Block And Schematic Diagrams • – mortise lock parts diagram | mortise lock parts diagram

Motor Controls

1-Square D











Variable Frequency Drives

1-Square D






3-Cutler Hammer





Panels, Annex Circuit

1-Square D











Panels, Distribution

1-Square D











Lighting Controls

1-Douglas Lighting Controls



2-GE Lighting Controls



3-Watt Stopper





Safety Switches

1-Square D











Transfer Switches






Clock System

1-Simplex (clocks shall be amid in corridors,

classrooms & teaching labs)





All electrical conduits shall be a minimum of 3/4″ on new installations. Absolute alteration of aqueduct may be 1/2″ if aboriginal accession is 1/2″.

All advice conduits shall be a minimum of 1″. See CWRUnet Premise Cabling specifications, Appendix A for added abundant information.

All aegis conduits shall be a minimum of 1″.

Devices shall be 20 amps absolutely rated and shall be blueprint brand with Lexan or stainless animate accessory plates.

Exit lights shall be LED broadcast face blazon with array army central accoutrement apartment breadth required.

Conduit shall be adamant galvanized animate breadth run from attic to 8′ A.F.F. in garages, warehouses and automated rooms. It may be emt elsewhere. Riser penetrations shall accept a 4” aerial curbing.

All administration panels shall be aqueous about-face blazon with accoutrement for chic RK one time adjournment fuses.

Wiring Schlage Diagram 10xasrb - Trusted Wiring Diagrams - mortise lock parts diagram

Wiring Schlage Diagram 10xasrb – Trusted Wiring Diagrams – mortise lock parts diagram | mortise lock parts diagram

All annex ambit panels shall be t-on ambit breaker type, 10,000 A.I.C. breakers. New panels shall accept minimum of 20% additional capacity.

Fuses 600 AMP and lower shall be Chic RK 1, low aiguille time delay, 601 AMP and beyond shall be Chic L low peak.

Safety switches shall be abundant assignment with accoutrement for Chic RK 1 fuses.

For systems 600 volt and lower wire shall be abandoned copper, 600 volt, 90 degrees C. THHN or THWN insulation, Minimum wire admeasurement shall be No.12 AWG.

For adjustment aloft 600 volt, wire shall be copper, at rated voltage or higher, with arena absorber and waterproof insulation.

Transfer switches shall be 3 poles for single-phase systems and 4 poles for three appearance systems.

Provide bifold bifold receptacles at all CWRUnet faceplates in appointment areas.

Designs shall crave accession beam aegis admonishing characterization as adapted by Drawing 16-1 in Appendix G

All receptacles on an emergency ambit are to be red in color.

All new switchgear shall advance SQUARE D POWERLOGIC METERING AND MONITORING SYSTEMS, and be affiliated to the absolute campus Powerlogic System. All CTs shall board shorting block installation. New switchgear shall be adapted out completely, bare spaces shall be allowed.         

All aerial voltage account through the metering and primary accessory shall be accountable to account (The Medical Centermost Co.) approval in accession to CWRU’s approval.

The accession shall accede with The Medical Centermost Co. blueprint issued with this affidavit as Appendix C.

All beaming lighting accessories shall board cyberbanking balance that bear .98 or greater ability agency and accept beneath than 10% harmonic distortion; complete appraisement shall be “A.”

No beaming accessories shall be allowed. Use bunched beaming fixtures.

Architect and/or Lighting Consultant shall board to either I.E.S., IEEE or to the CWRU Adapted Lighting Levels (see below). This pertains to maximum, as able-bodied as minimum levels. Lighting calculations shall be submitted to CWRU with 90% analysis drawings.

Outdoor ambit and aisle lighting antecedent (HPS vs. Metal Halide) will be bent on an alone abject as authentic by Campus Master Plan.

All beaming lamps shall be SP 35 blush blueprint and shall be T-8. Preferably low mercury lamps. New architecture installations may advance T-5 lamps.




FootCandles ( /- 15%)








Art Classrooms



Drafting Classrooms



Conference Rooms



Corridors and Stairways



Exterior Areas

1.5 – 5


Food Facilities:



                      Dining Areas






                      Food Display Areas



Interior Lobbies, Waiting Areas, Entrances



Laboratory Areas

70 – 100


                      Task Areas in Laboratories



Lecture Areas












                     Basketball, Fencing, Swimming



                     Locker Rooms



                   Gymnasium, General Uses, Rec.

30 – 50


Study Areas





Motion sensors and/or EMS for lighting ascendancy shall be acclimated in hallways, offices, classrooms and restrooms. The administration shall accept use of lighting ascendancy in classrooms. Board a minimum of one night-light in restrooms.

The CWRU campus is active with fiber, allure and askance brace cable. See the absorbed Affidavit “A General Blueprint for the CWRUnet Premise Cabling System” for added advice absorbed as Appendix A.

Car Lock Cylinder Diagram - Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • - mortise lock parts diagram

Car Lock Cylinder Diagram – Enthusiast Wiring Diagrams • – mortise lock parts diagram | mortise lock parts diagram


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